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tv   WYFF News 4 5pm  NBC  February 11, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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known as sleet, just a few around the area, even in the upstate. every thing changes to rain and snow showers in the mountains. we get the a dusting to one inch in the mountains. it is a very fast-moving system. then the jet stream is going to take a nice dive in time for the upcoming weekend. this is going to be some of the coldest air we have seen so far this winter. extreme cold arctic air in place will set the stage for low to develop and momo toward us from the south, southwest. that would be cold air in place and moisture coming up from the southwest, chris, you know what that means -- a potential for a winter storm. chris: that is the threat, john, how much cold air is in place, and when does it arrive? there is a 30% chance that it is just going to be rain north of i 85, but instead, there is a better chance, a 60% chance that it is an icy mix, a little bit
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freezing rain. there is only a 10% chance that it will be snowfall across the area. the mountains have a better chance of that. here is the way things look as far as the timeframe. we will see a low to medium impact snow event monday morning and then slightly warmer air moves in a lost. that changes at two sleet and freezing rain -- aloft. that changes it to sleet and freezing rain. then tuesday, regular rain moves in for the morning hours. as far as who will be impacted, chief meteorologist john cessarich joins me again. john, it is like last time, i i-85 northbound. john: it is amazing how that ends up being the freezing likert if you live south of i you might get ice pellets or snowflakes -- the freezing line. if you live south of i-85, you
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snowflakes. we have a potential for freezing rain and sleet even the upstate, especially i-85 northbound. chris: think about where you live. taylor's, greer, those areas could see slippery roads on monday, but if the rain rushes in monday night, it could wash every thing away. john: i think it will. snow monday morning going over to freezing rain and sleet, and eventually all rain by monday night into tuesday morning. we will keep you up-to-date your back to you, nigel and gabrielle. nigel: thank you very much feared now to commitment 2016 coverage. marco rubio is in the upstate now. brielle: he is at the southside christian school auditorium in simpson bill. we want to give you a live look. let's take a listen. sen. rubio: i cannot tell you. i never want to be a candidate
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if your president is someone who does something you would punish your kids for saying or doing, that is not a good sign. [cheers and applause] but it also reminds me that what we are deciding in 2016 is what will america be like when they turn 21, when they turn 25, when they decide to start their families or their business or their career. what will america be like in 10 years come in 15 years? we have to decide that now. it will not be anything like the country i got a chance to grow up in. to the younger people that are here, the country i grew up in and the country i believe we still have in many respects is an amazing place. almost every other person who is ever lived in the history of the world, almost every society that has existed as a place that told you there are things you are not allowed to do.
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have l led in america are whole life -- and that is probably most people in this room -- i do not know what it is like to live in a society like that, a society that says to you i know you're talented, i know you work hard, but it does not matter because your parents are not the right people, see you will not be allowed to do certain things. nigel: you hear marco rubio speaking there. he had what many call a disappointing finish in hampshire. marco rubio definitely trying to turn things around in south carolina. that primary is not this saturday but the saturday y ter. gabrielle: continuing our commitment 2016 cover some also today, ben carson just wrapped up an appearance in gaffney. he was asked about national security during a q&a in front of voters. he says his opponents criticize him for being too nice, but though he is nice, it does not mean he does not want to protect the american people. carson told us his team will have more people on the ground in south carolina them he did in new hampshire because the
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dr. carson: i think most of the people here in south carolina, at least the people i met, share the same values i have about the exceptionalism of our country, about our responsibility to those who are coming behind us, and why we have to be fiscally responsible, and about the values and principles that made this into a great nation, including our faith. gabrielle: later tonight, carson will be at a forum in rock hill. he is back in the upstate tomorrow. nigel: commitment 2016 continuing now. the democratic presidential candidates spar in milwaukee appeared to debate, hosted by pbs, will be the first matchup for hillary clinton and bernie sanders following sanders' landslide victory in new hampshire. sally kidd has more. sally: nevada and south carolina are two states with more diverse electorates. they are next up on the nominating calendar.
