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district wants to close three elementary schools at the end of this year. but they want your input before taking action. patrick: take a look behind us. we are already seeing snow on the ground in some parts of north carolina. patrick hussion and for geoff hart area allyson: and i'm allyson powell. the wintry weather already forcing school closings. no school today for students in avery graham, madison mitchell and yancey counties. patrick: highland county schools are on a 2 hour delay. while summit charter school in jackson county will open at 11:00. all of the school closings are scrolling at the bottom of your screen. allyson: d.l. is in this morning. dale: it is once again going to be a north carolina snow event. for the upstate, cold and breezy. everyone needs a warm coat. give seal this morning to be city of spartanburg with the wofford d ycam. here is what it has been doing
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wave after wave of snowy weather making its way across tennessee and impacting the north carolina border. higher elevations along the tennessee-north carolina border continue under a winter storm warning. anytime you get 3, 4, 5 plus inches of snow, it makes for tricky driving conditions. cold wind advisories for the asheville area, transylvania county, southern jackson, winter weather advisory's continue in western north carolina, too. most of the snow falls in the higher elevations. low 20's in boone, 26 in asheville, 34 in greenville. that would be cold enough that you take a ten-fifteen-twenty mile-per-hour wind, it feels like five in greenville, teens and hendersonville and asheville. dress warmly for today. temperatures reaching 41 for the upstate and low 30's at best for the mountains today. we will talk more about the rest of the week in a few minutes.
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look now at those areas already covered in snow. patrick: video that shows more of what it looked like in waynesville yesterday and overnight. you can see some accumulation on the ground and all along the higher elevations of north carolina. it was cold and snowy. this is king street in boone. up to four inches of snow expected in this part of the mountains. and this is video of blowing rock. in wautauga and caldwell counties. you can see the american flag whipping around in that winter wind. that area already got about an inch of snow. don't forget. when bad weather hits, you can turn to the wyff 4 mobile app , you can keep an eye on the weather, check the storm, and get the latest on school closings and alerts. parents in pickens county concerned this morning after a proposal to close 3 elementary schools. allyson: the plan was sent to the board of trustees for consideration. it would close a.r. lewis, holly springs, and amble elementary schools. that would mean 600 students would be sent to dacusville
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haygood and pickens elementary schools. parents were not happy about the proposal. collects -- >> you know they've spent millions of dollars on the facilities and building the facilities and now we're going to close them. allyson: the school district says closing the 3 schools will save nearly $12 million over 5 years. they have scheduled public input meetings for 4:30 this afternoon at ambler, a.r. lewis and holly springs elementary schools. turning to commitment 2016 news. new hampshire voters in a handful of towns are the first to cast votes in this year's election season. patrick: you know i am excited. allyson: i know you are. patrick: dixville notch harts location, millsfield and a handful of other towns all hold midnight voting events in the first in the nation primary state. after the votes were cast and counted it was john kasich and , bernie sanders who came out on top for dixville notch's total of nine voters.
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hampshire are undecided. as many as one in five. say they will decide who to vote for today. chris christie: tick-tock, tick-tock tick tock, tick tock, you have to decide soon. bernie sanders: the eyes of america will be on new hampshire. patrick: new hampshire traditionally has a high turnout on presidential primary day, and with the interest that has surrounded the race so far, they expect the same for this 2016 race. right now, the front runners continue to hold big leads in the polls. new numbers from cnn and our sister station wmur show bernie sanders remains a heavy favorite. sanders with 61% to hillary clinton's 35%. on the republican side, donald trump out in front of the geo field -- gop field by 14 points. allyson: several upcoming campaign visits to note in south carolina, donald trump will visit the upstate this week. he has scheduled a rally at the t-ed garrison arena in pendleton tomorrow.
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starts at 7:00. it's free to attend but you need to reserve a ticket online. and trump will also hold a rally in greenville. it's taking place next monday at the t.d. convention center. patrick: senator marco rubio will also be in the palmetto state tomorrow. he's holding a rally in spartanburg. then heading to columbia before ending the day in charleston. allyson: rubio will be in the palmetto state until saturday. the day of the next gop debate. it's taking place at the peace center in downtownwnreenville. the debate starts at 9:00 and this will be the final showdown before the republican south carolina primary on february 20. dale joins us again. what are we looking like so far? dale: it will stay primarily in the higherlevations of north carolina. dusting here and there lower.
