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hampshire aftewinner not long after the caucasus ended but the democrats have t >> the candidates are on the ground campaigning. on the democratic side, a razor thin finish. hillarsanders. >> i stand here tonight breathing a big thank you, iowa. tracie: after counting all night, clinton w winner by the narrowest of margins.less than half a percentage point. iowa, thank you. tracie: bernie sanders at this reaction afterwe look forward to doing well here in after that, we are off to the battleground of soh carolina, where i think we will surpr people just as we did in iowa. : ted cruz quoting the bible, claiming the biggest
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sen. cruz: tonight, iowaproclaimed to the world that morning is coming. morning is coming. tracie: donald trump landed in second place, barely ahead of marco rubio. mr. trump: we'll go on to easily beat hillary or bernie or whoever the hell they throw up there. tracie: rubio, a close number three, was the first to declare victory here. sen. rubio: so this is the moment they said would never happen. tracie: all the candid pledging to battle it out in new hampshire and beyond. tracie potts, nbc news, des moines, iowa. allyson: it is the end of the road for at leasdemocrat martin o'malley is calling vote and mike huckabee is also bowing outboth of them are former governors. with less than three weeks to go until south carolina's primary, texas senator ted cruz is bringing hise at least for a few hours. cruz is scheduled to hold a rally in greenville tonight at the td convention center.
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his live and local in greenville with the latest. nigel: for months now, we've only had the polls to give us insight into who was ahead on the republican side epidemicoutside in the race for president. last night one state, iowa, has spoke. ted cruz is now traveling to new hampshire and here to south carolina as the gop frontrunner. tonight, he will be here at the td convention center. the event is planned for 6:30 p.m. doors open at 5:30. much of his base in iowa came from evangelical voters. that is part of the reason why ted cruz says south carolina is so importa. today, he talked about his plan going forward. sen. cruz: look, it's very much the same thing as what we did in iowa. it's what we're doing in new nevada, and all across the country, which is a grassroots campaign.
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the nb" marist poll has trump 16 points ahead of ted cruz in south carolina. again, this is south carolina gop vote. 14%. again, ted cruz will be here at doors open at 5:30. . -- you live. allyson: also coming to the upstate this week, rick santorum. he kicks off tomorrow meet and greet at sandey's at then, it's a town hall meeting at limestone college followed by a visit to the beacon drive in. later that day, a town hall at erskine college in abbeville coun it's all part of santorum's 46 county tour in south carolina. on the democratic side, hillary clinton's daughter will make her first campaign swing through the palmetto state. chelsea clinton will attend women for hillary events in rock hill and spartanburg. she will also address clemson
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leadership. as candidates make their way to south carolina, a south carolina u.s. senator announced his endorsement for president today. scott issued this statement through email this morning. it read in part, "i am putting my confidence and my trust in marco rubio because i believe he takes us to that better future. marco rubio understandt where you start. it's about where you are going. we have one shot in 2016 to beat hillary clinton, and tha the endorsement comes after rubio polled third in the iowa caucuses last night. if you're curious how many delegates candidates are getting this primary season, we have that and our wyff 4 mobile app. we make it easy to keep tabs on how many delegates each candidate has won with our delegate tracker.
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window on covering the carolinas now, simpsonville authorities have charged a woman for a deadly wreck with a motorcycle last we police say marka fuller has been charged with dui resulting in death as well as possession of a too fast for conditions. investigators say fuller's car collided with a motorcycle last friday. they say it happened on street in front of an auto zone in simpsonville. the coroner says herman david gibson died in the crash. a north carolina teen accused of trying to plan terrorist attacks is also charged with murdering his neighbor. investigators arrested justin sullivan last summer. according to an unsealed federal indictment, sullivan tried to give material support to isis and offered to pay an informant to kill his parents. yesterday, a grand jury indicted him on a murder charge. he's accused of killing his 74-year-old neighbor. also in north carolina, the body
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wbtv in charlotte reports firefighters pulled the child's night. search crews also found a small toy car near the water. a firefighter was injured during all in charleston, the congregation of a church where nine people were murdered last year has been nominated for the nobel peace prize. there was a special nomina ceremony for the church yesterday in chicago. that is an annual ame we are talk their.-- there. the church was holding bible study last june when a gunman op people. surviving church members responhe prayers of forgiveness and peaceful marches. >> they came together in the spir peace, not rage and hatred. allyson: the nobel peace prize winner will be announced in december. back in the upstate a huge day , autumn the giraffe gave birth to
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know the sex of the calf quite yet. the zoo will do a physical on ne to two days and figure out its gender, weight, and height. autumn went into labor around 5:00 this morning and gave birth right around 6:15. this is her third birth. the firs last year, a heartbreaking birth when her second baby was stillborn, but this year, good news. right now, both mom and the third baby are doing well. jeff bullock with greenville zoo says they'll know soon how many folks were able to watch the birth live on the earth cam. >> everything went great this time, and i think it really ties the community to the zoo and to the animals where they can are able to experience something like that. allyson: there will competition to name the new baby. you can submit your suggestion on the greenville zoo foundation website. the zoo is currently shut until closed until the 13th for annual maintenance, but provided the weather is good and both mom and baby are doing well, the public should be able to see the little one on february 13.
