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preg good morning. i am patrick hussion in for geoff hart this morn and i am allyson powell. the weathe morning is nothing like the weatherdale: we have a good bit of cloud coverage still, but at le to a stop. it is 50 degrees in greenville with a light breeze out of the west. we will also talk about some of the rainfall totals we received across the area in our nexthe rain is now south of columbia and we will have a dry coupf days.. temperatures range from 45 in asheville to 50 degrees inwe will see that climb a little bit more by the end we have a breeze out of the northwest per hour that will make it feel will be 57-58 degrees in the upstate and in the mountains today, the temperatures will
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allyson: thank you, dale. check this out. there was a funnel cloud in columbia. the nationvi confirm an ef0 tornado that touchdown near western columbia, damaging several cars in it's pathpatrick: this is a look at biltmore village in asheville merchants say they spent much of the day cleaning up and clearing mud away. they say the rain fe for the storm drains to keep up. and down near the georgia coast, some strong winds brought do trees on homes. officials say it could take three daclallyson: we are three days away wait t say they game. patrick: wyff news 4 ss director brad fralick and marc dopher have more from san francisco. brad: super bowl week is halfway over and we are finally getting closer to the game sunday.
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that seem liit seems like groundhog day. we have gone from press conference to press conference. we are learning more about each teambrad: we are in downtown san francisco and this city is buzzing abwe spoke to some people who had an opportunity to see some of their heroes, the peed area that the fans love. marc: they are excited because the super bowl has never been when it is coming back. they are appreciative of the fact that levi stadium has been built and now they have a venue where the super bowl can come to. if you had i houston or new orleans, it would be sehere though, it is across the bay area. brad: i think the sentiment i have gotten from this team is that t media. they are obligated to speak to
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super bowl. marc: i got a chance to ask this time off? here is a team that was rolling downhill against th rhythm? they said, they don't care. they will be ready to go because they realize the opportunity in front of them. this is a chance for football immortalitbrad: the carolina panthers have their next practice this week. i'm brad fralipatrick: don't forget. our sports team will bring you a preview of the big game live it is called "chasing a championship." geoff will join brad and marc at 8:00 tomorrow night, right here on wyff 4 for the special. t
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the democratic presidential candidates go head-to-head before the new hampshire prim allyson: hillary clinton and bernie sanders w issues and present their best selves to new hampshire voters coverage of the two-hour debate begins at 9:00 p.m. on msnbc. meet the press moderator chuck todd and msnbc anchor rachel maddow will moderate. hillary clinton and bernie sanders joined i town hall last night. the remaining candidates were under but sending very different messages days before the primary. hilary clint campaigning in new hampshire. and her husband, former president bill clinton, rallied yesterday. mr. clinton spoke n the gym of allen university. a crowd of 800 heard the former president tout the accomplishments of hillary clinton as first lady, senator, >> she is clearly the best
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i have ever had a chance to vote for. and i ask you to vote for her. allyson: campaign aides say chelsea clinton will be in south carolina saturday, with stops at clemson university, converse co hill. events will be targeted to women patrick: rick santorum has dropped out of the pnt race. this was his second presidential bid. now santorum is throwing his support behind marco rubio. santorum won the iowa caucuses in 2012, but had a lackluster showing in the hawke rand paul has also suspended his white house bid. he is now expected to focus on his senate reelection bid. the senator says he plans to endorse a candidate for president. but said at this time during the primaries, there will be no
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we will take a look at who is still left. there are stcandidates, but that is down from the 17 that startyou have cruz, trump, rubio, carson and bush. along with fiorina, kasich, christie. and gilmore. allyson: on the democratic side, hillary clinton and bernie sanders. martin o'malley dropped out after that party is now down to two candidates. happening today. you can see the ringling brothers and barnum bail circus at bon secours wellness arena. patrick: wyff news 4's aly myles joins us live from ge with more. aly: good morning, guys. we are here with an interesting character. talk to me a little bit about what people can look forward to >> all my goodness, this weekend
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it is our show "legends." this show has something for everyonee edge of your seat. two -- to give you a quick preview, we have our legend seeker who has gone all over the globe to find the biggest legends that ever lived. he even has a leopard. where else can you see a leopopd, besides at the greatest show on eartaly: you are also talented. what is your sec my secret talent is making a connection -- i have to tell them, they need tois making a connection with the audithe clowns are the only performers in the show who are
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it starts at one hour befoyou can come meet us and take autographs aly: and pictures. i know you and i will have our hula contest now. >> my second hidden talent. aly: i can hula hope. >> ready, set, have fun. alal these guys will be here until february 7. they are putting me to shame now. they are here until sunday. >> we are having a lot of fun here this morning at the greapatrick: wow. allyson: i thinkhat aly should join the circus. patrick: i have never seen that much fun bei at 4:30 in the morning.
