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tv   WYFF News 4 Noon  WYFF  February 3, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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here is the latest with live super doppler 4 hd. e heaviest line of showers just west and all the way down into greenwood. that is where it is coming down thth heaviest. moderate rain continues over a good bit of the upstate and all the counties highlighted in red from transylvania, henderson county, pull county, buncombe county, avery county, mitchell county all under a flash flood warning through the afternoon. it has rain in the short amount of time and all the cogreen are under flooded pfizer's for the upstate and parts of georgia. creeks and streamst are prone to flooding, watch out l continue to run off for a while. we will show you some of the rainfallormrs. pushing to the east and we will have better weather coming in tonight and the next couple of days. it has been a stormy morningfar. allyson: thank you. and right now, there ara number of power outages being
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carolina. this is a picture of work trucks in spartanbuorhere is what duke energy is report greenville county is 460, anderson at 400 21, spartanburg at 161 and transylvania county at 55. carolinians have been seeing flooding all morning and into the early after noon. this is a live look at biltmore village. wyff news 4 myra ruiz has more from buncombe county. myra: we are in biltmore village where business owners are spending the morning cleaning up after all that rain. take a look at how muddy the side blocks ar this point. we are hearing there might be a problem with one of the drains, not being cleared, y see where the water crested at this planter.
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actual reports are about loving local, but when i am clearing drains, i am not feelingmyra: business owners looking for answers about why this place gets so floodemyra ruiz wyff news 4 asheville. allyson: thank you. also in buncombe county, the north carolina department of tr today that part of town mountain road in buncombe county was closed because of a rock slide. the road was closed in both directions near dairy gap road. that has since been opened. an where you are taking a live lookks it is located near patent park.officials are asking drivers to avoiin commitment 2016 coverage now, just days away from the next big political contest, another cand this time it is kentucky senator rand paul. wyff news 4 partick hussion is in the studio with more. patrick? patrick: that's ri. senator rand pn from kentucky, announced this morning he's ending his run for
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i was just on a call with the cheap strategist doug staffordh the fifth place finish in iowa, but he spoke with family and staff this morning and he said he would s why, they say it was due to a larger-than-life outsider who was n named on the call, demanding all of the they de outsider and they said the outsider left no oxygen in the room and created a brand-new environment in the world of presidential politics.race than anticipated. asked if senator candidate, he said at this time, there would be no endorsema major focus was the college stud a spent a lot of time caucusing at schools but it was hard to organize the
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newsroom of senator rhe will not focus on his reelection ie senate. it was mentioned a few times on the ph most proud of maintaining a near-perfecthe made a 95% voting record while running for presidenallyson: thank you. the presidential hopefuls are in new hampshire with v and staff in tow. with iowa in the rear view, the candow their campaigns in the granite state, where voters head to the bernie sanders and trump are in the lead in their respective races. meanwhile, donald trump says his decision to skip the last gop debate may have contributed to his second place finish in iowa. he also saysyse didn't have much of a ground game in iowa, even though his campaign touted the operation. trump told fox news that his campaign effororwas lacking because he didn't think he was going to win. this morning, a commitment 2016 announcement, bernie sanders has a new endorsement from a south carolina leader.
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announced his support for the democratic candidate. neal says sanders is a man who is about the future. senator ted cruz now has an upstate endorsement following his visit to greenville. cong he's throwing his support behind cruz. marco rubio also picking up some key endorsements in south carolina. representative trey gowdy and senator tim scott announcing their support for rubio. if y delegates candidates can win during this primary season, we have that information for you on and the wyff 4 mobile app. and we have a delegate tracker on there, making it easy to know who's winning how many. check it out in the media window on from quarterback to potential cornerback, one of the top recruits in the country picks speculation. wyff news 4's aly myles heads to elbert cououy to see who mecole hardman will be playing for. aly: it is georgia for mecole hardman.