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matter more to minority voters debate. senator bernie sanders will try to build on his big win in new hampshire, going one-on-one with hillary clinton for the first time since tuesday's primary. >> now that she is struggling, she needs these debates to can win in november. she really looks vulnerable. endorsement. >> the issues that are important to our constituents -- hillary clinton has been there. sally: sanders picked up an endorsement from an entertainer and civil rights activist. >> i think he represents a moral imperative. sally: meantime, republicans are stumping in south carolina. john kasich a move finish second to donald trump, is taking aim at jeb bush. gov. kasich: he needs to be
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mr. bush: insults people, basically talks trash on the way to the republican nomination. do you want somebody like that? sally: trump campaigns after a rally in south carolina last night. mr. trump: the last t ing we need is another bush. sally: there has not been a much polling in nevada or south carolina, but the last surveys taken before iowa show clinton and trump in the league. in washington, sally kidd, wyff news 4. nigel: six of the seven republican candidates will take the stage. donald trump, ted cruz, marco rubio, ben carson, jeb bush, and john kasich. jim gilmore will not take gabrielle: part in this weekend's debate. some people are working hard -- jim gilmore will not take part in this weekend's
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gabrielle: corey davis takes a look at who will get interest corey: thousands of people were hoping to get a ticket through a lottery system, but we are told that it is not big enough, so they provoke a committee decided to go with a different plan. right now, crews are busy setting up for the gop presidential debate at the peace center. people selected to get tickets will fill 1900 seats made available for the event. >> i did not have hundreds of tickets. i had a couple dozens of tickets. corey: chad groover said he gave tickets to people including elected officials who work hard for the party. mr. groover: he will have a good mix of donors, workers, and people who are donors and workers. corey: they more than passed on to the state party to distribute among party chairs third a lottery system was originally
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>> if we had not had it at the peace center, we probably would have had more people come, but the peace center is the venue that cbs chose. corey: right now, groover is encouraging everyone to come out and work for the party they support. >> i think, not for the motive of getting debate tickets, but for the motive of producing a better society, i think getting involved in the political process makes sense. corey: it would take a venue that is 11 times the size of the peace center just to hold everyone who wants to go to the debate. right now groover says some , tickets may become available of people cancel. but there is no guarantee. corey davis, wyff new four, live in greenville. gabrielle: don't forget, tonight tonight, wyff 4 is , teaming up with the riley institute at furman university, for a commitment 2016 voter focus group with peter hart. this is an exclusive, live-streaming event that will take place in our wyff 4 studios. it will include upstate voters, who will weigh in on the upcoming first in the south presidential primaries. nationally known pollster peter
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organizations, including nbc news and the wall street journal. you can watch this exclusive event tonight starting at 7:00 , p.m., live-streaming on our wyff 4 app nigel: coming up, the push to change state law. what is being done now after an owner is not charged in the shooting of his dog. gabrielle: the trial for dylann roof has been delayed. what prosecutors are waiting to the side -- decide. nigel: another arrest in a shooting in malden last month. john: clear skies, a life shot from asheville, 38 degrees, a few clouds especially to the west. wind chill is about 30. not too bad. we'll be right back. gabrielle: now here's a look at your winning midday numbers from the south carolina education
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gabrielle: more than 40 prison guards and officers in georgia face charges of accepting bribes and drug trafficking. the arrests were made today. they are the latest in a federal effort to crack down on criminal -- criminal activity in georgia prisons. 130 people, including employees and inmates and warmer inmates, september. the indictments say the officers agreed to grow their uniforms during the drug transports to
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interference. nigel: now to an update on the charleston church shooting. a judge has again delayed the trial of dylann roof. right now, attorneys are waiting to see whether the federal government will seek the death penalty. officials say they expect the justice department will make the decision in march or april. dylann roof faces dozens of federal charges, including hate crimes. this, for the shooting deaths of nine people at the emanuel ame church last june. defense attorney david bruck said roof is prepared to plead guilty if the government does not seek the death penalty. an update to a shooting in mauldin last month. police say they have another suspect in custody, connected to a shooting outside of a bojangles. officers say a 16-year-old girl stands accused of murder, attempted murder, and armed robbery. police say the girl had an active role in planning the robbery that left 19-year-old savon allen shot dead. investigators say the encounter was drug-related. gabrielle: sky4 flew over spartanburg county today.
