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tv   WYFF News 4 5am Sunday  WYFF  February 7, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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let's talk about some of those changes and our temperatures this morning. not as cold across much of western north carolina. we are close to 40's in the upstate this morning. not as chilly. wind picking up today. you will notice that. in asheville, 10 miles per hour per hour. gusting over 20 later this afternoon and by this evening, those winds will be out of the northwest gusting to 20 in the upstate area here are the clouds that you are going to see to start the day. look at the mess, even wintry weather mixed in with this. . it will not accumulate into anything. showing you big changes near the coast and now, here comes our two. that is the one that will impact us the most cold air and snow in western north carolina. here is your day in anderson.
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that system near the coast pulls away. we are in the mid-50's in greenville today. quite nice, plenty of sunshine through the day. becoming when the, and the same goes in the mountains were temperatures today are in the upper 40's. that is the warmest you will feel for several days. we will talk about the timing of snow, rain, and bitterly cold air that is yet to come in for the upcoming week. i will like about that in a bit. myra: super bowl weekend is here. kick off is a little over 18 hours from now. allyson: the panthers will be getting ready to take the field in california. to fight for the title of super bowl 50 champs. all their hard work leads up to this one moment. it seemed like nothing more than a formality. and it became official last night. panthers quarterback cam newton is the nfl mvp. he guided carolina to a 15-and-1 regular season record. newton won the award in a landslide. receiving 48 of the possible 50 votes. panthers coach ron rivera picked up the coach of the year award. myra: turning to fans now.
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his panthers pride to the next level. allyson: alain brown from kernersville is also known as the mad cattah. of course, his inspiration is from the famous character the mad matter from alice in wonderland. it took him months of sketching sewing and cutting to transform , into the mad cattah. he said he's been a fan since day one. and he rememebers waiting for the carolinas to get a team. >> i say to myself if we ever have a team in the carolinas, thing. i didn't fall in love with any other team, but if we ever get a team in the carolinas, i will be a diehard fan firm day one could i have boys had a vision in my head about how it would look, will be the colors, and the name of the team if we got one. that is how it all begins. myra: brown works for the city of winston-salem and kermit's hot dog house but when he's off the clock, the mad cattah comes out. before the big game, ticket
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allyson: the cheapest price, on, stub hub, $2700. and that had us wondering, what could you buy for that kind of money? a few options, $2700 will cover one week at a hotel and why. you could also by six apple ipod errors. it's even enough for starbucks 675 lattes. myra: i will take feature to live. denver police are warning fans not to get out of control during tonights game. the department even put out a commericial hoping to get that message out to everyone. this comes after the broncos won the super bowl back in 1998 and the celerbations turned into riots. cars were turned over fires were set and windows were broken. police say they will not tolerate a repeat of this. myra: be sure to turn to wyff news 4 right after the big game on sunday. we'll bring you immediate live coverage as soon as the game ends. that news 4 sports team is live in levi stadium with reaction from the coaches and players.
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and the upstate for game reaction. all right here after the big game, on wyff4 allyson: in commitment 2016 new hampshire's first in the , nation presidential primary is just a few days away and 7 republicans met in a debate on abc news for one final match up before the crucial vote takes place. sally kidd is in manchester with how it went. chris christie: is that one of the skills you get as united states senator, esb also? sally: marco rubio falling -- rising in the polls and taking the heat. chris christie: you have not been involved in a consequential decision. marco rubio: your stay got hit by a massive snowstorm two weeks ago and they had a shame you into going back. sally: they fought over eminent domain. donald trump: let me talk. quiet. sally: the candidates also fielded questions on foreign
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dealing with north korea's recent missile launch. on immigration. >> tennessee border, pay a fine, a path to legalization, we will triple the border patrol. sally: an accusation of dirty tricks in the cruz campaign during the iowa caucuses are ben carson: a gives us a good example of certain type of washington ethics. ted cruz: i apologize now, i am sorry. sally: and accused the rnc of stacking the on -- audience. donald trump: big people, donors, special interests. allyson: they say there were 75 rnc candidates in audience of 1000. myra: continuing commitment 2016 coverage chelsea clinton made , stops at local colleges campaigning for her mother, hillary clinton. she talked to a packed room of more than 100 people mostly
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many people in the audience asked clinton about college affordability women's rights and , health care. clinton said her mother would add to what's already in place under the affordable care act. she added that her mother would push for equal pay and a higher minimum wage. we asked clinton how her mother would help the thousands of people in our region who work in the manufacturing industry. >> she has a strong manufacturing plan. it's partly why she's so focused on the minimum wage. it's partly why she's so focused on equal pay for it will work. myra: clinton said her mother and father are expected to campaign here in the upstate before the democratic primary on february 27. pamela: this morning, looking at temperatures, nothing extreme in the southeast just yet area big changes on the way. there are snowflakes flying in parts of south carolina. let me show you where in just a few minutes. e in just a few minutes. e in just a few minutes. e in just a
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few minutes.
