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tv   WYFF News 4 530pm  WYFF  February 5, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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sort of carolina panthers paraphernalia. on their cars, there are flags, people wearing shirts. everyone is so excited for sunday's game. so excited about the team. downtown -- or uptown as they call it here, will be packed with people.every part or restaurant will have people -- every bar or restaurant will have people watching the game. police will be making sure everybody is safe. people have been excited. you can feel the vibe. you can see people taking pictures outside the stadium all day long. the excitement is building, especially now that friday is here. back to you guys. michael: nigel, thank you. and in after the boys -- now to the boys we out west in california. gabrielle: happy friday to you, brad and marc.
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stuff outside the football game. well, we find it funnyny there are a million of these things. they are wild. >> let's get this out of the way, because it is the scariest. you can actually make a wager on whether or not there will be an earthquake during super bowl 50. 10-1 odds on that? another strange one? how about bidding on -- betting on what the gatorade bath will be for the -- winning coach. >> looking at levi stadium, looking at some of the crazier things that surround super bowl week. one, if the teams that wins the coin toss will win the game. there is something on that. there are so many of these. >> how many times the golden gate bridge will be shown on it national television. [laughter] theyeyay it's 2.5. i think it's going to be a few more than that. one, how many times will archie
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that is peyton manning's dad. and how many times will peyton manning use the audible call omaha? >> we will talk more on the game itself more at 6:00. news at a campus -- panthers camp coming out of the 6:00 show. brad fralick and mar cdopher live in santa clara. gabrielle: we've heard from in any sports and was weigh in on who they think will win the super bowl. but what about what elephants think? elephants are in greenville for the ringling brothers barnum and bailey circus at the bon secours wellness arena. today they doubled as super bowl experts and picked who they think will win the super bowl. and guess what? that was their piclk. >> i was really happy kelly anne picked the panthers. i was crossing my fingers of course. kelly anne is so smart. elephants are the second smartest animal in the world, i knew she was going to pick the panthers.
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ann even did the dab. flags were set up representing each team. the pick was based on which flag the elephant liked better. michael: you know kelly ann is going to remember this. don't you forget -- we have a preview live from california and points west. geoff hart will join us for a special week called "chasing a championship." you can watch it at 8:00 live tonight at wyff 4. gabrielle: an upstate school district is beating sued by a teacher the claims someone altered the grades of students. our wyff news 4 investigation is next. >> a huge honor for a student at emerald high school. while doodles for google is here
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gabrielle: wyff news 4 investigates tonight allegations of cheating at an upstate school district. a teacher has resigned, claiming after he flunked two students for cheating on an exam, school district officials gave them passing grades. that teacher is now suing the school district. and tonight, he is speaking exclusively to wyff news 4 investigates' tim waller.
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teacher at the swofford career center in spantanburg district one for 13 years. but last july, cash resigned saying his faith in public education had been shattered. michael cash wasn't just any teacher for spartanburg district one. >> i would like introduce mr. michael cash. he is the swofford career center teacher of the year. [applausus and he is also our district one teacher of the year. congratulations. [applause] tim: he was their 2014 teacher of the year, receiving trophies and congratulatory letters, thanking cash for a job well done. >> district teacher of the year. first time that ever happened at swofford career center. highlight of my career. highlight of my career. never been so proud in my life. tim: but last july, less than a year after the school district tweeted his great success as a teacher, cash resigned with deep
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lawsuit school officials altered the grades of two students he caught cheating. >> then i said, do i sit on this and just forget about and just on about my business? i said, hey, i can't do that. i've got too much integrity to do that. this is the wrong thing to do. tim: according to court documents, cash claims two students in his engineering class cheated on their final exam. one of the students even admitted to cheating? >> yes. sure did. i said, why did you cheat? he says sir, i don't know, but i'm sorry. tim: cash says he was going to give them zeros, but claims after their parents put up a fuss, he was ordered by assistant superintendent stephanie mathis to give the students a re-test. >> i asked miss mathis, i said, when they finish this test, this will be there great. she said, absolutely this will be there great. tim: cash says when the re-test was given, one student scored a 25, the other didn't show and received a zero. but that wasn't the end of it.
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pulled aside by his boss. >> he says, mike, you're not going to like what i'm going to tell you. he said, the district changed to those great after you put them in. tim: in a lawsuit against spartanburg district one and superintendent dr. ronald garner, cash claims the students he caught cheating had their final grades altered by someone at the district. and d at both students received a score of 85, which translates to a letter grade of b. he also claims that after learning about the grade-change, he discovered his powerschool account which is used to enter , grades had been deleted, along , with his school email account. john reckenbeil is cash's attorney. >> there's only one way that could happen. someone actually goes into the mainframe program and actually changes and manipulates those grades. that's a crime in this state. tim: wyff news 4 investigates contacted the school district for a response to the lawsuit. spokeswoman cathy mcmillan said the lawsuit is completely without merit.
