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tv   WYFF News 4 530pm  NBC  February 11, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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a beautiful shot. but you don't want to be in the lake right now. gabrielle: gabrielle: let's fast-forward three months. nigel: or five. i could be swimming down there. gabrielle: for now, we are bundled up. john is in the studio tracking the latest. and talking about the cold. john: the cold and a little bit of precipitation. anyway cap tomorrow morning, 8:00, it will be cold but not extremely cold. temperature around freezing in the upstate, mid to upper 20's in the mountains. a fast-moving system coming in from the west, you can see this is really, we will see a couple ice pellets or maybe a brief snow shower, flurries in the upstate around alumina court tomorrow morning. best chance of rain and snow will be in the mountains on friday. more sunshine by the afternoon in the upstate and parts of the mountains. a fast-moving system with a zonal flow from west-east. here comes the next blast of arctic air in time for the weekend. we have been advertising it for
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this could be the coldest air we have seen this winter. there is the storm system. where does the low track? if it tracks north, it will -- we will end up with rain. on monday morning, starting off with snow across the entire area, going over to freezing rain, sleet, and rain. we will talk more about the system in detail later on. chris and i will be back at 6:00. nigel: continuing commitment 2016 coverage, senator marco rubio saying he is confident in his chances in south carolina when voters head to the polls. gabrielle: yes had a busy couple days in the state. he is in simpsonville right now, speaking at cel-sci christian school auditorium. >> we have found in the constitution right to marry anyone you want, that 200 years of jurisprudence missed. we discovered it. when i say to the supreme court, let's be fair, five out of nine
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justice scalia wrote perhaps one of the most compelling dissents i have ever seen. i honestly believe that when the law continues to be challenged, it is eating challenge because what states are saying is, it is illegal in our state. we have a law in our state visit -- that does not allow same-sex marriage and you have created a requirement that allows us to violate our law. there will be tests on this. no matter your personal opinion, i do not believe that any honest jurist who believes in original intent can look at the constitution and say -- nigel: rubio talking about a number of issues that voters say they are concerned about, talking to a good-sized crowd right now out at south side christian auditorium. gabrielle: donald trump is no leading the polls. a new political ad seeks to
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nigel: it claims trump has the same views on health care as hillary clinton and president obama. but is that true? wyff news 4 investigates' tim waller has tonight's truth check report. tim: donald trump has taken a lot of flack from his opponents over statements he's made about universal health care. now, a group trying to get ted cruz elected claims trump's plan is the same as the democrats'. >> first, there was hillarycare. mrs. clinton: we have to get universal health care. >> then, there was obamacare. pres. obama: moves us in the direction of universal health care coverage in this country. >> we can't afford trumpcare. mr. trump: everybody's got to be covered. this is an un-republican thing for me to say. >> universal health care. mr. trump: i am going to take care of everybody. >> who pays for it? mr. trump: the government's going to pay for it. >> donald, don't you know hillarycare, obamacare, and trumpcare are government-run health care? tim: that clip from "60 minutes," which aired last fall, would seem to prove cruz's case, that trump supports government healthcare. but trump's position on health care is ambiguous at
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democrats are proposing. for example, bernie sanders, who just won new hampshire, wants a single-payer system. that is, medicare for all, paid for by a tax increase. hillary clinton says she wants to uphold and build upon the affordable care act. and donald trump has yet to release a health care plan, other than to say he'll replace obamacare with, quote, "something terrific." trump has suggested the government should negotiate with hospitals and drug companies for lower prices. he also wants to allow insurance companies to offer plans across state lines. and here's what he told "60 minutes" back in september. "i am going to take care of everybody. i don't care if it costs me votes or not. the government's going to pay for it. but we're going to save so much money on the other side." still, we believe the claim in cruz's ad, that trump's plan for health care is the same as clinton's and president obama's, is false, because until trump
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have no idea what it will look like, or how it will work. nigel: remember, anytime a political ad hits the air, tim waller will l t it to the truth check test. gabrielle: and be sure to check out our other truth check reports. just head to our website, and our mobile app, and look under up -- "politics. how nigel: tonight, wyff 4 is teaming up with the riley institute at furman university, for a commitment 2016 voter focus group with peter hart. this is an exclusive, live-streaming event that will take place in our wyff 4 studios. it will include upstate voters, who will weigh in on the upcoming first in the south presidential primaries. nationally-known pollster peter hart works with national news organizations including nbc news and the wall street journal. you can watch this exclusive event today, starting at 7:00 p.m. live streaming on our wyff 4 app. coming up, see new ground broken today in order to pay respects to officers who have given their
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gabrielle: later tonight, they fell in love during world war ii across the globe.