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pretty difficult one, but once they got those schools narrowed down, he realized georgia was the school for him. hundreds of people at this signing party, so many folks coming out to support him, to support someone from their town. they say nothing like this ever happens around here. they were more than happy to come out, support him, hear that decision. he says he is just ready to make if i had something else for my dec il the commmmity would have supported me the way it went, but now i'm going to georgia and trying to get this thing right. aly: of course we asked folks why they came out, why? why is this such a big deal? they said they've never had anything like this happen like this in town before. they say it is a town with heart and they're so happy one of their own is a big name for geor aly myles wyff news 4 in georgia. allyson: thank you. coming up at 1:00, another top recruit will decide between clemson and michigan. check back on our mobile app and basic page to see whwe're keeeeng you updated
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of athletes around the upstate sign national letters of intent. stay tuned to our wyff 4 mobile app and facebook page for up-the-minute updates all day a crash involving a greenville traffic in the upstate. troopers say the crash happened just after 8:00 this morning on brookforest drive and hillside lane. there were 31 hughes middle school students aboard the bus at the time of the crash. no students were injured but the driver of the other vehicle was hurt in the crash. the crash is still under investigation. also on the road, after trying to speed a roads bill to the senate floor, state senators are now hitting the brakes on a plan to get more money to south carolina's highways. the senate president pro tem told the finance committee on tuesday he wants to bring in the dot and the stat that would push tht taxes and reform the dot board to at least february 16. an update now out of hawaii in
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two military helicopters crashed honolulu. sergeant jeffrey sem woodruff was one of 12 marines in the choppers who went missing. the u.s. marines say dna traces were found during search and rescue operations that ended two officials say families of identified marines were notified. the cause of the incident remains under investigation. recovery and salvage operations may take several months to complete. continuing coverage now of the tucker hipps' case. a judge consolidated two lawsuits, involving the clemson student's death for efficiency and convenience. tucker was 19 when officials say he died during a fraternity run in september 2014. his parents say he was forced to walk along a narrow bridge railing over lake hartwell. each lawsuit filed by hipps' family seeks $25 million from three members of sigma phi epsilon, the national and local chapters of the fraternity, and clemson university. all defendants have denied any
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the university of south carolina upstate plans to open a new location in downtown greenville. you're looking at the main campus in spartanburg. it also has a campus on south pleasantburg drive in greenvil its newest campus would be loca the university announced it will outline plans for the new downtown greenville location next week. he is a die hard panthers fan known to most as cat man. this is gregory good. he has never missed a game, including the ones played in clemson before the panthers stadium was finished in charlotte. good says as this amazing panthers season kept going fans asked if he would head to the super bowl. he didn't think he would have the money and has since started up a gofundme page. he says the amount of support he's already received is overwhelming. >> it makes me feel warm and responsible, like spiderman says, with great power comes
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great show of responsibility back to reciprocate that love. already racked will need much of that for his ticket. right now, the cheapest tickets are going for about $3000 on re-sale websites. we now know who will kick off the big super bowl game with the national anthem. lady gaga is getting that honor this year. she'll be joined by actress marlee matlin, who will be sign this north carolina groundhog definitely doesn't have any loyalty to the state when it comes to sports teams. when tasked with choosing who he thought would win this super bowl this weekend, he went with the denver broncos. he also didn't make any fans with winter lovers yesterday, since he didn't see his shadow. that means spring could come early this year. and tonight at 5:00, our coverage from california continues with live reports tonight from our wyff 4 sports and geoff hart joins the action tommrrow morning. be sure to watch our special
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it airs friday night at 8:00 right here on wyff 4. still to come, some new honorary additions to the fire department. those visits to some special patients all part of burn awareness week. that is next. dale: how much rain did they get this morning?
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allyson: covering the nation now, the convicted murderer who new york last june will be sentenced today for his escape conviction. this should be the final case for david sweat. prosecutors say they will not pursue any charges related to the burglaries of hunting camps following the escape. the second inmate that escaped was killed before he could be captured. a small plane had to make an emergency landing in the ocean near hawaii. the pilot says he had a problem with his landing gear, so he landed in the water. he was the only one on board. he was rescued shortly after landing. the plane continued to sink, and eventually ended up completely underwater. a change for women in the military. top generals are now saying women should have to register for the draft. this after all combat jobs were
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the generals adding it will take up to three years to fully integrate them into all combat jobs. defense secretary ash carter ordered all combat jobs be open to women back in december. political leaders have been reluctant to endorse the draft requirement. runners in the big apple tested their endurance by running up 86 flights of stairs at the empire state building. the 39th annual run-up is the world's oldest and most famous tower race. those who participated included media celebrities, and new york city real estate brokers. in the fastest runners reached the top of then the ride up the elevator takes less than a minute. some of the young patients at vermont children's hospital got the honors. they got to tour engines and ask the firemen questions. it's all part of burn awareness week. doctors say children end up in
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luckily, it's not big burns that they need to be admitted to the hospital but there are a lot of small burns, touching the hot fireplace, turning the hot water on, pulling mom or dad's hot coffee and getting burned, yes. allyson: the hospital says conversations with parents ar the next couple of days. the image of cincinnati police got a lift tuesday when a picture of an officer playing with a child hit social media. the picture shows officer will nastold on the floor playing with a 2-year-old boy. the photo was taken after the toddler was picked-up around th alone outside a cincinnati apartment complex. officers bought the toddler some clothes and diapers and waited for his parents to come claim him. >> so at that point, i did what i enjoy most when i see little children. i got in there and just started playing and grabbing toys. allyson: mom eventually came to
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later and admitted she'd been that's the sound of a tornado today, people across the southeast will be out surveying damage. mississippi and alabama, leaving and damaged homes. no one was seriously injured. the same storm system that caused that tornado is creating blizzard conditions in minnesota. the department of transportation has issued a no travel advisory for the southwestern part of the state. the national weather service says they've seen 10-inches of snowfall in some areas. ball here but we have had big it was really windy. dale: that rain has caused flash flooding over quite a few counties in north carolina.
