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tv   WYFF News 4 530am  NBC  February 11, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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geoff: 5:30. great to have you with us. temperatures for do much the same in regards to we are cold. dale: it has been a while since we have had above normal or normal temperatures. we won't see 50's today. temperatures at best might reach mid 40's for the upstate, upper 30's in the mountains. clear across the south, breezy and cold. temperatures range and you are from spartanburg's 21, greenville at 25, 20 to 21 from asheville hendersonville, boone at 13 and 17 to 20 plus mile-per-hour winds make it feel like single digits or below zero. feels like minus six in boone, 18 in greenwood. afternoon high temperatures will reach the mid 40's for the upstate, about 10 degrees cooler than what we normally see. instead of 54 the mountain high
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will get into the upper 30's at best. we will talk about another cold blast this weekend but better weather next week. allyson: thank you. that cold weather is getting colder. geoff: see that thermometer and aly myles is pumped up. it is darn right cold. good morning. aly: good morning. we are outside of county bank. you probably have passed this fountain and before, there is usually a huge fire on top. right now, no fire but home a lot of ice. extremely cold today. bundle up because once you get to these temperatures, that is when you can be in danger of frost bite and hypothermia. i think you guys are taking pity on me this morning because even though it is 25 in downtown greenvillele in the mountains, much, much colder and the wind
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we will get to your election coverage in a few minutes. we are a few blocks from the peace center where candidates will be on saturday. bundle up today and put on the hats, gloves and scarves, especially if you are at the bus stop. aly myles wyff news 4 live in downtown greenville. allyson: thank you. getting to commitment 2016 now the gop candidates are , continuing their swing through the palmetto state. geoff: donald trump continues to draw thousands t this rallies. about 5,000 people gathered at t ed garrison arena last night in pendleton. trump averages a sixteen point lead in the south carolina polling, according to real clear poltiics. trump talked to the crowd last night about the military, education, immigration and money. he says he's turned down tens of millions of dollars in fundraising. >> i don't want it, i wanna do something else. i wanna be greedy, but i wanna be greedy for the united states. we wanna bring money into the
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i really do. we have 179,000 illegal criminal immigrants. we can't have it folks, they're going back. geoff: trump will attend a rally in baton rouge, louisiana, tonight. marco rubio will be in simpsonville this afternoon. allyson: he'll speak at southside christian school. yesterday, he attracted a crowd of supporters at the spartanburg marriott. he told the crowd that if elected, he would get rid of obamacare, rebuild the military, and defend the constitution. rubio says he's not going to let his performance in the recent debate effect saturday's south carolina debate. >> this will be our ninth debate now so we're prepared and we're , ready. i know what i believe in. i'm ready. i hope they ask us good policy questions. it's time for some policy debate in this campaign. allyson: as rubio spoke inside, two men in robot costumes drew some attention outside. they're from a democratic super political action committee. they say they came from new hampshire to highlight chris christie's point that rubio acts
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in commitment 2016 news, ben carson will be in gaffney today. he'll be speaking at the american apps meeting from 3:00 until 4:00 p.m. at the gaffney visitors center. he, along with ted cruz, are expected at winthrop university later in the evening. geoff: john kasich, who finished second in the new hampshire primary, is expected to campaign in south carolina until monday. last night, he was in the low country trying to build momentum. >> and w wn the time comes to vote in south carolina however , you vote, vote with your heart and your head, not just with your head saying i've got to pick a winner. this is not a horse race where you've got money on who's going to come in first. i need your support. i need your help here. geoff: kasich says he not in favor of negative campaigning, saying it didn't help the other candidates in new hampshire. allyson: the republican presidential field is shrinking. carly fiorina is no longer in the race. she suspended her campaign.
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the republican field, however, she struggled to build support in the crowded primary field. the new jersey governor chris christie also dropped out of the race. the announcement comes after his sixth-place finish in new hampshire. geoff: here's a look at the seven republican candidates still in the race for president. they are, donald trump, ted cruz, marco rubio, ben carson, jeb bush, john kasich, and jim gilmore. allyson: this coming saturday the latest gop debate will come , to greenville. republican south carolina primary election on february 20. again, the debate is saturday night at the peace center. the democrats running for president will debate tonight. that debate will be in milwaukee. it'll be the sixth time bernie sanders and hillary clinton will meet in debate. tonight's debate, which will be produced by pbs newshour, it comes just days after sanders's victory in the new hampshire primary. the candidates now shift their focus to nevada and south carolina.
