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tv   WYFF News 4 6pm  NBC  February 10, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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he windchill, 7:00 this evening, below zero, especially in the northern mountains, dangerously cold in the mountain areas, the wind will die down outside of the mountains, so we are not dealing with much of a windchill in the upstate, but for the western north carolina mountains, the windchill warning runs until tomorrow morning, with dangerously cold windchill. dress in layers. carol: and in commitment 2016 news, carly fiorina and chris christie have suspended their campaigns for president. michael: and that officially leaves seven republicans running for president. donald trump took new hampshire with john kasich coming in second. carol: chris christie and carly fiorina finished in sixth and seventh place.
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bernie sanders having a solid victory over hillary clinton in new hampshire. and donald trump is here tonight. patrick is live where the crowd is gathering. patrick: that is right, michael, carol. we are about an hour away from donald trump taking the stage, and it is really cold outside, and as you mentioned, it will be interesting to see how donald trump addresses to wf his former opponents, carly fiorina and chris christie dropping out. he has been using lower poll numbers of others to get people excited. trump mentioned after the win in various interviews that he is proud of the wind overall but even more so he is more proud of the fact that he won in a number of categories. old, young, men, women. he is not afraid to bring up those types of a compliments when it comes to the poll numbers, so he does have that win under his belt now.
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south carolina primary. he is here addressing the folks at the arena tonight, and we are again 10 days out. as is the case with his rallies, they tend to get rowdy. these folks are already very excited. we are live here at the arena. carol: patrick, thank you. today in the upstate, marco rubio told us he hopes the weekend debate will focus on policy, and he says that is where the candidates really differ. mike mccormick talked with rubio in spartanburg. mr. rubio: i feel passionately about this. this is not about politics. this is about a death i own this country. mike: marco rubio asked for votes in the spartanburg marriott today. >> it is not just about him. it is about the country. mike: rubio said he is ready for
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mr. rubio: they have almost consistently picked our nominee, and we are excited about being here. mike: as he spoke, there were two robots, who say they came in from new hampshire to put a spotlight on chris christie's idea that rubio acts like a robot in the speeches. mr. rubio: i am the only republican they are attacking, which shows you how much they do not want to run against me. mike: there will be a town hall and then on friday, a predebate rally at the downtown airport. mike mccormick, in spartanburg. michael: mike, thanks. and in spartanburg, heidi was there, saying the next 10 days are important. she says her husband will stay true to who he is all of the way through the campaign.
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whether or not a decision to close an upstate school was according to the law. mandy gaither has more. mandy: those concerned about the closing of the school took their fight to court. those concerned were across the attendance lines going from walhalla for school, aiding a drop in attendance before the decision to close the school. the attorney for the district said officials did nothing unlawful and that only 12 tamassee salem students ride that bus that the parents are complaining about. he said that route has been around for years but recently officials allowed the students to catch a ride, as well, saving this district $750,000 a year and providing academic opportunities for students, but parent lynne martin says the
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>> they had a plan to put the hammer down on our school to close our school two months into the school year and give our students nothing. they discriminated against a minority. mandy: they expect to have a decision next week. we tried to talk to the attorney for the school district but were told they have no comment right now. michael: right now, pickens county officials are facing a 25 million dollar lawsuit. they are fighting a company that wants to dump toxic coal ash in the county. corey davis is live and local at the proposed site, which is at hwy 93 and cartee wrote in liberty. corey: this afternoon, state lawmakers got a step closer to passing a bill that would block coal ash from being dumped on site similar to this one, but we are told it matt not be enough to stop the company from dumping
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this is all around pickens county. >> if the county has made a mistake, they have to fix it, because we cannot fight a big company. corey: so far, at least 4000 people have signed a petition to stop a north carolina company called mrr pickens from dumping coal ash in the county. >> we do not need it in our towns or our county, but especially, we do not need it in the state either. corey: county officials suspended the company land permit last month after learning coal ash would be dumped on the site. officials say that was never part of the deal, and they have been given at least 14 days to negotiate a plan to buy back the land. >> the only way that we can assure coal ash is not coming to pickens county is by agreement.
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corey: michael, i reached out to the company attorney but still have not heard that just yet. now, concerned members of the county will be at a public meeting tomorrow night held at the liberties civic auditorium. wyff news 4 live in pickens county. carol: thank you ,corey. you asked, and we got answers. why they say there will be no charges filed against a man who shot his dog. greenville county. the clouds coming in.
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i know jeb. i know his good heart and his strong backbone. jeb will unite our country. he knows how to bring the world together against terror. he knows when tough measures must be taken.n. experience and judgment count in the oval office. jeb bush is a leader. he'll keep our country safe. jeb bush.
