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tv   Today  NBC  February 3, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EST

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oh. cherish bells are ringing >> what it? >> no, a few cherished, is it not what is it? >> a few cherished. >> little bells are ringing. >> let's go with it. >> what is it, though. >> doesn't matter. >> no, it does. >> it's music. >> i hear jerusalem bells are ringing. >> that's what i sing. >> that's what you sing. >> you can sing whatever you like i hear cherished little bells are ringing i love it. martin's personality which i think a lot of people -- i think some people were like coldplay,
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it's going to be an incredible show. >> the joy on james corden's face. >> yes. so fun. >> this is a man still enjoying what he does, loves what he's doing. such a talented guy. i saw him on broadway and he is a true, true talent. >> he is going to host the tony's they just announced yesterday. the previous one with adele was incredible. now you have back to back adele and chris martin. >> unbelievable. it is interesting that all three late night guys are named james. >> true. >> he should just become jimmy. >> jimmy cordon, fallon and kimmel. >> the third. >> today is the day six of our 25 days of give a ways on facebook. we want you to go to's take and like us. today you could like a trip to bow fort, north carolina. this is a gorgeous part of the bristol crystal coast. you and guest could spend four days, three nights at the inland inn. all right? so's take,
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sweepstakes. we would love -- love, love to get another 20,000 people up today. we did over 20,000 yesterday. >> yes. >> before we do the weather let's just check it out right now, see what's in here. so let's -- where are we right now? earlier we had about, what, 132,000. >> let's see. >> let's see. 133,000. come on, folks, today's take. okay.'s take. jimmy, careful there. okay. very nice. this is jimmy core began, not to be confused with jimmy kimmel or jimmy fallen or jimmy cordon. there you go. let's show you what we have going on. we have this line of strong storms, rain is already moving into new york but severe weather, atlanta right now has pretty good storms, we will probably see some airport delays in this thing in the next hour or two. major flight delays likely. washington, d.c., it's in here midmorning, boston it will be midafternoon and it keeps
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pushing into charleston, on toward jacksonville, heavy rain and storms for florida and the carolina coast. by tomorrow we look for clearing here in the northeast. flood watches extending from new jersey all the way down to florida. 29 people -- 29 million people at risk for these slow moving showers and thunderstorms, parts of the florida panhandle 5 to of 5 to of 5 to of 5 to of anderson will be warm and windy with showers likely and thunderstorms from late morning on. 100% chance of rain today. high of 67. southeast winds 10-20+ becoming southwesterly this afternoon. the asheville, hendersonville area will see rain and fog today with thunderstorms more likely this afternoon. high of 64. chance of rain 100%. high winds possible in higher elevations. a few showers in the region this evening then mostly cloudy overnight and becoming mostly sunny and back to normal
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see how many of you -- boom! amazing. that's it.'s take. register for the sweepstakes. north carolina, gorgeous part of the country. >> i've always wanted to go there. >> keep going to's take. just ahead, we're a few week away from season ten of the "voice" and return of christina aguilera as coach. carson catches up with his crew after this. mmmm mmmm, laughter mmmm, mmm mmmm, mmm! mmmm, mmm mmmm, mmm mmmm, mmm mmmm mmmm, yoplait there's a lighter, fluffier wayfor everyone to enjoy greekyogurt.
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when used at the first sign. without it the virus spreads from cell to cell. only abreva penetrates deep and starts to work immediately to block the virus and protect healthy cells. you could heal your cold sore, fast, as fast as two and a half days when used at the first sign. learn how abreva starts to work immediately at don't tough it out, knock it out, fast. with abreva. i'm here at the shop at nbc studios in 30 rock. get ready, fans. season ten of the "voice" is nearly here. the blind auditions, battle 29th. carson daly, our man at "today" and theirs, caught up with reigning coach adam levine. also blake shelton, pharrell williams and christina aguilera, making her return to the chair after a season off. >> you guys were all very popular and celebrities before
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what is it like to be famous and successful on a hit television show? what is that success like? >> i didn't get into the music business to think, aisle bei'll be a tv personality. it gave me a chance to give back to people with dreams, like me coming up. little did we know it would be as successful as it was. >> now you're back. tell these guys what life is like outside of this show. what was it like to not do it? >> what's it like outside of the show, christina? >> in the real world, there's air and trees and people. >> whoa, geez. i've never heard of those. >> you're having as much fun as you were from day one. >> none of us would be doing this if it wasn't fun. >> right. >> we laugh a lot. >> you feel lifted. you watch people change, evolve and grow. there's something in that process that i can't get anywhere else.