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primary and before south carolina's first in the south primary pollsters are trying to , get a read on the american voter. national pollster and public policy expert peter hart is in the upstate all week as a fellow in residence at furman university. he's teaching students and listening, too, for the issues and concerns close to the heart of the millennial generation. we asked him about the challenges he and other pollsters face this election cycle. >> hardest thing is how do you get an accurate cross section? at this stage of the game, it is much harder to reach people. we have to reach through cell phones. that's a harder reaea. and many people are going online, so there's a whole new medium and at this stage. -- at this stage there's no , longer the old rules. the new rules are coming in. geoff: peter hart says with social media, it's much easier to find people who agree with and reinforce how you feel politically. but he says that also makes it harder for groups with different opinions to reach agreement. and you'll get a chance this
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work and the chance is as close as your phone or your computer. wyff 4 is teaming up with the riley institute at furman university for a commitment 2016 voter focus group with peter hart. this is an exclusive live streaming event that will take place in our wyff 4 studios. it will include upstate voters who will weigh in on the upcoming first in the south presidential primaries. again nationally known pollster, , peter hart, works with national news organizations, including nbc news. you can watch this exclusive event tonight beginning that 7:00 p.m., live streaming on and our wyff 4 app. allyson: dale, a few school closings and some delays. dale: it has been so cold that what has fallen in the previous days will not go away until he get warmer air. a little improvement perhaps in the mountains today but a cold last comes in this weekend and
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watch out for i see spots i can we develop. spartanburg at 21 and clear. light breeze out of the northwest. this is gibbs field. anderson, greenville mostly clear. wind gusting anywhere from 15 to 25 plus. at 13. -- boone at 13. bryson city, 21. silva in the teens. the wind on top of that, 17 to 23 miles per hour winds, hendersonville feels like five and boone like -6. it feels couple degrees colder in the upstate, too. make sure the kids are dressed warm. as we look at the day, you can trace the jet stream by looking
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south, even orlando chilly at 40. a cold blast expected saturday and sunday this weekend. it will mean a chance burress on monday afternoon to maybe see flurries of snow. 23 on monday, and by about 2:00 on, a 60% chance of snow in that could linger through the night, and by tuesday afternoon and late morning, it will warm up above freezing and get up to 50 on tuesday. 44 in the mountains on tuesday, so it won't last long. a 60% chance of snow this coming monday afternoon. this weekend, it will be colder, especially sunday. peter: good morning to you. i'm peter alexander in charleston, south carolina. donald trump soaring into the state fresh off his big win in new hampshire. john kasich is hoping to turn his second place finish there into success in south carolina. but he's going to face a new feud with jeb bush and marco rubio. both men recognize that they need a strong showing here if they want their campaigns to
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a campaign advisor to kasich telling me that their simple goal in this state to prevent bush from turning the south carolina primary into his comeback story. we'll have the latest when we see you, coming up on "today." allyson: a look outside at our
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school clo marcrcwhat a great game last night in columbia. early going gamecocks orchid into. a big score on the hook but here comes lsu and watch ben simmons. this is what he will be the number one pick in the nba draft. the move from the freshman. they spot up from three and it is. and south carolina is up to it seven-point lead. gamecocks controlling the action the second half. freshman pda -- pj dozier shoot over simmons, draws a foul and he was excellent in the second half. a few minutes later, he is on the move. he had 12 points for south carolina, just seconds remaining in the game. cornwell puts icing on the cake with a game-high at 21 points for thoren well. south carolina went 94-83 in the
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geoff: thank you. a tough season for the phoenix suns. the scuffle between two teammates caught on camera.
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upst >> now, your live super doppler 4 hd forecast. dale: 5:48 the time. good morning. it is 25 degrees and calm in downtown greenville. you don't need the wind to accentuate that but it is windy in the mountains with wind chill advisories continuing until almost noon because of the cold wind and cold temperatures making it feel miserable. 20 and asheville, 13 in boone, 21 in hendersonville. you look at the wind at 17 to 25 miles an hour and instead of feeling like 25 in greenville, it feels like five in
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aly myles was saying, think goodness they did not send me to boone. dress warmly because it will be a cold and bitter day. average for gsp this time of the year is reaching 56. 46 may be the best we get to today. a good 10 degrees below the norm. at the asheville airport, colder. mid-30's today and about 15 degrees cooler than normal. cold weather today, tomorrow temperatures get better. another blast of cold air comes south for saturday and sunday. that is setting the stage for the potential of some snow because by monday afternoon in the upstate. how much remains to be seen but it will basically be one cold day. it gets warmer tuesday and back to normal by wednesday. here is out today will go -- mid 40's for the upstate, upper 30's for the mountains, foothills of
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with the four day plus forecast, we will see temperatures tomorrow better in the mountains, mid 40's for the upstate, colder saturday and colder sunday. sunday will get up to 37 for the upstate and stain below freezing monday afternoon is when the upstate could see a 60% chance of snow showers because it will get into the mid to upper 30's. cold tuesday morning but rebounding tuesday afternoon to 51. look at wednesday, back to normal with a high of 56. allyson: thank you. winter continues in parts of northern michigan. in benzie county, gusty winds fueled lake effect snow which dumped nearly ten inches across the area yesterday. some areas could see an additional three to five inches of snow. despite the heavy snowfall and the forecast for more, residents were busy wednesday plowing the snow away. here's a look at the snow in south bend, indiana. the latest blast of winter has dumped some eight inches of snow there. forecasters say the lake effect
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problems for commuters. while south bend got eight inches, surrounding areas received just about three inches of snow. geoff: and that winter weather system is also bringing snow to iowa. you can see the flakes falling in the des moines metro area. this was the scene yesterday in urbandale. snow thrghout the week is expected to be light and accumulate up to three inches. snowfall in the mid-missouri area led to very slick roadways. you can see cars are traveling slowly. one off the side of the road. the missouri state highway patrol says snowfall there has led to a number of accidents. and a little closer to home in cherokee county, georgia, you can see just a dusting of snow on the ground there. parts of georgia are continuing to experience some winter weather today. or they will today. allyson: to maryland now, two sheriff's deputies are dead. officials say a man opened fire inside a panera restaurant. it happened 20 miles northeast of baltimore. one deputy was shot in the restaurant. the other was killed outside in a shootout with the suspect.
