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dale: i didn't see any coming in. but we can show you with the live super doppler 4hd. temperatures are 37 degrees in greenville, but colder in the mountains. you can see a few spots in charity county and union county -- in cherokee county and union county. look at hickory. hickory is getting a little bit of snow. the flores will come to an end and we will think -- and we will see gradual clearing throughout the day. there could be a flurry or two here and there. 29 in asheville and 37 in anderson and greenville. 40 degrees in greenwood right now. it is 10 degrees colder than yesterday. especially when you look at the 20-30 mile-per-hour winds in the mountains. it feels like 10 degrees in
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temperatures will reach 49 in the upstate and around 40 degrees in the mountains under mostly sunny skies. we will talk about the weekend and our next report in a few minutes. allyson: thank you, dale. happening today, the official kick-off for the $231 million 85-385 gateway project. the project is meant to improve safety and make the interchange more efficient. more than 190,000 vehicles per day travel on the interchange daily. this is the second largest road project in scdot's history. turning to commitment 2016 hillary clinton and bernie sanders squared off one last time in new hampshire before tuesday's primary. patrick: just hours before last night's debate, the latest nbc-wall street journal poll showed sanders with a more than a 30 point lead over clinton. now, hillary clinton is looking to gain ground. some of the major topics last night were health care, wall street, and who is more progressive. >> the republicans want to repeal the affordable care act.
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i want to build on it, get the cost down, get the prescription drug cost down. senator sanders wants us to start all over again. >> i am on the health education labor committee. that committee wrote the affordable care act. the idea that i would dismantle health care in america while we're waiting to pass a medicare for all is just not accurate. patrick: this is the first time clinton and senator sanders have debated without former candidate martin o'malley, who suspended his campaign after the iowa caucuses. on the republican side, marco rubio as in a big bump in the polls. in that new poll from our sister station wmur, he is up seven points from likely voters in the new hampshire primary. donald trump remains in the lead at 29%. ted cruz, john kasich, and jeb bush have also risen in the polls. allyson: richard harpootlian is throwing his support behind bernie sanders. you may recall harpootlian is the former chairman of the south
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harpootlian says he made the decision yesterday after talking with sanders on the phone last week. he said sanders' passion reminded him of president obama's passion back in 2007. the republican candidates meet for their final debate before the primary saturday night. donald trump, ted cruz, marco rubio, ben carson, jeb bush, chris christie, and john kasich will all be there. harley fiorina and jim gilmore did not meet the criteria -- carly fiorina and jim gilmore did not meet the criteria for this debate. patrick: we are a couple of days away from the super bowl. and in the middle of it all, brad fralick and marc dopher are out west. brad: this super bowl might be the most expensive u.s. sporting event in history. marc: at the first super bowl, the highest priced ticket was
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the highest priced ticket at this super bowl is pushing $200,000. you can get a relatively cheap ticket in the nosebleed section for about $2900, but if you want to get closer, you are looking at $10,000-$12,000 a ticket. brad: the average price is just shy of $5,000 per ticket. it is obviously, very expensive and the players are offered 15 tickets, not for free, but to buy. trey boston had to purchase 15 tickets at $800 a piece. that goes for everybody in the family. it doesn't matter if you are 40 years old or seven months old. the prize does not change. marc: a historically expensive super bowl 50.
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patrick: our sports team will bring you a preview of the big game, live from california. it is called "chasing a championship." geoff hart will join them tomorrow night on wyff for the special. allyson: dale now joins us again. we had a for -- we had a few flurries overnight. dale: we have seen a little but a flurry of activity in the upstate and in the foothills. it is 39 degrees in laurens and the clouds will give away to afternoon sunshine. this is the latest look with live super doppler 4hd. -- you can see in the hickory area, as well as in union county, that is where most of the precipitation is moving to the east. that will then come to an end. just a reminder, we are still in winter. that cold air will blow today
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hour winds with 30 mile-per-hour gusts in the mountains. let's check on the mountains. robbinsville, 25. hayes, 27. spartanburg is currently 37. we have low 40's in the piedmont area. then, if you had a 20 mile per hour wind, it will feel more like teams and a single digits across the mountains. dress warmly for the morning. tomorrow, the winds calm down and we have highs from 45 351. over the weekend, we have upper 40's near the mid-50's for the highs. there is a chance of a little wintry mix on monday morning once again. that could impact the mountains for monday and tuesday and possibly cause delays. we will be here first thing and give you information.
