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tv   WYFF News 4 430am  NBC  February 11, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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this is some video from blowing rock, north carolina. dale: th3ee winds continue in the mountains. -- the winds continue in the mountains. it sis 26 degrees in greenville, but at least we don't have the multiplying factor with the cold winds. that will still be the story in the mountains. overnight you can see a couple flurries in some of the higher mountaintops. we have wind chill advisories continuing into late morning all across the mountains. make sure everyone is dressed appropriately the coast temperatures are in the teens and 20's in the mountains. temperatures are in the 20's in the upstate. it feels like negative eight degrees in boone and eight degrees and hendersonville. it will be a cold morning in the mountains once again.
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we will get up to 46 in the upstate and mid-to-upper 30's are possible in areas in western north carolina. we will talk about the weekend and when we could see some snow again in just a few minutes. allyson: it was really chilly yesterday. geoff: let's get the latest on the conditions outside from aly myles. aly: we are currently outside county bank. if you look behind me, he might recognize this fountain. there is a flame on top of this and that flame is currently out. there is a lot of ice this morning. it feels bitterly cold. there is no fog and it is a clear night, but it is extremely cold
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thank you for taking pity on me and letting me stay a little bit warmer. if you are outside in this weather for a prolonged period of time you could suffer from hypothermia. make sure your kids are completely bundled up this morning. hats, coats, gloves. make sure they are staying warm. i am in downtowowgreenville. the peace center is close by and that is where the temperatures will be gathering. temperatures will be in the lower 20's, which again, is below freezing. allyson: thank you. speaking of those candidates. the gop candidates continue their trip through the palmetto state. geoff: donald trump continues to draw thousands to his rally. about 5000 people gathered at the ted garrison arena last
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trump averages a 16 point lead into the south carolina polling according to real clear poltiics. trump talked to the crowd last night about the military, education, immigration and money. he says he's turned down tens of millions of dollars in fundraising. >> i don't want it, i wanna do something else. i wanna be greedy but i wanna be greedy for the united states. we wanna bring money into the united states. we have 179,000 illegal criminal immigrants. they are going back. we can't have it. geoff: trump's campaign also announced an endorsement from the former chair of the south carolina port authority, bill stern. allyson: marco rubio will be in simpsonville this afternoon. he'll speak at southside christian school. yesterday he attracted a crowd of supporters at the spartanburg marriott. he told the crowd that if elected, he would get rid of obamacare, rebuild the military, and defend the constitution. rubio says he's not going to let
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debate effect saturday's south carolina debate. >> of this will be our ninth debate now. we're prepared and we're ready. i know what i believe in. i'm ready. i hope they ask us good policy questions. it's time for some policy debate in this campaign. allyson: as rubio spoke inside, two men in robot costumes drew some attention outside. they're from a democratic super political action committee. they say they came from new hampshire to highlight chris christie's point that rubio acts like a robot with memorized speeches. dr. ben carson will be in gaffney today speaking at the american apps meeting from 3:00 through 4:00 in the afternoon at the gaffney visitors center. geoff: john kasich, who finished second in the new hampshire primary, is expected to campaign in south carolina until monday. last night he was in the low country trying to build momentum. >> when the time comes to vote in south carolina, however you vote, vote with your heart and your head, not just with your
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this is not a horse race where you have money on who will come in first. i need your support. i need your help here. geoff: he says he is not in favor of negative campaigning, saying it didn't help the other candidates in new hampshire. allyson: carly fiorina is no longer in at the race. she suspended her campaign. fiorina was the only woman in the republican field. however, she struggled to build support in the crowded primary field. new jersey governor chris christie has dropped out of the race as well. the announcement comes after his sixth-place finish in new hampshire. geoff: here is a look at the seven republican candidates still in the race for president. they are donald trump, ted cruz, marco rubio, ben carson, jeb bush john kasich and jim gilmore. allyson: this coming saturday the latest gop debate will come to greenville. it's the final debate before the republican south carolina primary election on february 20.
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the peace center. the democrats running for president will debate tonight. that debate will be in milwaukee. it will be the sixth time bernie sanders and hillary clinton will meet in debate. tonight's debate, which will be produced by pbs news hour, it comes just days after sanders's victory in the new hampshire primary. the candidates now shift their focus to nevada and south carolina. geoff: after the new hampshire primary and before self carolina's first in the south primary, pollsters are trying to get a read on the american voter. national pollster and public policy expert peter hart is in the upstate all week as a fellow in residence at furman university. he's teaching students and listening too for the issues and concerns close to the heart of the millennial generation. we asked him about the challenges he and other pollsters face this election cycle. >> the hardest thing is, how do you get an accurate cross-section?
