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tv   WYFF News 4 11pm  NBC  February 5, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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be the case 2 weeks ago. thomas davis breaking his arm in the nfc championship game. he broke it in two places, required 12 screws and a plate to put it back together. he said after that game, he expected to play in the super bowl. he's not wavered from that one bit. he got here to the west coast, participated in practice every day. full persusuion for the last three days. the panthers practiced for the final time today. thomas davis is expected to come. he took to twitter. an analyst made some disparaging comments about cam newton, saying he would it take them out of the game, going for his knees and trying to hurt him. thomas davis didn't like that. keep on twitter, "how can you say that you would intentionally
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"#norespectforthegame." thomas davis not mincing words. rodney harrison, a relatively respected nfl analyst, said if he was playing in this game, he would try to take cam newton out of the game. not something you often hear from former players. in santa clara, brad fralick, wyff news 4. michael: let's get to the food. what is your super bowl food of choice? wings, pizza, or maybe some steamed at a mommy -- edamame? carol: millions are teaming up with each dish. reports on some upstate eateries ready to help you score. john: when the broncos and panthers take the field, millions of americans will be doing takeouts. and they wont be alone. people keeping track say 1.3 billion chicken wings will be eaten super bowl sunday. that's enough for every man,
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eat 4. >> chicken wings cooked pretty well are pretty good. john: chief's wings and firewater will be ready. >> we've ordered about 6300 pounds, we'll probably sell 6200 pounds. [laughter] john: they expect about 400 to jam in. >> we should be keep pounding wings down i guess we'd say. john: others will take out wings. >> you all need any cheese? john: and at pebble creek pizza, they will be making double the pies they do on other football sundays. >> it's just the universal food, everyone loves it. it tastes the best. i don't know, guys like pizza, girls like pizza. john: those same number crunchers say he right.. pizza is the number 1 choice with almost half of super bowl watchers eating a slice. it's football food. john: so whether your party includes pizza, wings, or something else, most agree on one thing. >> go panthers!
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it will be a betrayal not to be for carolina. john: and maybe know when to push the plate away. one national retailer says antacid sales goes up 20% the day after the super bowl. coincidence? maybe, maybe not. john lyon, wyff news 4, greenville. carol: today, students in spartanburg met 4 men who know exactly what the panthers are going through right now. the men all played in the super bowl. they all graduated from spartanburg school district seven. in their honor, spartanburg high got 4 golden footballs as part of the nfl's super bowl high school honor roll program. among the former players was stephen davis, who played in the super bowl with the panthers in 2004. he says your hometown support is very i iortant to the team. >> it makes a player proud to have that support and to be able to go out there and show your god given talent in front of a
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carol: the hope is that the graduates turned super bowl stars will show current students that they can fulfill big dreams. michael: we have your special here tonight. be sure to turn to wyff news 4 right after the big game on sunday. we'll bring you immediate live coverage as soon as the game ends. our wyff news 4 sports team will be live from levi's stadium with reaction from the coaches and players. lots of people will be talking. plus we'll take you live to charlotte and the upstate for game reaction. it is all right here after the big game on wyff 4. carol: how about your super bowl weather? michael: there is our chief quarterback, john cessarich. how about that atmosphere, nice form in california? john: seasonably chilly tonight for marc and brad in a santa clara. 43 degrees i am forecasting. look at the high tomorrow. somebody with sunshine. the average high 61 degrees. -- 70 with sunshine. it is so close to san francisco bay. as far for the super bowl
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degrees. once the sun goes down, you will get dampness at the second half. temperature dropping into the low 60's. for us, temperatures are pretty chilly. it's nice in california, but 29 international. your wake-up weather -- 29 in asheville. cold temperatures when you wake up saturday morning. mostly to partly cloudy skies. a mix of clouds and sunshine in the nonsense. we will talk the rest of the weekend weather a little bit later on. michael: to commitment 2016 now. we are fewer than four days away fromhe new hampshire primary. candidates are gearing up their campaigns and holding rallies across the granite state, trying to win over undecided voters. carol: the candidates are spending every single second they can trying to get their message out to new hampshire voters. and a new poll out this afternoon shows that senatoror bernie sanders seems to be connecting with people. not just in the granite state, but across the country. the survey by quinnipiac university shows the national race is now virtually neck & neck. hillary clinton holds a slim two
