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the past six hours with a few tennessee-north carolina border. ordered swain county, madison county perhaps still getting a flurry. the wind chill advisory is not only in place for today, but they will pick up tonight and through the day tomorrow. aning cold temperatures and enough wind to really drop the temperature to the dangers range for people outdoors. 13 in boone, 32 in greenville and the wind anywhere from 15 to 23 at times to make it feel like single digits in hendersonville and -3 in boone. we will talk about the next several days and take a peek at next week in a few minutes. allyson: thank you. bitter cold temperatures in asheville has caused relief workers to get help for the homeless and get them indoors. shelter workers took to the cold streets looking for those without a warm place to spend the night. the asheville buncombe community christian ministry shelter opened it doors to about 40 men,
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looking to bring in people from temperatures that could feel like zero or below. >> everybody has to come in because folks will freeze to death in these conditions. we've seen folks pass out drunk and unfortunately, freeze to death on a sidewalk. allyson: the shelter has room for 40 but works with other asheville shelters to make sure no one has to spend the night in freezing temperatures. in commitment 2016 news, the so-called establishment of both political parties have been rocked to the core because of the outcome of tuesday's presidential primary in new hampshire. the outsiders won and won big and now set their sights on south carolina. nbc's chris clackum has more. chris the margin by which donald : trump won the republican presidential primary in new hampshire surprised most, but trump, himself, who was on the tip day show -- " "today" show this morning --
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and we really did. i guess even better than anticipated. chris but the biggest surprise : was john kasich who came in second, albeit a distant second. he, too was the on the "today" show. >> i was the only one with a really positive message. chris disappointed by how : surprisingly poor he did, marco rubio remains unfazed. >> i think in the months and weeks to come, you're not gong to see anyone work harder or more passionately. chris ted cruz came in third but : is expected to have a better showing in south carolina, where the next republican primary takes place february 20. chris the 20th is also when the : democrats next face off in nevada, after bernie sanders turned his underdog campaign into a real fight in new hampshire. >> together we have sent a message that will echo from wall street to washington. chris while hillary clinton's : campaign was bruised by the margin of her loss, she struck a note of confidence tuesday night. >> it is not whether you get knocked down, it's about whether you get back up. chris one casualty of new
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said to be contemplating an end to his campaign. chris clackum, nbc news. allyson: not to some important dates. the gop primary happens next saturday, february 20 followed by the democratic primary on federally 27. with the focus in south carolina, many are making stops in the upstate today. happening now, marco rubio is set to hold a rally in spartanburg before heading to columbia later this afternoon. donald trump has scheduled a rally in the palmetto state today, at 7:00 at the t. ed garrison arena in pendleton. and senator ted cruz's campaign will hold an event at summit pointe in spartanburg. but cruz will not be there because of a vote in wawaington. his wife heidi is expected to be there. it statas at 5:00 this afternoon. former virginia governor jim gilmore will drop by the beacon in spartanburg today at 1:00. we have many more candidate visitstso the upstate this week and next week.
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4 mobile app. leading up to the primaries, we, at wyff 4, are teaming up with the riley institute at furman university for a commitment 2016 voter focus group with peter hart this thursday. this will be an exclusive live streaming event in our wyff 4 studios with upstate voters who will weigh in on the upcoming first in the south presidential primaries. nationally known pollster, peter hart, works with national news organizations, including nbc news. you can watch this exclusive event on thursday starting at 7:00 p.m., live streaming on our wyff 4 app. covering t t carolinas a , high-speed chase across the upstate ended in cherokee county. take a look at this video from our s.c. dot cameras this morning, showing the end of that chase. troopers tell us the suspect stopped and was arrested on interstate 85 in gaffney near milemarker 92. that's two miles past the outlets. we've reached out to the highway patrol for more information
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new at noon, the hearing took place today in federal court in case. this is file video from the incident in which he was shot and killed by a seneca police officer in july. the attorneys representing his family asked the city of seneca provide a more detailed documentation about communications with other parties and why they have redacted certain information. he was shot to death in a hardee's parking lot during an undercover drug sting. the hearing is in connection to the defendent's motion to quash the subpoena issued by the plantiff. the u.s. army court of criminal appeals has temporarly halted -- temporarily halted the desertion case against sergeant bowe bergdahl. prosecutors had asked for the delay so the appeals court could review a dispute with the defense about how to handle classified information. bergdahl walked off an outpost in afghanistan in 2009 and was captured by the taliban. in south carolina police are , investigating after a barbecue restaurant reported more than
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from its property. this happened at the barbeque joint in north charleston tuesday morning. officials say someone took three cases of pork and two cases of beer from behind the restaurant. the stolen items are valued at more than $300. customs agents have seized almost 2,400 counterfeit hoverboards at the port of charleston. u.s. customs and border protection says that the boards were seized at the docks last month. this is file video from a bust in chicago. the hoverboards were made in china and violate federal trademark laws. the retail price for that amount of authentic hoverboards is an estimated $1.6 million. drug testing of north carolina welfare recipients and applicants is now happening at social service offices. the 2013 law directs someone that social services suspect is using drugs to take a test to get benefits. division of social services director wayne black told state lawmakers fewer than 90 tests had been performed, starting in
