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tv   WYFF News 4 530am  NBC  February 4, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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before the presidential primary. -- happening tonight, the candidates go head-to-head bea new hampshire, the tussle over what it means to be progressivclinton and bernie sanders were under the same roof, but sending much different messages. >> i am a progressive who gets results and i will be progressive president who gets results. >> i would love the opportunity. frankly, i am prejudiced. i went from to win the republican nomination and i would love the opportunity to win by a lot. allyson: sanders has a double-digit lead in nhillary clinton spent the day in
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president bill clinton was in columbia yesterday. he spoke to a crowd in the gym of allen universit >> she is clearly the best qualified person to be president i have ever had a chance to vote for, and i ask you to vote for her. allyson: campaign aides say chelsea clinton carolina saturday in rock hill. events will be targeted to women and young voters at clemson university and converse college. patrick: rick santorum is out of the presidential race. this was his second presidential, santorum is throwing his suppor. he won the iowa caucuses in 2012 night.
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of his campaign. his senate re-election bid in the senator says he plans to endorse a candidate for president, but not during the primaries. let's take a live look at who isnine republican candidates that started. you have cruz, trump, rubio, carson and bush, along with fiorina, kasich, christie and gilmore. martin o'malley dropped out out caucus. you can see to bring green brothers and barnu patrick: allete -- aly myles is in greenville.
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it is where we can get folks to wake up as early as we do and we are here at the circus. talk to me about this week. >> this week, we have the show legends t the bon secours wellness arena. we have one of our area list -- aeralists. she is one of our six at the greatest show on earth, and they do a wide range of athey go in these bubbles we call spears and then finales are on the hooks. they also do their own specione hour before the show, it comes up any take it, sof them in the circus skies at the greate i had a friend to came last
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when else?>> we still have that they miss -- we still have the world famous elephants and we do have motorcycles. we have them in every way possible. torres family, they go in 16 spherical spheres and they go simultaneously in the biggest wheel. it will keep you on the edge of your seat. also, we have a motorcyclei know people have seen them walk on a high wire, but hav them motorcycle on it? and that may have a trapeze bar. i can't even picture it inyet the sea it to believe it. aly: you and i have been juggling these microph back and forth. i have been lewe have not going to do actual juggling. >> 1, 2, 1, 2.
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aly: my turn. >> that is it because the fine gravity this will be embarrassing. >> fake it to you make it. beautiful. you did so good. i loved it. aly: i will let you keep your job. aly myles wyff news 4, back to you. allyson: that was pretty impressive for her first time. patric what time is it? 5:30 and she is juggling. allyson: many talents. speaking of 5:30, weather. dale: get ready to work today. the rain has moved on but affecting the lower part of the state. if you are traveling to myrtle beach, you wil it. 50 degrees and most of cloudy d laurens. temperatures have not dropped
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today, we will reach into the upper 50's for thupper 40's for the mountains. these are just a few areas, but to give you an got 1.17 in the rain gauge and anderson did better at 1.42. oconee stay part almost the .5 inches. -- state park almost got three .5 inches. many places thatthere were quite a few flash flood warnings issued because of a lot of rain. this morning, 40's and 50 degree , making it feel colder with wind at 17 to 21 in the mountains and five to 10 in the upstate. we will see mostly cloudy skies give way to sunshine by tomorrow. colder temperatures in the morning come in for the next few days beginning on friday. today kelly get into the upper
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temperatures cooler tomorrow morning and for friday and saturday, temperatures just struggli bit to get into the upper 40's tomorrow and low 40's in t44 to 52 on saturday, and sunday back to wher>> hey. good morning, and this morning, feud between donald trump and ted cruz as the two release a barrage of attacks on each othe trump accusing cruz of cheating cruz accusing trump of what he calls "trumpertantrum." with the escalation happening very quickly over allegations of voter fraud. we're going to have a loo all of it coming up on the "today" show in just a little allyson: look outside at i-385.
