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tv   WYFF News 4 530am  NBC  February 3, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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him a : you have to have cat man there. allyson: somebody get him out there. your news continues right now. [captioning made possible by wyff-tv][captioning performed by the national c caption contenallyson: look outside this morning and there peace center skycam. a rainy mopatrick: also come at the biggest day of the year for many high school athletes. allyson: plus, after a big win in iowa, ted cruz makes a stop tawhat he has a say and what voters have to say aftyou can see behind this on our anderson skycam,what can we expect
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dale: what led there and the potential for stormy weather. just watching what is going on in tennessee and back to georgia, frequent lightning starting t up in the mountains of western north carolina and northern georgia. it will be impacting us as the morning you get with meteorologist chris justus and see what kind of severe weather potential we could experience today from this fast-moving front. keep the rain gear handy. looks like a wet day for the mountains in the upsta areas getting more than they can handle. s get to chris to get the latest. chris: we are watching the temperatures to determine how much instability is in the air. that is a measure of how mucyou can deal with as far as storms. since midnight, lower 50's to lower 60's now and temperaturesg backwards into the overnight -- morning, rather. before out of its hand.
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frosh -- from flash flooding. let's get back to live super doppler 4 hd with spotty showers across the area. this is not the main eventthe main event is back towards the west see heavy rainfall. lightning is a good indicator of how much instability we have thelet me show you the lightning. we can put a track on it because all the way back georgia, we have 87 lightning strikes.the same line will move into oconee county, pickens countywewe will show you how much your time couallyson: thank you. happening today, national signing has been expanded to show the names of some of the athletes signed today at the bopatrick: aly myles joins us now.
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in the nation. al good morning. we are in the town of elberton. we got an early start from greenville all the way to of rain. we have seen different lot. we did encounter a little bit of heavy rain toward greenville a s ago, but as dale and chris up and telling you, that is expected to change. news for today, a superfund story. we are headed to georgia because of natiol high school athletes will be signing a f intent. one of the biggest in the country right no co--- miko hardman. he is going to make his announcement at 8:30 this morning and we will be there,
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to you as soaly myles wyff news 4 live in elberton. allyson: thank you. we will try to keep you updated throug day as hundreds of athletes around the upstate sign national letters of intent. app and facebook page for up-the-minute updates all day long. be sure to opt into push notifications from our app to find out immediately about all the big decisions. in commitment 2016, a victory, but no time to celebrate. senator ted cruz was in the upst big win in iowa. thousand packed into the td convention center to hear the it was standing room only. cruz celebrated his win in iowa d them it will soon be their turn to vote. after speaking to the crowd, the robertson an interview. nigel when you look at the : history of party in iowa, how did you do it? ted cruz well, this was the : victory for what we saw on the ground was courageous conservatives coming together.
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of pastors, republican women, young people, college students, of small business owners, of people just passionate to turn out country around. allyson: this morning, senator cruz is already hampshire. the primary there is tuesday february 9. south carolina's gop primary is democrats primary on the 27. patrick: we also heard from some of the people at the t.d. convention center. the texas senator encouraged his supporters and tried to win over those loosely attached to other candidates. >> i like what i've heard and i am moving that way. have i made a firm commitment? not at this point, but i am moving more strongly than i have before. patrick: cruz, trump, rubio and the rest of the candidates are greenville on february 13. the republican primary election follows a week after that. allyson: upstate congressman jeff duncan announced he is throwing his support behind ted cruz.
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proven leader and a consistent conservative who will fight the washington cartel and stand up for the american people." he went on to say, quote, "i believe ted's record sets him apart on this race and it is why i am proud to support him for the president of the united states," end quote. patrick: another endorsement, this one for marco rubio. senator tim scott is talking about wh i backing marco rubio for president. >> here's what i've learned over the past 5.5 years of knowing marco. that he is an amazing politician, but honestly, marco rubio is a better father and better husband than politician and that says a lot about who he is, which tells me a lot about what he'll do. patrick: senator scott also says rubio is a solid conservative and believes that right now it's a three-man race between cruz, trump and rubio. allyson: let's talk super bowl.