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you may have noticed a yellow color totohe reedy river.... nigel: you may have noticed a yellow color to the reedy river near conestee lake. we asked greenville water, and
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yellow dye in the water in that area. rewa says the color has no adverse effects on the water . they say the dye should dissipate completely from the river over the next 24 to 48 hours. gabrielle: the spartanburg county sheriff's office broke ground on a memorial this afternoon. the area in front of the sheriff's office on howard street in spartanburg will be turned into a memorial to fallen law enforcement oliver spartanburg county. -- law enforcement officers in spartanburg county. sheriff chuck wright says he wants to pay respect not just to his men, but to all officers who give their lives in the line of duty. >> i see their family members at the sheriff's office, the look on their face after they have worked a child's death or a rape or something of that nature, or an accident. these men and women carry this stuff home with them. gabrielle: the mayor -- the memorial is paid for entirely with donations from the community, along with several construction compapaes and the organization carpenters for christ all donating time and supplies. the memorial will open
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ceremony in mid-may. nigel: bosch rexroth is expanding its facility in southern greenville county. the company says it's spending $5 million to expand its facility over the next few years. the fountain inn facility manufactures hydraulic pumps and motors. the company says the expansion won't include any new jobs. michael: and coming up on news 4 at 6:00, no shame, no guilt. a rape survivor explains why others should use their voices. >> she really is like a ray of sunshine, which is really the polar opposite of what you think of when you think of someone who survived sexual assault. michael: monika korra spoke to almost 1,000 people at the 6th annual julie valentine luncheon. how she and the center are making a difference,
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nigel: in our consumer watch tonight, youtube plans to take on streaming services, such as netflix and hulu. youtube released three made-for-youtube movies today. it's also launching a new series. it's clearly a response to similar moves by competitors. the original content is a part
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service. it costs about $10 a month to do away with the ads, and get access to youtube originals and the company's music service. gabrielle: the average u.s. household is expected to pocket $320 in savings this year. this, thanks to plunging gas prices. the average price of gas for the full year is forecasted to be $1.98 a gallon. that's the lowest full-year average since 2009. aaa says the current average price of gas is $1.72 a gallon. the national average is expected to peak at $2.08 during the summer driving season, then fall again. nigel: good news is in the air. travelers are paying less money on airline tickets these days. the transportation department says domestic airfares have dropped to a six-year low. airline ticket prices fell by more than 6% in the third quarter of 2015. the average price is now about $372. expansion of low-cost airlines,
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big drivers of the change. gabrielle: forget the burger wars. burger king plans to heat up the hot dog wars by adding grilled hot dogs to its menu. the fast food chain has partnered with kraft oscar mayer to make the hot dogs, and will offer two types, classic and chili cheese. customers will be able to add or cut toppings. burger king's new hot dogs will be available beginning february 23rd. nigel: twitter is changing timelines to show tweets out of order, in hopes of making life easier for its users. here is how it will work. tweets that twitter thinks people most want to see will appear at the top of the timeline, beginning with the most recent first. twitter says the change will offer a better experience for users who risk missing the best tweets when they're away from the service. the new timeline will be turned on by default in the coming weeks, but users can turn it off. to some must-see video now. new helmet cam footage shows california firefighters rescuing
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flames. take a look at this. when fire crews arrived in the early morning hours wednesday, firefighters searched the sacramento home for victims. what they found was a scared dog, hiding. you will see the dog here. it is hiding behind the speaker. the pooch was pulled from its hiding spot in a back bedroom, and carried to safety. the people live at the home all got out safely, and the dog was reunited with her happy owner on the sidewalk outside. fire officials say a working smoke detector played a big role in getting everyone to safety. gabrielle: an official's stop watch stopped an amazing overtime win by boise state. it happened in their game at colorado state last night. with 0.8 seconds left on the clock, tied at 84, james webb caught the ball and shot it in one swift motion. the ball went in as the buzzer sounded, apparently giving the broncos the win, 87-84. officials reviewed the play that looked to be good when seen on replays. but after officials checked it on their stopwatch, they say it
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they waved the play off, and boise state went on to lose in the overtime. nigel: more basketball. the cavs were hosting the lakers in cleveland. lebron brings the ball up, and tries to pass it, and look what happens. it ends up hitting lakers rookie d'angelo russell right in the groin. the first-year guard out of the ohio state university was on the floor for a few agonizing minutes afterward. fortunately for russell, he was back in the game a short time later. >> now, your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. john: satellite showing things pretty clear outside right now, but here comes another pisa of energy in the upper atmosphere where we still have the trough on top of us. look at the snow. light in the dakotas through western iowa. it is headed into misery.