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11% of voters say they are still undecided. michael: on the republican side, the same survey found that marco rubio is the strongest candidate to win the november general election. but for the primary, trump stills leads the gop pack with 31%, followed by ted cruz with 22%, and rubio with 19%. 9% of the voters say they're still undecided. carol: republican candidates will meet tomorrow night for their final debate before the new hampshire primary. donald trump, senators ted cruz, marco rubio, dr. ben carson, former governor jeb bush, and governors chris christie and john kasich, will be there as well. carly fiorina and former governor jim gilmore did not meet the criteria for this debate. michael: and upstate connection here. south carolina congressman trey gowdy has invited you to watch the debate with him at 7:30 p.m. he's hosting a watch party at the nose dive gastropub in downtown greenville. carol: bobby jindal has become the latest republican leader to endorse marco rubio. jindal dropped out of the race for the white house back in november. the former louisiana governor
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rubio. "marco can unify our party. his optimistic message is bringing voters from across the party lines, from across different demographic groups. he can unify our party and he can win this election in november." michael: donald trump returned back to south carolina tonight. trump interrupted his busy campaign schedule in new hampshire to campaign in the palmetto state. thousands of people packed the florence civic center. trump is the front-runner ahead of tuesday's new hampshire primary. many eyes are now on the south, especially the south carolina primary coming up in days. the pundits will tell you south carolina is the political gateway to the south. carol: several upcoming campaign visits to note. donald trump will visit the upstate next week. he has scheduled a rally at the ted garrison arena in pendleton on wednesday. doors open at 5:00, and the event starts at 7:00. it's free to attend, but you need to reserve a ticket online. michael: on the democratic side, hillary clinton's daughter chelsea will make her first campaign swing through the palmetto state.
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hillary events tomororw in the following places -- winthrop university in rock hill, converse college in spartanburg, and clemson. carol: twitter is doing their part in the fight against isis. the company is now using spam-fighting technology to track down terrorist activity on its network. twitter has already suspended more than 125,000 accounts for promoting isis in the last 8 months. this comes after the u.s. government has pressured social media companies to respond more aggressively to reports of abuse. michael: back in the upstate, a shooting at a drug store. greenville county deputies say a woman was shot outside the parker road drug store. it happened just before 6:00 this evening. tonight no word on the woman's condition. no arrests have been made. carol: to charlotte now. an arrest has been made in connection with a deadly shooting at an upstate bar. deputies say this man faces a slew of charges, including murder. he stands accused of gunning down anthony holden. we are told it happened in march of last year at the former sonny's bar and grill. he will be going through the
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return to oconee county. michael: now to york county, where troopers say 2 people died in an suv crash on highway 20 at 2:11 on wilkerson wrote. a suv swerved and hit a fence entry. both the passenger in the front and one in the back were killed. the other two in the suv were taken to the hospital, both from gaffney. no word on how they are doing tonight. carol: a vigil is being planned for 4 family members murdered in november. the bodies of mike and cathy scott and their mothers barbara scott and violet taylor were foununinside their home on november 2. all had been shot to death. no arrests have been made. tammy white was violet's granddaughter and cathy's niece. she says the family just wants answers. >> for it to hit such a small community, i feel that it is hit a lot of people's hearts. we just pray that we can find
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carol: anderson county deputies are consulting with criminal profilers with sled, hoping to gain some insight on the crimes and who would do such a thing. a candlelight vigil will be held on february 20 at 5:00 p.m. in pendleton's veterans park. michael: the searches on in california for any survivors following a reported plane crash. 2 planes collided midair of the los angeles. the faa only confirms that a small plane went down. right now we do not know what caused all this. also, no word on how many people might have been aboard. carol: an 8-year-old stands accused of trying to rob a florida grocery store at gunpoint. surveillance video shows the young boy walking right up to the counter, pulling out a gun and demanding money. , the clerk managed to wrestle the weapon away. nobody was hurt. police say the child stole the gun from his mother. to some developing news overseas.