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to hear real men read. men from all kinds of career paths came and read to kids. lo soldiers, and teachers just to . the goal, to teach kids that >> i just think to show that no matter what career or career path you choose, it's just important, that reading is important, and it's the foundation of everything. allyson: the readers went to multiple classrooms, giving all the students a chance to listen taking a look at the super bowl , for super bowl media day. however, this season's big game t but traditional. the nfl moved up media day to yesterday. the league also rebranded the event as opening night. panthers quarterback cam newton made another fashion statement. nothing like those zebra pants. this time, sporting a super bowl bandana. but about those pants, cam explains why he wore them.
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the colors are black and gold. the black and gold attire that i had in my closet was extremely limited, so when i looked at my pants, i said these are black and gold. these shoes are black and gold to tie along with the whole super bowl 50 black and gold. allyson: the athletes weren't the only ones having fun during reporters were dressed in costume to celebrate this year's the carolina panthers super bowl fever is leading to a lot of me heel state. custom screen inc. in madison has been hard at work printing off nfc champion t-shirts since last week's big win. now, they are looking forward to this weekend. if the panthers win, they will be rushing to print off new t-shirts for happy fans. so what number jersey will you be wearing on sunday? you can go to our facebook, twitter, or web page and take our now poll to let us know. taking a look at the results so
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coming close second, we have peyton manluke we will be asking panthers questions all weekbe sure to check in often. starting tonight at 5:00, our coverage from california kicks t from our wyff 4 sports team. geoff hart joins the action on thursday. be sure to watch our sal called "chasing a championship." it airs friday night at 8:00 right here on wyff 4. dale: a chance for thunderstorms tonight or tomorrow. we will show you that with our
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allyson: new information this afternoon after 12 marines went missing off the coast of oahu. their helicopters reportedly collided. there was a staffing shake-up just days before the crash . a marine general had fired the commander of that squad two days before the crash. the 12 men wer helicopters when they crashed off the coast of hawaii. they have not been found. lieutenant colonel edward pavelka was their commander. the marines are refusing to release further information about why pavelka was dismissed. pavelka has also declined to comment on the crash or his firing.
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investigation. one of the missing 12 marines is from woodruff. sempler. eos otherwise known as the evolution of smooth has been hit with a class-action lawsuit that claims the company is misleading consumers while ignoring serious adverse side effects. the lawsuit filed this week claims the summer fruit version of the lip balm company caused blisters and a rash to erupt all over the mouth. >> and you were pushing 90 miles an hour. >> really? ok. >> yes, because and i was going right behind you, ok, and you pa i was going 35 miles an hour down miller. you passed me like i was standing still. allyson: a florida driver decided to take the law into her own hands, pulling over a police officer. the driver claims the officer was speeding and used her headlights to flag him down. she recorded the conversation that followed on her phone.
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looking into the matter. powerful wind gusts sent a 150-foot palm tree crashing through the roof of a southern california restaurant. the whole thing was caught on camera. the tree came barrelinn the ven tiki lounge sunday in ventura, narrowly missing four people seated on the patio. employees could be seen running into the restaurant's security camera view as the tree snapped in two. no one was injured. taking a look at money matters now, a live look at r stops. -- stocks. all of them are down. whatsapp, the popular messaging service owned by facebook, says it's topped one billion users worldwide. that's up from 900 million users in september. facebook paid $19 billion for whatsapp in 2014, but the service has yet to figure out how to make money. the announcement comes as google
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billion users. free snacks returned to the economy cabin of united airlines' flights on monday and soon free snacks will be available for american airlines american is also adding more free in-flight entertainment options for travelers. free snacks may not be a huge change in how airlines operate, but it does signal increased competition among the biggest carriers and an attempt to compete with ultra low cost airlines that are increasingly expanding at the hubs of the major airlines. announcer: now, your live super erdale: good afternoon. it is 12:17 as we look from our peace center skycam pointed to downtown. you can see the liberty bridge in the bac55 degrees. fog and clouds of the morning have kept teat much, but we expect upper 50's before the dayout. we have not seen a lot of rain. and it just looks like it isthis system is marching in our
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these are wind advisories for and all of tennessee. the dense fog advisories of the morninn canceled. we can see on live super doppler 4 hd rain along the border. this is just a little precipitation happening in advance ofd front, with starts to get here laterlet's expand our view. this is angered over northern missouri with a trailing cool front. it will bring a good bit of moisture, thunderstorms as temperatures will warm up tomorrow.northeasterly breeze is today. they will become more southwesterly ah temperatures will climb into the mid to0' from wednesday. -- for wednesday. 55 in greenville. asheville and 52. -- at 52 marshall at. 56
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these are above normal temperatures for thiwe got spoiled with the warmer than norl days recently. tomorrow, we will get to the mid to upper 60's for afternoon highs. the northeast today, we will see a few climb. just to give you an idea, we are 33 in the morning and 54 in afternoon for our expected highs. we be about that with 59 projected. the record is 77. -- we will be above that with 59 projected.the record is 79. for asheville, 49 is the average. this same system that will produce thunderstorm for usg snow on the backside in parts of iowa and b kansas. we will be mild today and tomorrow.