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>> i don't know about that. >> what does that rise feel like? it's only been five years. >> the ultimate "voice" god, blake shelton. >> you're a god amongst mortals. >> we went to dinner the other night and we had to pick the restaurant we went to based on whether or not blake could walk through the kitchen to get into the restaurant because of pap paparazzi paparazzi. >> it's nuts. of course, at this point, no matter what moves i make or any decision i make, it's under the microscope. climb every mountain >> are you inspired by your team ever? >> of course. i won last season. every season is different. some seasons i don't have to coach at all because, like, i feel like i knew jordan smith was going to win the whole time. >> you are more concerned with people sticking around and
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if someone steals one of your people, you're happy. weird, like what? >> i don't think it does. >> there was a nice moment yesterday. you exchanged pleasantries and you said something funny. you said, christina, we've come a long way from season one. >> he told me i have the winner on my team. >> she does. >> i was trying to give you my most honest, againgenuine and heartfelt advice. >> honorable man, that gandhi. >> you write those votes down? >> sometimes it's the way he's dressed, his hair. steam comes out of my ears, like so many things. it's like -- >> sometimes it's not what blake is saying that's funny. it's your reaction. it's adam's reaction. the face of like, man. >> it's the lack of awareness of all things around him. it's like a joke that my out of touch uncle would make. >> i feel like i have a
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point out ridiculousness. >> guys, if you were running for president, of the other coaches, who would your running mate be and why? >> blake. i need the country side. >> i need girl power. >> president christina? >> well, country runs a lot of the country. >> i wouldn't run. >> not running? >> i would rather have any other -- >> good enough. >> the "voice" returns on monday. who is excited about this? february 29th. everybody excited? it airs mondays and tuesdays at 8:00 eastern. willie, always wanted to press the red button. >> thanks. coming up, "stone cold" steve austin. going to find out who is up for the broken skull challenge. putting us to the test. what are we doing here? >> pull the sandbag across the floor. it's a heavy sandbag. we're going to see what you got.
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>> i want the best you got, okay? >> okay. >> simple enough? >> i'll go head to head with my pals in a minute. we're back after this. soup and sandwich and clean and real, and feeling good, sort of. and 500 calories or less. the clean pairings menu. at panera.
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when it comes to fresh taste, nothing else tastes like philadelphia. i am never getting married. never. psssssh. guaranteed. you picked a beautiful ring. thank you. we're never having kids. mmm-mmm. breathe. i love it here. we are never moving to the suburbs. we are never getting one of those (minivan). we are never having another kid. i'm pregnant. i am never letting go. for all the nevers in life, state farm is there. wwe hall of famer "stone cold" steve austin, finishing off one opponent after another with a stone cold stunner. >> now, he hosts "the broken skull challenge," shot at his
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contestants duke it out over a $10,000 prize. >> these challenges with not for the faint of heart or stomach. >> no, they aren't. >> steve austin, welcome. good to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> how did you come up -- you built this obstacle course on your ranch. how did you come up with the challenges themselves? >> i was hosting a show on cmt and said, this is great. i love competition. heavy-duty competition. i built a career based on being tough. so there was nothing like broken skull challenge on tv. we pitched this idea to cmt and they wanted to make it tougher than i had envisioned it to be. i give them credit for that. at the end of the day, you get a bunch of people coming up with the toughest things we can put other human beings into competition against each other with. each day, three rounds of competition. if you win, you stick around and if you lose, you go home. at the end of the day, the last person standing takes on my obstacle course, the skull buster. it is designed to attack every part of your body. >> yikes.
10:17 am
>> you're scaring me already. >> let's go! >> it's tough. some of the best athletes in the nation come out there and set the table for them to do the best they can. >> men and women, equally participate, right? >> the women are badass, yeah. >> you have a challenge for willie and natalie. >> how did you get out of this? >> i'm doing commentary. >> all right. >> shortened version. this is going to be easier. the broken skull challenge, nothing is easy. >> what do they have to do? >> uh-oh. >> she took the shoes off. it just got real. >> pull these handbags across the floor. the broken skull challenge, it would be tougher than that. but here we are in new york city. >> on your mark, get set, go! >> pull, pull, pull. keep pulling. all the way across. >> wow, natalie. >> natalie wins. >> wow.
10:18 am
>> you would go step down the road. >> so in the broken skull, that's as hard as it gets. what's the craziest thing people do? >> there's a 50 foot long french with watt -- trench with water. you have to go ring the bell. it's head to head. people say, it's cool, like american ninja warrior. not so fast. this is head to head against another human being. if you win, you stick around. if you lose, go home. then you have to face the obstacle course. >> willie wants to give it a try. >> i'll fly you first class out there if you want to try it. >> i want to be in the trench with you. >> i dig the trench. >> "broken skull challenge" sunday nightscmt. >> back after your local news and weather. it would just be so painful and i couldn't even drink it. i would like almost scoot the ice over and try to sip it very slowly so that it wouldn't trigger the pain.
