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wind to conditions in the mountains and for the upstate, light breezes and chilly temperatures. mostly sunny skies expected for the next couple of days. another blast of cold canadian air coming in saturday and sunday will drop temperatures further on sunday morning. on monday, a chance of snow. we will talk about that with the full report in a few minutes. geoff: thank you. another weather note, there may be smoke in the area around mcdowell county because of a controlled burn. the u.s. forest service plans to conduct a 120-acre prescribed burn in the grandfather ranger district of the pisgah national forest today. the burn is part of the grandfather restoration project. the public is asked to heed science. -- signs posted at trailheads and roads and to stay away from burn areas and closed roads and trails. sorry. let's turn to commitment 2016, hillary clinton and bernie sanders face off in their next debate tonight, while republican
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state, ahead of this weekend's debate. tracie potts is fresh off the campaign trail. >> there must have been someone -- tracie: with chris christie and carly fiorina out, it's a smaller field now in south carolina. this next primary could make or break jeb bush and marco rubio. >> the question for people in south carolina is what kind of person do you want behind the big desk? tracie: john kasich says he'll try not to go negative. >> well, i'm not going to let somebody pound me. i have a right to be able to defend myself. tracie: ted cruz is counting on the state's evangelical voters. >> the men and women of south carolina i believe want a consistent conservative. tracie: but donald trump has led every poll here in the last six months. in clemson, he hammered hillary clinton and her stunning loss in new hampshire. >> honestly, women don't like her. men don't like her. take a look at what's happening to her. tracie: black lawmakers are coming to clinton's rescue. the congressional black caucus will endorse her today and send members to states like
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african-american populations. >> the people in south carolina are angry right now and they want a candidate that reflects that. tracie: could that be bernie sanders? >> go your own way. the revolution is possible. you are the revolution. tracie: fresh off stephen colbert last night, he'll face off with hillary clinton at a debate tonight. tracie potts nbc news. geoff: tonight's debate will be the sixth time bernie sanders and hillary clinton will face off. it comes days after bernie sanders; vicottory in new hampshire. the candidates now shift their focus to nevada and south carolina, where voters will head to the polls later this month. tonight's debate, which will be produced by pbs newshour, will take place at the university of milwaukee and begin at 9:00 p.m. eastern. today, several republican candidates will be making stops in and around the upstate. today, marco rubio will be at southside christian school in
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doors are expected to open around 3:15 this afternoon. doctor ben carson will be in gaffney this afternoon, taking part in a national security forum at the gaffney visitor's center. doors open around 2:30 today. we have this reminder for you about the republican debate at the peace center saturday, because of the debate, the city of greenville has closed some roads. as you can see in this map, they are the red lines. broad street from river to main street. main street from court to murphy street. south laurens street from broad to court street. and court street from main to river street. they will be closed from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m. on saturday. and into sunday morning. as pollsters try to get a read on the american voter leading into the first in the south primary, a national pollster and public policy expert's spending time at furman. peter hart is a fellow in residence this week teaching students, but he's also listening for the issues and concerns close to the heart of millennials. he says new technology actually makes reaching people these days harder.
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phones, that's a harder reach. and many people are going online, so there's a whole new medium and at this stage, there's no longer the old rules, the new rules are coming in. geoff: he also says social media makes it easier to find people who agree politically but makes it harder for groups with differing opinions to reach agreement. you can see peter hart at work tonight. wyff 4 is teaming up with the riley institute at furman for a commitment 2016 voter focus group. this is an exclusive live streaming event starting at 7:00 tonight, from our wyff 4 studios. it will include upstate voters weighing in on the upcoming first in the south presidential primaries. you can watch this exclusive event live on our wyff 4 app. covering the upstate this afternoon, yellow to green water in the reedy river. it has no adverse effects according to renewable water resources officials. rewa officials said the source
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manufactures colorants. further testing is needed to verify the source, they said. officials said the dye is no longer entering the rewa systems and should dissipate completely from the river by saturday morning. they said they will continue to monitor the situation and will take the necessary precautions to ensure public health and safety. later tonight, a community town hall meeting will be held about a north carolina company looking to dump coal ash in pickens county. mrr pickens has sued the county for $25 million after its land permit was suspended last month. the county says it learned the company would dump coal ash on its site near highway 93 and cartee road. however, mrr pickens has given county council at least 14 days to negotiate a plan to buy back the land. tonight's town hall is from 6:00 to 8:00 at the liberty civic auditorium. a vote on closing three pickens county schools comes monday as parents try to save them.
