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tv   WYFF News 4 5am  NBC  February 2, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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live look outside at our anderson skycam. you conceals see those lights. geoff: we have school makeup days to share with you. students who missed sce of snow and ice in greenville county willd on friday, april 22, and april 25. monday, makeup days for spartanburg county district thre february 15 and friday, march 11. cherokee county students make up the days next friday, february 12 we have a full list on our wyff 4 mobile app. allyson: let's check in with da we have been talking about that : it will be with us until 10:00. dense fight -- fog advthis is our peace center skycam lookinyou can see much but a few lights through the fog. 56 degrees, it got into the upper 60's yesterdawe won't get that warm today. fog and clouds wstill, that is above normal for
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under deg advisories lasting until 10:00. all of georgia, a good bit of the upstate, south carolina, the foothill cwhichever way you are traveling on a 5, 385, or 26 north or south, you will be driving in the fog. that will last untilhere is an expanded view of the countr next system marching our way will produce a few showers today. more tomorrow, especially throughout the day by 3:00 owe get showers and thunderstorms with thaupper 40's to mid 50's this mornindaytime highs will climb today into the upper 50's, low 50's inthat is what we will be dealing with for the morning drive. dense fog until 10:00.mild afternoon was 60, not quite
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50's toallyson: iowa has declared a winner for the democrats. geoff: but the state left democrats in a vir. let's look at the numbers. on the republican side ted cruz taking 28% of the vote. donald trump with 24%. marco rubio close behind with 23% of the vote. now the democrats. you see there, hillary clinton has just 5 more votes than bernie sanders. steve handlesman now with more. steve ted cruz is the projected : repu ted cruz tonight is a victory : for courageous conservatives across iowa and all across this steve donald trump who thought a : big turnout would mean a win for him loss by three points. donald trump: i am just honored. i really honor. i want to congratula ted.
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point beon the democratic side, four hours, bernie sanders was tied for the bernie sanders: while the results are still have about half of the iowa delegates. hillary clinton: as i stand here tonight, brerelief, thank you, iowa. geoff: after their loss in iowa democrat mar and republican mike huckabee dropped out of the race for president. new hampshire's next. but analysts say most eyes will turn to the southern primaries. we're less than 3 weeks away republic 20. the democratic primary a week la allyson: the presidential candid scheduling campaign dates here in south carolina. geoff: in fact will be in greenville today. wyff news 4's aly myles joins us live from the t.d. convention
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aly: good morning, guys. we are outside, like you said, the td conif you look over there, you can see on a flashing board, ted cruz presidential before i get to the details on that, take a look over here. you can see how foggsthey'll was talking about that a few minutes ago. hard to show in our camera, but it is incredibly foggy, espeu'something to keep in mind on your commute. the good ncruz, when he comes into town, that fog should have lifted. he is going to stop in new hampshire. he is cthe will fly into south carolina for to he will be here at the td convention cdoors open at 5:30, the doors open at 6:30, and the event is free to attend. aly myles live at thegeoff: also coming to south carolina this we santorum. tomorrow he'll hold greet at sandey's at the white house in york county. then it's a town hall meeting at
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followed by a visit to the beacon dve in. and later in the day a town hall at erskine college in abbeville county. it's all part of sant county tr in south carolina. allyson: on the democratic side. hillary clinton's daughter will make her first campaign swing through the palmetto state. chelsea clinton will attend women for hillary events in rock hill and spartanburg. she will also address clemson university's program in women's leadership. geoff: senator tim scott could an president today. a report from politico says senator scott will endorse marco this would be rubio's second endorsement from a high-profile member of south carolina's congressional delegation. trey gowdy, announced his support for the flflida senator in december. allyson: if you're curious how many delegatese getting this primary season. we have a delegate tracker. you can find it in the media
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mobile app. geoff: turning now to super bowl 50. it was not just media day, it was media night last nigs practice this week they're also answering questions from the media. wyff news 4 sports director brad fralick caught up with a former wofford terrier turned carolina panther. brad: super bowl opening-night year witd terrier. what a journey it has been for you. >> ii started the season training camp at wofford and now we are at santa clara. it was our d all season to be in the super bowl.brandon: what is it like to walk into a this? >> it is amazing. i have never really known it was this big and how many people are here. it>> obviously, you making an nfl roster is a bigeal, but did you ever envision yourse bowl?
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as a team, we knew that was the goal this season. as the season went on, we kept goind going and now is our goal. it was eithe season, coach rivera and coach will explode a picture super bowl 50 logo wa clara saying that is our journey and that is our destination foobviously, inside the locker room, we have had a w,brown: congrats on the run. now, carolina panther in the super bowlbrad fralick, wyff news four. geoff: talk about making dreams come true. we are looking forward to our special we are calling it chasing a championship or the carolina panthers. it begour brad fralick will be a part of that. i will join him beginning thursday out tclara as i hit the road tomorrow.
