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this is wyff news 4 today in hd. allyson: it's a rainy morning that could bring severe weather to patrick: also in this morning's headlines. it's national signi many high school athletes will begin their journey to living out their dreams today. allyson: plus, what ted cruz has to say after h in iowa. patrick: good morning, i am patrick hussion in for geoff hart. allyson: and i'm allyson powell it's a rainy morning that couldbring more severe weather. we have chris justus in this morning, with dale. dale: we have thunderstorms marching across e country that have the potential to brg us a lot of rain today and in some places, some high winds. some areas in northeastern georgia and carolina could get more rain than they can handle in a short time, leading to flash flochris will cover that. 58 is our current temperature.
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can see the fog that will hang around in many spots uafternoon. right, some of the heavier downpours are in pickens county into transylvania county. the areas shaded in brown are underwent advisories. look at what is going on in tennessee. we have a line of thunderstorms marchiwe are going to check in with chris justus and get an update on the potenchris: we are specifically watching this line in the west. i am also watching the temperatwe have warmed through the night and that supports storms to be on the stronger side. it is 38 degrees and brotherton. it was 51 in greenviright now, we have the severe threat index at a four out of a 10.
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2:00 p.mthe live super doppler 4hd is scanning the area and we have watch from asheville through hendersonville. so far, the upstate is not included in .these storms are providing for heavy rawe will see spotty showers through 7:00robust line of storms. this is when we will get those gusty winds, about 9:30 from asheville through hendersonville and back toward hart cthat will continue to move through between 9:00 and 12:0right now, that looks to be the main threat. coming up, dale and i will show you hod see. allyson: happening now, it is national signing aly myles is on the road covering the weather, but she is on her way to see one of the top athletes in the nation. aly: we are pulling double duty
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we are on the 29 going toward elbert county high schl in georgia. it is a bit of a rainy drive so far. we did have a brief spot of heavy rain there for a second, but as of right now, it is not a bad drive. the good news is, we are headed to georgia for a fun reason. today is national signing day, a huge day for high school athletthey will be signing a letter of intent to play college ball. one of the biggest names is micole hardman. he is choosing from a number of schools today, including clemson and mihe will be making his announcement at 8:30 this morning. we are going there right now. we are showing you what it looks like on we will catch up with you in
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allyson: we will keep you updated throughout the day as hundreds of athletes around the upstate sign national letters of intent. stay tuned to our wyff 4app and facebook page for up-to-the-minute updates all day. be sure to opt into push notifications from our app to find out immediately about all the big decisions. a victory, but no time to celebrate. senator ted cruz was in the upstate last night following a big win in iowa. thousands packed into the td convention center to hear the senator speak. it was standing room ohe celebrated his victory with the crowd, but then sit reminded them that it will soon be theafter speaking to the crowd, the gop front runner gave our nigel >> when you look at the history of the party in iowa how did you do it? >> this was a victory for the grassroowhat we saw on the ground was courageous conservatives coming
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of pastors republican women, young people, a college students, of small business owners, of people just passionate to turn out around. allyson: this morning, senator cruz is already back in new hampshir the primary there is tuesday febr south carolina's gop primary is february 20, followed by the democratic primary on the 27. patrick: we also heard from some people in thaue td convention center last night. the texas senator encouraged his supporters and tried to win over those who are loosely attached to other candidates. >> i like what i've heard and i am m. have a made a firm commitment? not at this point, but i am moving more strongly than ha cruz, donald trump, marco rubio and the rest of the candidates are scheduled to defe 13. the republican primary elect follows a week after that. allyson: upstate congressman jeff duncan announced is
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duncan calls ted cruz, quote, a proven leader and a consis washington cartel and st for the american people. he went on to say, quote, i believe ted's record sets him apart w i am proud to support him for the pres ud states. allyson: super bowl 50 is does days away. we are covering the panthers from califreporter: there is a lot to do in the bay area during super bowl week. this stretches from san francisco to san jose, but the carolina panthers say this is a business trip.some players have sent these media obhave the opening night monday and then conferences tuesday through thursday. the carolina panthers say this is a business trip and that is how it.>> we are here for one reason,
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we are not here to go to san francisco everybody understands that we are hereo win a game. if we came up here like it was vacation, we would get our butts whooped. reporter: it is clear the carolina panthers want to do something no team in this franchise has done, bring a super bowl title back toreporter: the super bowl is sunday. foll facebook, and online throughout the course of the week. pa our sports team will bring you a preview of the big game, live from california just a few days fyou can catch "chasing a championship" at 8:00 friday night. allyson: we are looking through our woodruff road skycam and we can say little bit of war on the lense.
