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tv   WYFF News 4 6pm  NBC  February 2, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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donald trump in republican polls. he currently trails donald trump in souby 16 points, according to real clear politihe is set to take the stage in 30 minutes. the primaron has begun, and he has picked up a big victory in iowa. he has also picked up an endorsement. it didcongressman jeff duncan, today. we will wait and see who else endorses ted c>> ladies and gentlemen, south carolina reset this race. patrick: we have seen some big endorsements out of south jeb bush. senator tim scott and congressman trey gowdy feel that marco rubio should be the nominee. >> we will talk about my philosophy with rnpatrick: south carolina attorney general alan wilson has spent some time with all of the candidates. wilson was in town for an insurance fraud summit in downtown greenville, and we spoke about his thoughts on last night's iowa caucus.
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always felt, based on the polls that i had been following, that the top 3 would be cruz, trump, and rubio. >> while it's important to do well in iowa, and it's important to do well in new hampshire, south carolina's got a bit of an independent streak. and i'm anxious to see what our state does. patrick: the attorney general has yet to officially pick a candidate to endorse. he's hosted a handful of presidential forums throughout all of south carolina, and he wants to continue to make sure that south carolinians know what each candidate stands for. >> if i make an endorsement before i've completed that task, then who's gonna wanna go and meet, and sit on a stage and answer questions, if i've endorsed their opponent? patrick: wilson is hosting another forum for gop candidates, one that proves to be timely. it's one day before the gop debate in greenville, and just over a week from the primary. >> there are a lot of undecideds in this state and people aren't truly dialed in and start paying attention until that last 8 days
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up for the nation. it is just us, nothing but us. patrick: the attorney general's forum jones university one day for the debate in greenville. stay tuned to wyff news 4 for the continued coverage with thrally for ted cruz. they were supposed to be at a high school in anderson, but they chose the td convention center to be close to the airport. he is flying right bace next stop. live at td convention center,k hussion, wyff news 4. carol: senator tim scott announced his and the -- his endorsement for the presidential race. >> here's what i've learned over the past 5.5 years of knowing marco. that he is an amazing politician, but honestly, marco rubio is a better father and a better husband then he is a politician, and that says a lot
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about what he will d scott also says rubio is a solid conservative, and believes that right now, it's a three-man race between cruz. -- ted cruz trump and rubio. , michael: if you're curious how many delegates candidates are getting this primary season, we have that information for you on wyff and our mobile app. we make it easy to keep tabs one delegates with our delegate tracker. we have it for you in the media window on wyff carol: our sports team has been busy today out in california. michael: there is a big event going on out thebrad fralick has been interviewing football playbrad: welcome to set. we are outside levi's stadium, the site of super bowl 50. we had a chak with peyton manning and von miller of the denver broncos.and we ran across town to talk with the panthers. cam newton was asked about when he thought the team became he talked about it being last year, but he really talked about
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guys worked to pay the price before the>> we had guys battling every day. that iwe made practice game-like. each and every day. for us to go through what we have been tht was, some tempers flared and people had their opinionsis great, that doesn't make each and every get to try to get better. that is what wd.brad: you will remember what happened in august, whenenosh norman and cam newton got into it. it was a huge story, because they got into a fight on the practice field. he says it was moments like that that made the team what they are today. today, they are preparing for the super bowl. live in santa clara, b fralick wyff news 4 wyff news 4 ,. michael: our sports team will
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night, you can catch "chasing a championship" at 8:00 p.m. friday night. carol: the southeast is in for an earlyf general beauregard lee the groundhog is correct. georgia's famous groundhog scampered out of his home, not seeing his shadow this morning. punxatawney phil in pennsylvania also predicted an early spring. michael: neither one of them looks happy about it, really. there is our forecaster, right there.carol: john, do you agree with the groundho not really. i don't think winter isi think we will see another months worth of interesting weather. by the raleigh in raleigh, the groundhog in north carolina, also did not see his shadow. they arer as spring being right around the corner. we are wedged in with cool air with ther south. this is where the warm come on settled areas. 72 in atlanta.
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potential tornadoes to the west. overnight, showers will develop overnimost of us will see late tonight and during the day tomorrow, 1-3 inches of rain. ths a given with these heavy thunderstorms movingthe question is, how much instability wille have tomorrow? by tomorrow afternoon, exit east. more about the storm system in detail lmichael: two historically lacked neighborhoods are closer -- black neighborhoods are closer to connectingz has how the neighbors have gotten around without it. myra: the hampden avenue bridge was torn dow their path a mile and a half to get to ther side. >> it has been a long, hard fight.
