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tv   WYFF News 4 5am  NBC  February 8, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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>> we will see you soon. patrick: and a look at our woodruff road skycam. you're waking up to a chilly morning. a wintry mix is expected in the area. allyson: 5:00 this morning and they'll is busy at work because the mountains may see some kind of event. dale: no problems anywhere around the area, but starting this afternoon continuing overnight, you are seeing quite a bit of color in the mountains of north carolina. the areas of pink showing up on your television screen are winter storm warnings. north of actual along the tennessee border, swing, grant county, northern jackson, haywood, it will start to pile up. asheville is under a winter weather advisory meaning it could get slippery with what will fall this afternoon and tonight. higher elevations will see significant amounts of snow. six plus inches of snow over the next couple of days that will cause closings, delays, and
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starting tonight and continuing to the next couple of days. here you can see it coming. that precipitation hits sometime this afternoon. for the upstate, it will be light rain showers. for the mountains, a rain-snow makes changing over to snow tonight. higher elevations will get hit the hardest. mid to upper 30's in the upstate will climb to upper 40's, the mountains in the 20's and low 30's will climb to upper 30's, low 40's at best today. much colder tomorrow. we will talk more about that in a few minutes. patrick: coming into last night, two very good defenses. the broncos simply where too much for the panthers last night. fans have a lot to be proud of. allyson: geoff hart has been there all along and is joining us live this morning from levi stadium the morning after. geoff: good morning, allyson and patrick. as you can see, the fans of coming down from levi stadium.
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game back in charlotte. a disappointing performance last night. brad fralick with the highlights. brad: it didn't end how the panthers wanted it to. an opportunity to make history, to bring home the franchise's ever -- first ever super bowl championship but it was not to be. cam newton and the panthers in levi stadium to face peyton manning and the denver broncos. possibly manning's last career football game. the denver defense showed up early. the league jackson recovers the on the. denver scores the touchdown. he was named m.v.p. of the super bowl. jonathan stewart. the panthers in the end zone in the second quarter, leaping into the end zone here that made it a 10-7-game. the denver defense was all over cam newton all night long. seven sacs by the denver defense. a phenomenal effort by the
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cam down the middle and from cam newton. this one sealed it. newton back to pass the pass as the fumble is recovered by denver. the broncos will ultimately score a touchdown. bowl and what may be his final game. the carolina panthers loose super bowl 5024-10. obviously, a disappointing and to the season for the carolina panthers, but this team is not to sustained success. superstars in this league. in this position before too long. cam newton had one message, he said, we will be back. after the game, giving one or press conference after the game. it was 80 words. he got up and walked off. a tremendous season for the carolina panthers that ends in a
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alison, patrick? patrick: thanks, geoff. guys. hundreds of broncos fans took to the streets of downtown denver after the game. traffic was backed up for miles and dozens of police officers were on patrol to keep the celebration under control. the state capitol building was lit up in blue and orange to celebrate the win. >> carolina was every bit as good as we thought they were. up front those guys inside were awesome. we knew we'd have our hands full. fortunately our defense was even , better. patrick: across the country in new york, the empire state building was also lit up in orange and blue to commemorate the championship victory. allyson: meanwhile. this was the scene in charlotte after the game. patrick: that is the stadium there. of course less crowded but still , supportive of a team the city and fans are proud of while looking ahead to next year. wyff news 4's aly myles joins us
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stadium with more. aly: allyson, patrick. a much different seeing out here them a we have been telling you about all morning long. absolute quiet. the only people we are seeing right now our fellow news fall. obviously, this won't be the case when the team rides back in charlotte. we expect a big welcome back from a team that fans say they could not be more proud of. take a look at this sky4 video from around charlotte last night. the city showing it's panthers pride lit up in panthers blue. and not too far from bank of america stadium. wyff news 4's tim waller found fans last night already looking ahead to next season. tim: this is where the party was. you can see the big flat screens here at the all american pub. this place was packed during the super bowl. but when it was over and the fans realized their team wasn't going to win, there was a lot of disappointment. yet somehow in the middle of it
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>> i think this is the start of something great for charlotte and the panthers. this is a very small taste of what is to come. >> it is wonderful to be be a part of it. it makes you proud to be in the city that is growing so much. because at home we're with tim: here is what it took to throw such a great big party in the middle of it all in charlotte. 12,500 wings, 200 cases of beer and 40 kegs here at this super bowl party with so much disappointment at the very end. tim waller, wyff news 4, charlotte. aly: a lot of disappointment, but a lot of pride, as well as you are hearing from the fans. the city is still lit up in that panthers blue. once we know when the team is expected back, we will let you know as soon as possible. that will be on our wyff mobile
