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tv   WYFF News 4 5am  NBC  February 4, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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the national weathm an ef0 tornado that did touchdown near west columbia, damaging several cars at a car deal patrick: this is a look at biltmore village in asheville after the heavy rain. merchants spent much of the day cleaning up and clearing mud away. they say the rain fell too fast for the storm drains to keep up. allyson: and down near the georgia coast, strs brought down trees on homes. it could take three days to clean patrick: happening tonight in commitment 201e democratic presidential candidates go head tallyson: hillary clinton and bernie sanders will show the best selves to the voters tonight. coverage begins at 9:00 on msnbc. meet the press moderator chuck todd and msnbc anchor rachel maddow will moderate. patrick: in new hampshire, a tussle over what it to progressive. hillary clinton and bernie sanders joined in a televised town h. clinton and bernie sanders were
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very different messages in these waning days before the new >> we are going to reduce your health ce costs by $5,000. you will take a little bit more in t, but you won't have to pay privatathe it is very hard to see how any of h proposals could be achievable. i don't want to overpromise. we hpatrick: senator sanders has a double-digit lead over clinton in new hampshire in the latepolls. hilary clinton spent the day campaigning in new hampshire. president bill clinton, rallied supporters in columbia yesterday. mr. clinton spoke at a rally in the gym of allen university. a crowd of 800 heard the former president tout the accomplishme clinton as first lady, senator, and secretary of state.
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qualified person to be president i have ever had a chance to look for. and i ask you to vote for her. patrick: campaign aides say chelsea clinton will be in south carolina saturday, with stops at clemson university, converse college, and a rally in rock hill. events will be targete and young voters. patrick: republican rick santorum has droppede presidential race. this was his second presidential bid. santorum says he will throw his support behind marco rubio. sa in 2012, but had a lackluster showing in the hawkeye state monday night. rand paul has also sus white house bid. he is now expected to focus on his senate reelection bid in the senator says he plans to endorse a candidate for presid but said at this time during the primaries there will be no endorsement. patrick: let's take a look att who is left in the race. there are still mine republican candidates.
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started have senator ted cruz, bush. kasich, christie. and gilmore. allyson: on the democratic side sanders. martin o'malley dro after the iowa caucuses. that party is now down to two candidates. patrick: happening all weekend, the circus is in town. you can see the ringling brothers and circus at bon secours wellness arena. allyson: aly myles was having too much fun there in aly: good morning, guys. i am so overwhelmed right now. we are talking about the ringling brothers, the greatest show on earth. i am here with someone who can tell>> it is a great show. we have it all. we of acrobats from world. we have highflying side-by-side
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trapieze. we have daring motorcycle riders from uruguay. it is so crazy, aly. aly: i have never had my to see them. as of may, we will elephant-less. our elephants are moving to the center for elephant e largest herd of asian elephants anywhere in the western hemisphere and we aleading the charge to regenerate this population of endangered species. if you want to come see the
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show tickets, or take to aly: he keeps taking my microphone. back to you guys. patrick: you are doing great. just hold ontoallyson: dale, we don't see anything satdale: no, not today. it is 5:06 in the morning and we have pary cloudy to mostly cloudy skies this no precipitation is showing and not y.let's check in with spartanburg this morning. we can see little bit of fog from our skycawe have showers south of columbia the coast. this is the same front that hammered of yestwe will show you some rainfall totalsm yesterday to give you an idea. asheville had a record amount
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akoni state park checked in with over inches of rain. they reported 3.4 inches. anderson airport received 1.4 two inches. gs7 inches. so many areas saw a lot of rain in a short period of time. and that led to localized flooding. this morning though, we get a chance to dry out. temperatures are cool in andrews at 3robbinsville, 32. hayes bill, 36. we start at cool this morning, but by the afternoon it will reach upper 40's in the d upper 40's to low 50's in the upstatebreezes have picked up, 10-20 mile-per-hour winds in the mountains. you will need to dress warmly in western north carolina.the upstate has typical temperatures this time,
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the mountains will see upper 40's for the afternoowe have a lot of sunshine for friday, saturday, and sunday. cold mornings are back. it will be 27 in the mountains tomorrow and 33 intatemperatures will get back to the loon saturday, 44-5252 monday morning, there could be a chan for a wintry mix in western north carolina. it will start out as snow and changethat is what is going on this morning. patrick: anderson county deputies are on the for a murder suspect. allyson: we are taking a look outside from our andere roads are clear this morning.
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patrick: anderson county deputies are on the hunt for an attempted murder suspect. dema of shooting a person several times. deputies say the shooting happ street back in october.
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demarcus oliver, call crime . investigators need your help finding the persnd dog. they say that person shot animal at least twice in the head. amara is a two-year-old she was emaciated and covered in sores when she was picked up by anderson county animal control. she was found along mystic cove lane in townville. an x-ray shows a bullet and bullet fragments still lodged in her head. >> i was surprised she was still standing and able to move around. it was very obvious her body would start topatrick: she has been taken to the north caroe group boxer butts, and other mutts, it specializes in boxer injuries.a $1000 reward for information
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accepting electronically filed tax returns.: as we look out from our skycams this morning, rain is over for a while. we will talk about our dry
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announcer: now, your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. dale: good morning, coming up on 5:16 as we look at from our woodruff road skycam. we have a bit of cloud cover and it will be a mostly cloudy day. the rain has pushed on. it brought a from one inch of rain to three inches of rain in other spots, causing some localized floodtemperatures are fairly mild for overnight lows. we have upper 40's in greenville an52 degrees in union. but the end the day we will see upper 50's in the upstate.