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parents, and teachers met about the proposal last night with school officials at ambler elementary. the school district of pickens county is considering closing three under enrolled schools ambler, a.r. lewis and holly , springs elementary. the district says it will save the district almost $12 million over five years, but some parents don't think it's best for their children. >> we want our children to stay at our small school, where they are thriving academically. our test scores prove that the small environment and the stududt teacher ratio works well for us. geoff: school officials say they are still open to alternatives to the plan. in oconee county, a judge will now decide whether any laws were broken in the decision to close another upstate school. parents of students at tamassee-salem middle and high school say the oconee county school district had a hand in declining attendance rates. the attorney for the district says nothing unlawful has been done. district officials say closing
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three-quarters of a million dollars a year. the judge's decision is expected next week. many of you asked about this and we went looking for answers in the case of a dog owner who won't be charged for shooting the dog, amara, a two-year-old boxer. the dog was found shot in the head in the townville area. deputies say the owner shot the dog because of her aggressive behavior, so they decided to put her down. they say the owner felt for a heartbeat, didn't feel one and thought the dog was dead and left her. 19 days later, the dog was picked up by animal control. deputies say amara became emaciated after being shot. there's no evidence she was not being taken care of beforehand. >> once we got all those facts, we then sat down with the magistrate and reviewed the laws and the statutes and presented them to the magistrate, and the magistrate also found no criminal wrongdoing according to our statutes. geoff: deputies gave us this
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they say this was taken before she weaned her puppies in late december, a short time before she was shot. to spartanburg now, officials hope you can help identify suspects in an armed robbery. in this surveillance video, you see them dressed in black and bandanas. deputies say one is armed with an assault riffle. it happened in january at the scotchman convenience store. call crime stoppers if you have any information about this incident. authorities in greer are reminding you about a closed road this afternoon. roadwork at a railroad crossing has closed down south main street in greer, according to police. south main street is shut down near the greer police department. motorists are encouraged to use south buncombe road as a an alternative. police said the repairs are taking longer than expected because asphalt being used in the repair is not drying in the cold weather. happening now, a live look at
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it was an embedded -- she was and then baby found in greenville and it helps victims of child abuse. today's speaker, a track star off there and rape survivor. >> i don't think anyone should feel guilt or shame because they were raped. it is a horrible crime and that is what i want to share with people. do not be ashamed or feel guilty. it is not your fault. geoff: you can hear more from monica tonight and how she is using her trauma to give other rape survivors of voice. >> she came in with, you know, a bald spot on the side and i'm like, i didn't do that. geoff: coming up, an angry customer comes back to a barber shop and opens fire after a hair cut they did not like. and caught on camera, firefighters show helmet camera video of the rescue of a family's dog from a burning home.
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last couple if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all and not just the powerful few. we are following breaking news out of spartanburg this announcer: you are watching live, local breaking news with meteorologist dale gilbert. this is wyff news 4 at noon, in
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geoff: breaking news out of spartanburg. an 18 wheeler has overturned on the ramp to dub you oh ease l boulevard on interstate 26 -- on wo ezell boulevard on interstate 26. the ramp is closed and we have a crew on the way. we will update you on the situation on their and at the fbi says it has surrounded the last armed protesters occupying a federal wildlife refuge in oregon. the fbi placed agents at all of the refuge's barricades. the fbi says no shots have been fired, and agents are negotiating with those inside. it's believed there are four people inside. the situation began january 2, when protesters took over the refuge to decry what they called government overreach of federal land. protest leader ammon bundy and several others were arrested last month. the shooting of a police officer
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fargo, north dakota. according to authorites, 33-year-old police officer jason moszer was shot as he responded to a domestic violence call. at this point, the gunmen is held up inside a north fargo home, where officers are negotiating with him. officer moszer is in critical condition and is expected to survive. an upset customer is accused of returning to a barber shop and opening fire. it happened yesterday morning when a woman, unhappy with her haircut, allegedly tried to shoot her barber. barber manny montero says 29-year-old andrian blanche swain left happy with her new haircut. but an hour later, swain returned to the barber shop armed with a gun to complain about the cut. >> when she came back in, she did not have the same haircut that she actually left with. geoff: witnesses say swain then tried to shoot montero three
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that's when montero and another barber, who witnessed the confrontation, and threw her to the ground and held her until authorities arrived. quite a scare. the director of the centers for disease control is testifing before a senate committee today to discuss the threat of the zika virus. along with discussing the emerging health threat of the virus, he will discuss president obama's request for $1.8 billion in emergency funding to combat zika. while work on a zika vaccine is already under way, the disease continues to rapidly spread across south america. the cdc continues to warn women who may be pregnant to avoid travel to areas where zika is active. passengers aboard royal caribbean's anthem of the seas had their cruise cut short because of rough seas. a forecast suggests the seas could get even rougher in the days ahead. the luxury liner returned to the port in new jersey last night. royal caribbean international will provide each guest with full refund of the fare paid for their cruise. they will also provide each
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certificate for 50% off the cruise fare paid. new helmet cam footage shows california fire fighters rescuing a dog from a home engulfed in flame. when fire crews arrived in the early morning hours wednesday, fire fighters searched the sacramento home for victims. what they found was a scared dog hiding from the blaze. the pooch was pulled from its hiding spot in a back bed room and carried to safety. the occupants of the home all got out safely, and the dog was reunited with her happy owner on the sidewalk outside. fire officials say a working smoke detector played a big role in getting everyone to safety. the eagles will honor their late member glenn frey at the grammy awards monday night. fray died last month at the age of 67. his former bandmates will give him a special salute him at the grammies in los angeles. they will be joined by jackson browne, who co-wrote eagles' first hit "take it easy" with fray.