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aly myles, wyff news four live in charlotte. allyson: back in the upstate, the summer home of the carolina panthers. mike mccormick spent the evening at a watch party in spartanburg. mike: despite sunday night's score, it is clear that spartanburg, the summer home of the carolina panthers, as still 100% behind its team. you can see the banner hanging here proudly in morgan square. we are at watch parties all throughout the city. wofford invited students for a watch party of their own. so many of them said they wanted to be together to cheer on the team because the team and its owner, jerry richardson, a wofford grad, means so much to the college. we watched a lot of people glued to the tv's, cheering on the team, hoping for a win although it didn't happen. it is clear that spartanburg is 100% behind the carolina panthers. mike mccormick, wyff news four
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patrick: bars and restaurants were packed across greenville for the big game. corey davis saw a lot of panther pride at our louis on woodruff road. corey people in here were glued : to the tv's. many of them more at the edge of their seats hoping the panthers would come out with a win. they came in here pumps, showing off their best dance moves doing a popular move called the dab that many fans have embraced. cam newton was probably the most popular later in the bar tonight. a lot of jerseys going around. there were several other nfl teams are presented like the and -- denver broncos. the new orleans saints and we also saw a guy wearing a detroit lions your z -- jersey. we asked people what they were looking forward most to during the game. none of them said the halftime show or even the commercials, but i will tell you this. the national anthem, the
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commercials got big reactions at bar louie. corey davis, wyff news four live in greenville. allyson: one more thing about the game, the governor was in a minor wreck after the loss. his car was totaled leaving the stadium. the governors office says he experienced minor pain but turned down treatment and continue to his destination and another vehicle. dale, where are you going? dale: not ridding the signals correctly. colder and getting colder, snow blowing in tonight on the tennessee-north carolina border which means closings tomorrow. you want to join us first thing in the morning to get the first thing on that. as far as the upstate, kids will be disappointed because it will not impact the upstate. it is basically a north carolina of them. currently 35 degrees.
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think we'll get the most snow on the tennessee-north carolina border. northern jackson, haywood county, nancy -- yancy, mitchell. 2-6 inches of snow starting this afternoon, tonight, into early wednesday. the potential of snow piling up. it will be so cold, whatever does fall will hang around for a couple of days because temperatures will struggle in the 30's in the mountains for the next few days. today will be the warmest day of the week. we will see supporting temperatures in the mid and upper 30's climb into the upper 40's for the upstate, upper 20's and low 30's in the mountains will top the 40 mark today, too. it will stay cold the next couple of days. starting this afternoon, a little rain-snow makes changing over to snow in the mountains continuing overnight into tomorrow. then, it's a result. -- it's tapers off. wednesday, a look at the temperatures.
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cold teens on thursday morning and friday morning. bitter cold temperatures slowly getting back to upper 40's by the weekend. allyson: if chipotle is your usual go-to lunch designation , today, you may need to try something new. patrick: plus a new mascot for converse college. the meaning behind val the
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from classic to contemporary,
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new this allyson: 14 minutes after 5:00. south carolina highway patrol reports a deadly wreck north of abbeville. troopers report it happened about 1:00 this morning on highway 20 near noble drive. investigators say the driver of a bmw was not wearing a seat belt when the vehicle ran off the driver was ejected and died from injures at the scene. no word this morning on the condition of a passenger also in the vehicle. greenville county deputies are investigating a shooting this morning. on south wasn't bird near walden road. it happened around 2:00 a.m.. authorities say one person was hurt during the shooting. no word on how badly they were her. patrick: greenville county deputies are looking for the person who shot and killed a man. deputies were called to an apartment complex on edwards road in taylors saturday. investigators say they found a man shot at least once in the leg, 23-year-old anquan gambrell died later at a hospital.
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talking about a suspect, anyone with information should call crime stoppers. allyson: the search continues for adriel garnett. in connection th a deadly shooting. woodruff police say the shooting happened early saturday morning. and that garnett may be headed to the charleston area. if you can help locate adriel garnett you should call crimestoppers. patrick: despite the loss panthers pride on full display. , super bowl coverage continues
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dale: snow is c dale: 5:18 is the time. good morning as a relook out from our various skycam's. clear to partly cloudy skies. greenville at 35 as we look at our downtown he center side -- skycam. here is what is coming.