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my dentist recommended that i use sensodyne. i think that sensodyne has been great in terms of reducing the sensitivity and pain that i was experiencing. now i can put ice in my water. sensodyne absolutely works, there you have it. . . . . . . . at 10:27 this morning... a greenville county school bus was involved in an accident this morning. according to greenville county schools spokesperson oby lyles,
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brookforest drive and hillside lane in greenville. thirty one hughes middle school students were on board. no students were hurt. the driver of the car was injured. 10:27 and it's a big dayfor many high school athletes..signing day across the carolinas-- and georgia-- they'll start signing a letter of intent to play at the next level... top rated athlete and football player... mecole hardman.. chose from a long list of schools for his collegiate career... including clemson. he announced at 8-30 this morning that he will play at the university of georgia. and it's "national signing day" for high school athletes. stay tuned to our wyff 4 mobile app and facebook page for up-to-the-minute updates on athletes. stay tuned to our wyff 4 mobile app and facebook page for up-to-the-minute updates on signings.. all day long. make sure you're getting "push notifications" from the app to find out immediately about all of these big decisions. greenville, spartanburg, anderson will be cloudy and foggy until 3 pm with showers likely and thunderstorms from late morning on. 100% chance of rain today. high of 67.
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southwesterly this afternoon. the asheville, hendersonville area will see rain and fog today with thunderstorms more likely this afternoon. high of 62. chance of rain 100%. high winds possible in higher elevations until late morning. a few showers in the region this evening then mostly cloudy overnight and becoming mostly sunny and back to normal afternoon. high of 62. chance of rain 100%. high winds possible in higher elevations until late morning. a few showers in the
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taking a look at the taking a look at the headlines.
10:23 am
coli neurovirus updates from chipotle. the company says its earnings dropped 36% in january on top of the almost 15% drop in the fourth quarter last year. chipotle said the scope of a criminal probe has widened beyond a single restaurant in california. it is now a nationwide investigation. amazon reportedly has big plans to open book stores around the u.s. "the wall street journal" is quoting the ceo of a large mall saying amazon's goal is to open 300 to 400 book stores. the company opened its first bookstore in november in seattle calling it a physical extension of one of the world's most popular messaging services has just hit a major milestone. what's app says it has reached 1 billion active users around the world. that's about 1 of every 7 people on the planet. what's app is owned by facebook and with it users can make free phone calls, send texts, video and text messages anywhere in the world.
10:24 am
billion messages a day. it was a very close call for a family in england when their car went out of control, flipped over and then sped down the highway on its roof in a shower of sparks as you see there. incredible. it hits another car on the way. all caught on the dashboard camera of a truck that was almost hit. all three people in that upside down car survived including a baby who was unhurt. time is running out for whoever bought a winning california lottery ticket last august. the ticket worth a staggering $63 million but it will become worthless unless the winner turns it in by tomorrow afternoon. the super lotto ticket was bought in a convenience store outside of los angelele if nobody shows up by the deadline though, the winner loses all that money. let's get aheck of the weather right now from mr. roker. hey, al. >> the good thing is it goes to california public schools if they don't get it. that's good. you can see on your map that's what's going on around thet's what's going on around thet's what's going on around thet's what's going on around thet's what's going on around thet's
10:25 am
with showers likely and thunderstorms from late morning on. 100% chance of rain today. high of 67. southeast winds 10-20+ becoming southwesterly this afternoon. the asheville, hendersonville area will see rain and fog today with thunderstorms more likely this afternoon. high of 64. chance of rain 100%. high winds possible in higher elevations. a few showers in the region this evening then mostly cloudy we want you to go to'stake. a trip with 146,000 likes. remember,'stake. like us. now i like you, natalie. >> i like you too, al. thanks. now to the zika virus. as a growing crisis reaches american soil, just this week as you know the world health organization declared zika a
10:26 am
now transmission of the zika virus has been confirmed in 29 countries and territories throughout south america, latin caribbean. now it is hirting even closer to home with the first zika virus case acquired through sexual transmission in dallas county. now if a zika carrying mosquito bites a pregnant mother the risk. right now about 4,000 babies in brazil alone with been born with microcephaly. this is a serious birth defect that affects the brain. experts say that for most people the zika virus presents with mild symptoms including fever, rash, joint pain and con junktive viet tis or pink eye. some countries reporting a link between zika and guillain-barre syndrome. it's rare but it has yet to be confirmed by the c.d.c. the c.d.c. has put out a travel warning to avoidid -- for pregnant