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much harder to reach people. we tend to have to reach through cell phones, that is a harder reach. and many people are going online. there is a whole new medium and at this stage, there are no longer the old rules. the new rules are coming in. geoff: hart says with social media it'much easier to find people who agree with, and reinforce how you feel politically. he says that also makes it harder for groups with different opinions to reach agreement. and you'll get a chance this evening to see peter hart at work and the chance is as close your phone or your computer. wyff 4 is teaming up with the riley institute at furman university for a commitment 2016 voter focus group with peter hart. this is an exclusive live streaming event that will take place in our wyff 4 studios. it will include upstate voters who will weigh in on the upcoming first in the south presidential primaries. nationally known pollster peter
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organizations, including nbc news. you can watch this exclusive event tonight, beginning at 7:00 ve streaming on, as well as on our mobile app. allyson: dale is joining us again. that wind makes it so cold. dale: for the upstate, yes, the winds have calmed down, but in the mountains we have seen 20 mile-per-hour winds. that makes it feel well below zero degrees, like negative eight degrees in boone. in spartanburg it is 28 degrees and calm. we have nice, clear skies in the upstate this morning. here is a quick look at the wind chill advisory affecting north carolina all the way up the mountain ridge. let's check on a few of the
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in greenville, 27 in greenwood, but when you factor in the breeze, it feels like seven degrees in asheville, negative eight degrees in boone, andy low-to-mid 20's in the upstate. -- and the low-to-mid 20's in the upstate. there is no precipitation to speak of today. we will see fairly nice weather through the weekend. we do have another cold blast coming down saturday and sunday, setting the stage for a potential of snow by monday afternoon. how much remains to be seen because it will warm up quickly on tuesday and we are back to normal by wednesday. but by monday at 2:00 we have a good chance of snow in the upstate and mountains. temperatures get back to normal tuesday and a little bit above normal come wednesday and the rest of the week. geoff: a possible change in plans to dump coal ash in the
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geoff: 4:43 on this thursday morning. parents and teachers in pickens county schools are running out of time. they are trying to derail plans to close three schools. a crowd of 300 students, parents, and teachers met with school officials at ambler elementary yesterday to speak against the proposal. the school district of pickens county is considering closing three under unrolled schools. those are amber, ar lews, and holly springs elementary schools. the district says it will save almost $12 million over five years. parents believe closing the school could have a negative effect on the children. >> we want our children to stay at our small school where they are thriving academically. our test scores prove that the small environment and the student teacher ratio works well for us. geoff: a vote is a scheduled for monday night. allyson: a judge will decide whether any laws were broken in the decision to close another upstate school.
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school say the oconee county school district had a hand in declining attendance rates. the attorney for the district says nothing unlawful has been done. parents say the whole thing has been deceitful. >> the whole idea is to shine light into a darkness because i feel like there were a lot of dark deeds underneath that we are trying to reveal. allyson: district officials say closing the school saves the district 3/4 of $1 million each year. geoff: hoverboards have been in the news of late.
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the weekend and if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes,
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ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all and not just the powerful few. announcer: now, your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. dale: it is 4:48 as we look out from our laurens skycam. it is 28 degrees, but at least we are not getting the wind
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here is a history of the past six hours. there were a few flurries late last night along the tennessee and north carolina border. a couple spots in madison county got a sprinkle of snow this morning. the wind will make things feel so much colder today in western north carolina. we have teens and low 20's this morning. when you factor in at the wind, it feels much colder. in the upstate, winds will be light out of the southwest. those northwest winds in the mountains again, make it feel like single digits for asheville and hendersonville. it feels like negative seven degrees in boone. that is tough to deal with if you are working or waiting for a school bus. the average is 56 in gsp for this time of year. today temperatures will struggle to reach the mid 40's. the asheville regional airport average is 50 degrees, but today
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we have colder than normal temperatures for today. over the weekend we get another blast of cold air. moisture arriving on monday could take up the snow flurries starting monday afternoon and continuing into monday night. temperatures will rebound quickly. it will not be a big event. we will be watching that quickly over the weekend. that is monday afternoon. we have the potential, after 2:00, to start seeing flurries in the upstate mid 20's this morning reaches 46 in the afternoon. the mountains will have temperatures climbing into the 30's for highs today. look at sunday. 12 degrees in the mountains and 20 degrees in the upstate in the morning. highs remain in the 30's. monday afternoon is when we have a 60% chance of snow flurries. then, it warms up to 51 degrees on tuesday.
