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tv   WYFF News 4 530am  NBC  February 8, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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winter storm warning, meaning 2-5 inches of snow could accumulate between now and wednesday night, causing tricky driving problems. other counties highlighted purple or blue will get some, but it will be the counties in pink that will see the biggest from this. today, there will be a few scattered showers after 1:00. for the ride home, an umbrella or rain jacket may not be a bad idea. the mountains will see a rain-snow mix. temperatures will be dropping. we will have more on the potential snow coming in a few minutes. patrick: we will go back to super bowl 50 coverage last night. a tough loss last night. the broncos defense was simply too much. the panthers are not coming home super bowl champions. allyson: they cannot handle that defense, but their fans would argue it is a season to be proud of. brad: it did not and how the
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an opportunity to bring home the franchise's first ever super bowl championship, but it was not to be. cam newton and the carolina panthers in santa clara facing peyton manning and the denver broncos. possibly manning's last career football game, but the denver defense showed up early. von miller was an absolute man. jackson recover the fumble and denver scored the touchdown. von miller was named most valuable player of the super bowl. jonathan stewart got the panthers in the end zone, leaping in the end zone. that made it a 10-7 game. the denver defense was all over cam newton all night long. seven sacks by the denver defense. that one by demarcus ware. a phenomenal effort by the league's number one defense. cam down the middle, intercepted. this one sealed it. cam newton back to pass. the fumble is recovered by
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the denver broncos would ultimately score a touchdown. peyton manning win a super bowls and what may be his final game 24-10. allyson: thank you. hundreds of broncos fans took to the streets of downtown denver after the game. traffic was backed up for miles, and dozens of police officers were on patrol to keep the celebration under control. the state capitol building was lit up in blue and orange to celebrate the win. >> carolina was every bit as good as we thought they were. up front, those guys inside were awesome. we knew we'd have our hands full. fortunately, our defense was even better. allyson: across the country in new york, the empire state building was also lit up in orange and blue to commemorate the championship victory. shoulder here. that was the scene in charlotte after the game. patrick: very quiet.
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still, a supportive fan base of the team that they are looking forward to seeing next year. wyff news 4's aly myles joins us live from bank of america stadium. good morning. aly: good morning guys. it was quiet their last night, it is completely silent this morning at least. we are expecting with the team gets back into town, that is not we are expecting. still so much to be proud of. that is what the fans were saying last night. take a look here at sky 4 video from around charlotte last night. the city showing its panthers pride, lit up in panthers blue. and not too far from bank of america stadium, wyff news 4's tim waller found fans last night already looking ahead to next season. tim: this is where the party was. you can see the big flat screens here at the all american pub. boy, this place was packed
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to win the super bowl there was , a lot of disappointment. all, there was optimism. >> i think that this is the charlotte. this is the start of something great for the panthers. a small taste of what is to come. >> the city love the panthers and want to be a part of it. it makes you proud to be in a city growing so much. tim: here is what it took to throw such a great party are you. 12,500 wings, 200 cases of beer, and 40 kegs here at this super bowl party with so much disappointment at the very end. tim waller, wyff news 4, in charlotte. aly: once we know when the team is expected to arrive, we'll let you know on the wyff 4 mobile
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pride all across the city and at least two of the buildings from our angle over here. a lot of private still in this team and city. aly myles, wyff news 4, live in charlotte. patrick: still beautiful downtown. thank you. back to the summer home of the carolina panthers. mike mccormick spent the night in spartanburg. mike: despite the score, it is clear that spartanburg, the summer home of the carolina panthers is still 100% behind its team. you can see the banner hanging here proudly in morgan square. we were out what parties throughout the city. walmart invited the students for a one-party of their own. so many of them said they wanted to be here because jerry richardson means so much to the college. we watched a lot of people glued to the tv's cheering on the team
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although he did not happen, it is clear spartanburg is 100% behind the carolina panthers. allyson: thank you. bars and restaurants were packed across bengal as well. corey davis saw lots of pride. corey: people here were glued to the tvs at bar louie. they were hoping the panthers could come out with a win. there were showing up their popular dance moves. cam newton and look equally were bar tonight. there were several other nfl teams represented like the denver broncos. several fans here had those jerseys on. new orleans saints also. we saw a man wearing a detroit lions jersey. we asked a lot of people they were looking for most during the game.
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show or even the commercials, but i will tell you this, the national anthem, the halftime show, and commercials, big reaction here at bar loui. allyson: thank you. another headline about the game north carolina governor pat , mccrory was in a minor wreck loss. the governor was in was rear-ended and totaled leaving the stadium. officials said the car he was in was totaled. the governor's office says mccrory experienced minor pain, but turned down treatment and continued to his destination in another vehicle. patrick: dale gilbert joins us again. dale: it is cloudy and the cold air is blowing in. it'll get really cold tonight and the next couple of days. 32 in laurens. we will see clouds building across the upstate. early afternoon, we will see sprinkles.