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producesouri. -- it could produce a brief flurry and sleet in the upstate, a slight chance. don't expect accumulation. a live shot from hendersonville looking over the golf course said champion hills, pretty nice out there. beautiful. chilly but not extremely cold. rebounding nicely since the last 2-3 days, we have had t t dangerous wind chills in the mountains with lighter winds for most of us. pretty breezy in the northern and central mountains but warmer temperature-wise. in asheville, that is warmer. 26 in boone, 42 in hendersonville, 50 in greenville, 51 in anderson, 54 in clemson and abbeville, upper 50's in elberton. looking pretty nice. colder air to the northeast, 40 in raleigh, 39 in greensboro. mid reason bristol, tennessee.
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47 in wilmington, 46 in myrtle beach, 51 in charleston, 50 in hilton head. nationally, here comes the energy coming down quickly down the pike. it will curve, develop and become stronger as it gets offshore by tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night. it will move out to sea. what is going to happen is, a lot of arctic air up here, sitting in canada, ready to come down in time for the weekend. it will push all this cold air on top of us. this could be some of the coldest air we have seen so far this winter spreading across the entire western carolinas and northeastern georgia this weekend. that sets the stage as the cold air remains in place, although a dome of arctic high pressure heads out to sea, we will not see -- it is not in a great place to see a wintertime storm on monday. usually, the models have a tough time with arctic air because it is dense and dry. we get evaporational cooling
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i think monday morning, we will see it start off as snow, fairly light. it will mix with sleet and freezing rain, then gradually going over to all rain across the area. a slower process in the mountains, south of i-85 on monday mainly rain, but it could start as snow and sleet going over to rain. clouds return late tonight in the upstate. cold, low 29. partly to mostly cloudy, clouds increasing late tonight as the system comes in. in the mountains, snow showers and rain showers, 50% chance. a dusting to maybe a half inch possible. a few flurries possible in the morning, maybe a couple ice pellets. slight chance of precipitation, partly sunny in the upstate in the afternoon. here comes the cold air. dangerous wind chills for the mountains and a cold wind for the upstate over the weekend. here comes the storm systemm on monday, monday night. by tuesday, it becomes mainly rain, which is good news.
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nigel: bruce "the boss" springsteen is releasing an autobiography. simon and shuster, who are publishing the book, made the announcement today. the usually private singer began discreetly working on the book in 2009. it will be titled "born to run," and will tell stories of springsteen's childhood, and his drive to become a musician. "born to run" should hit the shelves on september 27th. gabrielle: the eagles will honor their late member glenn frey at the grammy awards monday night. frey died last month at the age of 67. his former bandmates will give him a special salute him at the grammies. they'll be joined by signer jackson browne, who co-wrote the eagles' first hit "take it easy" with frey. frey also co-wrote many of the band's other hits, including "best of my love," "lyin' eyes," and "hotel california." nigel: no, you are not seeing things. an olympic-size ski ramp in the middle of fenway park. how cool is this?