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just like yothe rain has come to an end, thank goodness. we will show you some totals in a moment. it is mostly cdegrees as we look out from our spartanburg skycam at gibbs field. over the last six hours, that rain fm columbia down to the coastal areas. other parts of the state are still gejust to give you an idea of the rainfall tot yesterday, asheville received 2.15 inches. akoni state park received 3.40 inches. anderson received 1.42 inches. gsp received 1.17 inches. temperatures of this morning range fr asheville to 50 degrees in greenville. there are mid 50'inwe will see temperatures reach
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and uppecolder mornings are coming back starting tomorrow. 27 i and 33 in the upstate. it will be cold in the morning saturday and sunday. the temperatures rebound into the low 50e low 40's in the mountains. that is typical for this time of the year. you coa wintry mix in the mountains come monday morninwe will keep it watch out for that. thank you, dale. they seek outbreak has now reached the united states. allyson: a car lands on top of
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when the republicans weren't going after president obama they were coming after me. his attorney general. in the cabinet, i served with hillary clinton. i've known her for almost 25 years. this is a woman whose fought her whole life for children, to protect civil rights, voting rights. and today hillary is pushing hard for tougher gun laws and police accountability. if you want to make sure republicans don't take us backward help hillary move us forward.
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patrick: anderson county deputies are on demarcus oliver stands accused of shooting a person several times. deputies say the shooting happened on south mcduffie street back in october. if you know where to find dema stoppers at 1-888-crime-sc. allyson: investigators need your help findiblinded a dog. they say that person shot the animal at least twic head. amara is a two-year-old she was emaciated and covered in sores when she was picked up by anderson county animal control.
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a and bullet fragments still lodged in her head. >> i was surprised she was still able tbut it was very obvious that her body was going to start shutting down soon 33. allyson: she has been taken to the north caan anonymous donor has put up a that leads t anderson county sheriff's office. patrick: we are three days away from the sergeoff hart is live from santa clara morning with pregame coverage. dale: the rain has moved on.
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(coughing) coughing disrupts everyone's life. that's why there's delsym. delsym's advanced time release formula helps silence coughs for a full 12 hours. all night... or all day. announcer: now, your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. dale: good morning. at 4:48 it is 52 degrees in laurens.
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from yesterday, but the good is the rain has moved on. the upstate and the mountains and no georgia as a break from the rain fodays. temperature wise, it has not cold down much yet. 45 in asheville and 50 degrees in greenville. cold air is coming. in fact, they are starting to feel id andrews, where it is 34 degrees this morning. the next couple mornings will feel like february once agai seeing 10-20 mile per hour winds in the upstate and 5-10 mile per hour winds in the mountains. we start out with 33 for tg low and 53 for the high. today though, we will reach 57. the record was 76 set back in 1927.
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1890. we can hav warmer days, but it will be fairly typical today. cooler nights are coming. cooler air is blanketing its way across the country and movwe will have more average highs expected for the weekelet's take a look at the expected high today. temperatures will reach into the upper 50's for the afternoon. and in the mountains, temperatures will reach into the upper 40's. here is a quick look ahead. a cold night tomorrow. it will be 27 in the mountains and 33 in the upstate. it will reach the low 40's. 48-54 on sunday for the highs. sunday night into early snow in the mountains of north carolwe will watch to see if that changes over to rain.