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carolina border. the areas shaded in pink will get hit the hardest by the next several days. winter storm warnings out for the spine of the appalachian mountains. south of that, they will be varying amounts of snow. watch out driving, especially late tonight if you are heading across the north carolina border into tennessee. tuesday and wednesday it continues in the higher elevations and will pile up pretty good. cold air will stay through the week. this will be the warmest day of the week. 28 in asheville will climb to the low 40's. 38 in anderson.
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walhalla at 42. by the end of the day, upper 40's in the mountains upstate. low 40's in the mountains. it stays cold the next couple of days. 49 for the upstate. 44, 45 for the mountains. a rain-snow mix switches over to snow tonight. as we look ahead, the snowy weather for the asheville area will last through tuesday. for the higher elevations through wednesday. the upstate will get a little rain-snow mix this evening. teens in the morning in the mountains. highs in the upper upper 30's to the low 40's thursday. gradually better friday and saturday but still below normal through sunday. >> with just one day before the new hampshire primary, the democratic race is heating up. bernie sanders still has a commanding lead, but secretary clinton is inching up in the
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we'll tell you about the detour she took this weekend. plus, why she's attacking senator sanders over his foreign policy. we'll tell you how he's counterpunching and the surprise guest who made a lot of headlines this weekend. our political team will break it all down. all of that and more coming up on "today." allyson: a look at our hilton
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traffic moving the son of a polish immigrant who grew up in a brooklyn tenement. he went to public schools, then college, where the work of his life began -- fighting injustice and inequality, speaking truth to power. he moved to vermont, won election and praise as one of america's best mayors. in congress, he stood up for working families
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opposing the iraq war, supporting veterans. now he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system funded by over two and a half million contributions, tackling climate change to create clean-energy jobs, fighting for living wages, equal pay, and tuition-free public colleges. people are sick and tired of establishment politics, and they want real change! [ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather, an honest leader building a movement with you to give us a future to believe in.
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now. it dominated by the broncos defense last night the panthers , aren't coming home champions, but their fans would argue it's allyson: geoff hart joins us live this morning from levi's stadium the morning after. geoff: hey there again. what happened here at levi's stadium last night for broncos fans was beautiful for them. in reality, it was not a very well played game. there were 18 penalties. 12 of those for the carolina panthers. there were 15 punts. when it came to the game, the struggle was real for the carolina panthers. they just could not get out of their own way. you thought they were going to get it going with a scored early in the second quarter to get within three points. but again, time after time, just when it looked like they were
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momentum, they shoot themselves in the foot. it happened over and over again. even in the fourth quarter when they were hanging in there somehow, they had an opportunity to win the game, but again it did not happen. after the game, luke keatley saying this one will hurt. this one's things. it-- this one stings. it was thing for a while and we need that to happen so we remember not to let it happen again. carolina panthers and fans heading back here. back to you guys. patrick: thank you as always. we will talk to again real soon. a lot up in their, but we also have a little bit of denver prior to show you. more super bowl coverage coming up after the break. dale: good morning.
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dale: monday morning at 5:48 a.m.. let's take a look at the peace center downtown. it is a chilly morning. we are thing temperatures in the 20's and 30's across the area. looking to the next snow event already starting to happen along the tennessee-north carolina border. there is a little bit of snow in swing county back over to grab. asheville will see a dusting of snow. cherokee and clay and macon will get a little bit higher elevations could see anywhere from 2-6 inches of snow. it will start this afternoon, we are already seeing a few flurries along the tennessee-north carolina border. let's take our future plus forecasts and put it into motion. we see a little bit of light precipitation this afternoon. the mountains start to get a wintry mix early afternoon.
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tonight into tomorrow. for the higher elevations all the way through wednesday, so it will be a big event for the county's white along the tennessee-north carolina border. the upstate will just be cold. everyone will stay cold tonight and continuing for the next few days. today may be the warmest day of the week. 30's will climb to upper 40's for the upstate. low 40's for the mountains today. a big blast of cold air rushing down from canada will impact us for the rest of the week. temperatures will be cooler, much cooler than normal all the way through sunday. today, upper 40's. still shy of the average, which is 55. the mountains normally see low 40's. we will get up to 44 or 45 today. as we look ahead in the four-day plus forecast, tomorrow's highs just 30 to 39.
