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tv   WYFF News 4 6pm  NBC  February 11, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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if you live in south of i-85, 50% chance of winter weather. north of i-85 back towards oconee county and north georgia, 50-70% of a wintry mix. here is what is going to fall. this could change, and the delay of the precipitation could change how much you see. monday morning, we will see snow and sleet with medium impact. monday morning is ash monday afternoon's with the changes to freezing rain. overnight monday, it will be rain and ice before changing back over to rain early tuesday morning. that could be a lot of rain as it moves through. john cessarich joins me again. john, this is what it looks like right now. the rain could help wash everything away, or it could be a slushy mess. john: overall, it is similar to the storm system we had a couple weeks ago, except this will end as rain across most of the area. it could be moderate to heavy
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freezing rain and snow we had early. chris: the mountains could see some good snow. that is mixed with sleet. everybody should change over to rain. john: the mountains, 1-4 inches of snow. not a major system. back to you, carol and michael. carol: mauldin police have made another arrest in a deadly shootout in a bojangles parking lot last month. officers say a 16-year-old girl stands accused of murder, attempted murder and armed robbery. police say the girl had an active role in planning the robbery that left 19-year-old savon allen shot dead. officers have already charged trevonte watts, william newton. and a 15-year-old girl with murder. investigators say the encounter was drug-related. michael: commitment 2016 for you now with the primary , just nine days away, senator marco rubio is putting a lot of his time and effort into the upstate. he spoke at southside christian school today. wyff news 4's patrick hussion is
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patrick: it was a different scene of the southside christian school been pendleton last night at the trump rally. it was a little more subdued, but tonight was proof that one of the major talking points leading into saturday's bait and next week, into the primary, will be national security. he spoke a lot about that. rubio has said he is confident in his chances in south carolina. south carolina is strong on national security, and so is he. he is challenging senator ted cruz, who recently went on record saying he will outdo rubio when it comes to addressing military issues this week in south carolina. >> our army is about to be the smallest since the end of the second world war. our navy is about to be smaller than it has been in the past 100 years. the air force is about to be smaller than it has ever did
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patrick: the senator was an hour and a half late today, coming from hilton head than myrtle beach. a busy schedule today for him. tomorrow, senator rubio, senator ted cruz, dr. ben carson and jeb bush will all attend the faith and family presidential forum hosted by attorney general alan wilson. that is at bob jones university tomorrow. senator rubio will then had to another large rally at the greenville airport -- downtown. we will be live there tomorrow night. in simpsonville, patrick hussion, wyff news 4. carol: ben carson spoke in gaffney. he was asked about national security. he told the crowd that his opponents criticize him for being too nice, but he says although he is nice, he does want to protect the american people. he says more people will be on the ground in south carolina the new hampshire because the primary here is so important.
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here in south carolina, at least a lot of the people i have met, share the same values i have about the exceptionalism of our country, our responsibility to those who are coming behind us, and why we have to be fiscally responsible and about the values and principles that made this into a great nation, including our faith. carol: dr. carson will be in raquel tonight. he is back in the upstate tomorrow. his wife candy is campaigning in greenville tonight. she is attending the urban league mardi gras gala at the hyatt regency downtown. michael: property rights versus what's right. lawmakers will examine that as he looks into south carolina law after an owner shot his dog but was not charged. mandy gaither is live and local in our anderson newsroom. mandy: state representative mike enbrel said he has instructed
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state law to see if there are any changes that could be made. it's a case that has sparked outrage and possibly change. this boxer, later named amara, shot in the head by her owner after her owner after owner says she became aggressive. deputies, a magistrate, a solicitor, and others agree the state law does not prohibit an owner from doing this. animals are considered property. >> we have to make sure we protect the rights and do the right thing. mandy: anderson state representative mike gambrell says changing laws could have an effect on farmers. councilmember tom allen says the law may be the way it is now because of farmers. >> we have been an agricultural state are hundreds of years. i would imagine over the past 10-20 years, there have been
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everything else, shot and buried on individual properties. mandy: while allen says the county cannot supersede the state, he says there are some things the county can do. >> we need to review the county ordinance. there are pieces of that the need to be upgraded. we can't rewrite state law but if there is anyway that we can rearrange anything in local ordinances to cover that, we would do that. mandy: is that something you are prepared to do? >> yes. mandy: i also talked to an attorney wrote a book about animal laws in south carolina. he told me there is a reasonable suspicion a crime has been committed, so therefore he said it should be up to a jury to decide. mandy gaither, wyff news 4, live in the anderson newsroom. carol: thousands want to attend the debate in greenville. how will party l something is just fundamentally broken when african americans are more likely to be arrested by police, and sentenced to longer prison terms,
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that whites do. ...when too many encounters with law enforcement end tragically. we need investments in education, health care and jobs, to counter generations of neglect. we have to face up to the hard truth of injustice and systemic racism.