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michael: you asked, and we got you answers in the case of an owner who shot a dog but is not racing charges in the case. we told you last week about amara, a boxer found shot in the head in the townville area, and anderson county deputies say a tipster led them to the owner who says amara had become aggressive and bit the owner's wife. he said he felt for a heartbeat, thought the dog was dead, and 19 days later, the dog was picked up by animal control. deputies say amara became a maze unit after being shot and that there was no evidence that she was not being taken care of before hand. >> once we got all of the facts, we then sat down with the magistrate and reviewed the laws and statutes and presented them
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magistrate also found no criminal wrongdoing according to our statutes. michael: deputies gave us a picture of a healthy amara that they say was taken before she weaned her puppies in late december, a short time before she was shot. carol: telling us that he enjoys talking with millennial's, -- >> they are fascinating because they are at the cutting edge, and they are changing things. carol: and you will see theater tomorrow night, as we are teaming up for a commitment 2016 voter focus group with peter part and the riley institute at furman university. we will include weighing in on the first in the south presidential primary, and the
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organizations, including nbc new s. and on our wyff app. >> you do not realize the impact unless you see it every day and realize how much it makes a difference. michael: a simple campaign causing a big difference. more on the united way's "buy a
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carol: right now, the united way's "buiyy a box" campaign is underway. michael: without these, many would not be able to eat at all. carol: aly has more. aly: 99.7% of homeland park students qualify for free or reduced breakfast and lunch. >> those of us were fortunate enough to have food on our table for every meal, and we do not want for anything. it does break your heart at times, most definitely. aly: five days a week, and these little ones are guaranteed food at least twice a day, something so many of us take for granted,
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many of their bellies remain empty. >> unfortunately, we are only able to serve 44 families, which is great, but there is much greater demand. aly: kids in the school get the backpacks now back. >> they honestly share that. aly: some pasta, milk, juice, and applesauce, discreetly passed out to kids who need it most. >> every year, we are raising $150,000 a school year to feed 1000 children. aly: a $32 donation will feed eight kids over a weekend. when they have full bellies, united way's carol burdette says that is when they can concentrate on what is really important. >> we want people to understand the importance of having a child fed and their learning ability. >> it is not easy unless you see
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michael: so would you like to donate? we have that information right now on our wyff mobile app. carol: the campaign technically ends admit that, but they say they will take any donation they can at any time. john: very cold outside, with high, thin cirrus clouds, with the upper atmosphere moving through kentucky. now it is into nashville. the computer models actually had to stay west of the mountains, it will move through the north georgia mountains and into north carolina and along the tennessee and north carolina line, where you may see a dusting or inch or two. it is supposed to fall apart and rotate and lift off to the north. we will have to wait and see. either way, some light snow moving into chattanooga right now. mainly as far north as the northern suburbs. otherwise, just some high, thin
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-- across the upstate. vendor is a swath of light snow back to chattanooga and up 24 all of the way up to nashville. the windchill advisory for the mountains starts at 7:00 tonight and runs until 10:00 tomorrow morning. the windchill is possibly zero to -15 in the higher elevations. boone was at minus seven, the coldest windchill. the windchill advisory is tonight into tomorrow morning. down two minus five windchill is possible. this does not even count the wind. we missed the record by eight 1971. record. we only reached 28 degrees this average. actually, 22 degrees below the average for this time of year.
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shot from the peace center looking at downtown greenville, just some high, thin cirrus clouds. we should be in the 50's. instead, we're talking 30's back into northeastern georgia, 20's and teens. in boone, 15 degrees now. with that went out of the west/northwest with gus of 20 miles per hour, a wind chill of minus four in boone. it feels like 11 in hendersonville, and 24, the wind chill in toccoa. also at myrtle beach, this is cold. look at the jet stream. it is cold all of the way down into orlando. it is only 18 in cincinnati. that piece of energy will rotate up and into the ohio river valley as we go through later on tonight. a ridge of high pressure, 71 in oklahoma city.
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only one degree below zero at international falls, minnesota, so the arctic air continues to filter through. this snow falls apart by tomorrow morning, but still, the arctic air is in place, and more sunshine, not as cold, lighter winds in the upstate. the forecast for tonight, very breezy conditions, low 22, and bitterly cold wind with scattered flurries for the mountains, low of 16. tomorrow, mostly sunny skies, not as cold, still below average, and 30 at 9:00 a.m. and warming up to only around 40 by lunchtime. breezy but not windy in the mountains, also not as cold, maybe reaching upper 40's the afternoon. and that it will be cold with another blast of arctic cold coming if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income
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my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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announcer: now, wyff news 4 sports. anchor: former army all-american is leaving be south carolina football program. gaffney's shaq davidson was plagued by knee injuries. and keep an eye on your phone. as soon as we hear from the new head coach, we will let you know. and playing the the last two
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labrum, tavien feaster. he will have surgery later this month and will be good to go with all caps opens up in august, and the carolina panthers general manager has a hard and fast rules about meeting with the media. he refuses to meet with the press during the season, so part of the wrapup in charlotte included a session with the panthers gm, opening by expressing pride in the team and all the accomplished in reaching the super bowl. >> for this team to, you know, the thought of as we were all spring, all summer, and then kelvin goes down, i could not be prouder. they deserve all of the applause. they truly do. they persevered, and they just
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anchor: the off-season comes with complications as it always does, and one of the first is a business as locking down one player. it would pay norman north of $50 million next season, and the south carolina men's basketball team has a chance to move into a tie for first place in the sec, and standing in the way of the gamecocks is the lsu tigers. >> we do not need a superhuman effort. we do not need to be a team we are not. we have to stay connected with who we are and stay in the moment, pay attention to the principles that we are going to put in place and just be free. anchor: they tangle with the tigers tonight at 7:00, and highlights tonight at 11:00. and a scary not last night for the north carolina head coach who collapsed during the tar heels game against boston college, williams battling a case of vertigo. he missed the final 40 minutes
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to shake cans with the coaches and players.
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north carolina hosts tonight, shock waves. after trump and sanders score landslide victories in new hampshire, but a gauntlet lies ahead in south carolina. clinton and cruz plotting comebacks, plus two big names bow out of the race. flight risk. a new risk about batteries and the officials to planes are growing. now they are moving to
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99 cent gas.
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