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our region, now in its sights. the mountains saw the brunt of it, from rain to now snow. here's video from waynesville. michael: also along those high elevations, it is cold and snowy. this is king street in boone. four inches of snow expected in this part of the mountains. carol: to blowing rock, way up in wautauga and caldwell counties. you can see the american flag whipping around in the wind. that area got about an inch of snow. michael: a beautiful site, isn't it? john cessarich has it -- has his eyes on the system. carol: john, what can we expect overnight? snow, or just bitter cold? john: a combination of both especially for the mountains. they get a piece of the arctic air late tonight. really, it will be tomorrow night when you will feel the arctic blast across the western carolinas and northeastern georgia. the snow will mainly be confined to the mountains. snow showers off and on coming in. pretty good snow along the tennessee-north carolina line. that is where the winter storm warning continues.
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carolina that order tennessee. that is where you will see the heaviest snow. lighter amounts in light purple, winter weather advisory for buncombe county into macon county, clay county, and cherokee county, all the way back into the northeastern georgia mountains. he winter weather advisory with a little bit of snow, and be a dusting to an inch or two. tomorrow night, the dangerous wind chills kick in. wind chill advisory of 10 degrees to negative five degrees in restaurant mountains. zero to two -15 degrees below zero possible. they traced to a couple inches in the higher elevations in the blue wall the way back into northeastern georgia. the counties along the tennessee line will be seeing heavy snow. it will continue in the mountains until wednesday. your wake up weather, breezy, cold, slight chance of a flurry or two. 28 degrees.
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-- temperature 22 in the mountains. carol: and don't forget, when bad weather hits, you can turn to the wyff 4 mobile app. you can track the storm, and get the latest on school closings and weather alerts, at and using the wyff 4 mobile app. the app is free to download, and available in both apple and android stores. michael: to commitment 2016 now. the clock is counting down. just hours away now, from the first presidential primary in 2016. minutes, in some parts of new hampshire. tomorrow, vocals -- voters will make a difference. in three towns, the voting kicks off at midnight. the candidates are campaigning hard for those undecided votes. carol: right now, the front-runners continue to hold big leads in the polls. new numbers from cnn and our sister station wmur show bernie sanders remains a heavy favorite. sanders with 61%, to hillary clinton's 35%. and on the republican side, donald trump out in front of the gop field by 14 points. michael: on the republican side, in plymouth, new hampshire,
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into a less than excited crowd. the associated press says 40's five minutes into the speech, attendees were seen leaving. from remains the front -- donald trump remains the front runner there. he traded his usual large-scale rallies for an intimate town hall setting in salem. he took questions from a crowd of about 230 people. trump also held a rally in londonderry. at the end of the rally, trump gave a check for $100,000 to a charitable organization in manchester. the funds were raised during his veterans event in iowa last month. carol: senator marco rubio took part in more than half a dozen events today. one of them, a visit to defense contractor b.a.e. systems in nashua. his main focus there was national security. michael: in barrington, texas senator ted cruz talked to voters about taxes, and drafting women into the military. he called the idea of drafting women, political correctness run amok. carol: this morning, ohio governor john kasich took questions from potential voters in plaistow. kasich reflected on lessons from his parents' deaths in 1987, and his short-lived presidential
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michael: today, former governor jeb bush was in nashua. at a luncheon, he spent part of the time going after ted cruz and donald trump. he told the crowd, neither is ready to lead. carol: meanwhile, this morning, carly fiorina was stumping for votes in manchester. she stopped by blake's restaurant and greeted breakfast-goers. michael: and new jersey governor chris christie hopes his latest celebrity endorsement gives him a big boost. christie was joined by "cake boss" star buddy valastro at a town hall meeting in hudson. carol: meantime, on the democratic side, hillary clinton is trying to close the gap in the polls, with just hours to go. clinton started the day at manchester community college. her daughter, chelsea, and husband, former president bill clinton, joined her today on the campaign trail. bill went on the offensive today. he attacked bernie sanders' record, his health care plan, and accused some of his supporters of being sexist. michael: also in new hampshire, bernie sanders. he made several campmign stops today, incncding manchester. he is reminding voters that he is the candidate that represents
