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tv   WYFF News 4 530am  NBC  February 9, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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carolina line within overturned lanes of i-20 westbound. nc dot -- i'm sorry, georgia patrol is reporting that will not be cleared until later this afternoon. if you are traveling down to georgia around north augusta, all lanes of i-20 westbound are closed. patrick: go into whether already forcing school closings. all are at the bottom of the screen, but for more details, we turn to dale gilbert. dale: it has impacted the mountains of north carolina starting yesterday but picking up this morning and overnight. you can see this big low over the great lakes with colder driving to the carolinas. northern north carolina impacted the most and the counties along the tennessee-north carolina border. quite a few have closed for school.
5:31 am, click on whether to get a closings link. not upstate carolina, but northeastern georgia may see enough snow to cause problems there, but north carolina being hit with the chelating snow along the tennessee and north carolina border. windy all around, 10 to 15 plus mile-per-hour wind. dress warmly. about the best we see today for greenville-spartanburg will be 40 per high. we got up to 52 yesterday. asheville reached 46 yesterday and 31 maybe the best today. colder nights coming this week. allyson: thank you. let's take a closer look at areas covered in snow. patrick: looks like christmas time and some of these parts. wyff news 4's aly myles is outside of asheville. good morning.
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we are here in candlor, north carolina carried snow is already on the ground. little accumulation in the last few minutes. we are expecting much more snow tonight. we were seeing flurries for about half an hour and over on this car of the year, cars are starting to get coded. the ones that are not are currently staying warm. areas appear that are seen snow already have delays in closings. you can find is on the ticker below. we have video that shows more would it look like yesterday and overnight. some accumulation on the ground and along the higher elevations of north carolina, it was cold and smelly. this is king street in boone. to four inches are expected. -- up to four inches are expected. according to our car
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degrees and you definitely want to bundle up, whether you are here or the upstate because it is chilly. aly myles wyff news 4. patrick: thank you. don't forget, when bad weather hits, you can turn to our mobile the latest on school closings a pickens county school district wants to close three elementary schools at the end of this school year. allyson: the district's facilities committee approved the plan and sent it to the board of trustees for consideration. the plan would close a.r. lewis, holly springs, and amble elementary schools. that would mean 600 students would be sent to dacusville elementary and middle, and also hagood and pickens elementary schools. >> you know they've spent millions of dollars on the facilities and building the facilities and now we're going to close them. >> it seems like a rush job, perhaps, they've been discussing it but it think that one of my biggest concerns is giving a fair airing in public. allyson: the school district says closing the three schools
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over five years. they have scheduled public input meetings for 4:30 this afternoon at aler, a.r. lewis and holly springs elementary schools. turning to commitment 2016 news, new hampshire voters in a handful of towns are the first to cast votes in this year's election season. patrick: dixville notch, harts location, millsfield and a handful of others all hold midnight voting events in the first in the nation primary state. after the votes were cast and counted, it was john kasich and bernie sanders who came out on top for dixville notch's total of nine voters. a lot likely voters in new hampshire are undecided. as many as one in five say they will decide who to vote for today. >> tic-toc, tic-toc, tic-toc. right? you are going to have to decide soon. >> the eyes of america will be on new hampshire. patrick: new hampshire traditionally has a high turnout on presidential primary day, and with the interest that has surrounded the race so far, they
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race. right now, the front runners continue to hold big leads in the polls. new numbers from cnn and our sister station wmur show bernie sanders remains a heavy favorite. sanders with 61% to hillary clinton's 35%. and on the republican side, donald trump out in front of the gop field by 14 points. allyson: several upcoming campaign visits to note in south carolina, donald trump will visit the upstate this week. he has scheduled a rally at the t. ed garrison arena in pendleton tomorrow. doors open at 5:00 and the event starts at 7:00. it's free to attend but you need to reserve a ticket online. and trump will also hold a rally in greenville. it's taking place next monday at the t.d. convention center. patrick: senator marco rubio will also be in the palmetto state tomorrow. he's holding a rally in spartanburg, then heading to columbia before ending the day in charleston. allyson: rubio will be in the
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the day of the latest gop debate, it's taking place at the peace center in downtown greenville. the debate starts at 9:00 p.m. this will be the final showdown before the republican south carolina primary election on february 20. patrick: dale joins us again. last three steps so far. dale: we have been anticipating this cold blast of their and it is starting to come in today. cold or nights ahead. let's take a look at the temperatures right now. 32 in greenville and we got up to 52 yesterday. 40 may be the best we see today with wind out of the west at nine. snow continues to fall against the north carolina-tennessee border, impacting a few counties. that information is at the bottom of our screen or go to a website at to see the closings and get the latest information as it comes in this morning. quite a few counties impacted.