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legal counsel, the district will have no further comment. cash insists his lawsuit against the school district has nothing to do with profit. this is not about making money off the taxpayers? >> i'm not interested in the money whatsoever. i could care less about the money. this has never been about money. tim: he says it's about righting a wrong and making sure those students get the grades they deserve. spartanburg district one has yet to file its enter in a civil lawsuit. a spokesman for the department of education would neither confirm or deny whether they are reviewing cash's claim. the plan to follow up on cash's lawsuit closely. we will keep you updated on any new developments. michael: coming up on news 4, a store owner sticking up i this armed robbery. --store owner shogun up by this armed robbery. gabrielle: the lady gamecocks
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john: wow. let's head out live to santa clara, california. everybody is getting ready at the stadium. temperature wise, it is beautiful. 66 degrees on this friday afternoon for them. light winds, and for the super
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the mcdowell county sheriff's office has a warning for you gabrielle: the mcdowell county sheriff's office has a warning for you about a new scam. deputies say people have been getting calls from someone claiming to work for microsoft. the caller tells victims their computer is infected with a virus and they need to send money to get it repaired. this is a scam. you can call the mcdowell county sheriff's office if you think you've received a call like this. michael: the clemson university board of trustees has adopted recommendations made by a task force to better tell the school's complete history. among the task force's recommendations -- updating biographies of the school's founders, placing more historical markers across campus, establishing a clemson history week, developing a course on the school's history, and establishing a center or museum dedicated to clemson's history and culture. controversy has surrounded the school's history in recent months, as several groups wanted to change the name of clemson's tillman hall. gabrielle: one of magnolia
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hiring. tucanos brazilian grill plans to hire 150 full and part-time staff. the restaurant is set to open soon on woodruff road in greenville. in-person interviews will begin on tuesday at the restaurant's hiring headquarters on verdae boulevard. you can find more information on how to apply on our website. michael: uber drivers are now allowed to pick up and drop off passengers at gsp airport. the airport announced today gsp has reached an agreement with uber. drivers will no longer have to register individually to operate at the airport. gsp officials say uber is an "innovative and convenient option for travelers." >> now your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. gabrielle: a few more stories before the weather. a crane collapsed this morning in new york city killing a pedestrian and seriously injuring two others. the accident happened this morning in the city's tribeca neighborhood. video from the scene shows the crawler crane upside down and resting on the top of several
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there's still no word on what caused the crane to collapse. michael: employees at a florida grocery store are shaken up tonight. this is incredible. and armed robbery attempted by an eight-year-old boy. surveillance footage captures the young boy walking into the store. you can see him there with a motorcycle helmet and a sweater covering his mouth. according to a clerk, the boy walked right up to the counter. then pulled out a gun and demanded money. >> all of a sudden, i'm so shocked i don't know if it's a real gun or if it's a fake gun, but my priority is to take it away from him. i don't know. i just turned his wrist and took it out from his hand. at that point, another coworker of mine grabbed him. michael: investigators say the gun was stolen from his mother. officers say the incident is still under investigation, but so far no charges have been filed. gabrielle: in horry county, a transgender male student said he was suspended from socastee high school for a day after using the boy's bathroom. the student identifies as a
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the horry county school district says it does not have a specific policy on bathroom usage for transgender students, but will make accommodations. the student's mother says the school was out of line. the student is now enrolled in an online school. michael: students at michigan tech have been busy with more than just books. over the past month, teams have been grading snow statues for an annual competition. john will love that one. this one was the theme "as as snow accumulates at alarming rates, we show our love for the 50 states." this year's winner, the brooklyn bridge, greeted by the phi kappa tau fraternity. >> now your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. john: wow, that was pretet cool. those are some talented students, to say the least. for us, plenty of sunshine. still, temperatures below average. some high clouds scoot across our skies late tonight.
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plenty of starts this evening. before the sun goes down, bright sunshine. this is a live shot over lake hartwell in anderson county. we started the weekend looking pretty good. 49 in anderson. 47 degrees in greenwood and laurens. only 39 degrees in asheville. asked the freezing mark in boone. upper 40's in dakoa. 49 in florence. 52 in columbia. 52 in hilton head. a couple of 48's in columbia and myrtle beach. 49 in atlanta. 42 in bristol, tennessee. temperatures pretty chilly. high-pressure will dominate our weather over the weekend. we can see a few of these clouds come in from time to time, especially tomorrow. we are getting into more of a zonal flow. this big trough is going to grab
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that is going to slide down into the eastern half of the country, including us, into early next week. some of the coldest air we have had so far this winter. we could also see a wintry mix. it will be fairly light. the heaviest in the mountains. chris and i will talk about this system a detailed coming up at six clark. -- at 6:00. snow still up in boston right now. new york city have a couple inches of snow, so did atlantic city, so did the nations capital. a lot of drifting and blowing snow. the storm and really hit the cape. they have had blowing and eating some drifting snow. -- and even some drifting snow. still snowing in boston. they've officially had 6-7 inches, especially the farther southeast you go. rhode island expecting over a foot of snow before it is over tonight. 33 in denver. 54 in oklahoma city.
