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tv   WYFF News 4 5pm  NBC  February 5, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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there are metal detectors, military vehicles everywhere. we're talking air, land, and sea. every afternoon we've been out here, we've seen 2 attack helicopters circling levi stadium, checking the perimeter. it is a real deal security event. this is way beyond what the nfl normally does. this is not about clear plastic bags, as is a real deal level one security event. >> they asked us not to bring any type of bag to the stadium at all. we are talking about helicopters in the air, fighter jets have been scrambled. there are u.s. coast guard ships out on the vape. this is literally a multifaceted security effort. -- u.s. coast guard ships out on the bay. they say fans -- if you see something, say something. marc dopher outside of levi stadium in santa clara. michael: it is a global event, and it's a carolina event as well. from california to charlotte. gabrielle: nigel robertson joins us live from uptown charlotte,
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business owners to police are getting ready for sunday. hey there. nigel: i heard the guys talking about security out in california. security is going to be a very very big issue here in charlotte as well. uptown will be packed. every single bar, every single restaurant, wherever there is a tv, you can count on a lot of people watching the big game. charlotte mecklenburg police are expecting to be fully staffed all weekend long. they will not release how many officers they are going to have in uptown charlotte. we are told there will be officers pretty much everywhere you look. because of this -- after the game, people will either be very happy or very upset. police want to make sure that whatever the mood, they are prepared to keep everyone safe.
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people in the streets. thousands of people downtown, enjoying the game. they want to make sure everyone is safe. back to you guys in the studio. michael: nigel, thank you. don't forget tonight, we have a preview -- we'll have a preview of the big game for you live from california. geoff hart will join brad and marc for our special called "chasing a championship." you can watch it at 8:00 tonight right here on wyff 4. today, upstate students met a group of men who know exactly what the panthers are going through right now. gabrielle: each man played in a super bowl, and each has ties to spartanburg. wyff news 4's mike mccormick is live and local at spartanburg high with the story. mike? mike: this afternoon and there was a big celebration here for the super bowl high school on a roll program. -- honor roll program. that program acknowledges schools and communities that directly influenced super bowl history and made the game better.
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did the same thing. four spartanburg district seven graduates went on to play in the super bowl. today, the men encouraged students to follow their dreams and to stay determined. in their honor, spartanburg high got 4 golden footballs. among the players honored today was stephen davis. he played in the superbowl with the carolina panthers in 2004. davis says he notices a big difference between the hype when he went to the big game, and the hype for the current team. >> when i was playing with the panthers, when we went to the super bowl, there wasn't as many spartanburg fans as there are now. but it's good to see that everybody's supporting the team. they have training camp here. i mean, it's just good for the community. it's good for the city of spartanburg, the city and state. mike: we asked davis why he thinks there are more spartanburg fans now. hear his answer tonight at 6:00.
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spartanburg high, the students had a loud message for the carolina panthers. you will also hear that at 6:00. mike mccormick, wyff news 4, live in spartanburg. michael: thank you for that. let's talk about the weather. it is cold out there, especially in the mountains. gabrielle: we have team coverage tonight. meteorologists john cessarich and chris justus are standing by in our weather center. john, let's check in with you first. hey, happy friday. john: yeah, you too. thank goodness it is friday. we will rebound nicely over the weekend, but then some changes. only in the 30's. upper 30's in asheville. 33 in boone. 43 in andersonville. 40's and low 50's across the upstate. way below average temperatures. normally we should be in the mid-50's for highs. and upper 40's in the mountains. a good 1-0-15 degrees below average. 39 in asheville. 46 degrees in a spartanburg. colder temperatures now, but chris is just next-door weather center.