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december, with about 20 testing positive for illegal drugs. officials say there's no indication testing has discouraged applications. the widow of state senator , clementa pinckney delivered a heartfelt message. it was part of an event called reflections on charleston. it took place at duke university yesterday. jennifer pinckney talked about what life has been like since that fatal day. her husband, as you may recall, was killed during the charleston shooting back in june of 2015. she, along with two other church pastors, talked about race and gun control and forgiveness. >> clemanta invited a stranger in. you know, he didn't see color and even though this violent act happened, i think we all have to put god first. allyson: dylann roof stands
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people including clementa , pinckney. prosecutors will pursue the death penalty against the 21-year-old. jury selection is set to begin july 11. according to the associated press, the country's largest electric company is facing a $6.6 million fine. duke energy is being fined for violations of a coal ash spill at the company's dan river power plant in eden. the department of environmental quality says the fine could be increased because of an earlier offense. duke energy says it's trying to decide if they want to challenge the fine. right now, greenville water is warning customers of phone scam. the customer service department says they've gotten numerous reports fr customers, saying they are getting calls from someone claiming to be a water employee. the person tells callers they are late on their payments and look for a way to get money from you. greenville water says they never ask for personal or financial information over the phone. anyone who gets a call like this should call greenville water or
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turning to the roads now, it appears south carolina taxpayers are about to pay through the nose for much needed road repairs across the state. state leaders say those road repair will cost more than first thought. they've already shelled out more than expected to rebuild a stretch of interstate 85 near spartanburg. they estimate that project cost taxpayers about ten times what the state initially expected to pay. they worry a stretch of i-26 between newberry in columbia will also go over budget. coming up tonight at 6:00, on wyff 4 news -- >> we have one child who says he says his backpack snackpacks for the end of the month when his family runs out of food. they openly and honestly share that. allyson: yesterday, we told you about united way's buy a box campaign. today, we'll show you what an impact it has on anderson county's students. that story coming up at 6:00 on wyff 4. a cold and windy morning.
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she spent a lifetime making a difference for people. winning healthcare for 8 million children. benefits for families of reservists and the national guard. standing strong around the world for human rights and women's rights. hillary clinton. she'll raise the minimum wage. take on the drug companies to lower the cost of prescription drugs. the opportunity to go to college without going into debt. she'll get the job done... for us. i'm hillary clinton
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allyson: in news across america now, hundreds of american soldiers are headed to afghanistan. the u.s. army announced that it would deploy soldiers to the southern afghan province of
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the new troops will assist afghan forces who try to push back taliban insurgents. this will be the largest deployment of american troops outside major bases in afghanistan since 2014. a cruise ship tossed around by a huge storm off the north carolina coast is expected to dock at its new jersey port today. the royal caribbean ship was on its way to port canaveral when it turned around on sunday. the cruise ship had minor damage, but gave passengers quite a scare when it was hit by 115 mile per hour winds. forecasts warned of bad weather, but the cruise line says it was much worse than expected. florida senator bill nelson is calling for an investigation. a man is removed from a flight in what alaska air officials are calling a customer service issue. the disruption was so big that the flight from boston to san diego had to make an emergency landing in denver. one passenger recorded video of the man being detained. other passengers started applauding after the man was
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the mayor of flint, michigan is unveiling a $55 million proposal to remove lead piping from the city's water system. it's a bid to fix the city's toxic water crisis as quickly as possible. meanwhile, michigan governor rick snyder has declined an invitation to testify at a hearing before the house today. his spokesman says he can't testify because he has to deliver a budget presentation to the state legislature. caught on camera, a missouri state trooper saved a woman from a car, moments before it burst into flames. the officer was able to pull her to safety with some help from another person. and once she's free, the car catches fire. she still suffered serious injuries. police say the crash was caused by a driver running a red light. they did arrest that driver. here's one way to get busted. this man is accused of stealing money from a photo booth in illinois. the camera was snapping away as he took the money. the robbery actually happened back in november, but the photos couldn't be retrieved until
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batavia police say he got away with $75 but left behind several headshots that police are now asking the public to help identify. this is the sign that festivities in new orleans have ended, with police making their traditional street sweep at midnight last night. mayor mitch landrieu joined the officers on horseback. the move is largely symbolic because bars stay open anyway. more than a million people usually come to new orleans for mardi gras. new data shows colorado marijuana businesses sold nearly a billion dollars of recreational and medical cannabis last year. the state also collected more than $135 million in marijuana taxes. some of that money will go toward school construction projects. colorado started allowing recreation marijuana sales in 2014. in the midst of all the serious political talk today at least one animal really wanted to vote. in today's new hampshire primary, check out this 600
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that made its way to a high school polling location. police say the pig belongs to a local farmer who came and picked it up. some out of this world images to show you, astronaut tim peake tweeted an incredible timelapse, showing lighting strikes from space. this was taken as the international space station flew over turkey toward russia. it's been viewed more than 330,000 times on facebook and twitter. it's february. >> now, your live super doppler 4 hd forecast. dale: 12:17. thank you for watching. it has gotten chilly. temperatures in the 20's have just reached 32 in spartanburg. the breeze out of the west with 10, 15 and 20 plus mile-per-hour wind, making temperatures feel colder. nice and sunny in anderson.
