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tv   WYFF News 4 5am  NBC  February 9, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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taking action. patrick: plus waking up to a cold morning. snow falling in north carolina. winter weather coverage straight ahead. allyson: the wintry weather already forcing school closings. no school today for studentstsn avery graham, madison mitchell and yancey counties. highlands school macon county 2 hour delay this morning. while summit charter school in jackson county logan at 11:00. dale: you can see over the past several hours, episodes of snow continue, flurries of snow continue. coming across tennessee and hitting the north carolina, south carolina -- not south carolina, but north carolina-south carolina border. most. that is the story through today
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winter storm warnings continue for the counting strip -- county stretching from graham, swing, northern jackson, haywood, nancy, mitchell, avery, all under a winter storm warning. anytime there is an accumulation of 3, 4, 5 inches of snow, it makes were tricky driving. if you have tennessee plans, be careful heading across the tennessee-north carolina border, and watch out for those secondary roads. it is very cold. anything that falls will be icy for the next couple of days with temperatures in the 20's in the mountains, low 30's in the upstate which would drop a little bit more. those winds and 15 plus, obviously makes it feel like teens in the mountains, 20's in the upstate. make sure everyone is dressed warmly. highs today from 30-40 across the region. the upstate, 40-41 is the best we will see. the mountains struggle to get up to 31 today. we will talk more about the rest of the week. i can tell you right now it will be cold in a few minutes. patrick: we believe you. thank you.
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those areas already covered in snow. allyson: we have video that shows waynesville yesterday and overnight. you can see some accumulation on the ground, and all along the higher elevations of north carolina, it was cold, and snowy. this is king street in boone. up to four inches of snow expected, in this part of the mountains. and this is video of blowing rock. in wautauga and caldwell counties. you can see the american flag whipping around in that winter wind. that area already got about an inch of snow. don't forget. when bad weather hits, you can turn to the wyff 4 mobile app , keep an eye on the weather, ack the storm, get the latest on all of the school closings and alerts. a pickens county school district wants to close 3 elementary schools at the end of this school year. patrick: the district's facilities committee approved the plan and sent it to the board of trustees for consideration. the plan would close a.r. lewis, holly springs, and amble elementary schools. that would mean 600 students would be sent to dacusville elementary and middle, and also
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schools. >> it seems like a rush job, perhaps they've been discussing it but it think that one of my biggest concerns is giving a fair airing in public. patrick: the school district says closing the 3 schools will save almost $12 million over 5 years. they have scheduled public input meetings for 4:30 this afternoon at ambler, a r lewis and holly springs elementary schools. allyson: turning to commitment 2016 news. hew hampshire voters in a handful of towns are the first to cast votes in this year's election season. patrick: dixville notch, harts location, millsfield and a handful of others all hold midnight voting events in the first in the nation primary state. after the votes were cast and counted it was john kasich and bernie sanders who came out on top for dixville notch's total of nine voters. a lot of likely voters in new
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as many as one in five. say they will decide who to vote for today >> i dont give a damn, you've got to get out to vote. hillary clinton: this state takes the responsibility of vetting candidates trying to make a decision about where people stand, what they are promising, what they can get done. as seriously -- more seriously than many others. >> new hampshire traditionally have a high turnout a presidential primary day. with the interest that has surrounded the race so far, they expect the same for the 2016 race. >> right now, front runners continue to hold big leads in the polls. new numbers from cnn and our sister station show bernie sanders remains a heavy favorite. sanders with 61% to hillary clinton's 35%. on the republican side, donald trump out in front of the gop field by 14 points. patrick: several of coming and
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donald trump will visit the upstate this week. he has scheduled a rally at the tea at garrison arena and pendleton tomorrow. doors open at 5:00, it is free to attend, but you need to reserve a ticket online. trump will also hold a rally in greenville that is taking place next monday at the t tconvention center. allyson: marco rubio will also be in the state tomorrow. the his heading to spartanburg and then ending the day in charleston. patrick: rubio will be in the palmetto state until saturday. the day of the latest gop debate. it's taking place at the peace center in downtown greenville. that debate starts at 9:00 p.m. this will be the final showdown before the republican south carolina primary election on february 20. again. of north carolina. elevations that will get the most out of this event.
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34 degrees currently in laurens, but everyone is going to get cold air. that cold air blown down from the great lakes of canada, reaching deep into the south. chilling everybody down. it is not in a hurry to get out of here. it will be cold all the way through the weekend. over the past several hours, we have seen flurries of snow continue. patches of snow working their way across tennessee and a corrupting as they hit the north carolina border. the areas in pink, that is the winter storm warning that continues through today and into tomorrow. there will even be a few more flurries of snow tomorrow. let's take our computer model of the future plus and run it this morning. you can see snow right along the border, a couple of spots and georgia may affect parts of i-85 court order with a brief bit of snow. that snow continues through wednesday in the mountains of north carolina and whatever falls will hang around for a couple of days with the bitter cold temperatures. great news for those going to the ski resorts.