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centers -- major changes. chris: a big pattern change, and we watched interested colder and colder. a big pattern change -- you think today is called, wait until you see next week. arctic air moves into the area. what's this talk about a little snowfall? this is sunday at 6:00, a system moving optical coast could give myrtle beach and wilmington a few snowflakes. by monday afternoon, the european model. this is the freezing line in white. this is the moisture. the freezing line is well south of us. that means we are cold enough for snow. we could see a few wet snowflakes across the upstate. not a big deal -- flurries, or just a night snow shower. that continues into monday evening. that moisture retreats to the tennessee border. that could see a few inches. let me show you the computer
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the european model for the gsp area is showing a dusting monday that is about it. as the asheville-hendersonville area, both models in good an inch. chief meteorologist john cessarich joins me again. models here. john: it's not going to be a major storm system. off and on flurries and snow mountains. and especially south of -- south of this line, it's only going to be a few range hours. -- a few rain showers, maybe mixed with a few snowflakes. chris: it did not amount to much. johnz: a trace, some places and the upstate might not see anything at all. 1-3 inches of snow in the methods. more about the storm system at 6:00. michael: did you notice? three years of construction
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the i-85 385 gateway project is now officially underway. wyff news 4's corey davis is live and local near the harley davidson dealership on chrome drive in greenville. corey, where are things starting first? corey: they will get started right here. a lot of the construction materials are already out along the harley davidson aerial along i-85. some lanes will also be closed at night on the interstate. right now the plan is to clear out these trees and move chrome drive further away from the interstate. transportation officials say that will make room for a new lane on this side of i-85 heading toward spartanburg. take a look at this bridge in the middle of your screen. this is a view of roper mountain road from the harley davidson as it crosses over i-85. the bridge will be replaced with a longer one as crews work to widen the interstate down below. road construction on this area near the roper mountain road
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monday. >> be patient with us and be careful. watch out for the workers that will be out working. watch out for you fellow motorists in front of you that may be slowing. look to see what's going on. just exercise caution. corey: the state department of transportation officially broke ground today on the entire gateway project. they say the $231 million price tag makes it the second largest road project in south carolina history. we still have a lot to show you, especially for the area where i-85 and 385 meet. at 6:00 we're working on a story how those interstates will be transformed. corey davis, wyff news 4 live in greenville. gabrielle: corey, thank you. commitment 2016 coverage now. hillary clinton and bernie sanders squared off one last time in new hampshire before tuesday's primary. clinton is looking to gain ground on the vermont senator after the new cnn-wmur poll showed sanders with a 31 point
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hampshire. last night's face-off was more combative than previous debates. sen. sanders: i am on the health education labor committee. that committee wrote the affordable care act. the idea that i would dismantle health care in america while we're waiting to pass a medicare for all is just not accurate. mrs. clinton: i really don't think these attacks by insinuation are worthy of you. and enough is enough. if you have something to say, say it. sen. sanders: instead of arguing about definitions, let's talk about what we should do. gabrielle: the newest quinnipiac university poll shows sanders gaining ground on clinton. the poll from mid-december shows clinton up by 31 points over sanders, but look at what a month and a half can do. clinton's lead is now down to just two percentage points, 44-42, with 11% of voters still undecided. this latest poll surveyed 1,125
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february 2 and 4. here's a look at the top six on the republicans side, where donald trump has extended his lead on the field. back in mid-december, senator ted cruz was only 4 points behind trump. now cruz trails by nine points nationally. michael: donald trump is running a busy campaign trail in south carolina. he will hold a rally tonight in florence. he plans to stop in the upstate next week. he will be in pendleton next wednesday. gabrielle: meanwhile, hillary clinton's daughter chelsea will make her first campaign swing to the palmetto state. chelsea clinton will attend "women for hillary" events in clemson and raquel. michael: republican candidates have a final debate for the enhancer primary. donald trump, marco rubio, ted cruz, jeb bush, chris christie, and a chunky thick wool of either. caryly fiorina and john gilmore do not meet the criteria.