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our next item is a genuine "name your price" tool. this highly sought-after device from progressive can be yours for... twenty grand? -no! we are giving it away for just 3 easy payments of $4.99 plus tax! the lines are blowing up! we've got deborah from poughkeepsie. flo: yeah, no, it's flo. you guys realize anyone can use the "name your price" tool for free on, right? [ laughing nervously ] [ pickles whines ] i know, it's like they're always on television. what? myra: back in the upstate. firefighters want to know what started a fire at an apartment complex. the fire broke out yesterday morning. we are looking at pictures that are crew took at the scene. you can see the fire at the scene on the huntington downs apartments. on roper mountain road. several departments responded to
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today there are no reports of any injuries to that fire, but we know that some residents have allyson: two gaffney high school students were killed and 2 more the crash happened friday afternoon on highway 211 near wilkerson road, in york county. the york county coroner identified the victims as. 17-year-old dominick galosi and 18-year-old shemar byers. the crash remains under investigation. myra: woodruff police are adriel garnett. shooting. police say the shooting happened early saturday morning. and that garnett may be headed to the charleston area. if you can help locate garnett , please call crime stoppers. allyson: for the first time, converse college in spartanburg has a costumed mascot. val the valkyrie made her debut at a basketball game saturday this is the first time the school's mascot has been portrayed by an actual person. the debut was part of the teams annual pink game, in honor of cancer survivors, victims and their families. fans donated money toward cancer
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pamela: good morning, almost 5:14, a chilly start. clear in spartanburg. that is not the case across our entire area. there are thick clouds and southern sections of the upstate. i will show you why. a northerly wind coming in at seven. that will pick up today. it will put a bit of a chill in the air. even no, temperature wise, we will be a little warmer today. 36 in greenville with that northerly wind. things are still very dry. teens. across the area, here is what we are finding. temperatures in the 30's in asheville and hendersonville. not as cold as yesterday morning. black mountain at 32 this morning. 29 in weaverville. blackrock at 33. rivard at 31. 32 is where we start you out out in tacoha. temperatures in the mid to upper
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let's talk wind chill. with the wind at 10 miles per hour, it still feels like 20's across western north carolina even know you are in the lower 30's. it feels close to freezing or below in laurens and greenwood. as we would expect for an early february morning. live super doppler 4 hd, we are dry. there are an distinct things happening across south carolina right now. those being white and gray on the radar. we have a wintry mix with all of this moisture. this is the system i was talking to you about yesterday as it was yet to come together. it is now lashing the coast line with some very heavy rain. the rain feeding pretty far inland, as you can see. if you check the reporting stations, a lot of this is not actually reaching the ground or it is so mixed in with the rain. it is not going to accumulate into anything. interesting to see, none the less.
5:16 am
intensify and move up to the there. this leading edge of clouds slowly but surely will be the leading edge of some significantly colder air. we e ll be feeling it here. beginning to feel some big changes across the northern plains. that is going to be an interesting set up. as this comes, rotating around, we are going to have snow chances as early as tomorrow morning across western north carolina. you will definitely want to tune in to see if we are going to have any issues as far as travel goes. no issues in denver, except they are going to lose, but, temperature wise, charlotte will be in the 50's today. denver only in the low 40's. we have a live camera out in san francisco this morning if we want to take that.