10:27 am
pregnant to avoid zika-affected areas. they say that women who have been infected should wait two years to become pregnant. let's send it over to willie and dr. natalie azar who have more. >> dr. azar has more. let's talk about the dallas case. a lot of people who weren't paying attention to zika perced up. cdc confirms it was a man or woman, we don't know. >> yes. >> it was transmitted from someone sexually who visited one of these countries who received zika. what does that tell you? >> it gives us more evidence about a suspicion that we've had. there are already documented cases in the literature, one in 2008 of a physician who was in senegal who was infected with zika who came back to the u.s. and infected his wife and then more recently in 2013 with the very large outbreak in french polynesia, there was a tahitian man whose semen and urine tested positive for zika. the idea that it can be
10:28 am
transfusion or sexual contact is not necessarily new, ground breaking, or surprising, but as i stated earlier this morning, it's certainly unfortunate and unwelcome news because this now is a whole other set of protocols and precautions that we need to talk about in light of this outbreak. >> does this mean, dr. azar, someone coming back from one of these countries with zika should remain abstinent and if so for how long? >> right. we don't have a specific guidance on that yet but we intend on having that in the next coming days per dr. frieden of the c.d.c. i will state though that our friends/colleagues in england have a protocol in place already, and that is that if a man who has a documented zika infection returns or wherever he or she is, he should use a condom for six months. if a person -- if a man has had potential exposure, exposure could just be being in an area where zika is being transmitted,
10:29 am
wear a condom for four weeks, one month. at issue here is we don't know how long the virus, number one, is still detectible in sexual secretions and even if detectible, is it actually infectious. can it be transmitted? that right now is the next step for the cdc and researchers in brazil to try to get as much information as possible so that they can inform their guidance for us. >> quick bottom line before we go here. for people watching this at home, how concerned should people in the united states be about zika right now? >> i think the concern hasn't changed all that much in terms of location, first of all. you know, travel to areas where viral transmission is ongoing and bringing back the infection to the united states is an issue. one thing we didn't get a chance to talk about so much today is the potential, you know, serious contribution to guillon-barre. this is a moving -- >> a moving target. >> yeah.
10:30 am
to be answered. dr. azar, thank you so much. coming up, "work a who will licks" made a tv star. now he's carving out his place on the big screen. we'll talk to him right after this."workoholics," anders holm is carving out his place on the big screen. here's a little healthy advice. take care of what makes you, you. right down to your skin. aveeno daily moisturizing lotion with 5 vital nutrients for healthier looking skin in just one day. aveeno . naturally beautiful results
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it's not. it's a sign of early gum disease... listerine(r) can help reverse... early gum disease in just two weeks. listerine(r). power to your mouth ! weight watchers has changed. weight watchers all-new beyond the scale program puts the focus on you and not just the number on the scale. lose weight while eating healthier, with all new smartpoints. and move more by including fitness in ways that work for you. see how good you'll feel with the new weight watchers beyond the scale program! join for free now and lose 10 pounds on us. anders holm has been stealing scenes in some of the smartest, edgiest comedies of the last few years. >> success doesn't happen overnight.
10:34 am
>> it's anders, okay? anders. not anders. it never was that. i don't know why you keep saying that. >> reporter: anders holm started out behind the camera as a writing assistant. from the writers room, he joined forces with two fellow comedians. blake anderson and adam devine to form the group, male order comedy. >> dealing with stress in the workplace. >> reporter: their web series caught the attention of comedy central, leading to the creation of "workoholics." >> i've been promoted. see the suit? >> reporter: the hilariously unambitious telemarketers are in their sixth season. >> you're my dude. blake is my man. >> repepter: anders went on to guest-star on "the mindy project," as mindy kaling's love interest. >> yes, yes. >> reporter: from tv, he moved
10:35 am
cast of "the interview," with james and seth. >> yours is cool and mine is serious. >> reporter: then sharing with screen with anne hathaway and robert de niro in "the intern." >> for the record, never been my turn. >> reporter: anders is now a lady's man in "how to be single," proving his work is just getting started. >> there are 8 million people in this city. sounds like a lot, right? half are women. >> these are the women? >> anders holm joins us now. good to see you, man. >> what's up, guys? >> you tweetedomething yesterday. i'm on the "today" show tomorrow at 9ish, pushing "how to be single." should i go blazer, no shirt? >> i showed up with no shirt. there was a riot for security reasons. put a shirt on! i'm like, all right. >> promoting your movie.