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future plus and run it. mountains continue through the day today, continue tonight and into tomorrow. they will continue to be snow before tapers off tomorrow afternoon and comes to an end. the mountains of north carolina, whatever falls will hang around for a few days and temperatures struggle with overnight lows in the teens, 20's, low 30's best. temperatures. they feel colder with 12 to 60 mile-per-hour winds. it feels like 13 in hendersonville, laurens feels like 23 in greenville feels like 20 four with wind. tomorrow morning's colder again, 17 in the mountains, 23 in the upstate for overnight lows and highs of 28 to 34 tomorrow. saturday and sunday morning, 10 in the mountains, 18 in the upstate and highs on sunday of just 29 to 36. it will be a sunny weekend but a
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>> good morning. i am peter alexander. i am a donald trump's final rally before the new hampshire primary. from trying to add -- donald trump trying to add a new title behind his name. the rest of the republican leaders remained the jump with ted cruz, arco rubio, john kasich, jeb bush all rising to second place [indiscernible] we will have the latest with the conversation with marco rubio, coming up on "today." allyson: a live look outside
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major traffic
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ricardo: it was the biggest game this season last night. south carolina and uconn. in front of a sold-out house at colonial life arena. first sellout for the gamecock women. carolina down nine after one. aja wilson keeping usc in it. she scores 13 in this but later one, in the second quarter, wilson collapsed to the floor with the lower leg injury. the same issue wilson had earlier in the year that caused her to miss two games. she did return later in the third quarter. we moved to the fourth quarter.
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breanna stewart two-time year, ninth double-double of the season, 25 points, 10 rebounds, also had five blocks. matchup in storrs, uconn hands the year. 66 to 54 and snapping the gamecocks 45-game home win streak. last night the clemson men , posted notre dame at the well . notre dame lighting it up from three point land in the first five three-pointers in the half to build a 35 to 29 halftime tigers fighting back. second half, jordan roper dropping the dime to jaronon blossomgame for the jam. the redshirt junior finishing with career high 33 points. tigers closed within two, but notre dame never gave up the lead. zack auguste slips the screen and slams it home. 17 points to lead the irish. all five notre dame starters score in double figures. clemson suffers its first acc loss at home at the well. 89 to 83 the final.
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>> now, your live super doppler 4 hd forecast. dale: good morning. 5:46. 32 degrees currently in spartanburg. the colder with breezes from five to 10 and 15 at times. that will be the story not only for the upstate and mountains, but cold wind creating snow flurries. starting to pile up. you can see the counties at the bottom of the screen or go to our website for information on closings in north carolina. not in the upstate but? you liner and higher elevation counties being impacted more than anybody else. from graham county, madison, mitchell, avery -- a lot are closed, so check the bottom of the screen for more information.
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on again and off again today through parts of tomorrow before it finally ends. the cold air is not in hurry to get out of here, so whatever falls will hang around for several days, especially on secondary roads. 26 in franklin, 28 in hendersonville and asheville let 26. 21 in weaverville, marcel from 20 to 22 this morning. -- mars hill from 20 to 22 this morning. eight to 14 mile-per-hour wind mix it feel like 20's in the upstate's and single digits in the mountains. cold and blustery weather affecting not only the great lakes but reaching all the way down to georgia. atlanta chilly this morning. it will be like is for the next several days. we will see some 10 degree temperatures in the mountains over the weekend and teams in the upstate.
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41 for the upstate and we hit 52 yesterday. asheville got up to 46 yesterday and 30, 31 maybe the best we see in the mountains. 17 in western north carolina, 23 in the upstate and highs of 24 to 38. snow will be coming to an end in the mountains and higher elevations, but cold temperatures continue through the weekend. patrick: thank you. he continued to follow this morning's train crash in southern germany. the death toll in the train crash has risen to eight. officials say that 150 people were injured in that crash, 50 severely. they crashed head onto each other shortly before 7:00 a.m. allyson: of oil caribbean ship gets -- a royal caribbean ship gets battered by waves. it was hit by high wind and swelled up the southeast u.s. coast on sunday.
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during the severe weather. royal caribbean said the ship was undamaged. cbs quoted the u.s. coast guard as saying the ship wasn't in distress. patrick: a craven county, north carolina road remains closed due to flooding after nearly six inches of rain last week. the d.o.t. closed a road on friday when flood waters blocked part of it. now, several homes are completely surrounded by water. the water from swift creek is nearly hip-deep in some parts. residents are leaving their vehicles parked at a nearby bridge and either walking through the floodwaters or a few are even using boats to get back and forth. allyson: parts of the outer banks trying to recover after taking a beating from a storm over the weekend. roads flooded as the rain and strong winds blew through. emergency services personnel are reporting that at the peak, water levels were as high as two feet. most of the problems are near a new section of dune on the hatteras end of the island. take a look at these dramatic scenes out of new jersey. atlantic city is dealing with heavy flooding.