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enforce the rent to close for a while. it happened on interstate 26, near the exit 21 eastbound. the ramp reopened around 1:30. injuries were reported. there was also an accident in the westbound lanes in the same area, at the same time. nigel: a small gas leak caused the relocation of some students at christ church episcopal school today. this information according to , the greenville fire department. school officials say the students in the upper school had to be moved to another part of the campus. they say the students have been relocated as a precaution. the gas has since been turned off. fire crews are now looking for the cause of the leak. gabrielle: there is a detour that are of downtown greer tonight. greer police say csx is working on the railroad tracks on south main street near the police department, forcing a road closure in the area. the construction is taking longer than originally anticipated, and the asphalt is not drying because of the cold. drivers are encouraged to take
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crews expect the road to reopen tomorrow. nigel: outrage, sparking action, tonight, we're continuing to follow the story of amara, the dog shot by his owner in -- by her owner in anderson county. gabrielle: officials say the owner didn't break the law. wyff news 4's mandy gaither is live and local in our anderson newsroom. mandy, now there's a push to change the law? mandy: right. i've talked to county and state officials on this all day long. all agree that there's nothing in state or county law, as it is right now, thahaprohibits that owner from shooting his dog. 19 days. that's how long it was between the time this boxer, later named amara, was shot, and the time in which she was picked up as a stray in townville. anderson county investigators say the owner shot amara after the owner says she became increasingly aggressive. state law talks about shooting an animal, how it should only be done in emergency situations. however, it's only talking about how animal shelters can and cannot kill an animal, not owners.
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campbell says there are no laws in the state of south carolina that would make this a crime. campbell says, "animals are considered property of the owner, and as such, there are no criminal laws that prohibit an owner from euthanizung their own -- euthanizing their own animal. this could could be considered as ill treatment of an animal under sc code of law. however, in this case, the magistrate judge found there was a lack of evidence to issue a warrant, based on the facts presented by law enforcement." mary frances cole is the magistrate consulted about amara. in a statement today, she told us she couldn't talk about specific cases, but said the court does not conduct investigations. investigators present their findings to the court. she also says, "if the court finds that probable cause does not exist that a crime has been committed by a specific individual, based on the evidence presented by law enforcement, the court is prohibited by law from issuing an arrest warrant."
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to a state lawmaker and a county councilman, who have the power to make changes. i'll have more on what they say they're going to do now, in a story i'm working on for 6:00. mandy gaither, wyff news 4, live in the anderson newsroom. >> now, your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. john: satellite and radar showing crystal clear skies outside. a few clouds in the mountains, they continue to dissipate. more clouds will come in from the west as a piece of energy comes in quickly from the west and northwest. a live shot over lake hartwell, beautiful thursday evening. obviously chilly, but at least we have sunshine and the wind is like across the area. temperatures look like this. 50, warmed up in greenville. 51 in anderson, 60 in elberton. pretty chilly in the mountains, but not bad. 40 in hendersonville, 38 in asheville, 27 in boone, 53 in toccoa.
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central mountains, 12 miles per hour. the wind will die down quickly when the sun goes down. especially outside the mountains. 55 in columbia, mo -- much colder in raleigh, 35 in bristol, tennessee. 55 in atlanta. temperatures coming up little bit. they are where they should be. we should be in the mid 50's, so we are still below average, but at least it is better the last two days. unfortunately another arctic outbreak is on the way. it piece of energy will come in quickly, and could produce snow showers in the mountains of western north carolina and north georgia. you could get a dusting to an inch possible in the higher elevations during the day tomorrow. some snow up there, the nor'easter heads up to eastern canada. look at how warm in texas, 73 in dallas. the arctic air in canada will slide down here in time for the upcoming weekend.
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in chicago, 35 in kansas city, the d5 in atlanta, orlando rebounding nicely, 65. 66 in miami. tonight, clouds return late. cold in the upstate, low 29. partly to mostly cloudy. overnight low 23 in the mountains. tomorrow, variable cloudiness, we may get a couple ice pellets, better known as sleet or snow flurries in the morning. no big deal, 20 percent chance. high 46. snow showers scattered around becoming rain showers in the afternoon as we warm up into the upper 30's in the mountains. the four-day plus, quite the system to say the least. here comes the arctic air this weekend. look how cold. that does not include the wind. dangerous wind chills again, especially in the mountains. then, snow monday morning changing over to a winter mix of freezing rain, sleet, and rain into monday night and into tuesday morning. then, we warm up in the middle and end of next week.