10:36 am
promoting your body. >> yeah, it's more for a body day for me. >> you are shirtless a lot in this new movie. >> yeah. >> you had a lot of disturbing nude scenes over the past, i should say. >> yeah. >> you're comfortable with the body. >> i have to be. it's my craft, you know. i grew up as a swimmer and you wear speedos. i think like, those are perhaps the most embarrassing outfits out there. i had toa leg up. >> we were just watching a look back at your career. "workoholics" has become a hit. the early version of the web series you said was before hair >> yeah. it seemed like a different show. >> can you believe where it's come since those days? >> honestly, yes. only because blake, adam and amazing. with their -- i'm riding their coat tails, you know what i mean? >> besides your skill with acting, you're a beaea boxer and you have a group?
10:37 am
>> the group is called, perfecto? or that's the album? >> that's the group and the album. with kenny dennis. >> our excuse to show a video. let's take a look. mankind, out of line rappers that don't knkn, my brothers and sisters, of the future >> late '80s sound to it. >> music factory. it's hip hop chicago side. >> you can beat box a little? >> without a doubt. on live television. >> ripe fruit. i'm here in my tight suit see, those words rhyme. >> was that it? >> that's rapping, guys. >> i'm sure if we had more time, it would have gone on.
10:38 am
>> eons. >> anders holm, great to see you. "how to be single" opens february 12th. don't miss "workoholics" on comedy central. up next, jim dolan treating us to a live performance when we come back.about dancing. he was thinking about his joints. but now he's taking osteo bi-flex, and noticing a real difference in his joint comfort. the feeling originates in this area... spreads throughout the body... to here, inducing hilariously high levels of embarrassment in his son. he knows it's working by that look of abject humiliation on his son's face. you were made to dance, phil. so dance. shows improved joint comfort in just 7 days. osteo bi-flex. made to move. here at persil... the top notch team of stain experts has performed over ten thousand stain evaluations to prove persil delivers a premium clean. we've made a new stain with wasabi and goji berries. make that ten thousand and one.
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>> catch him court side at a knicks game, but today, jim dolan is with us. he's the executive chairman of madison square garden and cable vision's ceo. also a man of many talents. you can hear jim's music on some of your favorite musics. jd and the straight shot just released an album, ballyhoo! >> thanks for having us. >> this has to be a dream come true, in the sense that not only do you have this successful band, but you opened for really huge groups. you have jewel coming up. how did that come up? >> we are friends. our music works well together. we're acoustic and she's totally acoustic. >> what's the song you're going to do? >> "better find a church". >> jd and the straight shots.
10:43 am
find it soon better search through the light by the light of a sinner's moon better find a church, get on your knees beg for a chance just to dance with someone who believes and you better confess, get it off your chest, give yourself some rest while you still have one left even you've got to live with the things that you did, the secrets you hid heaven forbid that the devil gets word, better find a church
10:44 am
won't find me there cause i'll be home, not alone, in the arms of someone who cares and you better confess, get it off your chest give your soul some rest while you still have one left even you've got to live with the things that you did, the secrets you hid heaven forbid that the devil gets word, better find a church never meant to hurt no one in the end, that's what you done
10:45 am
pay the good lord back and you better confess, get it off your chest give your soul some rest while you still have one left cause even you've got to live with the things that you did the secrets you hid heaven forbid that the devil gets word, better find a church better find a church better find a church better find a church [ applause ] >> jd and the straight shot. thank you so much.
10:46 am
first, this is "today" on nbc. lovely ladies. >> hello, everybody. we have a big show. very, very big. >> guess who is here, again. >> who? >> colin quinn. >> love him. >> l.a. reid is going to come and talk about his new book. >> any lottery dream home. >> who knew super bowl edition. >> it was on there. they said, stick to the prompter. i'm terrified not to. >> all that and so much more. >> after your local news.
10:47 am
>> bing.10:57... a crash involving a greenville county school bus blocked traffic in the upstatete troopers say the crash happened just after 8 this morning on brookforest drive and hillside lane. there were 31 hughes middle school students aboard the bus at the time of the students were injured but the drive of the other vehicle was hurt in the crash...the crash is still under investigation with the severe weather we are seeing today... and right now there are a number of power outages being reported across north and south carolina. here is what duke energy is reporting this after noon...
10:48 am
thunderstorms more likely this afternoon. high of 62. chance of rain 100%. high winds possible
10:49 am
mornin nouns noups today on the meredith vieira show. she was dumped right before her wedding. and what she did for revenge. and day throw of someone's got
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