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all decked out in panthers gear. allyson: a new upstate park opens, welcoming cancer
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allyson: in greenville county, a close call for a seven-year-old. troopers say she was run over after she fell off the hood of a car. they say it happened on private property off anderson ridge road just after 6:30 last night. she was taken to greenville memorial and her condition is unknown at this time. patrick: in columbia, state lawmakers may change the way law enforcement handles dash cam video. according to the bill, agencies would need a judge's approval to withhold dashcam footage from the public for more than 15 days. the bill's writer, senator larry martin, says the zach hammond case helped inspire this. currently, if a family or news organization asks for the dash cam video and is denied, the only option is to sue. martin says suing is notota realistic option for many people. for now, a judiciary panel has postponed voting on the bill. allyson: in anderson county, four people stand accused of double murder. deputies have arrested wesley malmister tabitha roberts,
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simpson. deputies say justin williams and carey waddell were killed during an attempted armed robbery. deputies responded to pierce and amy road in iva last month. all four face a slew of charges that include two counts of murder. patrick: take a look at these pictures. a spartanburg business is offering dinner for two to anyone who can give police information about a graffiti artist. police said the artist tagged several buildings downtown. police say the supplies to paint over the graffiti were donated and william cribb of cribbs kitchen is offering the free dinner for two. anyone with information is asked to call 864-809-8225. panthers fans strike a pose to show support. what they plan to do with their pictures.
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i did everything i could to make her party perfect. almost everything. you know, 1 in 10 houses could get hit by an expensive septic disaster. but for only $7 a month, rid-x helps break down waste.
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janet? cough if you can hear me. don't even think about it. i took mucinex dm for my phlegmy cough. yeah...but what about mike? it works on his cough too. cough! it works on his cough too. mucinex dm relieves wet and dry coughs for 12 hours. let's end this. allyson: some breaking traffic news. we are taking a look at i-85 southbound. they are two accidents near the 77 mile marker.
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a car hit the guard rail there. traffic is standing still on the i-85 southbound near mile marker 77 in spartanburg county. announcer: now, your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. dale: good morning, it is almost 4:446. -- it is all -- it is almost 4:46. we have seen a few flurries mixed in with some rain and sleet working into york county and now moving east of hickory. that is just a little overnight excitement with cold air coming back. we have winds out of the north at 20 miles per hour in north carolina, making it feel much colder. 29 degrees in asheville. 30 degrees in hendersonville. brevard is 30 degrees.
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waynesville, 22 degrees. we have 30's across the upstate. 37 in greenville right now. woodruff, 37. caesar's head, 33. we have a breeze blowing at 20 miles per hour in the mountains and 5-10 miles per hour in the upstate. it will feel more like teens and single digits in the mountains and upper 20's in the upstate. the average temperature for this time of the year is 55, but today we will only reach 49. it is 10 degrees cooler today from what we reached yesterday. the average in the mountains is 49, but 40 degrees might be the best we see at the asheville airport today. tomorrow, the winds calm down in the temperatures bounce back up to the low 50's in the upstate and low 40's in the mountains. cold weather is the story for
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there are 20's and 30's reaching all the way down into atlanta. here is what we see for the afternoon. by about 4:00, it will reach 49 in the upstate and for the mountains, the badgers will reach 40 degrees at best. -- the temperatures will reach 40 degrees at best. on sunday, 48-54 as the expected high. now, sunday night into monday, there is a chance of a wintry mix for the upstate and the mountains, more so in the mountains. we will watch that to see if it causes any delays or closings. patrick: thank you, dale. the big super bowl. decked out in all new panthers clothes, thanks to a donation from academy sports and outdoors.
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got the chance to go shopping yesterday. the each got a $50 gift card. it's all meant to help the little ones get ready for the panther's upcoming big game. >> this is -- i can't even explain because this is the best thing ever to happen in my life. shopping. because i never got to be here with my friends and have fun and shop around. really cool. patrick: those are some cute kids. inside these boxes are panthers superbowl championship t-shirts ready to be sold if they win. allyson: in spartanburg, panthers fans got the chance to strike a pose to show their support for the cats. the city organized a group photo on morgan square people showed up wearing all kinds of team gear. the group cheered on the team and posed for several pictures. at wofford college, home of panthers training camp, students, staff, and alumni
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they held up signs and banners , showing their panthers pride. >> it is really exciting to see all the support that our school is giving to the panthers, especially after the panthers provided so much for us as a school. allyson: fans said being with each other for these photos was the next best thing to being in california for the big game. the plan is to share all the pictures with the panthers. the cancer survivors boardwalk in downtown greenville is now open. more than 200 people came to the ribbon-cutting, fittingly on world cancer day. the almost 1000 foot boardwalk runs from church street to the swamp rabbit trail along the reedy river. the park is designed to increase cancer awareness and provide a place for rejuvination and reflection. >> we are transcending the definition of "survivor" to include that survivor that is kicking it right now and hopefully, beating cancer.