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watch that debate with him. 7:30, he is hosting a watch party at the gastro pub in downtown greenville. gabrielle: ahead tonight, the latest incident question -- latest into the investigation of the murder of four family me mbers. john: we saw bright and marc -- b rad and marc from california. super bowl 50 should be fantastic. nice and mild. because you are close to the bay area, temperatures will be dropping to the 60's. michael: did you see this moments ago? one of ellen's favorite guests, a super fan from north carolina got the surprise of a lifetime. >> how can i go back in and teach my kids? gabrielle: later in a wyff news 4 investigation, an upstate teacher quits his job and files a lawsuit against the school district. he claims in the lawsuit school
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twoschool caught michael: in greenville county, a portion of cherrydale elementary school caught fire this afternoon. district officials tell us it started in one of the portable classrooms around 2:30. they say the classroom was empty at the time. officials say the fire was out within 15 minutes. students were dismissed from school at 3:00. no one was injured and no other buildings were damaged. gabrielle: a man wanted in connection with a deadly shooting at an upstate bar has been arrested in a charlotte. deputies say this man is charged for a homicide near seneca. it happened in march of last year at the former sonny's bar and grill. deputies say he will be extradited back to oconee county. michael: to western north
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his father. henderson county deputies arrested joey butler last night. he is accused of hitting his father with a baseball bat. butler is being held at the henderson county jail right now. gabrielle: it's been 3 months now, and so far no arrests for the murders of a couple and their elderly mothers. michael: tonight some new information on the investigation. wyff news 4's mandy gaither is live and local at the anderson county sheriff's office with more. mandy: deputies are turning to criminal profilers with sled, hoping to gain some insight on the case, and who would do such a thing. november 2, more than 3 months ago, family members stood along refuge road clinging to one another, desperately seeking comfort in their loss. mike and cathy scott, their mothers barbara scott and violet taylor, found shot to death inside their home in what the coroner called "a very violent crime." the passage of time has done nothing to lessen the pain. >> there's not a day that goes by, probably not even a hour that goes by, that i don't think
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mandy: tammy white was violet's granddaughter and cathy' niece. with no arrests in the case, the emotional wounds remain wide open unable to heal. >> this is the most traumatic thing that we've ever had to experience. there's just a lot of unanswered questions. mandy: anderson county sheriff's office captain garland major says investigators are continuing to work on leads as they come in, trying to generate new leads. after consulting with criminal profilers from the state law enforcement division, they're hoping for a new perspective on the case. meanwhile, white is hoping the power of prayer will turn up something the investigation hasn't. >> for it to hit such a small community, i would feel like it is probably hit a lot of people's hearts. we would pray that we can find
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mandy: the family is also planning a candlelight vigil for february 20 at 5:00 p.m. in pendleton veterans park. the public is invited. mandy gaither, wyff news 4 live in anderson county. >> now your live super doppler hd weather forecast. john: satellite picture in radar showing things quiet. plenty of sunshine outside. we could see some clouds coming in from the west quickly. finally joining out on the beaches, where they've had a lot of rain over the last couple days. the big nor'easter dumped a lot of snow in the northeast. live shot in asheville on this friday evening. how beautiful. of the distant are those high thin cirrus clouds. it looks nice out here from your window. 39 degrees currently in asheville. 42 in hendersonville. 49 in anderson. 46 i in spartrtburg. warmest spot in the upstate is
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as far as the winds, fairly light. a breeze in northern carolina. that gives us a windchill of 23 degrees. it feels like 33 in asheville. fairly light winds. certainly a chill in the higher elevations. humidity levels starting to come down. only 24% in downtown greenville. 52 in columbia. 52 integrated sprint of myrtle beach and hits with. -- 52 on the grand strand of myrtle beach. we showed you the panther veins charlotte. 37 degrees in charlotte. this system is going to slide by to the north. here is the big nor'easter that moved up and dumped a lot of snow, especially on the cape. boston will end up with 5-10 plus inches of snow. it is still snowing in boston,
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30 degrees. they already have a half foot of snow on the ground. the farther away from the city itself -- when you get into cape cod, they have blowing and drifting snow, well over a foot. 28 in minneapolis. eventually in miami at 66 degrees. -- even chilly in miami at six degrees. live 20's in the mountains with diminishing winds. saturday into the weekend, and it says clouds and sunshine. a few degrees below average. still cold. light winds in the mountains. high temperature 44 degrees. overall, chilly at night, but not too bad during the afternoon hours. here comes the core temperatures and precipitation. as chris and i were talking about earlier, monday and tuesday is cold, then we rebound next week. michael: one of ellen's favorite guests, a 6-year-old north