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michael: right now, people in pickens county are meeting with lawmakers at the liberty civic auditorium, trying to stop a north carolina company called mrr pickens from dumping coal ash in pickens county. the community is hoping to come to an agreement to keep coal ash out of the county. much more of this coming up tonight at 11:00. carol: right now, thousands of people are trying to go to the gop presidential debate in greenville. supporters who are working hard for the party will be rewarded with those tickets. wyff news 4's corey davis is live and local at the peace center downtown, where candidates will square off in a couple of days. corey? corey: just to give you perspective, it would take a venue that is 11 times the size of the peace center just to hold everyone who tried to get a
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the peace center has been a venue over the years for major political events. greenville county republican chairman chad groover says party supporters, including volunteers, elected officials, and donors, were among those who got tickets to the upcoming debate. groover says the republican national committee distributes tickets to the state party, then more are given to county chairs. a lottery system was originally planned to give out tickets but groover says he was told the peace center wasn't a large enough venue. >> if we had not had it at the peace center we probably would have had more people come, but the peace center is the venue cbs chose. corey: right now groover says some tickets might free up if people cancel but there is no guarantee. these debates are extremely popular. someone with the south carolina office of gop -- gop office till be more than 24,000 people applied to get tickets for the
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they say they were getting calls from people all over the world, trying to get into the event. corey davis, wyff news 4, live in greenville. michael: we are teaming up with the riley institute at furman university for commitment 2016 voter focus group. it will happen with peter hart. it is an exclusive live streaming event that will take place in our studios. it will include voters who will weigh in on the debate and the primary. your heart is a nationally known pollster who works with nbc news and the wall street journal. you can watch the event live at 7:00 tonight right on your mobile app. >> i want people to find their way. carol: a voice for the voiceless. monica's story and how her words help greenville. john: a live shot over lake hartwell in anderson county, a beautiful picture. clear skies, current temperature
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almost a thousand people carol: almost 1000 people gathered at the td convention center for the annual julie valentine luncheon. michael: the julie valentine center, named for an unidentified baby found in greenville in 1990, provides free help to victims of child abuse and sexual assault carol: their speaker today spoke to wyff news 4's aly myles about how she went from being a victim, to a survivor. aly: a track star, an author, a survivor. just three of the ways people describe monika korra. >> i'm so grateful for where i am in n life right now. to do this, follow my mission in life, to help others. i just feel really grateful. aly: the word you won't hear anyone use, a victim.
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sunshine, which is really the polar opposite of what you think of when you think of someone who survived sexual asasult. aly: in 2008, monika went to smu, a norwegian, unable to speak english. >> i moved to the u.s. to dallas in 2008, came on a track scholarship. aly: one year later, a sophomore, monika was walking with her friend when she was held at gunpoint, thrown in a van, and gang-raped by three men. >> i had challenging times after that, to find my back to normal life. but i was able to find my way back to a good life, able to smile again, and that is what i am here to share. aly: she didn't let the trauma to find her. >> you are sometimes capable that more than -- of more than you believe. aly: she shares her story now. >> this does not have to define who you are. it is an experience you have, and you don't have to let it define and rule your life.
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when control is taken away from you. aly: she says without the help from places like the julie valentine center, she wouldn't have the boy she has today. >> i don't think anyone should feel guilt or shame because they've been rate. -- they've been raped. it's a horrible, horrible crime and that's what i want to share with people: don't feel ashamed, don't feel guilt. its not your fault. aly: aly myles, wyff news 4. carol: the man who raped monica are serving sentences. >> now, your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. john: crystal clear skies right now, but you can see a piece of energy in the upper atmosphere, the northwesterly flow aloft is racing southeast in our direction. i was talking about this earlier. producing snow in the dakotas and iowa, moving through st. louis. it will skirt the mountains of north carolina maybe squeezing
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pellets. that is tomorrow morning. that is about it. more about that in a moment. shot from laurens, clear skies, looking nice. temperature not bad, 47. 40 eight in greenville and anderson, 52 in clemson, upper 50's in elberton. chilly in the mountains, but better than the last couple days . 26 in boone, 35 in asheville, upper 30's and hendersonville. as far as the wind, breezy, especially the northern and central mountains. that gives us a wind chill that feels like 21 in hendersonville, 15 in boone. that is not bad compared to what we have seen the last couple days, where wind chills were way below zero. little as far as the wind chill outside the mountains. 36% humidity, dry air in place after tomorrow going into the weekend. 33 in bristol, tennessee, 52 in atlanta, 46 in florence and in
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70 do in new orleans, not bad. mild all the way back into taxes. here comes the cold air, 24 in cincinnati. 62 in orlando, mid 60's in miami. here's the piece of energy dipping down, the trough in the east end a ridge out west with milder temperatures. this will skirt by us, it will intensify as it moves offshore than a lot of arctic air is sitting there, waiting to come down in the eastern half of the country and for us for the weekend. look at we appear. hudson bay, so cold. 11 in international falls, minnesota. cold air will moving in time for the weekend. there is the little clipper in eastern kansas. it will race southeast and boomer atlanta, bringing snow showers, maybe a few rain showers. this is 11:00 tomorrow in the mountains. not a lot of reciprocation. no watches, warnings, or advisories. we may squeeze out some flurries
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the system heads out to sea and intensifies. the outer banks could see snow on the northwestern side. that -- snow showers along the north carolina-tennessee line. tonight, clouds late, low in the upper 20's. partly to mostly cloudy with clouds thickening into daybreak. a couple flurries and ice pellets on friday, very isolated. partly sunny in the afternoon. a slight chance of that occurring. high 46. snow and rain showers in the mountains, high 39. the for-day plus looks like this. heading into the weekend, here comes the arctic blast. this does not include the wind. dangerous wind chills, especially in the mountains, for the weekend. that sets the stage for early monday morning, light snow across the area. double change to sleet and freezing rain and eventually to all rain. it could be heavy at times monday night into tuesday.