5:17 am
the golden gate bridge. here we take a look. at the surface, the wind is mainly between 5-10 miles per hour. you can tell higher up where the camera is located, much windier this morning as things are jumping around. you never want to see a picture of san francisco when things look shaky. we will be talking to geoff and just a little while out there. nothing shocking just yet, but the pink and the white will be the arctic air moving down across the country. here is the day. plenty of sunshine in san francisco and santa clara and temperature wise, very warm. let's see what is happening offshore and where the system is going. it is going to be pulling away from the coast line. our day will actually get clearer even a we are starting out with clouds this morning. quickly, tomorrow morning, we start you out, monday morning,
5:18 am
fact, as the morning goes on, a light dose of snow coming over the mountains, a cold rain for us in the upstate. as we get into monday night, another push of what could add up to some snow. definitely across the mountains, we will be watching for delays or possible cancellations, especially into tuesday morning. that snow really hovers right near the tennessee border and could continue to be an issue through tuesday. we are looking at mainly 1-3 inches of snow possible in northern sections of north carolina. no more than a dusting in the upstate. we will mainly be a cold rain. 55 today, wind on the increase, 48 tomorrow. only 39 on tutuday. it is going to be quite breezy across the area, as well. very cold once we get into tuesday night and for much of the rest of the week, overnight
5:19 am
it has nothing to get too excited about in the upstate. and western north carolina, it could be a messy couple of days. alalson: a little commute issue. pamela: exactly. i will keep you up-to-date on that tomorrow. allyson: it's a plan to turn an upstate city into a mountain biking destination. myra: but it's not only outdoors enthusiasts who will benefit. right now plans are being designed to add 15 miles to the palmetto trail which currently ends at oconee station. those extra miles will add a loop system for hikers and mountain bikers. officials say it'll also kick start the economy in oconee county. >> we've done tours of other places that have mountain biking trails. we've taken our forestry department down there we've , taken our state tourism department in different areas and you pull in to these parking lots and all the cars have out of state license plates and these people are spending money and they are staying overnight.
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next year or two. covering the world now. a developing story this moring south korea says north korea has launched a long-range rocket. however, north korea says this is a peaceful satellite launch. this is video of an object in the sky, seen from south korea. critics say it is meant to test banned technology for a missile that could strike the u.s. mainland. a south korean news agency reports the rocket that blasted off has failed. north korea says it was successful. rescuers are frantically searching for more than 100 people missing from a massive earthquake that struck taiwan. new surveillance video shows the moment the 6.4 magnitude earthquake hit. it also shows a 17-story building collapse in the background. cement chunks can be seen crashing down, sending smoke into the air. so far, more than 200 people have been pulled from the rubble of different buildings. 14 people have been killed, hundreds of others were injured. myra: covering the nation now. authorities have arrested a michigan man they accuse of supporting isis militants and plotting to attack a detroit
5:21 am
khalil abu-rayyan is jailed pending a monday hearing. a spokeswoman for the u.s. attorney's office says the suspect hasn't been charged with terrorism-related crimes but has been under fbi surveillance after making threats against the church, police officers and others. he faces marijuana and gun charges. divers in los angeles spent most of the day searching for wreckage and the bodies of 3 people after 2 planes collided in mid air. searchers found debris from one of the planes friday night, and what started as a rescue mission turned into a recovery operation by the u.s. coastguard. there were 2 men aboard one plane, and a woman was piloting the other. officials say the planes were returning to the airport when they collided. officials are working to figure out what caused a crane to collapse in the heart of new york city. the accident was caught on camera on one person was killed friday. and 3 other people were hurt when the crane came crashing down. investigators say a construction crew was lowering the crane when
5:22 am
barreling down. experts say wind may have been to blame. >> while we do some engineering calculations, we go through the metal and how it failed and try to gather information about wind speeds around the city and possibly if there are wind gauges around this area, so i think all of that will be accounted for. myra: so far, inspectors say they have found no problems with the crane itself. new video captures a frigid scare in wisconsin. several cars ended up falling through the ice at lake geneva. you can see crews working to pull the cars out of the water. officials say the cars were parked on the frozen lake as an overflow lot for a nearby event because regular parking is so scarce. no one was in the vehicles at the time and no one was hurt. allyson: turning back to the big game tonight, the super bowl, over the past five decades a lot , has changed with how the game
5:23 am
technology is changing the game of football. >> we are going to look at the past, present, and future of the sport. dale: at the super bowl 50 media center. legends of football like joe montana. >> they used to send the photos down they had those big metal clips and a wire that came from the top. dale: and legends in the making like drew brees. >> you can track exactly who that guy is and how he got there. dale: are helping show journalists how technology has not only helped make the game better. >> you're able to see the development of a play. matt but how it might shape the : way the game is played and watched in the future. >> for the first time, you can track a player he is on the field. matt: what technology we already , move from one thing to the next pretty quickly. just look at all in the information now on our watches. looking good. you too. and soon watching football live or at home will look even better. >> just how far everything has
5:24 am
matt ideas from player view to : chips on players that transmit their physical information are being floated arounun >> get more stats like heart rate and hydration levels. matt and soon the live stadium : experience could be sent right to your home. >> you can take the tv and make the wall around fill out the rest of the experience the way you would kind of see it as a fan at the stadium. matt or the tv experience will : be put into your phone while you are at the stadium. >> when you're used to watching and seeing the first down, or seeing where field goal range is you might miss that if you don't have that there. myra: at 5:25, time for your timeline on this seventh day of on this date in 1964, a new era february. was ushered in in american pop culture. the beatles arrived in the u.s., landing at landing at new york's john f. kennedy international airport. allyson: they were greeted by thousands of screaming fans as they embarked on their first u.s. tour.