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was also killed. geoff: the passengers aboard royal caribbean's anthem of the seas had their cruise cut short because of rough seas. a forecast suggests the seas could get even rougher in the days ahead. the luxury liner returned to port new jersey last night. royal caribbean international will provide each guest with full refund of the fare paid for their cruise. they will also provide each guest with a future cruise certificate for 50% off the cruise fare paid. allyson: in illinois, a man is accused of stealing money from a photo booth and it's making it easy for police to find him. police say the camera in the photo booth was snapping away as he took the $75. he left behind several headshots that police are now asking the public to help identify. geoff: the average u.s. household is expected to pocket $320 in savings this year, thanks to plunging gas prices. we all like that. according to the energy information administration, the average price of gas for the
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$1.98 a gallon. that's the lowest full-year average since 2009. we have a lot less than that in south carolina. triple-a says the current average price of gas is $1.72 a gallon. things are not always sunny into next. they got nasty as they hosted the golden state warriors. players markieff morris arguing with teammate archie goodwin during a timeout. the disagreement escalates quickly as both resort to shoving, but teammates quickly step in to break up the scuffle. morris at one point choked goodwin. both players continued playing in the game. the suns lost to golden state, falling to 14 to 40. the second worst record in the west after the lakers. we told you earlier this morning about the 93-year-old world war ii veteran reuniting with his wartime girlfriend. allyson: there it is.
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this video. they were reunited in australia after more than 70 years of part and here's the video we did not have. thomas flew from virginia to adelaide to connect with his or reconnect with his long-lost love. morris was a 17-year-old british girl and thomas was a 21-year-old paratrooper. after the war, he returned to the u.s. and they wrote to each other and eventually married other people. thomas' wife died and morris scott divorced last year. the two reconnected. geoff: such a great story. coming up at 6:00, a major-league visited to the
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>> now, your live super doppler 4 hd forecast.
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it is calm in laurens but cold at 25 degrees. 20's across the upstate, teens and 20's in the mountains of north carolina with stronger winds and windchill advisories continue. temperatures reach 46 for the upstate, mostly sunny with a light breeze. cold all day for the mountains with the high temperature in the 30' cold weather to be outdoors. geoff, i saved this picture for you because while you were gone, a former cohort of yours and i went fishing. bob holick wanted to say -- in your face. geoff: you went out with bob? dale: yes, and he caught a couple of nice ones and he wanted to show you what he can do. allyson: that is a pretty fish.
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we had a great reunion, former sports guys, and we went out last year and we had the best time. we did not catch anything like that. we caught one. allyson: it was like this big. geoff: that was that. anyway, well done, bob. great shot. did you get any? dale: no, but i helped him. allyson: let's take a look at this morning's headlines. >> we want our children to stay and our small school where they are driving academically. allyson: parents are asking upstate school district cannot close three schools at the end of the year, but a is making its way through the process. geoff: the focus on south carolina. many republican presidential candidates are making stops in the area as other strap out of the race. democratic candidates are in wisconsin prepping for tonight's debate.
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4 streaming event with a national pollster of public policy expert, coming up. geoff: breaking news overnight, bundy was taken into custody at an oregon airport. this is file video of the men who was part of an armed militia in a standoff on in oregon well blocked refuge. fbi agents surrounded the last four occupiers yesterday and the are expected to give themselves up this morning. allyson: outside our woodruff road skycam, below freezing in the upstate. meanwhile, mountains are dealing with school closings. you can find those on the ticker below, but let's check in with dale gilbert. dale: the mountains will be cold and windy. cold in the upstate, too, but things have cleared out. flurries of snow all but come to an end in western north carolina. temperatures in the 20's across
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