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it will be cold, bitter cold each morning. 20's across north carolina early in the upstate and piedmont, low 30's. greenwood currently at 32. let's check on a few other communities in the piedmont. do west at 33, laurens at 34. 32 at 96. everyone needs a one car. these temperatures are mild compared to some of the mornings we will have this week are at it is a 10-15 plus mile-per-hour wind that makes it feel colder. tomorrow morning, 23 in the upstate, 17 in the mountains. teens continue thursday. look at sunday morning. 10 in western north carolina. 18 in the upstate as folks get up and get ready to go to church. it is only going to get up to 29 in the mountains on sunday. 36 for the upstate. cold temperatures continue all the way into the start of next week. allyson: chipotle serving up safety following an e-coli outbreak. the changes they're making straight ahead.
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patrick: 5:11 this morning a , deputy fired from the greenville county sheriff's office is set to appear in court today.
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bribes. the sheriff asked the fbi to investigate rumors, that some of taking cash in exchange for information about upcoming this was back in 2014. the fbi investigation led back to major shea smith and sergeant both of them were fired. smith made his court appearance back in december. he's on probation and not be able to return to law enforcement. allyson: we're learning more about two teens from cherokee county who died in a crash. that crash happened friday on south carolina highway 11 in york county. 17-year-old dominick galosi and 18-year-old shemar byers died. troopers say the teens were passengers in an suv that left the road and hit a tree. >> he loved everybody. he loved basketball. that was his number one thing. allyson: to help students and
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ministers from the community were at gaffney high yesterday. patrick: an update now to a fire in greenville county that displaced several people over the weekend. investigators say the fire started outside and spread indoors. firefighters fought flames at the huntington down apartments early saturday morning. the fire marshal tells us the fire started on a patio set flame to the roof and spread through the attic. the apartment manager says in the end 14 people were forced to move out. american red cross volunteers helped victims at the scene. >> one of the nice things about this situation if there is a nice thing to say is that they're required to have renters insurance and that is so important. most people don't realize that you can get renters insurance and it's pretty inexpensive. patrick: the red cross says this is a busy time of year for residential fires and most of them start with heating devices. allyson: the carolina panthers are back home this morning. allyson: sky 4 was there as the team arrived at bank of america stadium.
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super bowl. an excellent season for the home team. royals fans very proud as they welcome home the panthers team. patrick: it is fats tuesday. here is a look at new orleans were people from around the world have flocked to celebrate mardi gras. dale: i feel that way this morning. thanks. i appreciate that. we are going to talk about the
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dale: good morning, you'll want to check the bottom of your screen as we continue to update you on school counties in north carolina that are closing because of slippery driving conditions. several new ones have been added. watch the bottom of the screen for that information. 32 degrees in greenville, a west breeze at nine. we are seeing cold temperatures not only in, but all over the region.
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several hours, patches of snow areas hitting the mountains of north carolina, adding new snow, especially in the higher elevations. it is leading to closings of quite a few counties around the tennessee-north carolina border. graham, swing, northern jackson, haywood county, medicine, mitchell, yancey, all under a winter storm. cold temperatures felt all across the area. most of the snow will be in the higher elevations of north carolina. that will continue today and even into tomorrow before this finally comes -- this event comes to an end. because of cold temperatures were going to have, yesterday was the warmest day of the week. a got up to 46 in the mountains, low 50's in the upstate. forget about that today. it will be more like 30-44 afternoon highs. at 15 plus mile-per-hour wind and it feels like 14 in asheville, 12 in boone. 20's from greenville to greenwood.
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here is this big low that is grabbing that cold canadian air and shoving it all the way down into the deep south, even atlanta is in the 30's this morning. atlanta at 34. look at new orleans at 44. cold air is the story for a good bit of the country and we will be under this blanket of frigid air all the way through this week. 44 the upstate, for the afternoon high today. the mountains will see a few flurries in the asheville hendersonville area. again, accumulated and snow will be north of the mountains of north carolina. 31 is the asheville high today. tomorrow, temperatures reaching 24 in the mountains. 38 in the upstate. cold temperatures, especially overnight with teens on thursday morning. upper 20's, 41 the expected highs thursday. some precipitation on friday. rain in the upstate, flurries of snow in the mountains. dry for the weekend.
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patrick: a small earthquake registered in the lowcountry early yesterday morning. the u.s. geological survey says a magnitude quake hit just 1.9 southwest of ladson, in berkeley county. the usgs says you typically can't feel quakes of magnitude or less but seismographs still 2.5 record them. allyson: usc upstate will open a new space in downtown greenville. officials from the university and the city of greenville made the announcement. the new facility is located on river street close to the westin poinsett hotel and the peace center. officials say the school will still keep its current location at mcalister square in greenville. they hope to offer a degree program in urban and regional studies at the new facility, so they say it's important to be downtown. >> it's a living laboratory, where our students and faculty can engage in community based research and projects that really impact the life in greenville. allyson: the new facility downtown is expected to be ready for fall classes in august.