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getting wet today. this is our skycam from gibbs field looking back toward spartanburg. it is 59 degrees currently this morning. we have very mild temperatures and rainy conditions over the area. we have windy conditions until late warning in ths h carolina. there will be some gusts 30 miles an hour or more. the careful traveling across the tennese border to knoxville this morning. we starting to see heavier downpours in parts of northern pickens county. the mountains could say heavy downpour short period of time. that can lead to flooding. let's go to meteorologist chris justus. he will give us a sense of the threat from thchris: this line up back in the west is what we will be
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give us hefty rainfall, but back toward knoxville and chattanooga is where the beefy stuff is. our throats for today will d strong winds. there is an isolated chance for a tornado, but our greatest m the heavy rainfall. let's show you where it will be the right now, there is a flash flood watch for thasheville through hendersonville. you go down toward the greenville-spartanburg area, from 0.5-1.0 inches. it will all fall within two hours. about 7/10 of one inch from taylor's to greer. we will continue to monitor the situation, what be prepared for gusty winds and heavy rainfall through lunchtim thank you, chris.
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patrick: in greenville county the coroner has identified thek overturned. alvin toney of greer died at the scene just after 1:00 yesterday afternoon. toney was wearing a seatbelt. an autopsy will be performed today to determine if a medical condition played a part in the allyson: turning to the tucker hipps case. a judge co lawsuits involving the clemson student's death. tucker was 19 years old when he died during a fraternity run in september 2014. his parents say he was walk along the narrow railing of a bridge over lake hartwell. each lawsuit filed by hipps' family seeks $25 million from three members of sigma phi epsilon, the national and local chapters of th. a circuit judge said consolidating the two lawsuits would be, quote, more efficient and convenient for the cou responsibility for hipps' death. patrick: a neighborhood split apart by a bridge that was torn reconnecting.
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avenue bridge was torn down in september of 2012. without the bridge, neighbors who don't have cars have been walking along the railroad tracks, or adding another mile and a half to get where they needconstruction on the $1.3 million pedestrian bridge is expected to start later this year. upstate elementary school students learn to theater
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late morning into the afannouncer: now, your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. dale: good morning, grab your umbrella. it will be a rainy day for everybody. this is downtown greenville. you can see the wet services. it is 58 degrees with a breeze blowing as well. here is the live super doppl4hd. light to moderate rain is falling right now. the heaviest of the tennessee back into eastern georgia.frequent lightning and heavy
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potential in short times to cause isolated flooding in the mountains of georgia, north carolina, and even south catemperatures are very mild as you stepped outdoors. we are in the 50's and 60's and will c mid-to-upper 60's for the afternoon. let's take the compun it. we have showers this morning and around 10:00 or 11:00 it getsit is out of here by the time kids returned the buses of this afternoon. th overnight and it will be sunny tomorrit is the mid to late morning or the early afternoon when we will be the rain from the systone spot is under a tornado watch. temperatures are miles to the
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else.we will get back to normal tomorrow. 50's will climb to mid to upper 60's this afternoon for the upstate.the mountains will get rain and temperatures will reach the low best today. let's look ahead. clear weather is back for tomorrow all the way through the first of next we have a chance of snow showers tuesday mountains, but that is the only precipitation we day today. allyson: taking a live look outside, our photographer and aly myles are driving in anderson county and ye wet this morning. patrick: after trying to speed a roads bill to the senate floor, the brakes on a plan to get more money to south carolina's highways. the senate president pro tem told the finance committee on tuesday that he wants to bring in the dot and the state infrastructure bank to tell the panel what they do.