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monday, it will not last.
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upper 50's to low 60's by this th >> now, wyff news 4 sports. marc: the nfl's offseason is a season of its own. pro days and combines all lead up to april's nfl draft in chicago. the national football league released the list of invitees for the nfl combine. area schools well represented. clemson has a school-record 8 players going to this year's combine in indianapolis. 7 of those are players from the tigers defense. buzz around all these guys, but it's riverside's kevin dodd
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boards since the orange bowl. i've seen some mock drafts that have dodd as a late first round pick. clemson could have as many as 4 players taken in the first round of the draft. mackensie alexander, jayron kearse, shaq lawson could also hear their names called on day one of the draft. dorman's charone peake is the tigers' only offensive player invited to the combine. south carolina has four players heading to indianapolis. jerrell adams is generating a lot of buzz among nfl scouts. usc's mister everything, pharoh cooper, is projected as a mid-round draft pick, but he could up his stock with a great workout at the combine. georgia has 8 players heading to the combine, headlined by leonard floyd. he's projected as a late first round pick. experts comparing him to boss bailey, another former georgia linebacker. it will be interesting to see what happens to running back keith marshall. you wonder if teams will be scared off by his medical history. of fame announced inductees. a pair of former clemson all
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member class, jeff davis, and michael dean perry joined by easley's stanley morgan, and longtime college coach dal shealy they will be enshrined during a ceremony in april. shawn watson will be honored that same night as south carolina's college football player of the year. the win over lsu has the gamecocks tied for first in the sec after last night's win over the tigers. frank martin reminded his team, you can enjoy where you are but don't forget where you have been. here's a look inside the locker room. >> first place. that doesn't mean we celebrate. that means we reflect. reflect on how miserable it was when it was the other way around. then you fight even harder to make sure you don't go back there. >> 1, 2, 3. marc: the gamecocks can grab first with a win over kentucky saturday. south carolina women trying to
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last week's loss to uconn. it doesn't derail their season. >> i think this team understands, they don't take losing well, but at the same time, we put things in perspective and we move on. marc: the gamecocks move on by going into sec play. they play florida tonight. furman, wofford, usc upstate, presbyterian all in action tonight. lots of highlights at 11:00. michael: not quite as cold as last night, right? john: seasonably chilly. a couple flurries possible tomorrow morning in the upstate, maybe snow showers and rain showers in the bounds. no big deal, no watches or advisories or earnings for tomorrow. -- or warnings for tomorrow. arctic air comes in during the weekend. carol: thanks for watching. tune into the live stream on our mobile app at 7:00 for our focus
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tonight, dramatic surrender after a 40-day siege, anti-government protesters in custody. it's getting perm. clinton and sanders battle for the black vote as the civil rights icon slams sanders. and a republican brawl takes shape in the south. the polar vortex, tens of millions bracing for the coldest air of the season. al roker is here warning of a dangerous freeze. u.s. olympic officials take action to calm fears over zika after a big star says she's not sure
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and cruise nightmare. passengers who thought they were going to die. now, speaking out and wondering why the captain sailed right into a ferocious storm. "nightly news" begins right now. >> announcer: from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. good evening. it's over. the armed siege captivating the nation's attention for weeks has reached a dramatic conclusion. the woods of oregon, the anti-government protesters occupying a wildlife refuge have surrendered to the fbi. tens of thousands listened to it play out. joe fryer is in oregon and starts us off with late details. >> reporter: tense moments on the 41st day of the wildlife


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