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tv   WYFF News 4 530am  NBC  February 5, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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allyson: yes, cold air moved through the area overnight. i look outside at i-85 southbound with an accident around mile marker 77. causing slow down in the area with the right lane closed on i-85 southbound in spartanburg county near business 85. patrick: let's check in with the weather. dale gilbert, we are getting the weekend kicked off. dale: cold and windy this morning, so grab a warm coat. it is in the 20's in the mountains and feels colder. 3030s in the upstate peel colder with a five to 10 mile-per-hour wind. we can show you the latest with the 25 mile-per-hour wind in hendersonville, seven to 10 from greenville to anderson and the temperatures to feel like single digits in the mountains and teens and 20's in the upstate. by the afternoon, it will reach
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and the mountains will reacharound 40's. 10 degrees colder than yesterday . a better weekend shaping up. we will talk more about that in a few minutes. patrick: thank you. when it comes to the superbowl, you never know who's going to show up unexpectedly. geoff hart joins us again from santa clara with more on who crashed the party. geoff: you never know who will show up at the super bowl and yesterday, it was snoop dpgg. -- snpooop dogg. from rapper to reporter, snoop dogg showed up for a press conference for the panthers and broncos. he was working as a correspondent for a sports show of course. since he's snoop dogg, he did more than ask questions. he took a lot of pictures with the players. but here's how he handled his exchanges with the quarterbacks cam newton and peyton manning.
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>> first, i want to say cam, cam , cam, cam dance with me. is this out manning you in the game you are about to play? >> that's a good question. first of all, can i get a 50% discount on papa john's pizzas, one in the state of colorado? >> absolutely, absolutely. geoff: peyton manning owns the number of papa john's franchises. snoop dogg says he's pulling for the panthers and likes their swagger. coming up later, we will tell to win the super bowl and lose one, too. back to you. patrick: he just fit right in with the other reporters. don't forget, our sports team will bring you a preview of the big game live from california. it's called "chasing a championship."
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8:00 tonight, right here on wyff 4 for the special. allyson: happening today, the official kickoff for the $231 million 385-85 gateway. it is supposed to make it more efficient and improve safety. this is the second largest road project in scdot's history. shifting gears to commitment 2016, hillary clinton and bernie sanders squared off one last time in new hampshire before tuesday's primary. papaick: just hours before last night's debate, the latest nbc-wall street journal poll -- rather, the cnn and poll shows sanders with a more than a 30 point lead ovov clinton. now, clinton is looking to gain ground. some of the major topics last night were health care, wall street, and who is more progressive. >> the republicans want to repeal the affordable care act. i want to improve it. i want to build on it, get the cost down, get the prescription drug cost down.
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start all over again. >> i am on the health education labor committee. that committee wrote the affordable care act. the idea that i would dismantle health care in america, while we're waiting to pass a medicare for all, is just not accurate. patrick: this is the first time clinton and sanders have debated without former candidate martin o'malley, who suspended his campaign after the iowa caucuses. allyson: richard harpootlian is throwing his support behind bernie sanders. you may recall harpootlian is the former chairman of the south carolina democratic party. harpootlian says he made the decision yesterday after talalng with sanders on the phone last week. he said sanders' passion reminded him of president obama's passion back in 2007. patrick: on the republican side, marco rubio is seeing a big bump in the polls since the iowa caucuses. in a new poll from our sister station wmur, he's up seven points among likely voters in the new hampshire primary, taking hold of second place. donald trump remains in the lead, holding at 29%.
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and jeb bush have also risen in the poll. allyson: the republican candidates meet for their final debate before the new hampshire primary saturday night. donald trump, senators ted cruz and marco rubio, dr. ben carson, former governor jeb bush, and governors chris christie and john kasich will all be there. carly fiorina and former governor jim gilmore did not meet the criteria for this debate. patrick: dale gilbert is here with weather to talk about. dale: about 10 degrees colder than yesterday. the wind will make it feel even colder, so not too bad in spartanburg as far as wind. the mountains will be getting the 10 to 20 plus mountain breezes, but 34 is pretty chilly and kids will need a warm jacket as they head to school. feeling like winter again today. we had a winter mix ball across the area and seen a little bit
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charlotte but most has moved east of the charlotte area. temperatures overnight dropping down into the 20's and 30's across the area. yesterday, we got into the upper 40's and 50's but knock about 10 degrees off of that today. in the mountains, it is in the upper 20's, greenville-spartanburg-anderson at 24. 36 in gaffney, 33 in lake lure, so everybody dealing with the chilly beginning to friday. in a 20 to 25 mile-per-hour wind and it feels like 10 in hendersonville and more like seven in boone, 15 in asheville and in the upstate, feeling like 28 in anderson. a cold beginning to the day, but by the afternoon, we get into the upper 40's for the upstate and around 44 the mountains.
