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tv   WYFF News 4 5am  NBC  February 3, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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victory in iowa. allyson: we are taking a look behind us at our anderson county skycamthis is clemson boulevard. you can see it is ready this morning and that leads t weather, right dale? dale: it is a system that has been marching across the country and producing a good bit of severe weather. we are watching out for the possibilit severe flooding. chris justus will give us an update oe threat in a moment. 61 degrees in sparg with light rain right now. areas shaded in browns in the mountains of north carolina will have high wind warnings. higher elevations near the e border could have those 40 mile-per-hour gusts today with this system. we are seeing some pretty good
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all of this is moving in our direction and will bring us showers and storms today the for it ends this afternoon.let's go to chris and get an update on the potential threat from this front. we are watching this line that is back around chattanooga and knoxville. last night it was pretty damp and chilly. we have since warmed from the lower 50's to 62 degrees. the temperatures warmed through the overnight hours and that is what suprewe are watching specifically for this lini have the severe threat index at a four out of a ten. the biggest threat today will come from flash flooding, but spotty wind damage is also possible. the timeframe is between now and 2:00 p.m. the showers across the area is not the concern. theyheavier line.
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back from chattanooga to carlton, georgia.look at this mind as it moves from the west to thethis line should be here in three hours and 44the latest computer model is showing the line approaching the mountains by 7:30. it will be in clemson and anderson between 9:00 it will be in the greenville and spartanb area between 10:00 and 11:00. flooding is a big concern because we will get a lorain in a short time. coming up, i will show you how much rain you might see. allyson: happening today, it is national sigthe ticker at the boscreen has expanded to show the names of some athletes who could be signing today. aly myles is pulling
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of the top athletes in thealy: good morning, guys. we are getting of highway 181 on the backside right now. we left from greenville around 3:45 or so. we have driven through some rain, notn a whole lot. here. today we are headed to georgia to elbert county hig school because today is national signinhigh school athletes from all over wilintent to play college ball and one of the biggest names in they is mecole hardman. he is choosing from a number of schools, including clemsonhe will make that announcement around 8:30 this morning and we will be coveuntil then, we will be continuing our drive.
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in a field. right now, it is pretty dry out here on this side of the upallyson: thank you. we're going to keep you updated throhundreds of athletes around the upstate are about to sign national intent lettstay tuned to our wyff 4 mobile app and facebook page for up-to-the-minute updates all day be sure to opt into push notifications from our app to find out immediately about all de aly: commitment 20 16 now. fresh off of his big victory in iowa, senator d cruz paid a visit to greenville last nigha thousand packed into the td convention center to hear the senator speak. it was standing cruz celebrated his win in iowa with the crowd, but then reminded them r turn to vote. senator cruz then sat down with
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south carolina. i think you win on the grassroots. you win meeting with people one on one, talking with the pdirectly, answering their questions. this is a job in this morning, he is already back in nea primary there is tuesday, february 9. south carolina's gop primary is febre democrats primary on the 27. allyson: we also heard from some of the peopl the td convention center the texas senator encouraged his supporters and tried to win over those candidates. >> i was just so impressed with the obvious ground game that he had to have covered iowa so well. allyson: cruz, trump, rubio and the rest of th scheduled to debate in greenville on february 13. the e follows a week after that. patrick: upstate congressman jeff duncan announced is throwing his support behind ted
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he calls ted cruz, quote, a proven leader and a consistent conservative we washington cartel and stand up for the american people. he went on to say, quote, i believe ted's record sets him apart i am proud to support him for the president of the united states. allyson: senator tim scott is endorsing marco rubio in the presidential race. >> here's what i've learned over the past 5.5 years of knowing marco. that he is an amazing politician , but honestly, marco rubio is a better father, and a better husband then he is a politician. that says a lot about who he is, which tells me a lot about what he'll do. allyson: scott also says rubio is a solid conservative and believes that right now it's a trump and rubio. patrick: coming now to the super bowl, which isg up in a few days. the panthers are taking on the broncoit will be the first time two quarterbacks taken number one in the draft have faced off.