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look how cold the mornings will be, especially starting wednesday. teens and low 20's. teens on thursday morning. patrick: thank you. justice our newsroom, mitchell county schools have closed for the day. students will not be reporting to school today. that is the first one this morning. we will continue to monitor the schools closing list. allyson: turning back to our super bowl coverage this morning, geoff hart is joining us again from levi's stadium with player reaction. geoff: hey there again. super bowl 50 turned out to be dab free. that is not a good thing for the carolina panthers. there was not a big smile or handing up a football to a fan. it just did not go well for the panthers.
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marc: the league's number one offense during the regular season pick a bad time to have an off night. they fall to the broncos after one of their worst offensive performances of the season. >> we had opportunities. we dropped balls. we turned the ball over. . marc: after the game, head coach ron rivera told the panthers look at the broncos. two years ago they got run out of the super bowl when the seahawks, and now they are champions. geoff: cam newton's meeting with the media after the game was very short as i told you earlier. you heard his comments there for five or 10 seconds, but overall, it was 80 words. he was asked the question, said a word and then walked off.
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from the players afterwards. will have more reaction coming up this morning. back to you. allyson: thank you. great coverage by geoff hart and our sports team all week long. crews exploded nearly 120 pounds of dynamite near myrtle beach to bring down two smoke stacks. after about a year of demolition on an old coal plant site, the smoke stacks were the last structures standing. workers toppled the towers yesterday morning. they placed dynamite in more than 330 holes punched into the bases there. the explosion lasted about 12 seconds. patrick: meanwhile, one person is dead and six others are hurt after an explosion at a plant in northwest georgia. police say the explosion happened early sunday morning at a feed mill on a chicken farm in rockmart about 50 miles northwest of atlanta. they say 25-year-old justin deems died and six other people were taken to a local hospital, including one in critical condition. allyson: new video captures a frigid scare in wisconsin. several cars ended up falling through the ice at lake geneva. you can see crews working to pull the cars out of the water.
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parked on the frozen lake as an overflow lot for a nearby event because regular parking is so scarce. no one was in the vehicles at the time, and no one was hurt. chipotle says it will close every one of its locations today for a food safety meeting. the move comes after an e. coli outbreak at the mexican restaurant last year. about 500 people got sick. at the meeting, employees will go over a food safety program implemented by the chain in january. all chipotle restaurants will be closed from around 11:00 to 3:00 in the afternoon. patrick: gas prices drop almost are down eight cents over the past two weeks, now averaging $1.82 a gallon nationwide for regular. prices are down 37 cents from where they were this time last year. analysts say prices could continue to fall if crude oil costs keep dropping. los angeles clocks the highest average at $2.62 per gallon.
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averaging $1.44. allyson: a dramatic bus explosion in london here, but it's not anything to be worried about. the story behind this controlled
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announcer: now, your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. dale: good morning. we just heard from mental county schools in north carolina deciding to close today. no problems in the upstate. just cold. 33. counties along the tennessee-with a border starting to get some flurries of snow. areas in pink including mitchell, which has decided to close because of the commiserating snow, a winter storm warning has been issued. it starts this morning early continuing through tonight. some spots already getting snow.
5:58 am
bit of rain this afternoon. temperatures will be in the 40's. 48 they expected high soy warm jacket early and maybe a rain jacket later on. mountains will see a rain-snow mix an of the temperature drops tonight and they will see more snow. basically, this will be an event for the higher elevations of north carolina because it will pile up over the next couple of days and make for tricky driving. i'm sure that will be more -- that there will be more closings and delays that we will have first thing for you. allyson: we will keep you up-to-date on those. patrick: in this morning's buzz, it was a scary scene if you didn't know what was happening in london. allyson: take a look at this. this is a double-decker bus on a central london bridge explodes. individuals and the london fire brigade caught video of the explosion, which took place on lambeth bridge over the river thames. don't worry. it was a film crew who blew up the bus as part of a stunt for an upcoming jackie chan movie.
5:59 am
in case anything went wrong with . the bridge was closed to all other traffic for the filming. the movie producers posted a warning on twitter. some londoners were surprised as they saw the bus go up in flames. as i think you would be. patrick: multiple angles here. everyone has their own out. there it goes. he does his own stunts, as he is known to do. i would hope he was not on that bus. allyson: i doubt it. i hope he is ok. patrick: i think it is safe to say. when that movie comes out, we will know exactly how that happened. allyson: let's take a look at headlines. >> carolinas is every bit as good as we thought it would be. allyson: dominated by the broncos defense. the panthers didn't have much to say except they'll be back next year. more from the big game, including team coverage from california, charlotte, and the upstate. patrick: new this morning, north carolina gernor pat mccrory was in a minor wreck shortly


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