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was felt in taiwan. it happened in the south taiwanese city of tainan. the earthquake struck saturday at 4:00 a.m. their time. at least three people were killed. -- at least 5 people were killed. more than 150 have been hospitalized. over 200 people were rescued from a high-rise that collapsed. several other buildings also collapsed or were partially damaged. michael: that is new york city this morning. terrifying moments captured by that lens. right now investigators trying to figure out what caused that tower crane to come crashing down. it have been in the middle of rush hour. one person was killed while walking on the sidewalk below. 3 others are hurt tonight. the crane was being secured at the time because of high winds. john: live shot looking down clemson boulevard on this friday night. current amateur 37 degrees with mostly clear skies.
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michael: major lane closures along i-85 and i 385.
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working on chrome drive near the harley-davidson dealership. they will also be on roper mountain road where it passes i-85. local businesses are looking forward to the end result. >> it is a frustration point for us. and also for our customers as well. this is going to be amazing. greenville is only set to grow. michael: the project will take three years to complete. crews state you will start to see huge construction cranes during the summer. when it is done, i-85 and i-385 will be wider. carol: apple will now let you trade in a banged up i-phone as part of an upgrade. the company is changing its policy that only offered credit for phones with an intact screen and working buttons. apple is hoping the new policy will encourage more people to upgrade. it will only apply to i-phone 5's and later models. michael: look closely here. this is a new deep-sea discovery. this purple-sock looking creature has been identified as resembling an early life form. it's called the xenoturbella.
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reproductive organs. after extensive genetic testing, scientists believe this has always been a simple creature. biologists say the discovery helps them understand how animals have evolved over time. carol: it's national wear red day. and to celebrate, all the newborns at greenville memorial went home with a red hat. on this day each february, the americananeart association encourages everyone to wear red in support of the fight against heart disease. the group says it's the number one killer of women, and that it affects 44 million women in the united states. >> mothers in particular, when we're trying to take care of ourselves and get ready for a healthy pregnancy it's extremely , important that we also take care of our hearts. carol: the american heart association says 80% of heart disease and stroke events could be prevented by lifestyle changes. >> now your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. john: settling picture in radar showing mainly clear skies.
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you can see the clouds coming into alabama and middle tennessee. we will see increasing clouds later on tonight. that will keep the temperature from dropping quickly. temperatures are already pretty cold. we started off at 33 at the gsp international airport. exactly where it should be this time of year. 49, the high. that is six degrees below average. 27 to start at the asheville regional airport. only one of two 48 degrees, 80 degrees below average. life shot from town square in laurens. mostly clear skies. pretty chilly, to say the least. 30 in laurens. 37 degrees in greenville, also in anderson. 39 in clemson. through north carolina, you have the coldest temperatures. at least the winds have died down considerably. 29 in asheville. 23 in waynesville. 32 in brevard.
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a couple 24's in spruce pine's and boone. cold temperatures across. . a cold night tonight, but the winds or light from 5-10 miles hour. humidity levels low, especially in the central part of the upstate. 39% in downtown greenville. 32 in columbia. chili along the beaches. 36 in myrtle beach. 30 in charleston and -- 38 in charleston and atlanta. 50 is chilly for atlanta -- for orlando. 65 degrees in miami. you can see the cold air in the deep south. 31 degrees in st. louis. 35 in nashville. 29 in virginia. this is nothing like next week. some of the coldest air we have seen so far is sitting in canada. it is going to swing down as we get into most of next week. very cold temperatures. and also unsettled. 15 in denver. 27 in chicago. boston had about 7-8 inches of snow downtown. 26 degrees from the big
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offshore. high-pressure dominates the weekend. watch this low offshore. in fort lauderdale in miami, that will intensify as it makes its way northward. here comes a band of rain from savanna, had, all the way to the carolina coast. rain continuing along the beaches of the carolinas on sunday. the northern edge could be mixed with a bit of what snow and sleet. wet snow and sleet. high-pressure dominates our weather. the cold front to our west is on the way next week. becoming mostly cloudy and cold. overnight low 29 degrees. mostly clear to partly cloudy skies. overnight low 23 in the mountains. for saturday into the weekend, a lot of cloud cover, then partly cloudy skies in the afternoon. high temperature cool. 52 degrees. only 43, but light wind ins. something better. high of 85 with more sunshine. cold front comes in. snow showers moving into the mountains.
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snow, maybe even if the upstate. monday night into tuesday, maybe a few snow showers or flurries. should not be a big deal. look how cold it gets through most of next week. hope you have a fantastic weekend. now back to you, carol and michael. carol: this is very cool. first happening today for the south carolina women's basketball program. >> never has that team filled out all 18000 seat at colonial life arena. meet our latest wyff news 4 super bowl correspondent. you don't want to miss this next an america's heroes have a message. if you've fought...
