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tv   Matter of Fact  NBC  February 7, 2016 11:35pm-12:00am EST

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we are watching fans go home. slowly, leaving bars and restaurants in downtown spartanburg. the watch parties were strong, packed with people through the city tonight. on the east side, hickory tavern was packed. nowhere to sit. the crowd, glued to the tv, reacting to the team's every move andndvery call from the referees. at wofford college, students had a watch party of their own. they shared wings and pizza. it was mostly for younger students who not have campus apartments. here, they can spread out and have a good time together. students said they wanted to watch the game to cheer the team on, as they share their campus every summer. >> this is where they actually have their lunch and their dinner. last year, they state across from here. -- stayed across from here. it makes us connected with them. we study here, they train here. >> this is fun to have the
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to laugh and watch the game. it is amazing. mike: another sign of the support here in spartanburg, the iconic beacon drive-in changed its sign with a message for the panthers. the message did not hold true tonight. all week, a banner hung at the beacon for fans to sign. the city put the banner up, and when it was filled, the city sent it to the team's hotel in california, where it is hanging now. you're looking at a picture of the banner, hanging at the team hotel in california. the players saw the support from spartanburg. tonight's game was personal for people in spartanburg, because the panthers take over this city every summer and bring in so many fans. last year's training camp, a record. a most 78,000 people came to spartanburg. that connection with the team, very personal, and so many people hoped for a win, but no doubt, people in spartanburg are
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mccormick, -- mike mccormick, wyff news 4. michael: panther pride was strong in greenville. during and after the game. carol: a little quieter now. let's get to corey davis, live and local at bar louie. corey? corey: it is quieter. lots of people have cleared out. but those fans were rooting the panthers on as the game clock ran out. they were all about the team. let me show you what it looked like earlier. it was packed. lots of specials, prizes, and big tvs to watch the game. panthers fans tried their best to deal with the many mishaps during the game, but overall, they say they still love their team. >> who is your favorite player? >> cam newton, of course.
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>> i like luke kuechly. >> love cam newton. big sec fan when he was playing before in college ball, and now it's like, yes. corey: cam newton was definitely the most popular player tonight. but we did run into fans or several other nfl teams, the broncos, the saints, and even the detroit lions. the panthers fans say they tried to just keep hope alive during the game. they said they are disappointed, but they are not angry. they say they are proud of the season the panthers had this year. corey davis, wyff news 4 live in greenville. chris: a coastal low is moving out to sea. the latest models showing it will continue to move out while our next system brings snowfall to the mountains. i will show you the latest pass abilities the upstate coming up in a few minutes. here in vineland, new jersey where progresso light soups are made,
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you like being picture perfect. you should want your banking to be too. stop into td bank and we'll help set you up with picture perfect banking. new customers, open a checking and savings account and you can get a polaroid cube+ video camera on the spot. >> now, your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. chris: satellite and radar across the southeast shows a big coastal low. you can see circulation there.
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especially in the southwestern mountains. rain will mix in first thihi in the morning, then rounds of snow showers move into the mountains as the day goes on. for greenville tomorrow, temperatures warm into the upper 40's. in spartanburg, partly to mostly cloudy, rain showers mixed with flurries late in the day. we will top out near 50 degrees by 3:00. in anderson, partly to mostly cloudy, 40 seven degrees at noon, 49 by 3:00. in asheville, clouds increase as the day goes on. it will be cold, 43 degrees at 3:00. after that, tememratures plummet. the cold air rushes in, and any rain that is falling will start to become snowfall. the snow will pick up into the evening hours for areas in asheville and north. it will be cold tomorrow, especially in the mountains is the air goes down the mountains. rain showers across the upstate, but as the cold air rushes in, we could see a few flurries late
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many of the upstate, it will not be a big deal. there goes the coastal low. it will say goodbye to the carolinas. then we turn our attention to the northwest. look at this. by 2:30 tomorrow, our models shows snow in the mountains. rain showers in the upstate. look at all that. it will continue to move through as we go through the evening hours tomorrow. the snow will show up in places like hendersonville, asheville, light stuff and it will be scattered, like the summertime when you get scattered rain showers. not everybody will see it. some of the flurries moving as far south as gainesville, georgia. it will try to move into the upstate headed into the late evening hours. it will maybe -- we will maybe pick up an inch in the upstate, or rather, the asheville-hendersonville area. 1-3 inches north of there. the latest expectations for snow, 0-3 inches from hendersonville up towards the asheville line. zero being close to flat rocks, three inches being more likely
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north of i-40 to marshall, burnsville, bakersfield, 3-6 inches plus. that is towards the tennessee border. if you are traveling that we monday and tuesday, you will run into problems especially on the back roads. the for-day plus, 40% chance of showers and maybe a snow flurry or two late tomorrow evening in the upstate. snow showers for the mountains. then, we get cold. highs only in the 20's in the mountains by wednesday. upper 30's to around 40 by midweek here at home. by next weekend, we will be in the 50's with sunshine. carol: so hold on. michael: brad fralick, the lights on in california? what do you say? brad: the lights are still on, but the lights are out for the panthers in the 2015 football season. it could not end the way they wanted it when the republicans weren't going after president obama they were coming after me. his attorney general. in the cabinet, i served with hillary clinton. i've known her for almost 25 years.