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revolutionary change to the american political system. sanders also made stops in nashua, derry, and durham. carol: by this time tomorrow, voting will be well underway and three towns will already have their votes tallied. that's because people in dixville notch, hart's location, and millsfield will cast their ballots tonight at midnight. michael: several upcoming campaign visits to note here in south carolina. donald trump will visit the upstate this week. he has scheduled a rally at the ted garrison arena in pendleton on wednesday. doors open at 5:00, and the event starts at 7:00. will need to reserve a ticket online. trump will also hold a rally in greenville. that will happen next monday, at the t.d. convention center. carol: following the first-in-the-nation primary in new hampshire, marco rubio will return to the palmetto state on wednesday. he's holding a rally in spartanburg, then heading to columbia before ending the day in charleston. michael: rubio will be in the palmetto state until saturday,
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debate. it's taking place at the peace center in downtown greenville. the debate starts at 9:00 p.m. this will be the final showdown before the republican south carolina primary election on february 20th. former new york city mayor michael bloomberg is considering running for the white house. that's what the media mogul told the financial times. bloomberg took aim at the overall tone of this year's campaign, saying the public deserved better. he admits that he would need to start getting his name on ballots by early march, to stage a serious campaign. back here at home pickens county , is considering closing 3 3 elementary schools and moving the students to other schools in the district. carol: educators say they can save money by closing up the under enrolled schools. parents say other things can be done. wyff news 4's john lyon says, just about everybody at tonight's meeting was upset. >> i would refuse to go to a different school. john: few things rile students
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>> i'm heartbroken. i'm crushed. john: or even school district trustees, more than talk of closing schools. >> now, to actually turn around and close them would be a complete waste of money. >> there is an urgency to do it quickly. john: the school district of pickens county is considering doing just that. the facilities committee voted tonight to ask the full board to close three elementary schools, a.r. lewis, holly springs, and ambler, sending 600 students to dacusville elementary and middle, hagood, and pickens elementaries. >> my kids are flourishing at ambler. they do enjoy a small environment and very dedicated staff. john: the district says, by closing the under-enrolled schools, it could save almost $12 million over 5 years, and still keep class sizes at one teacher for 21 students. >> it's extra space that we are not using, and it is draining our budget, and we've got to
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john: parents here are upset that the proposal has seemingly come out of left field. >> you know, they've spent millions of dollars on the facilities, and building the facilities, and now we're going to close them. >> it seems like a rush job. perhaps they've been discussing it, but i think that one of my biggest concerns is giving it a fair airing in public. john: the school district is scheduling public input meetings for wednesday at ambler, a.r. lewis, and holly springs, with a vote scheduled for next monday night. john lyon, wyff news 4, pickens county. carol: tonight, we're learning more about two teens from cherokee county who died in a crash. that crash happened friday on south carolina highway 11, in york county. 17-year-old dominick galosi and 18-year-old shemar byers died. troopers say the teens were passengers in an suv that left the road, and hit a fence and a tree. the driver and another passenger ended up in the hospital. dominick and shemar went to gaffney high. the school's flags are at half-staff, and this morning,
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silence in their memory. >> not only the community of gaffney, but our upstate community as well, just pray for gaffney high school, and especially those families who are in dire need of their support and prayers at this time. carol: to help students and teachers, extra counselors and ministers from the community were at gaffney high today. michael: investigators say a fire that scorched a greenville county apartment building started outside, and spread indoors. firefighters fought flames at the huntington down apartments early saturday morning. the fire marshal says the fire started on a patio, set flame to the roofofand spread through the attic. the apartment manager says in the end, 14 people had to move out here. american red cross volunteers helped victims at the scene. >> one of the nice things about this situation, if there is a nice thing to say, is that they're required to have renters insurance, and that is so important. most people don't realize that you can get renters insurance, and it's pretty inexpensive.
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is a busy time of year for residential fires, and most of devices. carol: to florida now. a paratrooper was rescued after check out these pictures. they were shot this morning by a witness. carlos esparza is a paratrooper at fort bragg in north carolina. he was training at skydive deland. esparza was following behind his squad, when he drifted towards this power pole. the power was shut down so firefighters could safely rescue esparza. the carolina panthers are back home tonight. they had the lombardi trophy within their sight. michael: they did, but alas, came up a bit short. still, there is a lot of panther pride here at home. john: the primary is in new hampshire tomorrow. the people there are used to snow. it is snowing pretty good in new hampshire. by tomorrow, tuesday, it will be off and on flurries early snow shower.