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with breezes across the lake. anderson at 32 with the wind out of the west, northwest at 70 miles an hour. let's check out the last six hours. you can see those flurries of snow have continued in some of the higher mountaintops of north carolina your the tennessee border where the cold wind has been picking up but bitter moisture -- what little moisture is in the air. you can see areas of great in northern swain county. are under winter weather advisory, basically a winter chill advisory and that cranks up tonight and continues until cold temperatures are expected once again but the wind does not want to lead up. -- let up. folks, animals and everybody else needing a warm place this tomorrow.
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greenwood at 33. let's take the wind and see what makes it feel like. wind in the upstate and mountains making it feel like seven in hendersonville, -1 in boone, low 20's in the piedmont at noon time with sunshine. if you are going to be out this afternoon, dress warmly. what is the average? this is below average. typically 56 this time of the year. 40 may be the best we see today. this is much colder than what we typically see. average for the mountains is 50. 29 in the morning and a chop down to 17 this morning and struggling to get to the mid 20's before this day is up. that cold blast of cold canadian air tips way down south. you can track the jet stream and see how it is fairly mild in the northwest corner and there's
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driving the cold there all the way down into atlanta where it is currently 32 at noon time. by the end of the day, it won't climb a lot. we may see 37 to 40 and spots in the upstate and piedmont. excuse me. the mountains of north carolina will get to the mid to upper 20's today. as you look at tomorrow morning, chilly once again. 16 in the mountains, 21 in the upstate and highs of 35 to 45, so a little better. as a get to the weekend, looks like sunday may be the coldest morning with the love and in the mountains, 18 in the upstate and it starts to go the other way. by tuesday, low 50's in mid 40's in the mountains and mid 50's by wednesday. a little rain and snow mixed monday and tuesday morning but it won't amount to much. allyson: you are talking about temperatures in the teens, well,
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february is not the typical time to go swimming, but some brave r good cause. the polar bear plunge will happen at portman marina this all money raised goes to the pennies for preemies organization, which helps families of preemies and children with special needs. dale: it's organized by grace cromer, who's a junior at t.l. hanna and reining miss teen south carolina international. she was also a preemie. >> when pennies for preemies first started out, i walked around with a mason jar and went to schools and businesses and the need started getting bigger and mason jars weren't just really going to cut it anymore. allyson: wyff news 4's own geoff hart will be a judge. rumor has it he will participate. registration starts at 9:00, saturday morning and the plunge is at 10:00. again, at portman marina in anderson county. dale: he doesn't know it, but we are going to push him in. [laughter] allyson: right, we are going to go. dale: anniversary today, they
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they are viewe
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while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all and not just the powerful few. allyson: taking a look at money matters. the dow jones is down, but the nasdaq and s&p 500 are both up. if diamonds are girl's best friends, ladies, meet your second best bud. it's now called lesedi la rona, the second-largest diamond ever found.
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find a perfect name for it. lasedi la rona means our light in the national language in botswana. that's where the 1100 carat stone was discovered in november. experts are still working on how much it's worth. the irs says identity thieves managed to breach its computer systems in an attempt to get information that could be used to steal tax refunds. the agency says hackers used personal data of taxpayers that was stolen elsewhere in order to generate pin numbers to file fraudulent returns. the irs says no personal information was disclosed by its computers. daimler is recalling 480,000 vehicles in the u.s. because they have defective takata air bags. the move affects mercedes-benz cars and s.u.v.'s from the 2005 to 2014 model years, including the c-class, m-class and slk. daimler says the recall is precautionary, and no injuries have been reported. sears is closing more stores around the country. the company says it's shutting
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locations. the retailer was already planning the closures but decided to move them up after poor holiday sales. shares of the company's stock were at $15 yesterday. last may it was $45. a look outside right now.
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mrs. diana pearson's fifth grade dale: are deals school salute goes to miss diana pearson's fifth grade class where they celebrated mardi gras with king cake and beads thanks to beth davidson. they are having a good time at lake view elementary in greenwood. it has been a cold morning and another one tomorrow. 16 expected in the mountains, 21 in the upstate and breezy enough with the windchill advisory to be up for the morning hours threw about 10:00. have the kids bundled up warmly tomorrow and make sure they have a warm place to sleep tonight. allyson: we will bundled up. thank you for joining us at noon.
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lights, camera, access. mold in the bathrooms. not ruruing water constantly. it was hell. >> inmates hook-ups in teresa's boom boom room. i'm billy bush with the real housewives's first post-prison interview since being reunited with her four daughters. >> she kind of binged on some chicken wings. >> lady gaga. super bowl cooldown. on to the grammys. as a nominee she'll be surprised by a huge academy saw ward show change. >> it's happening again tonight and everyone has a memory of o.j.'s infamous bronco chase. >> another high-speed chase and then i said wholly simpson. what the hell? a romantic gesture that nearly got ryan arrested. >> hey, i'm an actor.
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