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the bridgeapart and historically black neighborhood. >> there was no way to get across the t to walk 1.5 miles around. or take a chance on coming down the road. myra: the neighborhood association president says many of the area do not have cars and need to walk to get around. she's is tearing dowe bridge turned daily treks into a three mile round-trip journey. a furman university professor and his students put together a documey about the plight. >> that was a small piece energy -- evidence that they could use for myra: the documentary reignited efforts to secure 1.3 million dollars needed to replace the bridge with a pedestrian walkway. construction is expecto>> i don't know. i enjoy, from the top of my head
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aly: a huge day for the greenville zoo.
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see the ba u the son of a polish immigrant who grew up in a brooklyn tenement. he went to public schools, then college, where the work of his life began -- fighting injustice and inequality, speaking truth to power. he moved to vermont, won election and praise as one of america's best mayors. in congress, he stood up for working families and for principle, opposing the iraq war, supporting veterans. now he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system funded by over two and a half million contributions, tackling climate change to create clean-energy jobs, fighting for living wages, equal pay, and tuition-free public colleges.
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and they want real change! [ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather, an honest leader building a movement with you to give us a future to believe in. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. carol: a live look at a new magazine launch.the palladium group is launching a quarterly magazi hoped to showcase
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dinamichael: a huge day for the greenville zoo.autumn the giraffe gave birth to a but we won't know what the sex of the calf is quite yet. the zoo will do a physical on -- in the next day or two, to figure out its gender, wei and height. autumn went into labor around 5:00, and gave birth right around this is her third baby. the first, to kiko in 2012. last year, a heartbreaking birth, stillborn. but this year, good news. standing right there both mom , and the third calf a well. jeff bullock with greenville zoo says they'll know soon how many folks were able to watch the birth live on the earth cam. >> everything went great this time, and i think it really ties the community to the zoo, and to the animals, where they can experience something like that. michael: there will be a competition to name the new baby. you can submit your suggestion on the greenville zoo foundation website. the zoo is currently closed until the 13th for annual maintenance, but provided the weather is good and both mom and baby are doing fine, the public should be able
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>> we always go through the pockets before we clean anything. carol: going through pockets at an upstate dry cleaners led to an important piece of game-winning insore carolina panthers. see a coach's words of wisdom, ahead, all new at 6:00. john: cool, stable air across the area thanks to the northeasterly wind. a different story to the west. tornadoes and sevethunderstorms breaking out across parts of tennessee,
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he was rated a+ by the nra. not for his promises, but for defending the second amendment... he's a man of deep faith, who fought time and again for the right to life. he laid out a plan to destroy isis months before paris. he'll strengthen our border and use conservative principles to put washington's broken fiscal house back in order. jeb bush.
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you can trust, to fight for our beliefs. right to rise usa is responsible
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carol: words of wisdom shared with the panthers at the pi that put them into the super bowl. michael: a behind-the-scenes look thanks to dirty laundry. here's mimike: >> every day fowlers , brothers cleaners takes tough to tackle stains and wrinkles. but it's not all about dress shirts and slacks. on the racks here you'll often , find panthers jerseys. the real deal. >> it is a pleasant job.mike: owner bill fowler is a wofford college graduate. his business started cleaning for s ago, and that led to an offer to clean for another wofford graduate, jerry richardson, and his carolina panthers. >> automatically, i said, "are you kidding?" mike: the relationship's been strong ever since. >> i get a kick out of it. mike: he also gets a kick out of what he'll find in the team's pockets. like these coach's challenge flags. >> there's a lot of stuff. sm playbooks. mike: remember that gatorade bath given to coach ron rivera
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well, he needed that coat cleaned before the super bowl. in one of the pockets, fowler found this handwritten note, an apparent message to the players. it reads, quote, "the best team has a great sense of family. the best family has a great culture. within that culture, there is tremendous character." >> i'm assuming he read this note before the game or after the game. mike: fowler says the importance of family is something wofford instills in its students, and he believes jerry richardson passes it on to his team. >> if you listen to cam, or any of the players, kuechly, they talk about the family, or the camaraderie, the unity of the team. that's where it came from, the coach. mike: fowler hopes to get the note autographed when the team returns to wofford for training camp. >> i've read it a lot to different people. mike: for now, fowler is excited about what he might find, following what he hopes, >> i just hope they win. mike: will be a clean sweep at the super bowl.