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>> now, wyff news 4 sports. ricardo: the carolina panthers returned to the super bowl for the first titi since 2003. the trip ended in a close loss to the patriots. the campus, hoping for a different outcome against the broncos. caroline looking to end the season with a 18-1 mark and more importantly, the vince lombardi trophy. first quarter, a bad start. cam newton stripped by von miller. jackson recovers the ball in -- for the touchdown. first fumble return for a touchdowns in super bowl 28. a10-zero deficit. second quarter, stewart makes it a 10-7-game after the one yard touchdown. fourth quarter, caroline debt -- carolina down. cam newton trying to lead a drive to get the panthers the
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again stripping him. ward recovers the fumble. panthers, four turnovers, a season-high. broncos put it away. anderson from a yard out. denver captures its third super bowl in franchise history, beating carolina, 20 4-10. the panthers and the year with a 17-to mark. they fall 20-two all-time in the super bowl. heading to levi's stadium, we rejoin brad. very disappointed panthers locker room after this one. this team. bright. the team is built to sustained success. it is led by a young group. cam newton and luke kuechly, guys who have been in the league for just a couple years. there is disappointment, especially from a guy who wishes he had more their role in the
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marc: the panthers second trip to the super bowl lens like the first, with a loss to the afc champion. the broncos go home with the trophy, the panthers left to wonder what could have been after the best season in franchise history. >> obviously, we played 17, 18, 19 games before this. and we picked a really bad day to have a meltdown. when we were on, we were moving the ball. we had things going. we had a couple big plays. then, it just seemed, right when we had something going, a critical error. penalties, drops, obviously the turnovers were huge. not even the turnovers, but just at inopportune times. we were fighting our way back in, as bad that we -- as bad as we played through the first three quarters, and to be down one score is a credit to our defense. but we could never really find
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marc: cam newton came out of the press conference with a simple message. we will be back. marc dopher, wyff news 4. brad: thanks, marc. that is the sentiment, greg olsen told you right there. every time they looked like they had something going, the panthers had a mistake, the turnovers, the sacks at critical times. the panthers will be back. this team has been very good for the past year and a half, and there is no sign up there that looks like they will slow down. live in santa clara, brad fralick, wyff news 4. ricardo: the clemson tigers will let have to think about saturday's road loss for too long. the men back in action tomorrow night facing notre dame at the well at 9:00. the head coach says players should bounce back and be ready to play the irish. he and the staff will provide as much of a scouting report in that short span without overloading his team. for the first time in a decade, south carolina has a road
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the gamecocks went to college station and one over eighth-ranked texas a&m. that moves the gamecocks within a game of lsu and it will host the bengals wednesday at 7:00. the gamecocks women will be playing in the biggest game of the regular season tomorrow night. number one versus number two, usc and uconn, the last two undefeated teams in division i women's basketball. >> we have to be able to score. they will score. that's what they do. we have to be able to not have empty possessions, where you get a great shot but it is deflating when you don't make the shot. both sides of the ball. you can't concentrate on one side of the ball to beat a team like that. ricardo: should be a good one. game underway at 7:00 tomorrow night. the clemson women drop a road conference to florida state this
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final round of the phoenix open, seen by all the employees at wyff news 4. rickie fowler goes into a sudden death play. it was a great round. battling back-and-forth. matsuyama wins. fantastic golf. unfortunately --
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carol: we are back with chris: the big story is, it will be cold this week. the secondary story, flurries may fall in the upstate. bigger snows towards asheville in the tennessee border, 3-5 inches possible monday, tuesday, into wednesday morning. possibly the higher peaks could see higher amounts. michael: a look at the weekend. chris: sunshine. carol: we here next week will be great. michael: we don't know, that that is what we hear. carol: thanks for watching. the news continues tomorrow morning, and our coverage from set of clara continues with geoff hart following the panthers. michael: we are always on and our mobile app. carol: good night.
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