5:25 am
performed on the ed sullivan show for the first time, and turned it into one of the
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programs of all time. this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about.
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because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others are enjoying their first bowl today.
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we have a beautiful super bowl sunday. huge changes are on the way. they are really going to coolest down and bring some snow to western north carolina. we talk about the timing of this. by tuesday night, we will be addressing for wind chill's below zero in the mountains. bundling up again. myra: it will be really good when it gets cold like that are in -- the news continues. >> you are watching live, local, breaking news with my referees and pamela wright. this is the news. myra: we are taken a live look at san francisco.
5:29 am
we are excited here in the studio. your partner is at the big game. allyson: we are trying to make sure he stays in line. we will talk to geoff: at 6:00. i'm sure you're going to tell us about san francisco's weather. pamela: bring it home. good stuff around here. we have aa beautiful sunday. if you are traveling somewhere or going out to watch the game, you will have any trouble getting back home. things will change quickly tomorrow. this is the way the temperature goes. by 10:00, it's 44. we will make it into the mid-50's today.
5:30 am
the winds are going to pick up for all of us later on today. we could have gusts in the 20's. they will be out of the north and northwest and will become increasingly cold over the next few days. look at all of this action. you will see at sunrise those are going to pululaway. a is in there. it this is near florence this morning and up toward raleigh. if it's just mixed in. it's not adding up to anything. there are things in the atmosphere changing for a cold front to come through and true are the air to fill in behind it. we are in the mid-50's today. you will start off with those clouds, but clearing is day goes on. things will get quite chilly. here we are in the low to mid
5:31 am
asheville is in the 40's. enjoy it. you won't feel that again for several days. allyson: super bowl weekend is here. we are excited about it and myra: the panthers will be fighting for the super bowl championship. this leads to one moment. the nfl held their honors award last night. allyson: cam newton was up for the m.v.p. award. >> i would like to think all the writers who selected eight. i would like to thank my parents, family, friends, loved ones who were there to get me to this point. i would like to thank mr. richardson for giving me the opportunity to be the face of an
5:32 am
i would like to thank the fans. thank you for supporting me in an unwavering way for so much of my career. i would like to thank every person that doubted me, because you made me better. keep pounding. allyson: the also one offense of player of the year. myra: here's the story we told you about this week. good news for a long time fan. he is going to the super bowl. he has been a staple at panthers games per year. we spoke to him on the phone and he's got everything he needs for a trip to santa clara. people donated to his gofundme account.
5:33 am
as much about the party. millennial's will spend the most on game day. they will spend $140 this year, that's compared with an average of $82. millennial's will spend that on a food and new tvs. myra: police in denver are beefing up security. the broncos are taking on the panthers, if you haven't heard. denver police don't want a repeat of 1998. that enthusiasm caused trouble. there were cars overturned and fires that were set. the message being sent now is make the law and you will be arrested. allyson: turn to us right after the big game tonight. we will bring you live coverage as soon as the game ends. the sports team is working it. we will be live with reactions from the coaches and players.