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couple light breezes with high temperatures reaching the 50's in the upstate and mid 40's in the mountains. little bit better by a three degree champ on sunday with upper 40's to mid 50's, and that will be where we typically expected to be this time of the year. next bit of winter excitement could come monday what morning -- could come monday morning. some snow in the mountains of north carolina and it changes to rain is monday goes on. we will see if it is enough to cause delays and it will have that information first thing on monday morning. join us then. >> hey, good morning. and this morning, another busy day on the campaign trail for the republican candidates. ted cruz still dogged by accusations that he cheated his way to a win in iowa. his campaign is now responding. and one of his rivals, marco rubio, seems to be having a bit of a surge here in new hampshire. as we look ahead to tomorrow night's debate, marco rubio may be the one in the crosshairs this time. we've got a look at all of it coming up on the "today" show in
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allyson: look outside at our hilton greenville skycam. all smooth on 385. hehe in vineland, home of progresso, we love all kinds of chicken soups... but just one kind of chicken. white breast meat chicken every time. so if you're not going to make your own chicken soup tonight, do what we do...make it progresso. look at this sweet face. so sweet. ok, we're going to need a napkin
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ricardo: good morning. i am ricardo the comped. -- i'm ricardo lecompte. south carolina women can't look ahead to next monday night's showdown with top ranked uconn. the gamecoks have to deal with kentucky on thursdayayight, and usc would have to go most of the way without star guard tiffany mitchell. the two time sec player of the year taking an awful spill in the second quarter. she would leave and not return. the team calling the injury a lower back bruise, but mitchell would come back out to the bench to cheer her teammates on. end of the third quarter,
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3-quarters court. gamecocks lead by 4 at the end of 3. fourth quarter gameocks with a , 2-point lead. alania coates going to work down low. 27 points, 13 boards for the junior center. usc wins 78 to 68 to improve to 22 and 0. and now can look forward to that showdown with undefeated uconn on monday. geoff: we had an opportunity to speak with nfl greats today. what one of them talks about about winning the super bowl,
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>> now, your live super doppler 4 hd forecast. dale: good morning.
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of snow as cold air blew in. anderson is mostly clear and 36 with the breeze out of the west, northwest at 10 to make it feel colder. as a look at live super doppler 4 hd, a couple adviser going on in transylvania and henderson county's from the flooding. also, wind advisories along the tennessee border. light flurries of snow have moved into the charlotte area and east of charlotte and that will be going through. cold air coming in has chilled things down and it feels like winter this morning, so make sure the kids have a warm coat as they head out to the bus stop. 28 degrees is cold enough, but then you take a 20 mile-per-hour wind on top of that and it accentuates it. clean would at 35. let's check on a few other communities. abbeville at 37, clinton in the mid 30's. afternoon highs today will struggle just to get into the
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and the mountains, instead of upper 40's like yesterday, 40 maybe the best we see. 21 to 25 mile-per-hour wind from asheville and hendersonville and it drops to feel like 10 in hendersonville. dress wawaly. a cold and breezy date the head. typically this time of the year, we get up to 55. 49 may be the best the upstate sees. 74 set back in 1899. as you look at, not, the asheville regional airport averages 49 in the record is 73 said a few years ago in 2008. today, we get up to 40. colder than normal temperatures today and tomorrow, it will improve a little bit. by sunday, back to normal. there goes the wintry mix weather out of the area. mostly sunny weekend. another blast of cold air late sunday night and into early monday could create some flurries of snow again. we will be watching that to see if it impacts the area on monday
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48, 49 by 2:00 this afternoon for the upstate. it will take until about 2:00 for the mountains to get up to tomorrow morning. the wind calms down tomorrow morning and high temperatures mid-40 range in the mountains upstate. on sunday, back to normal. patrick: thank you. allyson: thank you. let's get you back out to levi's stadium in the bay area as we countdown to super bowl 50. patrick: geoff hart standing by, and geoff, winning a superbowl can define a players career. geoff: good morning, everybody. you are right. when he knew super bowl could define a player's career, and we got to talk to a number of nfl greats, from michael irvin won 3 super bowls with the dallas cowboys deion sanders who won , two super bowls and
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his first with arizona and lost his second, which particularly hurt. here are some of his comments yesterday. >> winning the super bowl is incredible. you couple it with the birth of a child are getting married, great moments in life. that is what it is from a career or sports perspective. it is unmatched. losing the super bowl, when i lost my first one, so much of my life was caught up with winning the super bowl's and what that would mean that the first one hungry to me for a long time. we are talking not weeks but years. geoff: when he blast another super bowl in 2008 with arizona, he said he was in a better place and he had more respect for just getting to the super bowl and
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he did not like that loss but he felt a lot better than the second or the first loss he had after winning his first. those guys are looking forward to the game, and they know what kind of pressure the denver broncos and carolina panthers will be facing this sunday. much more coming up at 6:00. patrick: thank you. don't forget, our sports team will bring you a preview of the big game live from california. it's called "chasing a championship." geoff will join brad and marc at 8:00 tonight, right here on wyff 4 for the special. allyson: speaking of the panthers kids from across the , area are decked out in all new panthers clothes, thanks to a donation from academy sports and outdoors. [cheering] allyson: more than 50 kids from the ymca got the chance to go shopping yesterday. they each got a $50 gift card. it's all meant to help the little ones get ready for the