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wade through the water. police blocked some lanes covered in water and debris. one road was blocked because two vehicles were stuck and had be towed out. >> every street around here is so flooded. you need a kayak to get through it. allyson: forecasters have issued coastal flood advisories through today. patrick: the colorado planned parenthood clinic, where three people were killed in november, is set to reopen next week. it's been closed since black friday, when a police officer and two civilians were killed and people wounded in a shooting nine spree. the incident locked down schools and hospitals. in december, a judge ordered a mental competency evaluation for 57-year-old suspect robert lewis dear. he faces 179 felony counts, including murder and attempted murder. a news release said the clinic will reopen february 15.
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are giving up u.s. passports according to the latest government data found by a cnnmoney analysis. more than 4200 people turned in their passports must year. the trend is increasing with americans living overseas amid complicated paperwork and new tax regulations. no matter where they live, u.s. citizens are taxed on all income unlike most other countries. patrick: a california gas station canopy collapsed on two cars while maintenance workers were on the roof. no one was seriously injured. wow. according to fire officials on scene, the roof collapsed just before 3:00 in the afternoon yesterday. two maintenance workers were on the roof over the gas pumps when they noticed cracks. as they were getting off of the awning, the roof failed. one managed to scramble away while the other rode the roof to , the ground. allyson: a man in college station, texas, made quite the splash. police say the 69-year-old man lost control of his chevy tahoe drove over a curb through a , metal fence and into a
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the man says loose groceries hit him while he was driving. a nearby neighbor was able to help get the man out of the suv. he was taken to a local hospital, but officials say he did not suffer any major injuries. patrick: a new policy from the nfl will restrict those convicted of certain crimes from attending the combine. the league will ban athletes from going to the scouting combine if they've been convicted of sexual assault, domestic violence or weapons offenses. "usa today" reports that nfl executive vice president of football operations, troy vincent, outlined the new rule in a memo days before to the super bowl. prospects who refuse to submit to a background check will also be barred from participating. allyson: beyonce is making an effort to help residents of flint, michigan during its water crisis. the singer will partner with local united way and community programs in its work to help under-served populations in flint. those programs are getting water filtration equipment and water to affected residents. beyonce is asking fans to be
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'bey-good'. a portion of the effort aims to help flint children with long-term needs. patrick: today is fat tuesday. it's the last day of the mardi gras season and many are getting ready for one last day of celebrations. allyson: more than a million people are expected in new security is tighter than ever before. with so much surveillance, the fbi says visitors should always assume they're being filmed. some 1100 new orleans police officers are on patrol many undercover. -- on patrol many undercover. ,patrick: people around the world are celebrating the lunar new year. china's spring festival marks the beginning of the year of the monkey. the celebration lasts for 15 days. asian families traditionally gather for special meals and children are given red envelopes filled with money. adult children usually travel home to be with their families during the holiday.
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>> now, your live super doppler 4 hd forecast. dale: good morning. 5:57 as a look at our peace center location for the city of greenville. there is the liberty bridge. 32 degrees and a 9, 10 mile-per-hour wind makes a deal colder. flurries of snow along the north carolina-tennessee border and they continue through the day today. for the upstate, no problems but cold. 40 to 41 for the afternoon, so dress warmly. wind makes it feel colder. in the asheville-hendersonville area, a few flurries.
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quite a few counties have decided to close in western north carolina. the counties along the tennessee-north carolina border and you can check the bottom of the screen with that information or go to our website,, under the weather section with closings. patrick: thank you. now, in this morning's buzz, what do you typically do when you follow up a super bowl win? allyson: you go to disneyland. take a look at peyton manning and joint writing on the float and nine him. he talked about what it means to have won the super bowl and to celebrate with mickey and minnie. >> it is hard to pick a different word besides special. having a chance to be a chance to be part of the super bowl team almost 10 years ago, i remember what a great feeling it was. to be able to celebrate with teammates, family members,
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the game, the celebration after, being here today makes for a special 24 hours. allyson: denver is scheduled to have its parade about noon today our time. patrick: we will wait to see if that is his last game or not. allyson: let's take a look at this morning's headlines. nikole: off to the polls. today, voters decide which candidates they are supporting. patrick: plus, an upstate school district want your input on the possibility of closing schools. went to voice your opinion, next. allyson: first, school closings because of what you are seeing. a live look downtown shows snow on the ground. we have closings below in the ticker and there may be more snow coming later today. dale: it will be on again and off again. in the mountains of north
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