5:34 am
myra: republican presidential candidates debated in new hampshire the day before the primary. >> surging in new hampshire polls, marco rubio was defensive. >> i think the experience is not just what you did how it worked out. >> the attack came from governors. >> you have not made a decision where he has had to be held accountable >> you learn this did you learn it right doing it. >> trump skippy i would debate and then lost a vote was aggressive. >> i couldn't imagine how we would even begin to think about taking a mom or a dad out of the
5:35 am
crime since they in here, leaving their children in the house? that is not the kind of values that we believe in. >> ted cruz grabbed a solution. >> we are going to pull the wall and triple the border patrol. i will simply say i got some of the in mind to build it. >> rubio's dream is grabbing number two. allyson: chelsea clinton stopped at local colleges, campaign for her mother. she talked to 100 people yesterday afternoon. people asked about college affordability. she said her mother would add to what's already in place under the a formal care act. her mother would push for equal
5:36 am
we asked how her mother would help thousands of people in our region who work in manufacturing. >> she has a strong manufacturing plan. that's why she so focused on the minimum wage and equal pay for equal work. allyson: her mother and father will campaign here before the primary federal rate 27. myra: and where he is national heart. our congenital heart defect awareness week, we will have more and what you need to know about that area -- that. pamela: we have a c clly start this morning. we also have rain, sleet, and a snowy mix briefly in parts of south carolina. that system is p pnt away. this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids
5:37 am
her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others are enjoying their first bowl today. the son of a polish immigrant who grew up in a brooklyn tenement. he went to public schools, then college, where the work of his life began -- fighting injustice and inequality, speaking truth to power. he moved to vermont, won election and praise as one of america's best mayors. in congress, he stood up for working families and for principle, opposing the iraq war, supporting veterans. now he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system funded by over two and a half million contributions, tackling climate change to create clean-energy jobs, fighting for living wages, equal pay, and tuition-free public colleges. people are sick and tired of establishment politics,
5:38 am
[ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather, an honest leader building a movement with you to give us a future to believe in.
5:39 am
myra: our guests are here to help families learn about congenital heart defect awareness week. thank you so much for being here. you are with the heart foundation. and you tell us about that story. >> she was born with a congenital heart defect in 2011. we delivered her in charleston. that's the only pediatric heart center in the state. she had open heart surgery at four days old and died at two and a half months old. it was during our time in charleston, we learned a lot about heart defects, it's the most common birth defect in the world. we want to change the future for children and families who are caring for them.
5:40 am
foundation, you're working with legislatures. there is a requirement to check for it. myra:>> they are screened for heart defects that may not have than noticed four. we learned in november that the first full year the act was in effect, deaths in south carolina dropped 23%. myra: you are part of the foundation and trying to keep those statistics going in that direction. >> we are finding new ways to help them was all the time. that's what we wanted to tell you about today. we came up with my heart binder. it's a way to support families. it's a way for them to pull up the records for their children and read about prenatal care and
5:41 am
we printed 500 and they went to the four pediatric heart centers. this year, we are coming out with a spanish edition. myra: we have some pictures from these binders. that's the one that went to -- >> the feedback we've gotten families has been thank you. they are just clinging something to read and to connect. it gives them a way to do that. myra: being in a medical facility can be intimidating. you caca up with something to help. >> this is my book heroes. we lost that in the fall.
5:42 am
autographs and have stories written. little drawing some other families they meet. it gives them a way to make it not so medical and make it a life event. we're hoping something they take with them and can look back on. myra: your foundation does a lot to help families, you take care of certain expenses. you will have additional act 70's coming up. >> april 16 at bob jones university, we will have a community connection event for children and families with congenital heart defects. it will help to build a bigger support to some. myra: thank you for making us all aware. >> thank you so much. pamela: good sunday morning.
5:43 am
heavy rain and sleet is not far away. i will let you know which way the system is going caring for someone with alzheimer's means i am a lot of things. i am his guardian. i am his voice. so i asked about adding once-daily namenda xr to his current treatment for moderate to severe alzheimer's. it works differently. when added to another alzheimer's treatment, it may improve overall function and cognition.