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patrick: turning to the super bowl, the carolina panthers continue preparation for super bowl 50. allyson: but some of the players also thinking about some high school athletes this week. many players in the super bowl had a big national signing day. patrick: we talked with two of the stars and what they remember from s>> i remember having to scholarship offers, one frome from gremlin.
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i tell story all the time. it ended up working out perfectly where georgeme a scholarship. >> they had it in the library, signed piece of paper that's blank and looks like signing deal. the media is there parents , there, buddies there, hat on, and it's kind of cool. patrick: while those guys had big signing dal playing in the super bowl did, especially josh norman, the greenwood native. he said he didn't have very good memories of signing day. allyson: we will hear from geoff hart shortthank you. happening today, you're invited to show your panthers pride in spartanburg. the city put up t beacon restaurant. you can write a message to the team. a fan from spartanburg will take it to the team's hotel when he there will also be a group picture at 10:00 a.m. on morgan square you can join in on. city hall is also showing its support with team decals, and some businesses are offering
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panthers gear. patrick: don't forget, our sports team will bring you a preview of the big game live from california. it's called "chasing a championship." geoff will join brad and marc at 8:00 tomorrow night, right here on wyff 4 for the special. if you are job searching, this may be tdale: a couple of days to dry out. we will show you in a few
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look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about,
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patrick: we have continuing coverage of super bo the panthers getting ready to face the broncos. allyson: and while the panthers are based in charlotte, the head coach has been talking about the united carolinas this week. geoff hart joins us live this morning from with more. allyson: hey! geoff: good morning to you. hello, everybody. great to be on the ground in california. looking forward to the ball game. as i know you are, too. security update topic for the game. it will be played here on sunday.
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have a large perimeter of security around the stadium co miles to four miles or the security. for those coe game, they will need to get here early and they are saying, if you see something, say somethingthat is the message. we talked to the carolina panthers head coac rivera who was asked about the fan support for thha great, but we know in south carolina, it is much more about college football, and georgia, too. he said in this case, it is all about the carolinas and their support for the panthers. >> when you go to carolina, hot -- it is such a hotbed of carolina athletics, you have teams, unc, duke, nc state, sc, clemson, down the road, so many
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bring fans together. has been kinda neat, most important thing to have something to grasp onto and cheer for as a group. geoff: another big fan of the carolina panthers is steph curry, the golden state warriors player who played at davison. we are seeing a lot of his jerseys. by the way, he put it 51 points and 11 three-pointers last night. he will be watching the game sunday, you can be sure of thawe are looking forward to super bowl 50 on sunday. thank you. we will see you again shortlydon't forget, our sports team will bring you a preview of the big game live from california. it's called "chasing a championship." geoff will j m 8:00 tomorrow night, right here
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dale: great to hear from geoff this morning. 50 degrees and mostly cloudy. rain haswe get a chance to dry out and that creeks and streams get a chance to discharge water down to the coast, still affecting parts of georgia, south carolina and north clear. morning temperatures not cold yet buboone has dropped to 38, asheville and rank win at 40 to 41. it feels cooler with 1 1to 20 plus mile-per-hour winds.normal this time of the year is 55 and we will be a little about that, expecting 57 fhethe mountains typically reach upper 40's and that is where we tomorrow
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let's give you a quick look. rain a coast, but look at the 11 degrees in denver, teens and 20's in thes midsection, 33 in memphis, atlanta at 44. tomorrow, cold temperaturesupper 50's for the upstate, upper 40's for the mountains today and tomorrow will be cooler than that with the colder beginninwe will look ahead with the four-day plus forecast. saturday and sunday, temperatures in e low 50's saturday and near mid-fifties sunday. back to normal by the end of the weekend. on monday, a chance of .2 precipitation in the asheville-hendersonville areaearly and colder temperatures midweewe will keep you up-to-date on changes like a nice one. allyson: thank you. donald trump was two houe