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>> now wyff news 4 sports. >> i think the panthers will handle them. i think the defense on denver is pretty dang good. i think it will be low scoring, but i think carolina will be on top. ricardo: former clemson quarterback and super bowl champion steve fuller picking carolina in sunday's game. fuller was teammates with panthers head coach ron rivera on that 1985 chicago bears team. many prognosticators around the country siding with fuller. the panthers are the vegas favorites heading into super bowl 50, and historically that's a good sign. over the last 49 super bowls, the favorites have gone on to win 33 times. director brad fralick, live from santa clara tonight with more. hey brad. brad: hey ricardo. it has been a fun week. we are today's way from super bowl 50. these guys are ready to see a football game. we are certainly ready. i know it's a lot of fun
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what is even more fun when panthers wide receiver brenton bersin takes the microphone. brenton: this is brenton bersin with the start of the carolyn a panthers. how does it feel to be here on media day? >> feels great. >> hometown favorite. brenton: how is it feel to be here on media day? >> everybody asking you different kinds of questions. brenton: how does it feel to be here? >> man, it's great. this is media day times 10. brenton: i'm here with benjamin burris, who used to coach at furman. which is my rival, i went to wofford college. how does it feel to be here? >> furman was the big time. so this is a step down, i think. probably like to hundred million people watching the game. it's the biggest game in america.
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benton: he's at a loss for words,. too much furman talk. i'm going to cut him off. can you say some thing for me? i need you to say one thing for the camera. go wofford. >> go bucs. >> say go wofford. >> go blue, baby. brad: brenton burson did not have much luck having people to say "go wofford." panthers open blog is on their side will 50. the m.v.p. award will be announced. it's expected to be curling is quarterback cam newton. live in santa clara, brad fralick, wyff news 4. ricardo: in case you missed our panthers special that aired earlier this evening, " chasing the championship." you can watch it on the mobile app were on a first for the south carolina women's program today. the school announcing a sellout of colonial life arena for monday night's game against uconn. the matchup will feature the
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division one women's basketball. the south carolina men also involved in a ranked matchup. the gamecocks head to college station saturday to face 8th ranked texas a&m. the gamecocks suffered their third loss of the season tuesday at georgia, and will try to get back on track against a solid aggies squad. >> we don't overreact to a win or loss. we just take one opponent at time. obviously, they are the best team in the sec right now, so everyone is excited to play them. ricardo: the top 25 matchup tips at 4:00. clemson will plate 2 games -- play 2 games in the next three days. traveling to blacksburg to face virginia tech. the tigers have their highest point output in a half season of tuesday's win at wake forest. clinton wants to carry that performance over against the hoagies. >> it kind of carryovers in practice. the mentality that we h he everything in practice carries over into the big game. our guys need to be locked in and ready for the game.
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ricardo: tip-off set for 4:00. clemson 7 -3 in the acc. they are looking to get a win and improve their standings in the acc, trying to catch
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carol: ricardo, than the son of a polish immigrant who grew up in a brooklyn tenement. he went to public schools, then college, where the work of his life began -- fighting injustice and inequality, speaking truth to power. he moved to vermont, n election and praise as one of america's best mayors. in congress, he stood up for working families and for principle, opposing the iraq war, supporting veterans. w he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system funded by over two and a half million contributions, tackling climate change to create clean-energy jobs, fighting for living wages, equal pay, and tuition-free public colleges. people are sick and tired of establishment politics, and they want real change! [ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather,
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to give us a future to believe in. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. michael: if you like it cold this time of year, you might as well. john: it is february. 52 for the high tomorrow. a little chilly. 52 is a bit optimistic. you might only stay in the upper 40's. a lot of clouds in the morning giving way to partly cloudy skies. makes a pleasant sunshine in the mountains. high of 43. milder with more sunshine on sunday. then it gets much colder next week. arctic air comes in. we could even see a bit of flurries or snow showers early next week, middle the week, even in the upstate. carol: but you are saying no big
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john: probably 1-3 inches of snow in the mountains. carol: thanks for watching wyff news 4 at 11:00. the big game coverage continues
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michael: g [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the
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