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families, friends, children, and even a person that has lost someone and let someone behind. allyson: organizers are close to having all the money needed for construction to start. patrick: if you would like to be in a musical, dollywood is looking for singers from the upstate. singers experienced in country , bluegrass, pop, gospel, or musical theater are wanted. auditions will be held on saturday, february 20 at the chapman cultural center in spartanburg. that's on east saint john street. registration begins at 10:00 a.m. auditions are from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. performers must be 17 years or older. you can find more information on allyson: turning to national ms. now. oregon standoff leader ammon bundy was indicted by a federal grand jury in portland. the indictment was against bundy and 10 others who joined him at the occupation of an oregon wildlife refuge. no further details on the charges are available. and the indictment will remain sealed for at least 24 hours. authorities arrested 11 people last week on a criminal
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felony conspiracy. they were accused of using intimidation to prevent federal officers from doing their work at the refuge. patrick: two new york city police officers are being treated at the hospital after they were shot in the bronx last night. police said the officers were on patrol in a public housing complex when they were confronted by an armed man who shot them. one officer was hit in the face. the other was hit in the abdomen. both officers have only been with the nypd for two years. the suspect fled the scene and later shot and killed himself, according to police. allyson: the controversial drug entrepreneur who raised the price of a life-saving drug pleaded the fifth while being questioned by members of the house oversight and government reform committee. representative elijah cummings of maryland scolded martin shkreli and blasted the practices of the entire pharmaceutical industry. last year, shkreli raised the
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$14 a pill to $750. >> as the only pharmacist in congress, i know free market principals are the best way to provide quality and affordable health care to the american people. but what was done here is different. perverse business practices were employed to exploit a patient group trying to do nothing more than the extend their lives. allyson: shkreli's attorney said the 32-year-old meant no disrespect to the committee by smirking during his questioning. but later, the former ceo called the committee members "imbeciles" on his twitter account. a fire grew so large that it could be seen in outer space. this was in india. the fire started at the largest landfill in the city of mumbai. it burned for three days. these images from nasa show the smoke sent into the atmosphere from the fire. an investigation is now underway to determine what sparked the fire. ricardo: good morning. i'm ricardo lecompte. south carolina women can't look
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showdown with top ranked uconn. they first have to take care of kentucky at home on thursday. usc had to go through most of their conference without their star guard tiffany mitchell. the gamecoks have to deal with kentucky on thursday night and usc would have to go most of the way without star guard tiffany mitchell. the two time sec player of the year taking an awful spill in the second quarter. she would leave and not return. at the end of the third quarter, khadijiah sessions from three quarters quart and banks in the shot. gamecocks lead by four at the end of the third quarter. that is 27 points and 13 boards for the junior setter. usc wins 78-68 to improve to 22-0 and now can look forward to that showdown with undefeated uconn on monday. allyson: when you get dressed
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pick a speannouncer: now, your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. dale: good morning, it is 4:57 as we look out from our various skycams. we had clouds overnight and even a flurry or two of snow. the action is working its way
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and east of that area. it will gladly -- it will gradually clear across the upstate. high winds are already being experienced and we could see gusts over 30 miles per hour. watch out if you drive a high-profile vehicle. trucks crossing the tennessee and north carolina border will run into strong winds today. 31 and this morning for the upstate will reach 49 degrees. a warm coat is definitely a good idea. in the mountains, there are 20 mile-per-hour winds 24 degrees will climb to just 40 degrees in the afternoon. temperatures tomorrow will be a little bit better. things will get back to normal by sunday. this weekend looks dry. we have another chance for a wintry mix come monday morning. we will be watching that over the weekend. patrick: thank you, dale. in this morning's buzz.
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wearing red today, here's why, it's national go red day. makes sense. allyson: the american heart association is working to raise awareness of the toll heart disease takes on women. they're asking women to wear red and donate to help fund research. patrick: the group says heart disease and strokes kill a woman every 80 seconds, but the vast majority of these events are preventable. a neat side note. all of the babies born at ghs today will be wearing red hats and their families will receive a free infant cpr kit. allyson: that is nice. i wore my redesterday. i wish i had known that. dale: we don't always get the memos. allyson: you're right. we don't get them, we just read them to you. paick: i'm wearing green. i'm a little off. allyson: well, i think we are all a little off. announcer: live, locall breaking news.
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patrick: we are three days away from the super bowl. wyff news 4's geoff hart is live from santa clara with your pregame coverage. allyson: in this morning's headlines, democratic presidential hopefuls hillary clinton and bernie sanders go head to head in a fiery debate. the issues they tackled, straight ahead. trick: plus, cold air is coming in. a light mix of snow and sleet fell throughout the area overnight. allyson: you are taking a look outside at the i-85 southbound. traffic is standing still on the interstate in spartanburg county at mile marker 77. multiple accidents were reported in this area. one car ran into the guard rail. injuries are reported and we will bring you updates, but expect a slowdown they are around mile marker 77 in the southbound lane. we want to check in with dale. is everybody excited over a few small flurries? dale: whatever clouds were left
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