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spartanburg. >> now, your live super doppler hd weather forecast. john: we had the cold front through here, coming in from the north-northeast as expected. low clouds, fog, drizzle, a little chilly. a batch of rai of, moving into the southwestern upstate i had of the main system. the cold front, a strong cold front althese are all tornado watch boxes. look at these lines of intense thunderstorms. damaging winds, large hail, and tornadoes were reported to t storm prediction center in oklahoma. the main threat will be back here in parts of kentucky, tennessee, alabama and mississippi. as expected, the system will weaken before it gets here. a lot of wind shear late tonight and tomorrow morning.
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we could possibly spin ubrief tornado south of i-85. one thing is a guarantee, heavy thunderstorms rumbling across the area. most of us will see 1-3 inches of rain. the green area, the far eastern and from knoxville to atlanta and do georgia, this is overnight, in the marginal green. tomorrow, the dynamics shift north. our area is under marginal risk from t storms of a threat for severe weather. the main thrvythunderstorms, spotty, damaging winds from the thunderstorms, and a slight chance of a tornado because we much wind shear across the area tomorrow. we will keep you updated late tonight and tomorrow morning. the live super doppler showing rain coming in. a live shot from the peace center in downtown greenville, low clouds, fog and drizzle across. . showers will develop overnight. 39 in boone, 47 in rutherfordton
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50 in spartanburg and greenville. i am forecasting mid 50's for overnight lows. as the system gets closer from the west, temperatures may go up towards it daybreak. northeast wind and 15 in and anderson, making it feel like the mid 40's wi65 in columbia, 74 in a gust 71 in atlanta.there he mild. 71 in chattanooga, 70's in florida. 75 in new orleans, 48 in richmond, virginia. that is gup behind the front. back edge of the storm system, the cold air filters in. minneapolis, green bay, looking at snow. it is snowing hard in minneapolis, 20 -- 29 with a winter storm warning. they could see a foot of snow. lots of snow in denver. tomorrow morning, will the warm front lift?
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get heavy thunderstorms and not severewhat it looks like it will lift. -- but it looks like it will lift. the front bushes offense over the showers and thundersthursday, chillier temperatures but at least we will see sunshine. fog and drizzle, overnight low mild in the 50's. warming up towards daybreak, windy with showers and thunderstorms. hi, upper 60's to near 70 in the upstate, low 60's in the mountains. we dry out tomorrow night, thursday, friday, it did weekend and early next week. michael: it's always fun. prime time media night. ricardo: most of the players got weird, crazy questions. back to normalcy. we will have a live report from santa clara, and we will hear from cam newton.
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>> now, wyff news 4 sports. ricardo: three-time nascar chamipon tony stewart is in the hospital tonight, with a back injury. a stewart haas racing spokesman told the associated press that stewart injured himself in a non-racing accident on sunday. the extend of his injuries are unknown, but he is able to move all extremities. the 44-year-old is scheduled to compete at the daytona 500, february 21st. media night is out of the way, and now the players can look ahead to sunday's game. the panthers and broncos, just talking football today. sports director brad fralick joins us live from outside of levi's stadium, with more.
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brad: ricardo, how are you? back to normal a little bit. there are still thousands of media crowded around these guysevery time they step in front of a microphoneh the run goes in the panthers. we had a chance to talk to cam newton. cam newton is the most polarizing guy in the supethe way the panthers have gotten here has drawn questions, especially with the cast of characters they have on the offensive side of llthe on stewart and olson, most of the guys out there guys other teams had cast off. >> those guys have been playin day one. to say the least, from tengion -- from ted ginn, jericho, i heard he was washed up 10 years brown had no hands. devin funchess was to hide. brenton bersin, who knows who he is?
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else dictate to us that we didn't know what we were capable of we had these conversations and traini camp about who would replace kelvinall the guys that cam newton listed are guys that is stepped in and had great roles on the offense. the way to panthers have gotten to the super bowl is something people around here are taking note of. live in santa clara, brad fralick, wyff news 4 sports. ricardo: tune into our "chasing a championship" special fridalaina coatses notched double doubles and one playes the first player of the week honor for the center. the south ca and -- in action tonight facing the bulldogs.
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clemson on the road winston-salem, tip set for 8:00. national signing day is a muwednesday, be with us the entire day on-air and on social media. we will have it covered. had to our mobr a list of the high school athletes signing leof the radar is lighting up. john: nasty thunderstorms to the west in kentucky, tennessee, alabama and mississippi. the system will weakenit the -- by the time the thunderstorms it here, heavy rainfall late tonight and tomorrow. we wilcarol: thanks for watching.
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tonight, victory lap.
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