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the senate floor about how to raise more money for roads, cut taxes and reform the dot board to at least february 16. allyson: new details out of hawaii in the search oa missing upstate marine and his crew. two military helicopters collided off the coast last month. the u.s. marines say the recovered some of the 12 victims' no word if 22-year-old sergeant jeffrey sempler of woodruff is one of them. patrick: georgia has executed its oldest deathr the killing of a convenience store manager decades ago. the st corrections says 72-year-old brandon astor jones was pronounced dead just before 1:00 this morning. jo shooting death of suburban atlanta store manager roger tack another man was also convicted and executed in in 1985 in connection to the case. a house oversight committee is scheduled to hold a hearing today in washington dc on the safe drinking water act in flint, michigan.
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contamin source switched from detroit to the flint river in 2014 a cost-cutting move made while the city was under state financial management. the corrosive river water was not properly treated and caused lead from pipes to seep into the drinking water. allyson: the university of s.c. upstate plans to open a new location in downtown greenville. a university spokesperson says that the new facility will be located downtown not far from the peace center. its current facility will stay on south pleasantburg drive in su the university announced it will plans or the new downtown greenville location next week. patr the spartanburg county school is taking a big step in the fight to end childhood obesit westview elementary in spartanburg school district six got a $3300 grant from the spartanburg regional foundation. that money paid for pedometers for every student and staff member. the school will use a co program to log every step, which will be translated into miles on
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their goal is to visit every state capital and the trip comes with incentives. >> this is not only something that shows kids how much their exercise impacts their health, but it also brin the school together with a common goal. patrick: the pedometers will only be used during the school day. allyson:r at stone academy, second, third and got the chance to learn songwriting-from two folks who kn performers from the musical "matilda" came and taught the students about what songwriting is. one of the performers-danny tiger wrote a book teaching kids th>> anybody can be a songwriter. it is just about using your ideas in a very really, everyone has those ideas.
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the seventh. ricardo: i am ricardo lecompte. clemson makes the trip to winston-sale the tigers are starting to get back on the tigers opened this game up on a 11-2 run. wake forest had a 28-20 lead at recess. the tigers opened the second half on a 13-1 run. avery holmes knocks down the triple. jordan roper to the rack for the jam. the senior guard scored all of his 16 points after the half. clemson putting it away. dante grantham uncontested for the one-hand jam. clemson scoring 56 in the second the most in a half this season. the tigers are on their way to a 76-62 win, and a 7-3 record in the ac the gamecocks in athens taking on georgia. south carolina back in the
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georgia is up 10 at the break. in the second half, the gamecocks are be mount the come back. sindarius thornwell with the corner three. the gamecocks trail 50-48. but the bulldogs have an answer. jg frazer knocks down the three. georgia with the upset. allyson: a dirty job. the official dry cleaner of the carolina panthers. the treasurethe coach's pocket.
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announcer: now, you are live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. dale: showers are developing over a good bit of thethe heavier rain is still to come and is in parts of tennessee and georgia, but imarching in our direction. give yourself extra time if you will be traveling, because roads are wet all across the upstate and through gethe will be fog and showers this
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we will climb to the upper 60's for there could be some scattered showers for the trip hin the mountains, temperatures will reach low 60's today ahead of the swe have rain here on our wednesday, that it clears up nicely in the next couplpatrick: thank you, dale. in this morning's buzz. a spartanbsa he found a message in a jacket pocket. allyson: he believes, coach ron riverae panthers at the championship game against the cardinals. patrick: fowlers brothers cleaners in spartanburg has cleaned the panthers' uniforms for years. after the big championship game they got the jacket coach rivera was wearing when he got a gatorade bath. allyson: the owner of the cleaners says he found a handwritten note in the pocket. it reads, quote, the best team has a great sense of famh culture within that culture.
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>> this is a very, very important note and it makes a better team a family, which is hard to come by in apatrick: bill fowler says he hopes to autographed when the team returns to spartanburg for training camp. wow, that is pretty neat. dale: i am sure he has found all kinds of stuff over the years. allyson: i don't know what i leave in my poyour news continues right now. announ live, local, breaking news. this is wyff news 4 today in hd. patrick: good morning, a look outside this morninge center skycam. it is a rainy and foggy morning. this could bring severe weather to ourallyson: also, it is national signing day. many high school athletes will begin their journey to living out their coll patrick: plus, what senator ted
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victory in iowa.
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