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our forecast for tonight, mainly clear skies and cold. overnight lows in the 20's. low 20's in the mountains. in the greenville agents for merck-hendersonville area, not too bad. we should mainly be in the mid-50's. a couple degrees below average. in the asheville-hendersonville area, partly sunny skies, but light winds. high temperature still chilly at 43 degrees. with late winds, it will feel more comfortable outside. not like the last couple days with low wind chills. sunday is a bit milder than a saturday. 55 in the upstate. 45 in the nonsense. then comes the arctic air on monday. we could see a few rain0--snow showers. snow showers likely on monday. monday night, snow showers around the entire area. a few lingering snow showers on tuesday. they continue with a
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this is not a major storm system. this could bring some flurries and snow showers for the entire area. more about this in detail at 6:00. gabrielle: have you seen this play from the lady gamecocks last night? they were playing against kentucky. after taking the inbound pass, this player makes 2 dribbles and lets it fly. wow. she was about 70 feet from the goal. she launches that two-handed shot typical. it rattles off the roof. that is a three-pointer for the lady gamecocks. the second-ranked undefeated gamecocks won the game 78-68. nothing says romance like chocolate noodles. at least that is according to a restaurant in tokyo. in honor of valentine's day, the restaurant is serving up ramen noodles with a generous serving of chocolate. roman noodles and chocolate. michael: mmm.
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chocolate ramen isn't really popular. while it seems like an odd accommodation, people are pleasantly surprised by the flavor. >> it sounds amazing. it's very different from any rahman that i've had before. -- ramen that i've had before. gabrielle: she said at different. the chocolate ramen cost about
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>> how you can help thiscloser to getting his doodle-- gabrielle: an upstate student is one step closer to getting his doodle on the google homepage, but he needs your help. wyff news 4's aly myles explains. >> we have a bit of a surprise. the winner for the state of south carolina in this gymnasium. [cheering] >> it's not every day one of the biggest companies in the world comes to your school to celebrate your artwork. >> can we please have a drumroll? aly: it is almost unheard of. >> the winner is -- khalil lake.
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aly: but when you have a support system like this? >> how do you feel? aly: well, that is a different story. >> with special needs, you are limited to all the recognition and awards. to get this kind of achievement, it is a big thing for us. aly: khalil lake might be underestimated, but so far he's proven everyone wrong. >> he will tell me something, and i will be so amazed. i will say, how do you know it? he will say, mom i'm not dumb. >> he learned to read, and he's blind. he's learned to read, he's learned to make art. he's learned to add. aly: now he can add award-winning artist to his resume. khalil's drawing was chosen out of tens of thousands as south
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>> he was practicing letters one afternoon and we did to the world "google"." aly: now he needs your help to make it to the homepage. he needs your vote to prove yet again, just because he has special needs, does not mean he has limitations. >> you can't stop these kids. if you really are creative and try to get to know them, and what makes them them. >> say cheese. >> then you will find out what makes them useful. that is what makes the world beautiful. -- makes them beautiful. aly: aly myles, wyff news 4 in angry with. -- in greenwood. gabrielle: the state winners will get there were down to the top 5. the overall winner's doodle will
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if you want to vote for khalil, we have a link on >> this is wyff news 4 at 6:00 in high-definition. carol: a vigil planned to celebrate the lives of four family members who were murdered in november. what investigators are now doing to catch a killer. michael: road work now underway in the i-85 and i-385 area. the affect on the many who drive that way. carol: we begin with you coverage of the carolina panthers, pressing for sunday's big game. michael: the fans certainly excited by the news that a key player will be able to take the field sunday. carol: force director -- sports directorrad fralick has the latest from santa clara california. brad: we are outside levi's stadium in santa clara. great news for panthers fans. probably expected news, but good news nonetheless.
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game, davis broke his right arm in 2 places. he had 12 screws and a plate put in that arm the monday after the game. he said right after that happened, he expected to play in the super bowl. for the last three days of practice, he's had a full participation. he's expected to start against the broncos. thomas davis said something interesting on twitter today. rodney harrison, former new england patriots defensive back, was asked how he would stop cam newton. he said he would go after his knees. thomas davis took offense to that, then it took to twitter. "how can you sit and say you would try to intentionally hurt another player? #no respectforthegame." obviously not taking kind to rodney's words. four a former player to say that about a current player, probably flies the place of what current players believe about going after another guy intentionally.
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field against the broncos.
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