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patrick: that it is. brad fralick and mark dopr talking business in santa clara. brad: there is a lot to do in the bay area.this stretches from san francisco to san jose, but the carolina panthers say thsimarc: and if you have said media applications have been distractions. you talk about the opening night on mon conferences tuesday, wednesday and thursday. the carolina panthers sa we are here for one reason. dad is to win the ballgame. we are not here to go down and party.nobody has been down to san fran . everybody understands we areyou come out here like a vacation and we butt wh ooped.
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panthers want to do something no team in this franchise history has done and t bring a super bowl title back to ch: the super bowl is sunday. follow us on twitter, facebook and online thr thank you. our sports team will bring you a preview of the big game live from california just a few days from now. you can catch "chasing a championship" at 8:00 friday night. a look behind us and our peace center sno drops on the screen, but dale joins us again. it is wet. dale: we had rain already and good showersright now, we are seeing 61 degrees. this is our gives field skycam. you can see the raindrops on that will be a wet day today.
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we have had showers already and heavier downpours e from knoxville all the way back to blue ridge georgia, frequent lightning with thunderstorm and it is marching to the east. it will be impacting us as the morning goes on. it is mild.he won't need a warm coat but the rain coat. chris justus is an early to look at the potential threats from the system as chris: we are watching the computer model.the latest model showed this line of storms continuing to move our w had into the morning hours and stretches to the panhandle of fn threat between now and 2:00 p.m. let me show you temperatures because up. we are in the lower 60's and that h support the potential for severe weather. severe weather certainly a
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flash flood you can see live super doppler 4 hd showingk toward the atlanta area are some storms have wind damage. you can see that line approaching the mountains any back down toward north georgia between 8:00 and 9:00. that derives through the clemson and anderson county area between 9:00 and 11:00 and then the greenville-spartanburg area before noon and continues to stretch. we will see heavy rainfall after that. flooding a cwind threat. it will be a volatile morning as far as rain is concerned. temperatures out that potentially severe weather toward the south. 67 in abbeville, 66 in greenwood, 65 and newberry. dale will have the four-day plus in a>> coming up on "today," and it's on to new hampshire. secretary clinton and bernie sanders crisscrossing the granite state, making their final push before next week's
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digit lead here. we'll tell you secretary clin up and how her husband bill clinton could play a major role in that. plus, how she plans to reach out to those younger voters, who right now prefer senator sanders. all that and more, comn "today." allyson: a look outside and in
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ricardo: i'm ricardo lecompte. clemson makes the trip to winston-salem to face wake forest. the tigers opening up this game on an 11-2 run. jaron blossomgame knocking down the wide open 3. 22 and 13 for the junior forward. but wake forest led 28 to 20 at the tigers open the second half on a 13-1 run. avery holmes knocks down the triple. tigers up front by later, a one. 4-point clemson lead. jordan roper to the rack for the the senior guard scored all of his 16 points after the half. clemson putting it away. dante grantham uncontested for the one-hand jam. clemson scoring 56 in the second half, the most in a half this season. on their way to a 76 to 62 win, and a 7-3 record in the acc. the gamecocks in athens taking on georgia. south carolina back associated press poll at number 25, first half. the dump down to yante maten for the dunk gives georgia a six
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george up 10 at the break. gamecocks mounting the comeback. sindarius thornwell with the three, thrownell led the way for usc then, duane notice, from the same gamecocks now down 50 to 48, but the bulldogs have an answer. jj fraser pushes the lead back to 9. gamecocks lose their third game of the season. georgia with the u 56. patrick: thank you. new insight into the zika virus. how health officials say the virus can be transmitted.