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carol: to the latest in the zika outbreak. the obama administration is asking congress for nearly $2 billion. the money will go towards fighting and prevent the
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transmitted to humans. federal health officials say in most cases, the virus causes mild illness. the main concern is women who are pregnant. researchers suspect there's a link between zika and birth defects. there is no vaccine. so far, there have been no confirmed cases of transmission by mosquitoes here in the u.s. michael: today, president barack obama met with italian president sergio mattarella. the two world leaders met at the white house. they talked about the ongoing conflict in libya, and syrian refugees. president obama says italy plays a critical role in the humanitarian crisis, and they also talked about training police forces to push back against isis. president mattarella is expected to visit houston and new york later this week. carol: more and more americans are giving up their u.s. passports. that is according to the latest government data, found by a cnn money analysis. it shows more 4200 people turned in their passports last year. the trend is increasing with americans living overseas, amid complicated paperwork and new tax regulations.
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citizens are taxed on all income, unlike most other countries. michael: tonight, the carolina panthers are back home, following a hard-fought battle in san francisco. sky 4 was quickly over the stadium tonight. there is playing got in it -- they're playing got in at the 6:30. team came up short last night, and left california without a super bowl victory. fans consoling themselves with the fact that it was, even so, an excellent season for the carol: so many fans proud of that, but still, heartache for panther fans across the nation, still upset over the 24-10 loss. some didn't feel like talking after the defeat, but the few who did expressed their frustration. >> you know, four turnovers. it's hard to win a game with four turnovers. they were in there until the last 5 minutes or so, but four turnovers really did them in. >> the overall experience was incredible. i had a great time, other than the outcome. our tackles couldn't handle their ends. that's what i was afraid of. their defensive ends
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have any time. michael: there's always next year. local retailers have panthers products they can't sell. last week, we took video of these boxes of panthers super bowl championship gear at academy sports and outdoors in greenville. since the panthers lost, the boxes have stayed sealed. we asked academy what they plan to do with the gear now. no response just yet, but last year, the nfl partnered with an organization that sends merchandise that can't be sold, to communities in need overseas. carol: to the weather now. a second winter storm in just four days in parts of massachusetts. michael: they are used to that up there. but it's not easy. eastern massachusetts, rhode island, and most of connecticut are all under a winter storm warning. forecasters say they could get around 10 inches of snow. carol: and meteorologist john cessarich, tracking it all. michael: john, some parts of our area already seeing some snow? john: absolutely. in the mountains, that is where it is going to stay.
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moved through the upstate -- a stray flurry in the upstate, but it will be mostly confined to the mountains. in the pink shaded area is a winter storm warning, continuing in mainly the north carolina counties that border tennessee. higher elevations will see the most snow. winter weather advisory for buncombe county into the southwestern mountains of north carolina amber the north georgia mountains. winter weather advisory's continue. tomorrow night, the big piece of arctic air comes in. wind chill advisory starts tomorrow night in the north georgia mountains, 10 to-15 expected. dangerous wind chills across the area starting tomorrow night for wednesday. even into thursday morning. as far as snow, maybe a flurry or two expected north of i-85.
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get to tennessee and in the northern mountains. a trace to a couple inches of snow, the two inches closer to this line around cullowhee, and a trace through the mountains of south carolina all the way back into the north georgia mountains. that is about it. as far a snow, here it comes. one after another, pieces of energy in the upper atmosphere is swinging in. we cleared up the skies south of i-85. a few flurries and snow showers continuing in the north georgia mountains, a couple flurries through parts of oconee county. they fizzle out. snow along the tennessee line especially in east tennessee will make its way through the mountains of western north carolina. outside, a live shot in downtown greenville from our camera on top of the piece center. cold across the area. 28 in boone, 30 in greenville, 37 in spartanburg. a bit of wind, especially in clemson at 22 miles per hour,
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boone, 26 in asheville, 30 he in spartanburg. humidity 50% in greenville. 36 in greensboro, 30 sex -- 36 in atlanta. here is the dip in the jet stream. these pieces of energy will rotate and come in from the west-northwest. 13 in minneapolis. arctic air will slide into the deep south. here is the big chill. the first front passes tomorrow morning. the wind will pick up in the mountains. most of the snow in western north carolina and north georgia, as far south as atlanta may see a brief snow shower. it will be difficult for this to rotate into the upstate. a flurry or two is possible. the northwest flow ends wednesday afternoon. a piece of energy up here may swing in towards the end of the week. we will watch that. overnight, a few sprinkles or maybe a flurry is about it for the upstate. low 28. accumulating snow late tonight, variable cloudiness, a few
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high 39 tomorrow in the upstate, 32 at 9:00 a.m. come upper 30's by lunchtime. in the mountains tomorrow, windy . off and on snow, high 29. we will be lucky to hit the low 30's. the wind will make it feel colder. the really cold air comes in tomorrow night, continues for
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another batch of >> now, wyff news 4 sports. ricardo: the biggest game in women's basketball this season, south carolina and uconn. number one versus number two, and a matchup of the last two unbeatens in division one women's basketball. the first-ever sellout crowd at colonial life arena for the gamecocks women. carolina was down nine after one order. wilson trying to keep the gamecocks in it. she scored 13. wilson comes up the floor, tries to block, she collapses to the floor. she goes down with a lower leg injury, the same issue she had earlier in the year that caused her to miss two games. she did return later in the 3rd quarter.