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>> this is -- i can't even explain it 'cause this is best thing that ever to happen in my life. shopping. >> because i never got to be here with my friends and fun and shop around. >> really cool. allyson: we cannot get enough of those guys. inside these boxes are panthers superbowl championship t-shirts ready to be sold if they win. patrick: in spartanburg, panthers fans got the chance to strike a pose to show their support for the cats. the city organized a group photo on morgan square. people showed up wearing all kinds of team gear. the group cheered on the team and posed for several pictures. at wofford college, home of panthers training camp, students, staff, and alumni gathered on the steps of the main building. they held up signs and banners showing their panthers pride. >> it's really exciting to see all the support that our school is giving to the panthers, especially after the panthers provide so much for us as a
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the map. patrick: fans said being with each other for these photos was the next best thing to being in california for the big game. the plan is to share all the pictures with the panthers. allyson: turning to national news now, oregon standoff leader ammon bundy was indicted by a federal grand jury in portland. the indictment was against bundy and 10 others who joined him at the occupation of an oregon wildlife refuge. no further details on the charges are available. and the indictment will remain sealed for at least 24 hours. authorities arrested 11 people last week on a criminal complaint charging them with felony conspiracy. they were accused of using intimidation to prevent federal officers from doing their work at the refuge. patrick: a fire at the landfill in india grew so large it could be seen from outer space. the fire started at the largest landfill in the city of mumbai. it burned for three days. these images from nasa show the smoke sent into the atmosphere from the fire. an investigation is now underway
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fire. allyson: running a marathon is a challenge, but what about seven marathons in just seven days on seven continents? the world marathon challenge has a new champion. becca pizzi is from massachusetts. she and her competitors traveled to sydney, australia, antarctica, chile, miami, florida, spain, morocco, a a the united arab emirates. and her hometown threw her a big welcome home parade yesterday. she is a single mom who runs a daycare. patrick: wow. if you bought something from, you owe the state of south carolina money. amazon recently sent out an email telling you the amount of tax you owe based on the total sales price of things you bought from amazon in 2015. it's about 6%. you're getting this email because amazon was not required to collect sales tax on anything shipped to south carolina last year. amazon is also not required to
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law requires amazon to tell you what you owe. a big pay day for a company that accused apple is stealing their patents. a jury has ordered apple to pay $626 million to the company virnetx. the ruling is based on a legal fight that started more than three years ago. virnetx accused apple of violating four of its patents with its apps like i-message and facetime. apple has since revised its i-message, facetime and other software so that it avoids anything covered by virnetx's patents. allyson: taylor swift fans will app game featuring the pop sensation. glu mobile, which is a global developer of free games for smartphone and tablet devices, has announced a deal to release a new game with taylor swift. details of the game remain under wraps for now, but fans can expect the game to launch later
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the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today. america runs on dunkin'. >> now, your live super doppler
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dale: 5:57 on this friday morning and cold air is back. 34 degrees in greenville, a breeze out of the northwest and eight. cai winter advisories are affecting yen, mitchell, avery counties, parts of mcdowell county. the flurries of snow had overnight have now moved east of charlotte and continue to north carolina. the cold blast came in from the northwest and picked up a few flurries and caused excitement. warning temperatures at the bus stop still be chilly. low 30's over exhibit at the upstate, 49 is the best for the ride home today. breezy this afternoon, windy in the mountains this morning. 24 will climb to four d and sunny and windy conditions expected all day. that is how we start today. tomorrow we see temperatures, about three or four degrees and it will climb more on sunday.
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cold blustery beginning to the weekend today. patrick: thank you. in this morning's buzz, eldrick the golfer made history with a hole in one. you may not have heard of him on the pga tour, but it is because he is a robot. allyson: eldric stands for launch directional robot intelligent circuitry. former pro golfer gary mccord owns the robot. it was playing the 16th hole at tpc scottsdale and it did take five tries, but it's still a hole in one. if i had five tries, i could make one, too. patrick: i'm sure. allyson: right. people there celebrated like crazy, throwing drinks on the course. eldrick also happens to be the birth name of pro golfer tiger woods. who by the way, made the same hole in one shot in 1997, almost 20 years ago. 20 years ?the excitement -- 20 years? patrick: well. allyson: that is not an easy golf course. doesn't look like one.
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i don't think they do that down in a gust -- in augusta. dale: i've never had a hole in one. i've played golf all my life. some people have several. it has to do with a lot of luck. allyson: my dad made one. let's take a look at the headlines. >> i am very proud to be the only candidate up your does not have the super pack, who is not raising huge tons of money from wall street. allyson: the gloves come off as the democratic candidates debate for the last time before the new hampshire primary. geoff: you will not believe the kind of money that some people will pay for tickets for super bowl 50. more on that, straight ahead. allyson: happening today, huge project kicks off in the
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