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historic matchup for cam newton. wyff news 4 sports director brad fralick has more from levi's brad: two of the best players in super bowl 50 that he'll play against one anotp two picks, cam newton and von miller. this is the first time that has ever h we top two picks have faced off in the super bowl.>> they are only 30 seconds apart. it is not a huge difference. we both had pretty good careers of two this point. -- good careers up to this point. >> i am just happy to be drafted so high. when you look at the jj watts, julio jones, a.j. green, um, sheeh. it is crazy.
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patrick peterson, darius, the left tackle for the cap -- for the dallas cowboys. that class was obviously special. patrick: thank you, brad. rad and the sports team will bring you a preview live from californ just a few days from now. you can catch "chasing a championship" at 8:00 friday night. allyson: you can see the water droplets on the lens. dale: temperatures have warmed up this morning and rainthis system is drawing a southwestern wind, bringing up mild temperatures from the gulf. 61n spartanburg. that is warmer than the normal high for this those temperatures will reach
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system coming through. as you can see fskycams, wet weather is the story today. some of the heaviest rain is still to and we will detail some of the watched warnings that are out for the area because of the potential from rm way. but again, showers and thunderstorms today. by early to mid afternoon it should be pushing as us. we have meteorologist chris justus in this morning to give us an idea of what we can expect from this syst i can tell you the timing lunchtime. that is one the worst of the weather b here. you can see on live super doppler 4hd, we have just gotten some rain showers across the region part of tennessee astthis lightning will be moving
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morning hours. our threats at home will come from flooding throughout the day today. second will be strong winds. there is a chance for an isolated tornado, but primarily our threats wiy winds and all the rainfall. back toward the anderson and pickens county area, that is where some of the heaviest rain will f t about one inch, but we are talking in about two to three hours. be careful out there this morning, especially y allyson: if you have ever been to a panthers game, you probablyrecognize this man. now, he is asking the public for a favor. patr men from all career
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read to stthe goal behind the program.... straight ahead. allyson: in greenville county the coroner has identified the man killed after his dump truck overturned. alvin toney of greer died at
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yesterday afternoon. augusta roads. toney was wearin. an autopsy will be performed today to determine if a medical crash. patrick: turning now to the tucker hipps case. a judge cons lawsuits involving the clemson student's death. tucker was 19 years old when he died during a fraternity run in 20rced to walkinick: each lusted f b million from of the fraternis would be, quote, more efficient and convenient for the courtny responsibility for hipps' death. allyson: a neighborhood split
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one step closer to reconnecting. the crumbling north hampton aven012. without along the rad half to get to where they need to go. construction on the $1.3 million pedese is expected to start later this year. patrick: the seizure6 animals in nc sets aspca record the almost 700 animals seized from a no-kill shelter fw caring for the pets. stephen joseph managed the haven and appeared in court last week on animal cruelty char a florida driver decided to take the law into her own hands by pulling over a how the police officer is handling the change of roles. dale: showers and thunderstorms
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announcer: now, your live super
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dale: 5:19 is the time and we have a good bit of rain falling across the area. 62 degrees with a wind out of the south that 14 miles per hour. when these systems come across the southeast, it creates that southwest wind ahead of it. the breeze will be more southwesterly this afternoon. it will be a mild day, but it will be a wet and windy day too. it is coming down pretty good in parts of spartanburg county, into greenwood, and into tennessee. the heavier showers are creeping into cherokee county. this will be a fast-moving front. by nine :00, it is impacting the mountathat system will continue to
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the wasome of these thunderstorms could prodai t time, which might lead to isolated floodinher is a potential for flash floodingn areas prone to it. this will be working its way through th.let's take the future plus forecast. around 9:00 we see those heavier downpours. asheville is right in that line of thunderstormsi 3:00 this afternoon, it is in the piedmont south of i-85 and working its way to the east to columbia. it clears up later in this afternoon. it will be a morning and early afternoon event as it passes through today. we have clear whether for the next couple days. the coolest spots right now is boone at 47 degrees. 64 in anderson and a 62 in greenville.