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ski ramp three times higher than the green monster. starting today, the "big air at fenway" event will feature olympic skiers and snowboarders doing amazing, acrobatic jumps. it is part of the u.s. grand prix to work. gabrielle: an upset customer is accused of returning to a barber shop, and opening fire. because she did not like kurt haircut -- like her haircut. the barber said she left happy, but she returned an hour later armed with a gun to complain about the cut. >> when she came back in, she did not have the same haircut that she actually left with. gabrielle: witnesses say swain then tried to shoot montero three times but the gun didn't fire. the barber and another worker through heard to the ground and held her until authorities arrived. nigel: coming up it's a love , story you don't want to miss.
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nigel: now to a story of a relationship rekindled 70 years , later. gabrielle: norwood and joyce fell in love during world war ii. a misunderstanding pulled them apart. ivan watson has this lost love story. >> i will give her a squeeze. ivan: norwood thomas never stopped thinking about joyce morris. the pair first met in 1944. she, a 17-year-old british girl living in london,
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for the u.s. forces. young love blossomed. >> i mean, we snogged, as you call it, when it was dark and nobody could see us. ivan: but their brief romance was interrupted when thomas was deployed to normandy to o ght in world war ii. after the war, he returned to the u.s, and invited morris to join him. but she misunderstood his letter, and thought he was already married. so she refused his invitation, and they went their separate ways. they married other people. thomas eventually became a widower. morris got divorced. last year, one of her sons found thomas online, and they reconnected on skype after more than 70 years. >> i have your picture framed on my bureau, and i say good morning to you every morning, >> and i will say good morning, back to you." >> and say "i've missed you" to that photo.
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you broke my heart. >> i don't believe that remotely. >> what would you do if i could give you a squeeze? >> that would be lovely. ivan: a crowdfunding campaign raised enough money to make that actuallylyappen. this week, thomas made the journey from virginia to adelaide. >> well, you're still vertical. hello. ivan: a couple that met just before d-day, reuniting seven decades later just in time for valentine's day. >> it's about the most wonderful thing that could have happened to me. ivan: ivan watson, cnn. nigel: what a great story. gabrielle: thanks for joining us at 5:00. nigel: news 4 at 6:00 with michael and carol starts now. >> live, local, breaking news. this is wyff news 4 at 6:00 in high definition.
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debate in greenville, and more candidates are visiting the upstate, hoping for your vote. michael: the law of killing an animal. an owner shot his dog and was not charged. a lawmakers looking at property rights versus what is right. carol: first, another very cold night with snow still on the ground in parts of western carolina. on your left, the view from blowing rock. on your right, boone. michael: we are team coverage, beginning with john cessarich. still dangerous cold? john: especially in the higher elevations of north carolina. we warmed up this afternoon. not as much wind is expected. a fast-moving system will come in late tonight, especially during the day tomorrow. there is the low in northeastern kansas. snow to the northeast of that. a week system in the upper atmosphere will swing in quickly, and by 11:00 tomorrow morning, it will be over atlanta. snow showers in the mountains mixed with rain in the higher
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then maybe a couple ice pellets, better known as sleet, in the upstate. a couple flurries, no big deal. the storm system intensifies by 6:00 tomorrow evening and the outer banks could see some snow. another arctic blast comes in and time for the weekend. we have been advertising this for the last week. this could be the coldest air we have seen this winter. a storm system develops to the southwest. we are tracking that. the intensity will be critical as to how much and what type of precipitation comes in. we have been looking at the models all day. they are consistent. i think we will get a winter mix, snow, and rain. chris: it is all about who is going to see that. we have broken it down to see who has the best chance. basically, i-85 corridor, the horse and wagon trail from
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if you live in south of i-85, 50% chance of winter weather. north of i-85 back towards oconee county and north georgia, 50-70% of a wintry mix. here is what is going to fall. this could change, and the delay of the precipitation could change how much you see. monday morning, we will see snow and sleet with medium impact. monday morning is ash monday afternoon's with the changes to freezing rain. overnight monday, it will be rain and ice before changing back over to rain early tuesday morning. that could be a lot of rain as it moves through. john cessarich joins me again. john, this is what it looks like right now. the rain could help wash everything away, or it could be a slushy mess. john: overall, it is similar to the storm system we had a couple weeks ago, except this will end as rain across most of the area. it could be moderate to heavy


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