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tv   Early Today  NBC  February 3, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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and coming up on "early today," presidential hopefuls make the mad dash to new hampshire with six days to go until the nation's first primary. and zika in the u.s. a double weather whammy in the nation's mid-section with reports of multiple tornados. plus, should women register for the draft? and the florida thief mess with the wrong store clerk. "early today" starts right now. and good morning everyone. thanks for being with us. i'm shannon mulaire. we're less than a week away from the first in the nation new hampshire primary. hillary clinton is looking to build on her historically close victory in iowa. sanders is looking to keep his momentum from iowa, especially
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whopping 84% of those between 17 and 29 years old supported sanders and he is also taking his good showing to the bank. the campaign received more than $3 million in donations yesterday. the most for the campaign on a single day. and right after his speech monday night, 40% of donations were from new donors. on the republican side, the indorsements are rolling in for the top three. donald trump picked up scott brown's support. someone he said he would consider being a v.p. candidate. and while another south carolina congressman indorsed marco rubio off his strong showing in iowa. edward lawrence joins us from washington with more. good morning. >> reporter: doesn't it seem like the intensity turned up a notch?
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both sides, democratic and republican candidates are trying to make new hampshire count. new hampshire is one of the smallest states in the nation. this week it's the center of national politics. >> i'm pretty excited about where we are because i believe people in new hampshire are going to make the right decision. >> reporter: donald trump fin finished second to senator ted cruz and marco rubio almost beat trump finishing a close third. >> we have the biggest vote ever in the history of a primary in iowa by 60,000 people came out extra. >> reporter: trump says he'll win new hampshire. political experts credit cruz's incredible ground game for the win in iowa. >> i'm going to continue doing what we did in iowa here on the ground in new hampshire and south carolina working to build the grass roots army. >> reporter: meanwhile bernie
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million in donations since his victory in iowa. >> if we reach out to our friends, our neighbors, our co workers, if we bring out large numbers of 350e7alpeople, we are going to win next tuesday. >> my commitment and determination to serve you will win your support. please, come out and support me next tuesday. >> reporter: clinton trails sanders by double digits but she hopes to turn that around. and she considered focusing on races after the new hampshire primary. she decided to stay this week to try to close the gap. >> edward, thank you. on capital hill, the house failed to reach the 2/3 majority to override president obama's veto that would repeal decisions and essentially gut obama care. three republicans did vote to
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it was fiting it happened on groundhog groundhog's day. they've tried over 60 times to repeal obama care. frightening new developments as the zika virus outbreak continues to spread and the first case through sexual transmission has pinbeen reported in the u.s. in some incidents, patients have been left paralyzed. here is the latest from brazil. >> reporter: mosquitos are the primary way the zika virus is transmitted. but the cdc confirmed the case by sexual contact in texas. and they will now issue a new advisory this week. >> if a man comes back, gets sick with zika and then has sexual intercourse with a woman pregnant or maybe pregnant,
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that person could become infected. >> reporter: and they're also investigating other serious illnesses the virus could cause beyond in babies. and gomez is recovering from sudden paralysis after having zika-like symptoms. he was diagnosed with a rare and potentially life threatening attack on the nervous system causing paralysis. debilitating but often treatable with blood-cell infusions and physical therapy. >> we have 65 cases. >> reporter: neurologist says that's four times higher than normal at her hospital. do you think the zika virus is connected with this syndrome? >> absolutely. >> reporter: the cdc is on the ground in brazil looking for a possible link.
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who is at risk. >> reporter: this 59-year-old farmer paralyzed for a month with the syndrome showing no signs of recovery as scientists race to solve this unfolding medical mystery. now to the latest on the toxic water cries in flint, michigan. this morning, michigan governor rick snyder will unveil a funding plan. on the governor to fix the curoded pipes as the fbi joins the investigation into the water contamination disaster. congresswoman miller has proposed a $1 billion grant to pay for the led service pipes. from the rockies to the midwest, many spent the night
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the conditions that later closed i 80 in nebraska and a section of i 70 in eastern colorado yesterday. getting around places like omaha remain hazardous and in the southm power outages in eastern mississippi and tornados like this one in alabama moved through several gulf states. here with more on the wild weather throughout the country. >> reporter: the massive winter storm pummelled the midwest and plains blizzard conditions in iowa and beyond. >> this will be a big snow, maybe the worst since 2008-2009. >> reporter: more than a foot in colorado and in nebraska where whiteout conditions choked more than 100 miles of interstate 80, 15 inches of snow.
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nearly 2 million americans at blizzard warning. >> we could have wind, hail, even tornados today. >> reporter: reports of at least two tornados damaging a church and a college in mississippi. reported sightings in alabama. tornado watches from louisiana to kentucky. in memphis, parking lots and intersections flooded in minutes. meanwhile in pennsylvania, a bold prediction. >> there is no shadow to be cast. an early spring is my forecast. >> reporter: only the 18th time punxsutawney phil has not seen his shadow since the late 1800s and with el nino bringing temperatures above average, an early spring is not out of the question but for millions of americans it it can't come early enough. >> snow, hail, people running shirtless. bill karins here with us this morning.