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winter weather advisory in the foothills of the asheville area under an advisory. could get slippery. most of the snow will fall in the higher elevations. it will start this afternoon and continued through wednesday night along the tennessee-north carolina border. we could see 2-6 plus inches of snow in the mountains of north carolina. overnight, we have seen some rain and kentucky, a wintry mix developing in tennessee. it looks like it will be in the early afternoon hours that it starts in north carolina. the upstate may see a snowflake may stand with rain, but that is about all. we are not expecting any accumulation. nothing through 10:00 in the mountains. by 1:00, a gets busy. as the temperatures get cold this evening, changes to snow, continuing through the day tomorrow for north carolina and continuing along the tennessee border, actually through wednesday. the asheville area will see some flurries for tonight or tomorrow. none of it really impacting
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as far as temperatures are concerned, 35 in greenville. a few other temperatures around the counties. 31 in fountain inn, 27 at caesars head. cold enough for a warm jacket to feel good today. we will reach upper 40's for the upstate, low 40's for the mountains. it gets colder tonight and stays cold for the next several days. this system is going to produce snow all the way down into parts of the north carolina mountains and it will be an event that last through wednesday causing travel problems, closings, and delays. each morning, we will be on to give you the latest information. 49 for the upstate high today. this model showing afternoon temperatures reaching your mid 40's for western north carolina. it depends on when the precipitation starts to clear things down. tomorrow, highs of 30-39. snow continuing in the mountains for the upstate. we will be dry wednesday on. call temperatures will be here and last all the way until the weekend.
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upstate city into a mountain biking destination. patrick: but it's not only outdoor enthusiasts. right now plans are being designed to add 15 miles to the palmetto trail which currently ends at oconee station. those extra miles will add a loop system for hikers and mountain bikers. officials say it'll also kick start the economy in oconee county. >> we've done tours of other places that have mountain biking trails. we've taken our forestry department down there. we've taken our state tourism department in different areas and you pull in to these parking lots and all the cars have out of state license plates. and these people are spending money and they're staying overnight. patrick: officials are hoping to have the first phase done in the next year or two. for the first time converse college in spartanburg has a costumed mascot. val the valkyrie made her debut at a basketball game saturday this is the first time the school's mascot has been portrayed by an actual person. the debut was part of the teams annual pink game, in honor of
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their families. fans donated money toward cancer research instead of paying admission to get into the game. allyson: almost 600 south carolinians will get their high school diplomas without having to again take the ged test. the south carolina education department has announced that the ged testing service has lowered the passing score for the tests from 150 to 145. that means about 600 people in the state who have taken the test since january first 2014 and didn't make a passing grade under the old scoring system now have passed. during the past 40 years more than 220,000 south carolina residents have earned a high school diploma through the ged
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patrick: is the books -- super bowl 50's in the books. a tough loss for the panthers and their fans. geoff hart joins us live from levi stadium. good morning. geoff: hey there patrick. hats off to the denver broncos. they play good defense. bottom line is the carolina panthers did not play well. this was not the same team that beat seattle and arizona here in the postseason. more now from brad fralick. brad: the league's number one offense during the regular season picked a bad time to have an off night. the carolina panthers falling to the denver broncos after one of their first offensive performance of the season. >> we had opportunities.
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we turned the ball over. >> they force you to play with a small narrow margin for error. again, a lot of what we had was just breakdowns in our own scheme and breakdowns in our own play. hats off to them. we knew coming it would be a challenge with a guy thing to get after the cornerback and the guys they have on the backend. we knew a pass happy game would be tough. we obviously would have liked to give it a better shot. brad: ecowas ron rivera told the panthers look at the broncos. two years ago they got run out of the super bowl when the seahawks, and now they are champions. geoff: what is on the air?
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a mountain view elementary patient was sent in for today's school salute. mrs. johnson's first grade students are celebrating winning the math flag for their grade level. we appreciate all the pictures sent into us. we salute you today. the class has an average of 98% on addition math facts. they can complete 50 problems in six minutes. they are smart at montague elementary. patrick: these pictures that come in are getting better and better. dale: very creative. we appreciate that. we will have updates tomorrow morning because the snow coming in tonight may cause closings or delays in north carolina. we will have information is thing. allyson: it will be a lot colder week also. dale: cold air will blow in and hang around for the week. patrick: the denver broncos are the super bowl 50 champions after beating the carolina panthers. announcer: you're watching live, local, breaking news with geoff hart, allyson powell, and weather with meteorologist dale gilbert. this is wyff news 4 today in
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patrick: the denver broncos are the super bowl 50 champions after beating the carolina panthers 24-10. we'll have the highlights in just a moment. allyson: a look at our woodruff road skycam. you are waking up to a chilly morning. a wintry mix expected in the mountains possibly. patrick: there you have it. as allyson just said, wintry mix on the way for the mountains. dale: starting this afternoon and it will pick up as temperatures get cold and continue the next level of days in north carolina. kids in south carolina say they get all the snow, but that will be the case. this will be a mainly north carolina event. this morning, it is cold in spartanburg. 32. just the 40's for the upstate today. these are the counties under winter storm warnings. starting to see snow showing up on the doppler.
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