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tv   WYFF News 4 5am  NBC  February 5, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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for left reduced a little early precipitation. 35 in greenville and 36 in spartanburg. we have mid to upper 20's across ththmountains. let's check on the winds. they will make it feel a lot colder. 21 in asheville. we have a 25 mile-per-hour wind in hendersonville and a 5-10 mile-per-hour wind across the upstate. it will feel like 11 degrees in hendersonville and boone. it will feel a cover 20's for greenville and anderson. yesterday, it got into the upper 50's, but today, we have upper 40's. the averages 55 for this time of the year. the record is 74, said back in 1899. that was a warm winters day. we can have those unusually warm or cold days form tiem to time. the average in the mountains is 49, but today it will just reach
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temperatures tomorrow will be a little bit better and they are much better by sunday. we will talk about t t weekend in just a few minutes. patrick: happening today, the official kickoff for the gateway project. the project is meant to improve the safety and make the interchange more efficient. more than 190,000 vehicles every day travel, and or change. this is the second largest project in sd -- in scdot's history. allyson: excitement continues to build for super bowl 50. patrick: in the middle of it all in the bay area is geoff hart, who joins us live this morning from santa, clara california. patrick: it is a cold morning here in santa clara, california. temperatures are in the low 40's. temperatures will be perfect for the ballgame on sunday in the
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the headline this morning is ticket prices for the super bowl are super sized in a big way. usa today reported that someone bought two tickets for $27,000. here is brad fralick and marc dopher with more. brad: the super bowl is a big and expensive event, but this super bowl might be the most expensive u.s. sporting event in history. marc: at the first super bowl, the highest priced ticket was $12. at this super bowl, the highest priced ticket is pushing 250,000 dollars. we looked up some ticket prices and you can get a relatively cheap ticket in the nosebleed section four $2900. brad: the average price right now for a ticket to super bowl
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marc: obviously, very expensive and historically expensive. the players are offered 15 tickets, not for free, but to buy. trey boston told me he had to purchase 15 tickets at $1800 a piece. brad: that goes for everyone in the family. it does not matter if you are 40 years old or seven months old. a historically expensive super bowl 50, what else would you expect here in san francisco? back to you. geoff: no doubt, super bowl fans are excited. a pretty good matchup with number one seeds here. a denver team has won two super bowl's and are looking for a third. the panthers are looking to
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chris martin from coldplay is a bit of a jokester and will be in the halftime show. patrick: don't forget, our sports team will bring you a preview, life from california. it is called "chasing a championship." that will be tonight at 8:00. allyson: shifting to commitment 2016. hillary clinton and bernie sanders squared off in new hampshire before the primary tuesday. patrick: the latest nbc-wall street journal poll showed sanders with a more than a 30 point lead over clinton. now, clinton is looking to gain some ground. some of the major topics last night were health care, wall street, and who is more progressive. hillary clinton: you know, what i hope the supreme court will do is make it absolutely clear that any state that continues capital punishment either must meet the highest standards of evidentiary proof of effective assistance of counsel or they cannot continue
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bernie sanders: in a world of so much of violence and killing, i just don't believe that government itself should be part of the killing. patrick: this is the first time clinton and sanders have debated without former candidate martin o'malley, who suspended his campaign after the iowa caucuses. on the republican side, marco rubio is seeing a big bump in the polls since the iowa caucuses. in a new poll from our sister station wmur, he is up seven points among likely voters in the new hampshire primary, taking hold of second place. donald trump remains in the lead, holding at 29%. ted cruz, governor john kasich, and jeb bush have also risen in that polol allyson: the republican candidates meet for their final debate before the new hampshire primary saturday night. donald trump senators ted cruz and marco rubio, dr. ben carson, former governor jeb bush and governors chris christie and john kasich, will all be there. carly fiorina and former governor jim gilmore did not meet the criteria for this
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patrick: that is commitment 2016. dale joins us again. dale: clouds overnight produced a few flurries of snow, but they are now giving way to clearing skies. it is 35 degrees in greenville as we look out our peace center skycam. you can see the liberty bridge in the background. there is no moisture on the roads like we saw with all the rain this past week. things are dry for most of the area. the precipitation we had in the last few hours is now just to the west and east in charlotte. one or two spots in york county could perhaps be getting a little wintry mix, that it will then push on out. we have a mostly sunny day today with strong winds out of the northwest. we have seen 20-30 mile-per-hour gusts in some of the higher elevations.