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but the severe stuff is pretty much over with and des moines is getting a little extra snow this morning. and new orleans, you're on the safe side. birmingham, just light rain for you. and firther to north you can see the strong winds continue and further to the north, all the way to northern new england to get into any wintry precept. and even there it will change over as the warmer air moves in. so, here we are at 10:00, a line of storms approaching areas of the carolinas and through the afternoon, we'll bring that line through raleigh, washington d.c. and steadiest rainfall through the afternoon into the evening rush new york city and it doesn't look like severe weather
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even in the overnight hours towards the carolinas. and extra rain for you. now a closer look at your day ahead. so, behind the storm, not exactly cold but cooler oklahoma through areas of arkansas and a very warm day in florida, 84 in orlando and airport delays to the north with the heavy rain in the big cities. so, no tornados today, it doesn't look like but a good soaking rain. >> all right, bill, thank you. coming up, top u.s. generals are calling for women to register for future military drafts, just like men. plus, caught on camera, the moment a florida store clerk fights off on unarmed robber. you're watching show. and those who do should switch to geico because you could save hundreds on car insurance... ah, perfect. valet parking. hello! here's the keys.
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women may have to register too. both the marine corps and army chief of staff told the armed services committee they're in favor of expanding the draft. they opened all combat jobs to female members of the military. new details in the shocking killing of a 13-year-old in virginia. they say she was stabbed to death and the connection to two virginia tech freshman charged to her death may be social media and a app called tick. they say eisenhower stabbed lovell to death. and nattily keepers was charge would improper disposal of the body is now being charge would being accessory before the fact the first degree murder. and check out this surveillance video of a clerk over powering a wad-be robber. the clerk was an iraqi war
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all right, time to get down to business. the average price of gas is below $1.80 a gallon. a drop of 20 cents since the beginning of 2016. nearly 10% of gas stations are now selling gas for less les than a $1.50 a gallon. amazon plans to open 300 to 400 physical book stores nation wide. they opened their first store in seattle last november. the price in stores and online will be the same. super bowl 50 is around the corner and that means lots and lots of wings. according to the national chicken counsel, did you know there was one, americans will consume 1.3 billion chicken wings, that's up 3% from last year. now you know. just ahead, why the denver broncos sent one of their players home just days before the super bowl. plus a must see moment at
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this morning on "today," pets on airplanes, a special rossen report on how some people are abusing the system to save a buck when traveling. apparently with their pigs. in sports super bowl 50 is
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and the denver broncos sent rookie ryanb murphy home after being questioned by police during a prostitution sting in san jose. murphy and his brother were deed detained by santa clara department. they released him. some reporters threw the ier of typical jovial cam newton, peppering him with questions about black quarterbacks in football, he made it clear he dud not think race is an issue. >> i don't even want to touch on the topic of black quarterbacks because i think this game is bigger than black, white or even green. why should i have back it up? that's not an issue.
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>> quarterback johnny manziel's days in cleveland appear to be over. manziel continued to find himself in the dog house for his off the field activities. nascar driver tony stewart was hospitalized after being involved in an accident where he injured his back while driving an all terrain vehicle. he's alert and able to move his extremties. he's announced the 2016 season will be his last. to the hard wood where a golfer made the shot of the night. pga golfer sinks a putt during the georgia tech-duke basketball game. and a $25,000 scholarship. guess which grammy winning
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shoulders don't just carry pads. they carry your fans' passions, hopes, and dreams and maybe, a chance at greatness... because shoulders were made for greatness. not dandruff all right, now for some entertainment news this morning. "gillmore girls" fans are
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she said nobody asked me or sooky to come back to stars hollow. we now know how much the harry potter's wand costs. hairy's wand worth 7 gallians, only cost $175. the daily profit, one nickel and the bounty on harry's head $250,000. lady gaga will perform a tribute to the late david bowie at the gramies and set to sing the national anthem at the super bowl sunday along side marly who will perform in sign language. if you drive drunk, you, simply put, are a short sided, utterly useless, oxygen waisting human form of pollution. >> yes, that is helen mirren
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actress, along with drake are already in super bowl ads. they're hoping to build up excitement on social media. >> i blame you for getting that stuck in my song "call me on the cell phone." >> all day long the hot line bling. all right, i'm shannon mulaire and this is "early today." if i want to go up... hello. or if i want to go down... no. but then if i want to come back again... yes. it's perfect. my favorite part is to be able to lift your legs up a little bit and it feels like i'm just cradled.
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today, dramatic taliban hostage rescue earns navy s.e.a.l. the medal of honor. edward biers protected a u.s. doctor held hostage in 2012. his roll was tightly held secret until yesterday. president obama will present the honor to him at the white house on february 29th. and in the washington post, fitbit now mandatory at this oklahoma university. they're requiring all 900 freshman to use them. students must average 10,000 steps per day and 150 minutes of intense activity every week. doesn't specify what. and the data is logged to a school computer. >> how long until someone puts it on a dog. some other stories we're following this morning. look at the images of the hole
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caused by an exploeshzksexplosion. incident is under investigation. it's not yet known if a bomb caused it. overnight the state of georgia executed its oldest death row inmate. convicted of killing a convenience store manager in 1979. he was 72 years old. and a new report found legal marijuana sales are likely to grow 25% this year. it translates to about 1.3 billion extra dollars and it will show yearly growth rate of 30% over the next few years. and now this. staff at a japan zoo staged an elaborate animal escape emergency drill. a zoo keeper dressed as a zebra led the charge in a simulation
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employee heart attack and an eventual seidation, we assume of the zebra. the zoo has seen real escaped in the past involving elephants, monkeys and even a panther. if nothing else, it's entertaining. real estate heir robert durst is expected to plead which would leave-- he's been held without bail sinls his arrest last year after the final airing about his life in a crime documentary. i'm shannon mulaire, thanks for watching "early today." (coughing) coughing disrupts everyone's life. that's why there's delsym. delsym's advanced time release formula helps silence coughs for a full 12 hours. all night...
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