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upper 60's. the winds is 10-15 miles per hour in the upstate and piedmont. some of the higher elevations are unde wind warning until 10:00. there could be some 30-40 mile-per-hour gusts. be careful if you are going to tennessecold weather behind this system will b morning and the next couple days. this is a nice break from the cold with mid-to-upper 60's this afternoon for the upstate and for the mountains, we will see temperatures reach into the low 60's today. warm jackets are needed for the next couple moit will be 39 in the mountains and 46 in the upstate tomorrow. friday, it will be cold and then it will be warmer thanormal osunday. allyson: we're taking a live
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traffic is moving smoothly, but roads are wet. patrick: after trying to speed a roads bill to the senate floor, th money to south carolina's highways. the senate president pro tem tt tuesday he wants to bring in the dot and the state infrastructure bank to tell the panel what they that would push the debate o the senate floor about how to raise more money for roads, cut taxes, and reform the dot board to at least february 16. allyson: the university of south carolina upstate plans to open a new location i greenville. a university spokesperson says that the new facility will be do the peace center. its current facility will stay on south pleasantburg drive in suburban greenville. the university announced it will outline plans for the new downtown greenville location nek. stone academy's second, third, and fourth chance to learn from performers from
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one of the performers wrote a book abog kids the skills. >> people think that some writing his magic and gets done by wizards, but really, anybody can be a songwriter anr ideas in a very specific way. everyone has those ideas. allyson: "matilda" began yesterday at the peace center and runs through february 7. patrick: at chandler creek elementary schoostudents got to hear real men read. that was the name of the event where men from all kinds of career paths came and read to . some of those careers were local athletes, politicians, soldiers and teachers just to name a few. the goal-to teach kids that everybody reads. >> i think it is important to
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that reading is the foundation of everything. patrick: the readers went to multiple classroom the students a chance to listen to multiple stories. allyson: a live look outside and it is a rainy morning. chris justus is in it's ford f-series, again. and, it wasn't even close. same trucks that have been leading the industry for 39 straight years. why? game changin' innovation. like f-150's high-strength, military-grade aluminum alloy. which helps make it stronger, more capable and more efficient than ever. innovation. it's why f-series is making
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>> now, your live super doppler dale: 5:28 the time. we have showers and thunderstorms rambling through te impact cherokee, clay, and graham county. here is a closer look from knoxville and all the way down to georgia. frequent lightning with that line of thunderstorms coming our way.
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would flash flooding being a primary one. severe thu these sharp contrasts in temperatures.i'll this morning. 62 in the upstate and a few scattered shs left for the ride home this afternoon. raingear a good idea for kids in the upstate and mountains. fog until early afternoon and showers in wtime for dale's school salute. today, we would like to salute everybod at brashier middle college. last week was spirit week and th for able-sc, an organization that for people with disabilities. they say they had a lot of fun helping the cause. we salute you. patrick: spirit for a great cause.if you have ever been to a panthers game, chances are you
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they call him cat man. he has never missed a game, except that he was in the hospital.good says as this amazing panthers season kept going, fans asked if he would head over to the super bowl. he didn't think he would have the money and has since started patrick: it's already passed $7300 and he hopes to make it to california because that's where the fans want him to be. >> it makes me feel warm and responsible. it's like what spider man said, "with great power comes great responsibility," and with a great show of love also comes a great show of responsibility back to reciprocate that love. patrick: there you have it. cap man talking about -- cat man talking about spiderman. allyson: my son had the book and he is apparently in the book and has go car -- something
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