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uconn led by as many as 20. breanna stewart, 2-time defending national player of the year, 9th double-double of the season. 25 points, 10 rebounds, also had 5 blocks. and just like in last year's matchup in storrs, uconn hands south carolina its first loss of the year, 66-54, snapping the gamecocks 45-game home win streak. >> i thought we did a good job. they only scored 66 points. they put pressure on your offense to keep up with them. when you don't take the right type of shot, you take ill-advised shots, they make you pay time and time again. ricardo: ater a three-game road swing that saw clemson go 1 and 2, the tigers return to the friendly confines of the well in downtown greenville, to face notre dame. clemson, seeking its first ever win against the irish. notre dame lightened it up from -- lighting it up from three point range.
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a 35-25 lead at the break. second half, tigers fighting back. roper drops the dime. tigers close within two, but notre dame never gave up the lead. august splits the screen and slams it home. 17 points to lead the irish. all irish score -- starters score in double figures. furman hosting usc -- unc greensboro. paladins trying to rebound from saturday's loss to first-place chattanooga. 1st half, devin sibley right to the rack. the and-1, paladins up 7. stephen croone l lds the way for furman with 17. paladins get back in the win column, 79-72 the final. wofford and vmi hooking up in the ben-jo this evening. a career night for freshman guard fletcher magee. here in the first half, how about a four-point play in the corner? magee with a career-high 34 points. the terriers set an ncaa record for three point percentage, going 17-21 from behind the arc.
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>> phhh, they just played better than us. i don't know what you want me to say. >> can you put into words the disappointment you're feeling right now? >> we lost. [talking in background] >> i'm out. ricardo: cam newton is taking a lot of heat today for that, after losing the biggest game of his career. newton and the panthers, hurting right now. but this team is built for another run at the super bowl. sports director brad fralick wraps up our coverage in santa clara. brad: the carolina panthers get all the way to the end of the season, but they are not able to finish it off with a win in the super bowl. now, the question is, was that manning's final game? the denver broncos win super bowl 50 over the panthers. >> i don't want to diminish what we accomplished. we did lots of good things. up -- we made a lot of plays, did positive things. but we will take a step back. we came in second.
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we will go back, evaluate the season, and work towards next year. >> keep pounding, man. just, that will make us stronger for the next year and years after that. we will continue to push through everything, all the obstacles. this will set in for quite some time. brad: the panthers are not going anywhere anytime soon with cam newton and luke kuechly not -- locked up for the foreseeable future. a good chance that they get back to the super bowl soon. in santa clara, brad fralick, wyff news 4. ricardo: thanks, brad. the panthers are built for years to come.
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michael: it's a different world the on where you are.
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john: the colder it gets. dangerous windchill starting tomorrow night running into thursday morning. we should be in the 50's. instead, carol: but no. john: road trip down to miami. i'm driving. who is paying for gas?
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michael: when the republicans weren't going after president obama they were coming after me. his attorney general. in the cabinet, i served with hillary clinton. i've known her for almost 25 years. this is a woman whose fought her whole life for children, to protect civil rights, voting rights. and today hillary is pushing hard for tougher gun laws and police accountability. if you want to make sure republicans don't take us backward help hillary move us forward.
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