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mountains will climb iupper 40's for the afternoon. the windi will make it feel colder in the mowe have seen 17 mile-per-hour winds in boone. it will be a blustery day and skies clear, it will feel cold in the mountains tomorrow morning. the average for the upstate is 55 for this time of we will be a couple of degrees above average with the expected high of 57. e averages 49 and we have the projection of 48 for the high today. boy, that was a lot of rain yesterday. 2.15 inches at the asheville airport, a record amount for yesterday's date. but now, the coast will get some rain tcolder temperatures will start to comatlanta is 44 degrees. memphis is 33 degrees. kansas city is 18 degrees.
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colder itomorrow morning, have a warm coat ready for your kids.spartanburg, and anderson. asheville will climb to the upper 40a dry weekend with cold mornings and nice the upstate tomorrow and 52 saturdal be 54 degrees sunday. on monday, clouds start to build backwe have a chance for snow flurries ie mountains monday morning. they then chan rain as a climbs into the 40's. patrick: thank you, dale. no one has claimed responsibility for the apparent bombing that blew a big hole in the pilot repo witnes fire was sucked out at 14,000
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allyson: one of the two convicted murderers ewsummer apologized during his sentencing hearing. david sweat received 3.5-7 years in prison for charges related to the escape. that's the maximum sentence alloweapologized for the fear he created to communities because sweat is already serving a sent without the other prisoner who escaped, killed by law enforcemen patrick: more encouraging health news four president jimmy carter. he remains cancer-fr. carter says a scan of his torso done last week found no signs of melanoma. that's the type of cancer doctors found last summer in his li he's 91-years-old. the 39th president says despite the positive report, he'll week. allyson: two senior military leaders say women should be required to register for the draft. the marine corp commandant general says every american
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should register for the draft. he made that comment during a senate hearing. the army chief of staff said he agreed. the defense department last year lifted restrictions that barred women from combat jobs. the draft was last used during the vietnam war. patrick: happening today, the house oversight and government reform committee wi hold a hearing on the rising cost of prescription drugs. the embaf turing pharmaceuticals, martin shkreli, and others will testify. the hearing is scheduled to begin at 9:00 a.m. on capitol hill. allyson: this is a must-see video out of england. a family miraculously escapes injury after their car flips ov highway. the terrifying accident was all caught on dashboard camera video. the car flipped over, skidded down the highway on its roof and narrowly missed a truck.
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news 4 timeline on this fe4. on this day in 1997, o.j. simpson was found liable for the 1994 ex-wife, nicole brown simpson, and her friend, ronald goldman. the jury awarded $8.5 million in compensatory damages to goldman's parents. patrick: the jury ordered simpson six days later to also pay $25 million in punitive damages to nicole brown simpson's estate and to goldman's father, fred. allyson: a look outside right now at our wooit is a different story this morning than it was yeerandrea: good morning and on this stage behind me tonight, the first and only debate between hillary clinton and bernie sanders before the new hampshire primary. they have not gone head to head before, particularly because martin o'malley had been in the iowa. so, this is going to be a real showdown as the campaign between the two is getting hotter and hotter. i'll have a lot of details
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but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. patrick: turning again to the super bowl.the panthers and broncos are just three days away director brad fralick and marc dopher haveorbrad: super bowl week is halfway over.we are finally getting closer to the on sunday. marc: it is one of these weeks that seem to never e like groundhog day. we have press conference after press we are learning more about each
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we are in downtown san f city is buzzing about the super bowl.we spoke with some people who had an opportunity to see not just these teams, but some of their own heroes. marc: they are excited the cause the super bowl has never been here and they dothey are appreciative of the fact tha stadium has been built and now, they have astadium that could again have the super bowl. if you had in houston or new orleans self-contained, but here it is across the entire arthis is not the san francisco super bowl. y area super bowl. brad: the sentiment i have gotten from thise tired of talking to the media. they are required to and that comes from being in the super bowl. marc: i got a chance to ask several players, do you mik off? this team won the game against seattle in the first half and
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in the mountains, temperatures will cliit will be colder tomorrow morning.i have a cute excerpt to show you. this is spearman elementary. this photo was captioned "my little groundhogs." they were wearing groundhog hats yesterday. thank you, we appreciate the great picture for our school salute. allyson: that is cute. i like that. patr you need a groundhog had. ally happening today, the democratic plcandidates go head to head before the primary. anno [captioning made possible by hewhich is responsible for its captallyson: happening today, the democratic presidentialcandidates go head-to-head
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from the super bowl with pregame coverage ahead. before, let's check in with the weather. uneventful might be award for this mdale: rain is over, temperatures this morning, as you can see, from our map at 49 in greenville, or the seven in cesar's head, 15 fountain inn, glenda met 48. --47 in caesar said, 50 in fountain inn, landrum at 48. five to 10 for the upstate out of the northwest. temperatures reaching 57 by 2:00, asheville and hendersonville will see upper 40's or the afternoon today.
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you will need a warm coat, especiale mountains where it will be 27 for a low and 33 in the upstattemperatures in the 40's under sunny skies for friday. a chance of precipitation early in. colder temperatures thank you. a quick look at the impact of a funnel clo. the national weather service did confirm an e.f. zero tornado did touch down near west columbia, damaging several cars in its . this is a look at biltmore village in asheville after the heavy rain. business owners said they spent up. they said the storm and the rain fell to fast that they could not keep up. officials say it could take three days to fully clean up. patrick: happening tonight geoff in commitment 2016, the
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