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>> now, your live super doppledale: good morning. it is hard to believe it is the third y of february when you have 62 degrees in the morning and a breeze out of the south at
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heavier showers onlook at knoxville down to blue ridge,a good line of thunderstorms picking up lightning. graham county, cherokee county moving into is marching to the east, so it will region through the afternoon before clears. a fa fast-moving system but there is potential of heavy downpours that could lead to localized flooding. if you live in a flood prone area, especially the mountains of georgia and south carolina and western north carolina, watch out for creeks and streams. let's take a picture plus forecast into motion. you can see this line of thundersto impacting asheville and parts of the upstate by 9:30 to 10:00athens getting thunderstorms and it continues to make its way east. by the time the kids get out of school, looks like the heavier of the thunderstorms are in piedmont but scattered showers
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afternoon and clearing by tonir that, sunny weather ahead for the next several days. we will have most of this action between now and drive time todtemperatures have climbed overnight in mid-60's in laurens, greenwood, elberton at 71. 57 in asheville. 15 to 20 plus mile-per-hour winds in the piedmont. right along the north carolina .you get into the higher mountain range along the borders an of 30 to 40 plus mile-per-hour gusts. high wind warnings until 10:00 and associated with this system. 58 in cincinnati, 30 in kansas city. we will see our temperatures back to more winterlike levels starting tomorrow and this weekend whcome.
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this afternoupper 50's will climb to low 60's in the mountains for highstomorrow, temperatures more like they should be. cold on friday morning. 26 in the mountains, 22 in the upstate, chilly each morning. on monday, a few more clouds and a chance of snow flurries from tuesday morning in westecarolina. looks like a great weekend for getting allyson: thank you. new details out of hawaii in the search of a missing upstate ma a two military helicopters crashed off the coast last month. the u.s. marines say they've recovered some of the 12 victims' officials said dna traces were found during search and rescue operations that ended on january 19. they sai right -- they said families were notified and the cause is under
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of polite led to an elanding caught on camera. the first call came e of -- 1:30 and they have to ditch the aircraft in a nearby lagoon. emergency crews were able to pull the uninjured pilot from the water. authorities said he was unable to get the plane's landing gear down and he wageorgia has executed its oldest death row inmate for the killing of a convenience store manager decades ago. the state department of corrections says 72-year-old brandon astor jones was pronounced dead just before 1:00 this morning. jones was convicted in the 1979 shooting death of suburban atlanta store manager roger tackett during a robbery. another man was also convicted and executed in 1985 in connection to the case. allyson: a house oversight committee is scheduled to hold a hearing today in washington, d.c. on the safe drinking water act in flint, michigan.
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contaminated with lead after the source switched from detroit to the flint river in 2014 a cost-cutting move made while the city was under state financial the corrosive river water was not properly treated and caused lead from pipes to seep into the drinking water. patrick: to the latest in that outbreak of the zika virus. health officials in texas have confirmed that the zika virus can be sexually transmitted. a person who had not traveled to a country affected by the mosquito-borne virus was infected after having sex with a person who had returned from latin america. health officials suspect the virus was spread through mosquito bites. since that route involves blood, they also suspect sharing needles and some sexual activity might spread the virus, too. allyson: a florida driver
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her own hands by pulling over a police you are going 90 miles an hour because i w you and i was going down miller and you passed me like i was standing s. the driver claims the officer was speeding and used he she recorded the conversation that followed on her phone. the police department says it is looking into the matter. happening today, a race like no
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>> now, your live super doppler 4 hd fdale: good morning. 5:58 on this rainy morning as a look at hd.
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pickens and sparg county that more is coming. go ahead and take the rain gear. you d it, especially if you try to get out late morning or lunchtime. pretty goos will produce heavy downpours. temperatures mild. low 60's this morning with login showers at the bus stop. scattered showers for the ride home thithe high will reach 67 for the upstate 60's anticipated for ththis is one of those days where it goes back. the coldt temperature will be later this evenings things cool down but a mild and rainy day today. thank you. in this morning's buzz, today is the y for the oldest and most famous tower race. many are headed to new york city for the 39th empire state run up. they race up 86 flights of
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distance climbed during the race is about 1/5 of a mild vertically, some over a thousan up. the men's course record was set by an australian in 2003, clocking nine minutes and 33 seconds. the women's was set in 2006 by an australian at 11 minutes and 23 secpatrick: i am being told it takes one minute in the elevator to get up. [laughter] allyson: it takes longer because you have to wait in line. patrick: true. i would make it up the first couple of flights -- allyson: i would be done. i didn't even know that existed. patrick: let's take a look at the morning heallyson: it's national signing day, and some highly recruited high school athletes from our area make announcements today. patrick: plus, a look here severe weather in the southeast.
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