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there are strong and windy conditions. temperatures are in the mid to upper 20's in the mountains. 36 in anderson this morning. 34 in salem, pickens, and easley. yesterday, we got into the upper 50's, but today, the upper 40's might be the best with the for the upstate and 40 degrees in the mountains. those 20 mile-per-hour winds make it feel like 11 degrees in hendersonville and 28 degrees in anderson. we have cooler than normal temperatures for today and those winds will accentuate the cold. the mountains will see temperatures struggle to reach 40 degrees today. tomorrow is a little better with highs from 45-51. we have light breezes only on saturday. sunday will the upper 40's to mid 50's. we are back to normal at the end
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monday morning has a chance for a wintry mix of weather for the upstate and especially, for the mountains and north carolina. we will continue to bring you updates. allyson: this week's golden apple award winner was nominated (singing) i just can't wait to meet you, sweet child you're on the way, i'm filled with expectation, and you're growing everyday...
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of serious side effects.
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announcer: you are watching live, local, breaking news with geoff hart, allyson powell, and weather with meteorologist dale gilbert. this is wyff news 4 today in hd. allyson: this week's golden apple award winner was nominated by a student she taught four years ago. patrick: that tells you the kind of lasting impact she's having on her students. wyff news 4's geoff hart introduces us. >> one, two three. geoff: it is crunch timim >> i like to have something to work toward. geoff: some big events to work
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>> this helps me push the kids to their full potential. geoff: a team where no one sits on the bench. >> they are capable of making really great music. geoff: she has spent her entire working career at teaching chorus at seneca middle school. she is a perfectionist and has a love for me -- love fo middle school students. they have individual tryouts for the all-state choir. >> she puts so much effort and time into what she is doing. she is so dedicated. geoff: they have two state championships under miss bro ck. making this honors class more special for her, her daughter is in it.
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but now, i would truly have regretted it because i absolutely love this class. geoff: a teacher so influential that a former student, now a senior at seneca high school, nominated her years later. >> it was really fantastic. it just brought such a joy to me. >> when i started, it was more about me and what i wanted, but as i get older it is more about what i can give them. geoff: carla brock, a look of singing since the age of three and eight job she calls joyful. patrick: you can nominate your favorite teacher. allyson: pick up a format your ingles store. -- pick up a form at your ingles store.
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the coldplay lead singer was cracking a number of jokes
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dale:announcer: now, your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. dale: good morning, 5:17 on your friday morning. we had late night and early morning excitement with a few flurries. that is come to an end now. precipitation occurred last night because of the cold air blowing in. there are one or two spots to the west of charlotte that still see a mix of sleet and snow in york county. north of charlotte is still getting some action. the counties highlighted along the tennessee border all are under high wind advisories because of strong winds blowing. some higher elevations could see 40 mile-per-hour gusts today. you can see some of those flurries over the past six hours still affecting parts of virginia and north carolina. asheville is 28 degrees.
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20 nine degrees in hendersonville. greenville and spartanburg are in the mid 30's. 36 in fountain in. 32 at caesars head and landrieu is 34 degrees. we see northerly winds in the mountains and 6-10 mile per hour winds in the upstate. it feels like 11 degrees in hendersonville and 29 degrees in greenville. as you go up to work today, it will be breezy all day. the average this time of the year is 55, but today we will reach 49. upper 40's might be the best we see today. the asheville average is 49 for this time of the year. the record is 73, said back in 2008. today though, 40 degrees is the expected high.
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just a few areas are experiencing snow. denver into nebraska has seen some snow. there are some flurries from virginia into pennsylvania. most of the country is experiencing cold temperatures this morning. by the afternoon though, we will reach the upper 40's, 48-49. the mountains will reach 40 degrees for the afternoon high. that will feel colder with the wind. tomorrow, the winds calm down and we will see temperatures from the mid 40's to 51 degrees. by sunday though, the temperatures are back to normal. another blast of cold air monday morning could create some snow in the mountains in the upstate for the early part of the morning. that will shift into rain as the day goes on. we will keep you posted right here on wyff news 4.