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week thank you, dale. no one has claimed responsibility fort bombing that blew a big hole in a commercial airliner over somalia. the pilot reportedly blamed a the plane made an emergency landing tuesday. witnesses said one passenger was on fire and sucked out at 14,000 feet. the airline, an east african carrier, is investigating. patrick: one of the two convicted murderers who broke out of a prison in new york last summer apologized during his sentencing hearing. david sweat received three and a half to seven years in prison for charges relating to the escape. that's the maximum sentence allowed. during the sentencing, sweat apologized for the fear he created to communities because of the escape. sweat is already serving a sentence of life in prison without possibility of parole for a murder conviction. the other prisoner who escaped , richard matt, was shot and killed by law enforcement. allyson: more encouraging health news for former president jimmy carter. he remains cancer-free. carter sayhi done last week found no signs of
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that's the type of cancer doctors found last summer in his he's 91-years-old and the 39th president says despite the positive report, he'll resume cancer treatment next week. a car crashed onto a roof in palos verdes, california. take a look here. los angeles county fire officials say the car somehow landed on the roof of a garage after getting into a wreck with another vehicle. firefighters managed to pull one person from the car, and they were transported to a trauma ce the condition of that person has released. crews were eventually ableo remove the car from the roof of the detached garage. patrick: from a car on the roof, to a car on its roof. this is video out of england. a family miraculously escapes injury. a family car flips over and skids down a busy highway on its roof. the terrl caught on dashboard camera
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there is also a blue, small car spinning out and hitting the guand again, no injuries. allyson: military leaders say women shouldthe marine corps general says every american who is physically qualifieththe army chief of staff says he agrees. the defense department last lifted restrictions that barred women from combat jobs. the draft was last used during the vietnam war. patrick: happening today, the house oversight and government hearing on the rising cost of prescription drugs. the embattled former ceo of turing pharmaceuticals, martin shkreli, and others will testify. the hearing is scheduled to begin at 9:00 a.m. on capitol hill. ricardo: clemson, south carolina, and georgia are al good after national signing day.
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wednesday and finished eighth in the composite te rankings. a couple players in the 2016 class, the state top ranked running back. recruiting services has of the south carolina classan top 30. there is an emphasis being placed o in-state recruiting. georgia has the number seven recruiting class that class includes a nation's number one athlete, coulthard been. -- cole hardman. he will be playing quarterback for kirby smart. allyson: a video from a police
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veannouncer: now, your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. dale: hello, it is 4:57 this morning as you look up from various skycams. this is our peace center skycam. it is in the upper 40's. we have rain south of columbia
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north carolina this morning. it is mostly cloudy with temperaturese upper 50's in the upstate today. the mountains will see colder temperatures early ae upper 40's in the afternoon. it will be colde your warm coats ready again. this will be the case for the next several morpatrick: so, uneventful so far? dale: yes, and after all the rain yesterday, we need a break. patrick: in this morning's buzz. a video of a ulir is going viral and for a very sweet reason. allyson: the camera captured the officer watching a busr court. this little girl is on the mov >> i've got kids myself. boy, i know what it is to have rim puncit is hard to take them anywhere.-- i know what it is to have
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it is hard to take them anywhere. allyson: in this case, anywhere was traffic court last wednesday. norris was waitingy and 2-year-old abby was with her father. when it was time for her father to go in the courtroom, the go patrick: so officer norris volunteered to babysit. the 6'6" police officer pulled out some magic cartoons on his dad said he was pleasantly surprised with the officer's . allyson: that is sweet. taking a two-year-old to traffic court woul fun. patrick: they should have a day care set u there. allyson: your news continues right now. live, local, breaking news. this is wyff news 4 today in hd. patrick: happening today, the democratic plcandidates go head to head before the new hampshire primary. ally we are three days away from the super bowl. gem santa clara with your pregame
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and we are grateful it is not like ydale: we saw so much rain, anywhere from one to three inches of rain yesterday that caused localized flooding. that is moved to the south now and chance to dry out over the weekend. temperatures range from 30's in andrews, 41 in asheville. we have upper 40's in greenville. e highs will push into the upper upstate and mountains. that wind will make it feel colder. have a 15-20 mile-per-hour northwest wind in the mountains and a 5-10 mile-ur wind in the upstate. the upstate will reach 57 and foe mountains, temperatures will reach ie upper 40's for today. we will talk more about the rest of the week and weekend in just a fe thank you, dale.
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