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pamela: good sunday morning to. we have a beautiful view here, just some high clouds around. we are cloudier as you move southward from the greenville. you will see those clouds this morning. they will be sending out as the day goes on. everybody is in for some sunshine. it's 36 in greenville right now. it's 36 in spartanburg. we had a few snowflakes flying around last night during non-added up to anything. it was an interesting change
5:46 am
38 in abbeville. your temperatures will get into the mid-50's area you are starting out with a thick cloud layer. that will be thinning this morning. it's quite a range across the area. clemson, you are 35. as far as the windows, it's strengthening. that's what we will find throughout the day today. let's check out lawrence. as the day goes on it, they will stay around 10. by this afternoon, they will be gusting near 20 miles per hour. in asheville, the wind is coming out of the north, making it feel like below 20 this morning. the winds will be stronger throughout the day. they will gust or 25. it's not going to feel like that
5:47 am
of its much colder coming in for the weekend. the cold air is the headline. yes we will have a few snowflakes, a few flurries over parts of the upstate briefly at times. it's going to be significant in the mountains as far as the snow goes. for all of us, it's the cold air. this is a mix that has been taking place. this is all coming in from the atlantic. that's going to continue to strengthen and the temperatures are mild enough. it's not going to be a huge snow on that there. we are watching the leading edge of a cold front that will be coming in and behind that, that's when the arctic air will come down later on.
5:48 am
in san francisco today. there is possible record warmth. things are not bad in denver, a little on the cool side there. we are awaiting that arctic air to come on down. you can see the and white up in canada. that's where it still is. things are mild in minneapolis and chicago. they will be talking about wind chills in the teens. in. when it does come in, there are going to be fast changes. tomorrow morning, we start off with the clouds. the moisture moves in. we will have a cold rain in the upstate. we will have around of snow showers across north carolina. it's mainly near the tennessee border. as that's what we will look out for for the most issues. in asheville, we will keep you up-to-date on the delays or
5:49 am
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>> notre dame has eaten number two. i>> the fighting irish knock off the tar heels last night and unc is the number one team in the ap poll. oklahoma also fell at kansas state.
5:52 am
class was announced saturday. the headliner was brett favre. other notables are can green, marvin harrison, orlando pace, and tony done to you. -- dan g. they held that the honors awards. the panthers hauled in some honors. cam newton one m.v.p.. he was also named offense of player of the year. before the game get started, let's take a look back at the week that was super bowl week. in >> i am required to wear a uniform. >> whatever you could have your emotional leader be the
5:53 am
to win a lot of games. >> he's got a right to celebrate what ever he wants. >> i got a 50% discount on papa john's pizza when i'm in colorado. >> he is going to catch it like it's hot. >> what's for dinner? he said it meet walls tonight. >> the fan only blows when you're hot. that's why i am not a fan. >> great stuff from this week i cannot wait for kickoff. south carolina hit the road saturday for a showdown in
5:54 am
the gamecocks were hit right in the mouth. they battled back. they were able to 6'6" from the field. second half, this is a two point game. the gamecocks in front. later, the game was tied at 55. he finishes inside with a monster jam. south carolina wins 81-78. clemson in the middle of a three-game road swing. they entered the game in third place. he finished with 17 points and 12 boards. in the second half, the hoagies would build on their lead. the tigers would claw their way back. this is a big three to the
5:55 am
hundred 25 seconds to go, clemson is down three. he would miss the free throw. virginia tech would sink to free throws at the other end. last chance for the tigers and they don't even get a shot off before the clock expires. a matchup of one and two in the southern conference. in the second half, he led the paladins with 18. they would get within three. the paladins five-game win streak comes to an end. the terriers are looking to rebound after their loss to chattanooga. an offense of rebound leads it
5:56 am
wofford was up by five. this is a four-point play. wofford except a win on the road. they are 7-4 in conference. back in spartanburg, the spartans were up at the break. they came up with a steal. he had 16 points. that is a career high for him. eli pepper had a double double. presbyterian college at gardner-webb, he has two of his game-high 22 points. the bulldogs began to light it up. he push the lead back up to eight grade this game would go into overtime.
5:57 am
on the ice saturday night, the swamp rabbits fall to the orlando solar bears. super bowl 50 is here. once the game is over, we will have all of your postgame reaction. everybody out there is hoping for again! again! again! again! again? again! again! general mills is removing artificial flavors and colors from our cereals. so you can love cereal...
5:58 am
geoff: i am geoff hart live in san francisco. it's finally super bowl sunday. myra: how does this work out? allyson: i'm here. we are here to amp up into the big game. he will be with us in just a
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