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ing by the middle and end of next week. geoff: thank you, dale. a community town hall will meet today about a north carolina company looking to dump coal ash in pickens county. a company called mrr pickens has sued the county for $25 million after it's land permit was suspended last month county officials did it after learning coal ash would be dumped on the site near highway 93 and cartee road. mrr pickens has given the city council at least 14 days to negotiate a plan to buy back the land. there will be a community town hall with lawmakers tonight at the liberty civic auditorium. allyson: many of you asked about this. and we went looking for answers in the case of a dog owner who won't be charged for shooting the dog. you may amara, a two-year-old boxer. the dog was found shot in the head in the temple area. deputies say the owner shot the dog because of her aggressive behavior. so they decided to put her down.
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heartbeat didn't feel one and thought the dog was dead and left her. 19 days later the dog was picked up by animal control. deputies say amara became emaciated after being shot. there's no evidence she was not being taken care of beforehand. >> once we got all of those facts, we sat down with the magistrate and reviewed the laws and the statutes. the magistrate found no criminal wrongdoing. allyson: deputies gave us this picture of a healthy amara. they say this was taken before she weaned her puppies in late december, a short time before she was shot. do you think pet owners should have the right to kill their own animals? take the now poll on our wyff news 4 app and let us know what you think. geoff: in spartanburg now, crews are battling a fire at a hospital. spartanburg county dispatch tells us crews responded to a fire at mary black hospital. it happened just after 6:00 last night. a hospital spokesperson says the fire started in a dumpster outside the emergency room.
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no word of any injuries. allyson: police in a spartanburg say an armed robbery was caught on camera. this happened at the scotchman convenience store back in january. the two suspects here are dressed in black with bandanas walking into the convenience store. one suspect is armed deputies say it is an assault rifle. according to the store manager, the suspects made off with $60. geoff: customs agents have seized almost 2400 counterfeit hoverboards at the port of charleston. u.s. customs and border protection says that the boards were seized at the docks last month. this is file video from a bust in chicago. the hoverboards were made in china and violate federal trademark laws. the retail price for that amount of authentic hoverboards is an estimated $1.6 million. reporter: usc's men's basketball team trying to move into a three way tie for first place in the sec.
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simmons and -- ben simmons and lsu. here comes lsu. watch ben simmons, this is why he will be the number one pick in the nba draft. a four point game when sindarius thrornwell spots up from three. freshman pj dozier coming up big in the second half. he shoots over simmons and draws the foul. dozier was excellent in the second half. he is on the move again and this time, the dribble drive. he has 12 points for south carolina. just seconds remianing. thornwell puts the icing on the cake. a game-high 24 points for thornwell. south carolina wins 94-83. the gamecocks now tied for first place in the sec. allyson: some great news for
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announcer: now, your live super
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dale: we have 25 degrees and calm conditions in downtown greenville. in the mountains, we have 15-20 mile-per-hour winds. we have windchill advisories in the mountains continuing until late morning. temperatures in the mid-20's will reach the mid 40's for the upstate, the mountains will remain windy throughout the morning and still be breezy and cold this afternoon with temperatures reaching into the 30's for today. it is another day for warm jackets. we will remain dry with no precipitation expected. geoff: so the bottom line is, it is cold and it will get even colder before it warms up. dale: sunday morning especially will be very cold and then monday, some oyster is coming to mix in with that cold. that could kick up some flurries
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allyson: in this morning's buzz, some great news for harry potter fans. there will be another book coming out soon. scholastic will print a hard cover of "harry potter and the cursed child. geoff: it will only be available in the u.s. it will also be published as an e-book by j.k. rowling's publishing platform. the story picks up more than 9 years since the series ended. i know you are a fan of this. allyson: i think it is in the form of a play. geoff: ok, i have no input. dale: you haven't seen any of the movies? geoff: i have not. allyson: well, maybe you should start with this one. geoff: our news continues right now.
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this is wyff news 4 today in hd. geoff: we are waking up to a cold morning here. this is a look outside from our peace center skycam. we have colder than normal temperatures and your winter weather coverage is straight ahead. >> we can't live our lives like that. it is time for you to change. allyson: anger at one of the three schools in danger of closing in pickens county. what parents are doing. geoff: gop candidates are continuing their trips through the palmetto state. allyson: it is cold outside and going to get colder. dale: we will see colder temperatures this weekend as well. there were a few flurries along the tennessee and north carolina border. that is coming to an end. we have seen cold air blowing across the mountains.
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