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this is a live look at levi stadium. geoff hart is bringing us superbowl 50 coverage throughout the morning. we'll hear from him in just a few minutes. allyson: in greenville county, a close call for a seven-year-old. troopers say she was run over after she fell off the hood of a car. they say it happened on private property off anderson ridge road just after 6:30 last night. troopers say the girl was taken greenville memorial. her condition is unknown at this time. patrick: in columbia, state lawmakers may change the way law enforcement handles dash cam video. according to the bill, agencies would need a judge's approval to withhold dashcam footage from the public for more than 15 days. the bill's writer, senator larry martin, says the zach hammond case helped inspire this. currently if a family or news organization asks for the dashcam video and is denied the only option is to sue. martin says suing is not a realistic option for many people. for now, a judiciary panel has
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if you are looking to be in a musical, dollywood is looking for singers in the upstate. singers experienced in country, bluegrass, pop, or musical theater are wanted. auditions are held saturday at the chapman cultural center. that is on east st. john street. registration begins at 10:00 a.m. auditions are from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. performers must be 17 years or older. you can find more information on allyson: we are taking a look out at santa clara, california. two days from now, the panthers hope to win their first super bowl. patrick: there are no care and he is about the game, but the halftime show is strong and geoff hart has more on that. geoff: the headliner for the super bowl halftime show this year is coldplay. and in about a 30 minute news
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their lead singer, chris martin, came up on the stage and cracked jokes saying, "i feel like donald trump." here is his response to a reporter who jokingly asked how they campaigned to get this gig. >> we started in iowa three years ago. we had a small bus and at that point, not many investors. we had barely enough money to afford one can of pepsi. pepsi stepped in and were very sweet. they give us a bigger bus and they give us some stickers "coldplay for 2016." and then we went out there and worked our little butts off and lo and behold, the voters of america said, all right, you can have a go. geoff: we just think here, at least the media does, that there
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they hinted at that because of course, this is super bowl 50. that will do it from here. when we come back, we will talk about snoop dogg. he did a little reporting yesterday. allyson: thank you, geoff. our sports team will bring you a preview of the big game and it is called "chasing a championship." geoff will join brad and marc at 8:00 tomorrow night right here on wyff 4 for the special. it's time now for your wyff news 4 timeline on this february 5. on this date in 1978, new england was walloped with a memorable blizzard. the storm was caused by an intense coastal nor'easter that produced winds in excess of hurricane force and very high snow totals. patrick: northern rhode island received more than 50 inches of snow. most of southern new england was
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i've known her for almost 25 years. this is a woman whose fought her whole life for children, to protect civil rights, voting rights. and today hillary is pushing hard for tougher gun laws and police accountability. if you want to make sure republicans don't take us backward help hillary move us forward.
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>> now, your live super doppler 4 hd forecast. dale: good morning. 5:28 as we look at from our laurens skycam. 36 degrees this morning and pretty good wind across the mountains and into parts of the upstate. wind advisories outpour extreme areas of yancey, mcdowell county and we do get flurries of snow overnight. they are heading quickly to the east, so that cold air will go in whatever clouds left and that produced wintry mix. nothing sticking. at the bus stops, the big deal is the wind. it'll get up to 49 and it will feel like 20's across the upstate. it will feel lexical digits with
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time for dale's school salute to may bring middle school. this is the eighth grade class and the recently had the guest's to give from clemson who brought handheld gps devices and they learned how to use court in its to locate hidden treasure. a were also named a blue ribbon school this year for academic exit -- excellence. we so you -- we salute you today. patrick: great, dale. in this morning's buzz, if you have been to the panthers game, we are pretty sure you have seen this guy or his hair. allyson: we told you about cap man a few days ago. he is a super fan of the carolina panthers. patrick: to say the least. he says he has not missed any games this year. allyson: this was sent in by
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the super bowl and he started the gofundme page and now he has enough money. hopefully we will see pictures afterward. dale: to see have a cat mobile? [laughter] allyson: i'm not sure. you'll need an engine because how also they get out there? patrick: your news continues right now. [captioning made possible by wyff-tv] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] patrick: we're going to be going to geoff shortly. he is working hard in california. this morning, democratic presidential hopefuls hillary
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