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cooler temperature and drier weat in. by tonight at 7:00, we are seeing widespread showthen we see showers overnight into tomorrow morning. itbuy 3:00 or 4:00, it pushes to the midlands tthings start to clear for us. for the rest of the afternoon, we see ts reach upper 50's for greenville, asheville and hendersonville will rfor tomorrow, expect warmer temperaturr the first half of the day. cold mornings are back. thursday is a friday, a ldaytime highs will reach low 50's for the upstate and mid to upper 40's for the mountains. allyson: thank you. still to come, the story of an
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her dreams in life is coming to the upstate. we will hear more t
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the son of a polish immigrant who grew up in a brooklyn tenement. he went to public schools, then college, where the work of his life began -- fighting injustice and inequality, speaking truth to power. he moved to vermont, won election and praise as one of america's best mayors. in congress, he stood up for working families and for principle, opposing the iraq war, supporting veterans. now he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system funded by over two and a half million contributions,
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fighting for living wages, equal pay, and tuition-free public colleges. people are sick and tired of establishment politics, and they want real change! [ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather, an honest leader building a movement with you to give us a future to believe in. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. >> what about rules? >> i believe matilda is an exception to the rules. >> an exception to the rules in my school?
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is leaping into the upstate this weekend. based on the novel by roald dahl, "matilda the musical" will take you on a journey. here from the cast to tell us more is david abeles. tell me a little bit about who yowe sign for a minute, didnt we? david: i play agatha. she is a monstrous woman. every bit as scary as she looks. lots of makeup and costumes and warts. allyson: is this the first time you play a woman? david: yes, this is my female debut. al how long does it take you to transo david: it is a process. it takes about one hthere is a lot of makeup and a fat suit and costume.i apply warts. i have a routine. i cannot fully get into character untimirror and see this dreadful
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allyson: for those of us who do not know a lot plot, tell us about matilda. david: it is a beautiful story about a store girl, a five-year-old girl actually, who is sort of a genius. takes on these really difficult situations in r life that changes her story, changes her destiny, and she makes her way in the world. she is incredibly brave. it is an inspiring story. she overcomes a lot in the story in the course of our production. it is a universal story for all ages.allyson: family-friendly. david: absolutely. yes. allyson: opening night is tonight. david: today through sunday. we are selling well. i believe there are tickets available for today, tomorrothis is a brand-new production of a broadway musical.
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productions taken taking new york and london by storm.we really love it. allyson: how do you prepare for something like this? david: emotionally? allyson: everything. david: it is a strange thing. this is a dream role. she is the villain of the story. the songs are witty and fun. it is truly a gift and privilege. i don't think anybody can prepare foi am just lucky. allyson: you will be prepared tonight. david: i will be. allyson: tickets are now on sale for "matilda te peace center the event runs from tonight until sunday. we want to take a look at dale.
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dale: on this foggy and cloudy afternoon, we have seen a n it will not be widespread until later tonight. through early morning tomorrow is what we will see showers and
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the system marching acit will get windy. we will see springlike thunderstorms through tomorrow and then things clear ththursday and friday through the weekens good. allyson: expecting a little bit of rain tomorrow. ricardo: dale: maybe one -- dale: maybe one inch of rain. allyson: we hope you have a wonderful day. thanks for joining us. [captioning performed by the nationale, caption ac] lights, camera, access i don't even know what happened. >> it grabbed you right at the top and made it impossible to turn away. so how did they do it so well? i'm billy bush revealing the secrets behind "grease: live" and how the show wept on for
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family tragedy.
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