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coverage.those guys get a little sleep as they do the eveninallyson: getting ready for the car -- cross-country trip. it is foggy.dale: we will see showers late morning into the afternoon. right now, we're dealing with fog acthis will last until 10:00. this is our downtown lauyou can see dense fog is the story. if you're traveling through 85, 26, north or southbound, i-85 to charlotte or atlantic, give everyone is dealing with fog. here are the counties impacted advisories lasting until at least 10:00. wiyou get through the foggy mountains and thconditions in tennessee. right now, the storm that will bring us the most rain over the next couple of days is still to the west. we will get a few isolated showers todathen as the cold front pushes in tonih tomorrow, that
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another day by thursday, it was back down. 50 in asheville, 56 in greenville. thewe will do a little better him a climbing to near 60 for the mountains for afternoon highs. the clouds will keep the temperatures ltomorrow, showers and thunderstorms,r we warm it into the mid to upper 60's. then, it clears down thursday. a look at the morning temperatures on friday. you need a war weekend, it will be low 50's where highs in the upstate and low to mid 40's in theallyson: the ntsb makes a push to lower the blood-alcohol limits across the country. how t limit to go. geoff: the super bowl just days . the big game means big ads. how much advertisers are paying (vo) shop all makes, models and colors in your neighborhood... all with worry-free ownership.
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people who buy more vehicles than anyone... shift your thinking about buying your next one. the son of a polish immigrant who grew up in a brooklyn tenement. he went to public schools, then college, where the work of his life began -- fighting injustice and inequality, speaking truth to power. he moved to vermont, won election and praise as one of america's best mayors. in congress, he stood up for working families and for principle, opposing the iraq war, supporting veterans. now he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system funded by over two and a half million contributions, tackling climate change to create clean-energy jobs, fighting for living wages, equal pay, and tuition-free public colleges. people are sick and tired of establishment politics, and they want real change! [ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather,
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with ingredients like roasted hazelnuts and cocoa, the delicious taste of nutella takes pancakes to a whole new level. nutella - spread the happy! geoff: a deadly wreck to tell you about that happened in ckens county. the coroner says daniel epps was killed in a crash on highway 183. the coroner says it happened at the intersection of ireland road officials say a tractor-trailer. hit a pick-up head-on. epps was pronounced at the scene . allyson: fire and rescue officials say teenager saved his dad's life when a fire started in their home. blue ridge fire and rescue the boy and his father were home when the teen started hearing popping noises around 6:15 yesterday morning. he woke his father up, and they
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home safely before the home went up in flames. officials say the with a heater in a bedroom. geoff: spartanburg iconic clock tower is getting a facelift. the clock is located on morgthe mechanism inside the clock is original, datin to 1890. it wasn't working, so the city repl new touch with a new modern mechanism to methe project will cost $23,000. allyson: we continue to monitor the exciting news out of the ffg again. she is due around february 13 but that is a rough estimate. th determined until after it's born. it may sound like a dream job y hiring. how you can play with l day and get paid. dale: good morning, foggy beginning to the day.
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dale: 5:17 is the time as we look out from our skycam. this is gives field back to thyou can barely see a couple of streetlights. a dense fog is the story for the upstate, theall of no more -- northern georgia. if you are traveling up and down 85 or 26 or 25 or whatever, you will run into fog. a couple of sprinkles g we will see an isolated to scattered showers this mine. later tonight through tomorrow, as thiw continues to trip across the country, we will get a cold front influence and what it will mean for showers and thunderstormhere is our computer model. the future plus showing us a few isolat showers along the georgia, south carolina line. after lunchtime, we see a few scattered shthings start to pick up overnight. the bulk of like it is coming through late tomorrow before it clears for
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thursday will be dry, but cooler temperatures in the latter part of the week. in the meantime, we enjoy milder temperatures, greenville currently at 56, spartanburg of 55. caesars had at 53, found in at 57. mild all around. the outlook today is not going to cliy much with the fog this morning, the clouds expecting and showers on the way, 60 may be the best we getthat is still above normal. average this time of year is a chilly morning and a of 54. we will be pushing 59-60 today. look at the record set back in 1989. a got up to 77 on this day. we can have warm, early february days. it cannegative two is the record in asheville for a low. 76 is today, more like 52 for an afternoon hihere is what is going on nationally.