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of this mess on wednesday -- monday and tuesday. congratulations william siegal, our umbrella winner. michael: and coming up all new, on news 4 at 6:00, making survivors out of victims. >> i don't think anyone should feel guilt or shame because they've been raped. it's a horrible, horrible crime, and that's what i want to share with people. don't feel ashamed, don't feel guilt. it's not your fault. michael: a rape survivor tells her story, inspiring others to come forward. wyff news 4's aly myles talks to monika korra about how why she is speaking out.
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news 4. she spent a lifetime making a difference for people. winning healthcare for 8 million children. benefits for families
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and the national guard. standing strong around the world for human rights and women's rights. hillary clinton. she'll raise the minimum wage. take on the drug companies to lower the cost of prescription drugs. and give everyone the opportunity to go to college without going into debt. she'll get the job done... for us. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this m msage. 26 years - that's how long this nigel: 26 years. that's how long this week's golden apple award winner has been working with children. gabrielle: and because of what she does, it's meant a special relationship with parents through the years. geoff hart introduces us. >> like a mother loving her own kids, she treats these kids like her own child. geoff: jennifer christenbury's motto, never do for a child what they can do for themselves. >> you touch it. not me touch it, you touch it.
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they get the initial diagnosis of what's wrong, they see that as the end, and we see it as the beginning. geoff: crystal vaughn and her husband, bill, hesitantly left their daughter georgia with ms. christenbury and her staff at flat rock elementary in anderson county, when she was 3. the plan, at first, was to leave her for a few hours, a couple of days a week. >> 'cause we were very leery. geoff: didn't take ms. christenbury very long to earn their trust, and georgia's. >> if there's a new skill set that maybe our daughter has learned, she'll send us a quick note saying, georgia did this. geoff: like when she first began nonverbally communicating what she wanted on an i-pad, by touching a card. >> you tell me what you want. you want to change apps? ok. find the musician. where is it? all right. good job. we don't put any limits on the children. >> if i have to come early to pick her up, she's mad at me for
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geoff: all part of her spirit to be mobile, along with her classmates. >> we want them to be able to communicate their needs and their wants, and make choices, 'cause everybody ought to be able to make a choice. geoff: and the latest technology, has helped make that possible for many special needs children. >> 26 years ago, i mean, i had an overhead projececr. hey, girlfriend! >> she wouldn't be where she is now, because that's how she communicates. it's such a blessing, to see them grow and know we had a part in it. geoff: jennifer christenbury and her staff at flat rock elementary, working alongside parents in anderson district 3, to make what seemed impossible, possible. i support bernie sanders because i think that his ideas are much more forward thinking and innovative than any of the other candidates. when bernie sanders is engaging with the black lives matter movement it's proof positive that he doesn't just give lip service to being supportive of issues that matter to people of color in this country.
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to our criminal justice system that continues to criminalize people just for being black.
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nigel: continuing coverage just ahead. more from presidential candidate marco rubio, who is in the upstate right now. gabrielle: plus, political ads now dominating the airwaves. this one takes a jab at donald trump, and truth check finds out if its claims are real. john: outside in greenville, plenty of sunshine. warming up into the upper 40's-low 50's. that feels good after the arctic air this week. another blast of arctic air is on the way including a potential winter storm. nigel: taking a live look
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a beautiful shot. but you don't want to be in the lake right now. gabrielle: gabrielle: let's fast-forward three months. nigel: or five. i could be swimming down there. gabrielle: for now, we are bundled up. john is in the studio tracking the latest. and talking about the cold. john: the cold and a little bit of precipitation. anyway cap tomorrow morning, 8:00, it will be cold but not extremely cold. temperature around freezing in the upstate, mid to upper 20's in the mountains. a fast-moving system coming in from the west, you can see this is really, we will see a couple ice pellets or maybe a brief snow shower, flurries in the upstate around alumina court tomorrow morning. best chance of rain and snow will be in the mountains on friday. more sunshine by the afternoon in the upstate and parts of the mountains. a fast-moving system with a zonal flow from west-east. here comes the next blast of arctic air in time for the weekend. we have been advertising it for


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