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being impacted by the winter storm warning which we will continue today and even into parts of tomorrow, there will still be flurries of snow. greenville, spartanburg, anderson, cold and windy. 34 degrees, west breeze at 13. that will be the story for the entire region. a windy, cold day today. here is the past six hours. flurries of snow developing as they reach the elevations of the mountains of north carolina and some areas will see three, 4, 5 inches of snow before it is all said and done. that can make for slippery driving conditions. the school closings are occurring, secondary roads are hard to get around. more snow falling in madison, northern swing and haywood county. as we take a look right now. temperatures across the region from 26 in asheville, boone at 22. 35 and abbeville and anderson. it feels colder with the wind blowing. let's check on a few other communities in the western part of the upstate. salem at 33, pickens and easily
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freezing cold this morning. 6-18 mile-per-hour wind across the upstate and mountains, it feels like teens and 20's. make sure everyone is dressed up warmly as they head out today. high. 40-41 for the upstate cities, western north carolina and an afternoon high. as we look ahead, cold mornings ahead this week. teens and 20's tomorrow, teens on thursday morning. one of the colder mornings of the week. look at the weekend. saturday, 20 in the mountains, 28 in the upstate. on sunday, temperature of 10 in the mountains, 18 in the upstate. cold nights and cool days ahead all the way through the weekend. patrick: a warm welcome for the carolina panthers last night. loyal fans came out in full force. more on that coming up, allyson: a new space for usc upstate will soon open in downtown greenville.
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offer. today, lori grabs delicious jimmy dean sausage from the fridge, fully cooked and ready in seconds. it makes breakfast complete, which makes bill feel like completing the gazebo, prompting a celebration in lori's backyard. with jimmy dean, good mornings lead to
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a deputy... fired from the allyson: 4:41 now, happening today a deputy fired from the , greenville county sheriff's
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david hayes is charged with misconduct in office and taking bribes. the sheriff asked the fbi to investigate rumors, that some e his deputies may have been taking cash in exchange for information about upcoming mbling raids. this was back in 2014. the fbi investigation led back to major shea smith and sergeant david hayes. both of them were fired. smith made his court appearance back in december. he's on probation and not be able to return to law enforcement. patrick: to teenagers in york county. a 17-year-old and an 18-year-old were killed in a crash. troopers say the teenagers were passengers in an suv that left the road, hit a fence, and then a tree. the driver and another passenger ended up in the hospital. yesterday, the campus held a
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>> not only the community of gaffney but are upstate community, as well p or pray for gaffney high school and the families who are in dire need of their support and prayers at this time. patrick: to help students and teachers, excellent -- extra counselors and ministers were -- allyson: firefighters fought flames at the huntington apartments early saturday morning. the fire marshal says the fire started on a patio set flame to , the roof and spread through the attic. the apartment manager says in the end 14 people were forced to move out. american red cross volunteers helped victims at the scene. >> one of the nice things about this situation if there is a nice thing to say is that
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insurance and that is so important. allyson: the red cross says. this is a busy time of year for residential fires and most of them start with heating devices. patrick: the carolina panthers had a warm welcome from loyal fans in charlotte after that hard-fought battle in sasa francisco. allyson: here's a look at bank of america stadium from sky 4. as the team was arriving. the team came up short sunday night and left california without a super bowl victory, but, an excellent season for the home team. loyal fans certainly still very proud as they welcome the panthers home. more dirty water problems in flint, michigan. one family says their two-year-old is dealing with the
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dale: cold air has dale: good morning, it is 4:46. yesterday's highs of 52 in the upstate and 46 in the mountains, those will be the warmest temperatures we will see all week area cold air is blowing in. it is drop down to 34 in greenville. it is the wind that is accentuating the. westerly breeze at 13 currently. over the past several hours, you
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after another, coming for the north carolina mountains. it is basically the counties along the spine of the appalachian mountain range that are getting the most snow as we video pictures earlier. throughout the day today. counties highlighted in pink from grant county, swain, northern jackson, haywood, madison, yancey, mitchell, avery, will continue to see the bulk of the snow. we are also looking at wind chill advisory for buncombe county and transylvania county, southern jackson, northern georgia. 15-20 plus mile-per-hour wind with these colder temperatures make it rough for folks having to work outdoors today. here is our future plus forecast continuing into the afternoon. most of the action will be in the mountains of georgia and western north carolina. we will see that snow continued to accumulate in the higher elevations and they could make for tricky driving through wednesday, thursday, because whatever falls will be there
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currently, 22 in boone. 26 in asheville. let's check on a few other carolina where it is the coldest. bryson city at 27, hazel and valley town in the 26, 27 range. across the upstate, mid-30's, greenville currently a 34. spartanburg is the same. let's check on a few other communities. taylor's at 33, boiling springs the same, fountainhead at 34. we start out chilly. it is going to get colder the next couple of mornings than what we are experiencing today. 10-20 mile-per-hour wind naked feel like it is the 20's and teens across the area. dress warmly. normally at this time of year, we would get up to 55 for an afternoon high. we will be about 14 degrees colder than that with 41 with the upstate, jackson high, the mountains reaching 30, 20
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this cold canadian blast is going to keep us chilled all the way through the weekend and into the start of next week. colder than normal. single digits in minneapolis. that cold blast with big lows circulating that cold air deep down south. atlanta 35 this money. for the afternoon, 40-41 for the upstate. a few flurries in asheville, hendersonville area. not expecting much anyway of accumulation. 31 is the projected high. higher elevations will see the most are tomorrow, high temperatures of 24 the mountains, 38 in the upstate, look at those morning temperatures. in the teens. cold temperatures continue through the weekend. sunday morning, have the one coat ready, 18 the upstate, 10 in the mountains. cold air to deal with all the way into monday. allyson: a small earthquake registered in the lowcountry early yesterday morning.