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frey also co-wrote many of the band's other hits, including "best of my love," "lyin' eyes" and "hotel california." the eagles are rock and roll hall-of-famers, who sold more than 100 million records worldwide. 4 hd forecast. dale: good afternoon. 12:18. after a cold morning, temperatures are climbing. spartanburg up to 39, 19 in the morning. wind out of the southwest at seven. partly cloudy skies over most of the area. a beautiful view from lake hartwell with sunshine. up to 44. we will see mid to upper 40's and spots in the upstate and piedmont and mountains will struggle to get into the mid to upper 30's before the day is out. it has been cold and we expect another chilly morning tomorrow.
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until the wind advisories start to drop. in 720 five mile-per-hour wind, 13 to 16 but with the sunshine, it doesn't feel quite as cold. it was better to be out and about. temperatures right now feeling like 10 in boone, -8 is what it felt like this morning. feels like it is in the 20's and asheville and hendersonville. is this normal this time of the year? it has been cooler than normal. 34 is the normal low and 56 the high for this date. today, 46 to 48 may be the best we see. the asheville regional airport averages 50 and the to upper 30's this afternoon. this is a jet stream that is digging deep down south, bringing cold air all the way down to florida, georgia and the carolinas. you can see some of the snow being generated in the dakotas. a storm will run down that into monday.
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snow. we are not expecting any of the that jetstream to usher in colder temperatures or the morning and days come saturday clouds build back in and a chance of snow showers from noon on monday through monday night will it be enough? may be in the northern parts of greenville or pick in -- or pickens county, but we will have to wait and see. that is in the forecast. as we mentioned, temperatures this afternoon are in the upper 40's in the upstate, but 30's in the mountains. tomorrow will be low to mid 30's -- 40's. 12 in the mountains tomorrow, 20 in the upstate and highs in the 30's. on monday afternoon, we will have that 70% chance of snow flurries. last time the mountains got all the snow and this time, both cap
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geoff: it will be president's day, so many will be out. dale: we will see what it does tuesday. geoff: all right, take a look at this. this may look a little strange but it really is what you think it is. an olympic size ski ramp in the middle of fenway park. out in center field where you would normally seek some of their players there's a ski ramp , three times higher than the green monster. starting today, the big air at fenway event will feature olympic skiers and snowboarders launching into acrobatic jumps. it's a new way to slide into home plate. dale: that is just for pros. not open to the public. [laughter] they would be taken everybody to boston. coming up, twitter is making changes to your timeline, hoping to keep your favorite tweets on top. coming up later this afternoon on "ellen," scott foley, elle king and macey hensley. that's today at 4:00, followed
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the first job of a president is to protect america. our next president must be prepared to lead. i know jeb. i know his good heart and his strong backbone. jeb will unite our country. he knows how to bring the world together against terror. he knows when tough measures must be taken. experience and judgment count in the oval office. jeb bush is a leader. he'll keep our country safe. jeb bush. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. geoff: checking the numbers on wall street this afternoon. a tough morning so far for the dow jones, down more than 300 points, the nasdaq down 56 and s&p 500 in the red.
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show tweets out of order in hopes of making life easier for its users. titter is now rolling out an algorithmically generated timeline. that means tweets that twitter thinks people most want to see will appear at the top of the timeline beginning with the most recent first. twitter says the change will offer a better experience for users who risk missing the best tweets when they're away from the service. the new timeline will be turned on by default in the coming weeks but users can turn it off. the average u.s. household is expected to pocket $320 in savings this year, thanks to plunging gas prices. according to the energy information administration, the average price of gas for the full year is forecast to be $1.98 a gallon. that's the lowest full-year average since 2009. aaa says the current average price of gas is $1.72 a gallon. good news is in the air. travelers are paying less money
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the transportation department says domestic airfares have dropped to a six-year low. airline ticket prices fell by more than 6% in the third quarter of 2015. the average price is now about $372. expansion of low-cost airlines and plunging jet fuel costs are big drivers of the change. a look outside from our hilton hacking greenville skycam what we have -- where we have warmed
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if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%.
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pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all and not just the powerful few. geoff: the latest news on that breaking news in spartanburg. sky4 has arrived. an 18 wheeler overturned on the wo ezell boulevard on interstate 26 in the exit 21 eastbound. avoid that area. that is near exit 21 eastbound with an 18 wheeler on its side.
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he tried to call me from the bronco. >> unknown facts and created fiction from last night's version of the infamous bronco chase. i'm billy bush with the near history-making phone call for bob costas. and while aniston was on hand for her husband's antics, blake lively's probably happy to have missed this. >> having sex quick was easy for me. >> and he has really good advice. and he -- >> playful and palpable chemistry because they're still together at work, too. breaking news about gwen's return to "the voice." beyonce's video may be controversial, but you got to love its 6-year-old star. >> i prayed to god i was going get the part, and i did. gwen and blake's one and only interview together as a couple. and they come bearing some big news. welcome to "access hollywood"
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with the incredible story that
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