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appearance today. braylon beam is from the charlotte area. he has brain cancer. this was his third trip to the show. the last time we saw braylon he was giving cam newton quarterback advice and was a special coach for the day with the panthers. ellen surprised braylon yet again. yes, tickets to the super bowl for everybody. ellen: so listen to this. not only are you going to go to the superbowl, but you're going to be on the field before the game starts. and at half time you're going to be on the field. you're going to be our correspondent, so you're going to cover the whole thing. you're going to tell us about it. [applause] michael: the family will be
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america's heroes have a message. if you've fought... you know picking a commander in chief is no small thing. you're looking for smarts... and guts. we looked at each candidate... we studied their record... we know... looked them over... we checked them out... and we chose one. there's only one. jeb bush. he's got a plan. he'll keep us safe. he's a president - a commander in chief. jeb bush. best prepared to be commander in chief. right to rise usa
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in tonight's four your health... i hate to be a spoil carol: in tonight's 4 your health, i hate to be a spoil sport, but if you're going to a super bowl party this weekend, you might want to keep your high fives to a minimum. that's because it's flu season, and sickness can spread quickly in social gatherings. fans of the broncos and panthers could be at an even higher risk. data from 1974-2009 shows cities
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had an 18% spike in flu-related deaths among people over 65. experts say these cities tend to have more parties, which means more opportunities for the flu to spread. so enjoy your super bowl party, but remember to wash your hands. cleaning up your kitchen could help you lose weight. researchers asked a group of stressed out women to wait in a cluttered kitchen, while another group waited in an organized kitchen. both rooms had bowls of cookies. the messy kitchen group ate twice as many cookies in just ten minutes than those in the clean kitchen. women who did not feel stressed upon entering the messy kitchen ate 100 fewer calories than those who felt out of control before going in. regular exercise can help older men reduce their risk of being hurt in a serious fall. a yale university study compared falls among seniors enrolled in a moderate exercise program to their more sedentary peers. there was no difference among women, but men in the program were 38% less likely to suffer a
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did not exercise. the physical activity program included moderate walking, flexibility, strength, and balance training exercises. sooner is better when it comes to treating pregnant women with the flu. because they're at higher risk for complications, expectant moms are more likely to be hospitalized for the flu. but cdc researchers say prompt treatment with antiviral medications, like tamiflu, can help cut down the length of their stay. the study showed pregnant women with severe flu were released from the hospital five days sooner when they were treated within two days of feeling sick. studies have shown flu antiviral therapy is safe and beneficial for pregnant women. >> one of the students even admitted to cheating. he says, sir, i don't know, but i'm sorry. michael: this teacher claims in a lawsuit that he filed that the grades he gave the students he
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a wyff news 4 the son of a polish immigrant who grew up in a brooklyn tenement. he went to public schools, then college, where the work of his life began -- fighting injustice and inequality, speaking truth to power. he moved to vermont, won election and praise as one of america's best mayors. in congress, he stood up for working families and for principle, opposing the iraq war, supporting veterans. now he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system funded by over two and a half million contributionsns tackling climate change to create clean-energy jobs,
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and tuition-free public colleges. people are sick and tired of establishment politics, and they want real change! [ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather, an honest leader building a movement with you to give us a future to believe in. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. a former "teacher of the year" sues his school district.. claiming michael: a former teacher of the year assumes his school district claiming after he flunked two , students for cheating on an exam. gabrielle: plus, the elephants from the circus choose who they think will win the super bowl. >> you're watching live, local, breaking news with nigel robertson, gabrielle komorowski,
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this is wyff news 4 at 5:00 in high-definition. michael: let the fun continue. we are just 2 days away from super bowl 50. gabrielle: our own carolina panthers are taking on the denver broncos. our own nigel robertson is in charlotte. and wyff news 4's brad fralick and marc dopher are in santa clara. but first, nigel, let's go to you. very exciting day in charlotte. nigel: their exciting day. but listen to this, the super bowl is not here in charlotte. it's not at bank of america stadium. here is the thing, when we pulled up to date, there were crowds of people at bankamerica stadium. basically every parking lot was taken. i did a bit of investigative work to find out why so many people were here. it's because the gift shop was open. everyone, every car, everyone
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