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schools have won grants to support environmental initiatives. and one is in the upstate. chesnee high school won a grant from the department of health and environmental control d-hec says chesnee students will work to reduce plastic water bottle use at school and in the community. they plan to promote sustainable living choices like using reusable water bottles. also in the just one week remains to cash and -- in a powerball ticket worth $20,000 if you purcashed a ticket from lil cricket on south duncan bypass in union back in august. check your ticket. the ticket purchased on the 19th have the winning numbers of 6-8-43-48-50 and powerball 7. you have until monday to claim your prize. two connecticut now, a charter bus heading to a casino flipped onto its side on the interstate. at least six people are in
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more than two dozen people injured. the rollover happened on an madison. the interstate was covered in snow. through the windshield to reach the victims. in florida a paratrooper was a power pole. check out these pictures. carlos esparza is a paratrooper at fort bragg in north carolina. he was training at skydive deland. esparza was following behind his squad when he drifted towards this power pole. the power was shut down. so firefighters could safely rescue esparza. allyson: a michigan family has filed a lawsuit over the toxic levels of lead in the drinking water in flint. sophia waid's parents say the two-year-old has high levels of lead in her bloodstream. that lead flowed through the faucets in her home. the tap water was contaminated after the source switched from detroit to the flint river. that was a cost-cutting move made while the city was under
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the family's lawyers are now suing the city and state, in the first individual lawsuit stemming from the contamination. patrick: chipotle, serving up safety following an e-coli outbreak in a number of its restaurants. the chain hosted a company-wide meeting about food safety yesterday, shutting its doors during lunchtime for training. chipotle is making several changes to the way it prepares and stores some foods. it's also offering employees paid sick leave so they don't lose money for staying home when they're ill. allyson: to the latest in the zika outbreak. the obama administration is asking congress for nearly $2 billion, the money will go towards fighting and prevent the mosquito-borne virus from being transmitted to humans. federal health officials say in most cases the virus causes mild illness the main concern is women who are pregnant. researchers suspect there's a link between zika and birth defects. there is no vaccine. so far, there have been no
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a new study finds four in 10 middle aged americans don't own a home. according to the report by of that 40%, 31% cite not being able to afford a down payment as the main reason. 20% claim bad credit is preventing them from getting a mortgage. many non-homeowners are unaware that there are several down payment assistance programs available. patrick: turning to our wyff 4 timeline, today is february 9. on this date in 1964, much of america spent the evening glued to the ed sullivan show on tv. allyson: an estimated 73 million people watched the beatles perform five songs all my loving, till there was you, she loves you, i saw her standing there, and i want to hold your hand. dunkin' donuts' unbelievable selection of breakfast sandwiches freshly made all day -- and now you can enjoy two english muffin egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches for $4.
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>> now, your live super doppler 4 hd forecast. dale: 5:27. looking out from paris mountain toward greenville, 32 and it will probably drop a few degrees and getting up to 40 today. overnight, or snow along the tennessee-north carolina border. check the bottom of the screen north carolina. 28 at the bus stop this morning will reach 41 for greenville-spartanburg-anderson and asheville and hendersonville may see a few flurries. though 20's will reach 30's. time for dale's school salute. we have brushy creek elementary teacher. we have couple of photos to show you. this photo shows students chosen to participate in the author's cafe. the students read their stories to customers who came to the event, and this photos shows fairy tale day, where teachers
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dressed up as fairy tale characters. it was a culminating activity event for their fairy tale unit. they are having fun, learning and sending great pictures from brushy creek elementary. patrick: thank you. in this morning's bus, cheese, pepperoni, mushrooms. allyson: are you hungry? it is pretty much our lunchtime. today is national pizza day. about 3 billion pizzas are sold in the u.s. each year. patrick: 38% prefer vegetables. allyson: today is also national bagel day. if you want to celebrate both, get yourself a pizza bagel. patrick: i think pizza deserves its own day. allyson: so you don't want it to be bagel day. patrick: i like bagels, too, but i think i know what i'm doing
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dale: where is your favorite pizza? allyson: supreme. patrick: three meet, ham, pepperoni -- dale: we like bacon and pepperoni. allyson: pizza or bagels? take your pick. news 4 continues. [captioning made possible by wyff-tv] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] allyson: happening today it's , fat tutuday. here's a look at new orleans where people from around the world have flocked to celebrate mardi gras. patrick: also, all eyes are on new hampshire this morning as the nations's first presidential primary gets underway. allyson: plus, waking up to a cold morning. went to weather coverage, straight ahead. breaking traffic news in north
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carolina line within overturned
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