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parts of oklahoma into kansas, as i continues to work tnortheast, that's cool front will afflet's take a quick look at what the we will get up to 64 the afternoon under partly to mostly cloudy skies. temperatures in the low 50's for twe will have showers and thunderstorms tothen it clears up for thursday through tomorrow will be the wettest day of the week. chilly mornings are back for friday, saturday, and sunday. low 50's for the upstate this weekengeoff: 19 minutes after 5:00 an , upstate beverage company is expanding in a part of greenville has long been ignored. greenco beverage company will build its new 130,000 square foot center at the corner of poinsett highway and furman hall road.
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goodwill store building and the land around it. greenco distributes beer and this area is known a poinsett corridor and is a major gateway entrance into greenville and western north carolina. right now there are many vacant buildings along this stretch. county leaders call the announcement huge. as a potential location for pote industrial kinds of activities 38. geoff: no doubt, it is big. the new facility be open by the fall. no word yet on how many jobs the expansion will bring. allyson: volunteers from agencies organizations and hospitals are counting the homele it's a yearly count, the department of housing and urban development asks each state to do. volunteers ask homeless people where they slept the night of january 27. they also ask for their first initial, last name, birth date and the last 4 digits of their n the number helps determine the
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>> i think the homeless number is way una. what that shows is we as the community and the counties are getting better relationships with the homeless so theyre more willing to come and talk to us about their issues. >> they helped us a lot and nick even got a lot of people from tent city, the old tent city, off the streets and into places. allyson: volunteers will continue to count until february five. geoff: the 3 inmates who escaped from a california detention center last month faced a judge for the first time since their capture. investigators revealed yesterday the fugitives argued over the life of a cab driver who they had kidnapped while they were on the run. the men eventually deco let the man go. the inmates escaped from the jail they were captured last weekend. allyson: police in central florida have released video of a allegedly hitting and dropping a child on a mat. clermont police say cell phone video shows kimberly reid striking the 4-year-old boy multiple times with a stuffed animal.
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fe him face down on a mat. the child was not hurt. reid was arrested and charged with child abuse. geoff: the explosive spread of the mosquito-borne zika virus in the americas is now considered an international emergency. the world health organ made the declaration over the zika virus. the virus has been linked tol head in brazil. >> all agree on the urgent need to coordinate international efforts to investigate and understand this relationship better. geoff: it could be months before officials cae connection between zika and the birth defects. in the meantime the who says its time to control mosquito populations and do what it takes to prevent mosquito bites especially pregnant women. the who estimates the americas
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zika the super bowl less than a week ads. this year, t.v. ads rea record high of $5 million for a 32nd spot. and for the first time, advertisers wi purchase both a national t.v. spot and have their ad appear in real-time during the game's digital stream. allyson: turning to our timeline, today is on this date february 2. in 1887, the first groundhog day was observed in punxsutawney, pennsylvania. the tradition is traced to an old scottish poet that reads if candlemas day is bright and clear, there'll be two winters in the year. geoff: the modern day take,, if the ground hog sees his shadow, there will be six more weeks of winter. hallie: good morning. this morning ted cruz is flying , high after winning the iowa republican caucuses last night.
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marco rubio coming in third also felt that that was a strong showing. we have so much to talk about this morning as we look ahead to new hampshire where the so-called establishment candidates are making their stand. but how does what happened in iowa last night affect what happens to ted cruz in that state and beyond? we're going all of it coming up on the today show. allyson: a look outside at our
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i will have >> now, your live super doppler dale: good morning. let's take a look atlaurens skycam.
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affecting so much of the area. greenville, spartanburg, anderson alld advisory. if you're traveling early, give yourself extra time. fog will linger until late morning and then we get scattered showers this aftern tonight and through the day tomorrow as the next cold front reaches us late59 for the ride home for the upstate.temperatures will not climb very much. maybe about five degrees and the mountains drop in the low 40's and 50's and stay there. scattered showers for the afternoon so take an umbrella orth possibility later. fog will be around until 10:00 this morning over mostthat is what is going on groundhog day. so many different kinds of groundhogs, it depends on where
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i think groundhogs jimmy dean makes a really good groundhogs. [laughter] geoff: all right, dale. thank you. if you like building with legos, florida's legoland is hiring people to build things all day. allyson: the company is reportedly accepting applications from people of all builders at their factory in lake wales, florida. dale: can we show it? geoff: i was waiting. anyway, you don't need to be an architect, just be creative and -- allyson: there we go. i think my son would love legoland.n there? geoff: i have not. that is a lot of fun. dale: you have the big containers of whatever you wanted and y i'm not sure i have the patience.geoff: i could work on that for
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our news continues right now.
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