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a magnitude 1.9 quake hit just southwest of ladson, in berkeley county. the usgs says you typically can't feel quakes of magnitude or less but seismographs still 2.5 record them. patrick: usc upstate will open a new space in downtown greenville. officials from the university and the city of greenville made the announcement. the new facility is located on river street close to the westin poinsett hotel and the peace center. officicis say the school will still keep its current location at mcalister square in greenville. they hope to offer a degree period program in urban and regional studies at the new facility, so they say it's important to be downtown. collects -- >> it's a living laboratory, can engage in community based research and projects that greenville. patrick: the new facility downtown is expected to be ready for fall classes in august. allyson: eight south carolina schools have won grants to support environmental and one is in the upstate. chesnee high school won a grant
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and environmental control d-hec says chesnee students will work to reduce plastic water bottle use at school and in the community. they plan to promote sustainable living choices like using reusable water bottles. patrick: spartanburg county is hoping it's residents will give them some insight into what they are doing right and wrong. the county is asking residents to take an online survey about what it's like to live, work, and play in spartanburg. the feedback will help establish where the community is, and where it should go. it's open to all spartanburg county residents, business owners, and workers. the survey closes friday. we've put a link in the on t.v. section of wyff allyson: one week remains to cash in a powerball ticket worth $20,000 if you purcashed a ticket from lil cricket on south duncan bypass in union back in august. you may want to check your ticket. the ticket purchased on the 19th
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8, 43, 48, 50, and a powerball of you have until monday to seven. claim your prize. patrick: new overnight. two regional trains have crashed in germany. killing at least two people. police say they don't know how many are injured. the accident happened in the southern part of the country. we'll bring you more information, throughout the morning. back in the states to connecticut a charter bus headed , to a casino flipped onto its side on the interstate yesterday. at least six peoplplare in critical condition. more than two dozen people were injured. the rollover happened on an interstate covered in snow that runs through madison. firefighters had to smash through the windshield to reach the victims. allyson: more and more americans are giving up their u.s. passports according to a latest cnn money analysis bowl. 4200 people turned in their passports last year. the trend is increasing with
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complicated paperwork and new tax regulation. ricardo: it was the biggest game in women's college basketball this season last night. number one versus number two. south carolina and the u -conn in front of a sold-out house. carolina found themselves down nine after one. she scores 13 in this one. later in the second quarter, and extended period of time, she collapsed to the floor. the same issue she had earlier in the year that caused her to miss two games. she returned later in the third quarter. moving to the fourth quarter, they led by as many as 20 in this game. the two-time defending national champion of the year, 25 and 10. just like in last years more
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last night, the clemson mets posted notre dame at the well. notre dame waited up from three points in the first half. 53-pointers second half, tigers fighting back. the redshirt junior finishing with a career-high 33 points. tigers got within two in this one. notre dame never gave up the lead here at slams at home, 17 points to lead the irish. all five notre dame starters scored in double figures. clemson suffering their first acc loss at the well, 89-83 is your final. patrick: still to come in this morning's buzz, a video of a
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baeit would be hard to find something more adorable than dale: it is 4:58 as we look out. here's the liberty bridge and the background. cold morning across the region with the wind blowing. you can see some of the snow flurries from last night continuing from on-again off-again activity right along the tennessee-north carolina border.
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through today and into tomorrow for slippery driving and higher elevations. you will see the school counties closed at a bottom of the screen. partly cloudy for the upstate, 41 is the best we will see for the afternoon ride. everyone needs a one coat today. the hendersonville area getting up to 30 for the afternoon. cold air we have been seeing it the rest of these -- of the country has finally reached us. they will be chilly, especially overnight. cooler than normal days continue all the way through the weekend. patrick: yesterday, you mentioned teens at one point. that is sticking with me. dale: those are the kinds of mornings we will have, cold teens and 20's. allyson: in this morning's buzz, and adorable morning buzz for you. patrick: a good way to describe the sky. bei bei the panda cub lives in the smithsonian's national zoo in washington. he was born august 22
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so we need to cut him some slack when he tries, and tries, to climb this pine tree. patrick: the u.s. government pays about a half million dollars a year to host china's giant pandas in the smithsonian. the money goes back into panda research and conservation efforts in china. allyson: i hope he gives up. he is not even six months old. that was cute. patrick: i'm sure there's a webcam on him. we will have to check them out. allyson: your news continues right now. >> live, local, breaking news. this is wyff news 4 today in high definition. patrick: it's primary day. the very first ballots have been cast as we kick off the new hampshire presidential primaries. allyson: also in this morning's headlines headlines. an upstate school district wants to close three elementary schools at the end of this year.
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taking action.
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