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laurens, a line of thunderstorms that produce the i-85 and is still producing heavy downpours we will give you totals from some reporting airports that stick a look at that line of thund charlotte to parts of york and union county a greenwood, that is where the heaviest of the rain is falling righof course, a lot of the precipitation is covering up some of the counties and it will uncover in a moment to give you an idea of what counties are short period of time this morning. flooding. we are uwarnings for transylvania county, henderson county, rutherford county, along
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to hickory under the flash flood warning and into the afternoon. flood prone to area. streams. you don't know how much depth of wae is and it could be dangerous. a few inches can carry a car into the creek and you are in real trouble. it may sound trite, buturnaround, don't around. take another way because you could get into real trouble. all the counties highlighted in varin under wide or flash flood watches. for the upstate and continuing into gquite the rain this morning. here is an expanded view of the soutthe line of showers and thunderstorm from washington all the way back down to the gulf. it continues to work its way eastward, get a break by the evening. clear weather coming in and cooler temperatures behind it
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getting these are asheville, athens, gsp aiup until noon hour, over two inches of rain in asheville, 1.46 in athens, anderson at 1.3 one, gsp at 1.15. i'm sure there are many rain gauge is kept ace with flooding areas over three inchesthat is a lot when you consider four good -- is a good months worth. here is our future plus forecast . once the system continues to march to the east, by this evening, just clouds and it will clear overnight and be sun sunny for the next couple of days.this will be our last rain event for a few days. we will have dry weather all the way e weekend and perhaps into monday. temperatures were one this morning, 63 in greenville, 59 in
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clearing conditions, cooling temperatures behd the front. we have seen some prettyd with the storm system, but it looks to be calming down. look at the difference -- 59 in atlanta, 48 in memphis, 36 in oklaho cold air coming back and it will feel like early february by tomorrow and the weekend. tep down to low 50's by midnight in into the 40's overasheville will see temperatures dropm low 60's to 40's by midnight and cooler tomorrow morning. as you get ready for thursday, it will feel like february for with temperatures reaching 46 to 55. lots of sunshine friday, saturday and sundaeallyson: thank you. coming up in money mat, major airline reverses its
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we'll explain after the break. allyson: taking a look at money matters. a live look at stocks. the dow jones is up 500 both down. united airlines is going back to an old policy, families with sm airplane first. starting february 15, parents with kids age two or younger will be allowed to pre-board united airlines flights, after disable passengers and active duty military who are in uniform. united dropped that policy in 2012, but the spokesman says this is simply the right thing to do. amazon may be headed to the mall. the ceo of a big u.s. mall operator says the online
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to 400 physical bookstores. amazon opened a store in seattle it would be a major reversal for the company that's credited with putting several brick & mortar chains out of business. amazon isn't commenting. sales of smart watches are expected to soar in coming years, and double by 2017. that could be good news for apple, which is facing slowing demand for the iphone. it had record holiday sales of its watch, and could unveil the second generation next month. taking a look outside at our
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rainy weat dale: did this a group that supports independent living for people with disabilities. thfun helping that cause. we salute you. what a rainy day we have had. a line of thunderstorms m charlotte to greenwood and producing strong
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many counties, especianorther lineup under flash flood warnings with areas in dark red, so watch out for areas prone to flooding. it clears up tonight and will be nice f thank you for joining us. thank you for joining us. thank you for joining us. thank you for joining us. i really wanted to get your wife up here. >> i know. everybody does. she would love to answer that. >> as george makes sure it's a lovely night for his bride, we go all out to take care of him. >> to short skirts. >> i'm billy bush. and they are just getting warmed up. i have a giant arch. >> giant arch. cosby, back in court, attempting to get his case thrown out. >> i was really close to o.j.'s daughter. >> is khloe ready for "the people versus o.j.?" >> what did you think of cam's pants?
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