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after his jet was forced to make an emergency landing in tenn trump's flight was en route to little rock when the pilot reported engine problems. the pilot said the boeing 757 jet was having engine trouble, which forced him to divert to nashville international airport. the plane landed safely and trump eventually made it to his speech. the faa is investigating. patrick: the car crashed onto a roof in california. los angeles county firofficials said the car somehow landed on the roof of a garage after getting into a wreck with another vehicle. firefighters managed to pull one person from the car and they were transported to a trauma center. that person's condition hathey were eventually able to remove tallyson: turning again to some must see video a family miraculously escapes over and skids down a busy highway. the terrifying accident was all caught on dashboard camera video. the car flipped over, skidded
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narrowly missed a truck. patrick: that is amazing. the irs has stopped accepting electronically filed tax returns of problems with some of its computer systems. the e-file system and the where's my refund service are among the affected areas. taxpayers can continue to send electronic returns to companies that serve as middlemen between taxpayers and the irs. the agency says those companies have to hold on to the tax returns until the irs systems are up and running again. allyson: to the latest in the outbreak of the zika virus. th georgia. health officials say the first travel-related case of the virus has infected a person. they say a person traveled to december and the first of january. that person has made a full recovery and was not pregnant. health officials are still stressing that the virus is primarily spread through mosquito bites. patrick: their corporate logos share colors, their aisles share
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and cvs will share floor space. the first cvs pharmacy inside a target store opens today. it's all part of cvs's $1.9 billion acquisition of target's pharmacy business. when complete, more than 1600 target pharmacies in 47 states will be rebranded as cvs pharmacy. cvs is the nation's largest drug store chain with some 9500 locations. allyson: home depot looking to hire 80,000 seasonal workers. that's a bold sign that spring is just around the corner and that the housing market remains strong. home depot has been hiring about 80,000 seasonal workers every year for a decade, and about half of them turn into permanent employees. the seasonal hiring means each of home depot's two-thousand stores in the u.s. will hire 40 to 45 workers. patrick: toyota has decided to end its scion brand and re-badge the vehicles as toyotas.
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younger buyers. while its products were very closely related to toyota vehicles, they have a unique style, designed to be easily customizable. the youth market has changed since 2003, though. an auto analyst says today's millennial buyers are less interested in standing out and would rather buy cars from trusted brands. allyson: steph curry and the golden state warrior house following a huge night last night age wizards, next. geoff: three days away from super bowl 50, and what does josh norman think about the possibility of bringing the greenwood?
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4 hd: good morning. 5:57 and a little fog as a look ou spartanburg skycam. there will be areas of patchy fog, greenville d laurens look fog free, but we will have cloud cover this morning. if you are headed down to myrtle beach, charlesn head, you will run into some. 47 for the bus stop. 57 for the ride home. the mountains will be breezy all day today. upper low 40's reaching upper 40's for the afternoon. no rain in the forecast today. tomorrow morcoats ready because it will be in the uppd low 30's again. today not too bad early but nice for the afternoon. thank you.
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mentioned in the second go, the golden state warrior superstar steph curry had a night to they were in the to face the wizards -- d.c. to face the wizards. he score points. steph curry finished shooting 19 of 28, including 11 three-pointers.that is 51 points as they beat the wizards 134 to 121. steph curry and the warriors are scheduled to visit thepatrick: it takes you back to the days of mil jordan where he does something one night and then he somehow tops it. dale: and guys he was up against, this guy comes in and beats them by 10. incredible. allyson: and refreshing because he seems like a good start on and off the court.
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allyson: a guide that you love and your kid.a look at this morning's headline>> i do not want to overpromise. we have had patrick: going head-to-head tonight, democratic candidates are lobbying leading up to the primary week, but not before giving different messages last nigallyson: meanwhile, the republican fpatrick: first, let's check with the weatsevere weather in the carolinas yesterday. people cleaning up after a tornado touchdown, damaging rsthe video in the middle shows west columbia. they were severe thunderstorm warnings and flash fthe ef 0 tornado damaged caused
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