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georgia. maybe a flurry or two for the upstate. cooling down, nothing dramatic. light wind, no cold arctic air like we have had the last several days. your wake up weather, seasonably cold, 29 in the upstate, 23 in the mountains. a few snow flurries or maybe some sleet, briefly. no watches, warnings or advisories, even in the mountains. scattered flurries, maybe snow showers, 40% chance of flurries. then, we will talk about the storm system next week. now back to you. michael: commitment 2016 now, and the democrats for president sparring tonight in milwaukee. carol: pbs hosted the debate, the first since bernie sanders defeated hillary clinton in a landslide in new hampshire. michael: today, clinton captured a vital endorsement, winning the backing of the congressional black caucus political action committee. carol: wyff news 4's sally kidd kicks off our coverage from our exclusive washington bureau. sally: carol and michael bernie , sanders had the momentum heading into tonight's high stakes debate, the last one for
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south carolina, and super tuesday. bernie sanders, pitching himself as the candidate who's leading a political revolution. >> the american people are tired of establishment politics. sally: hillary clinton, pledging to break down barriers as president. >> we can't rest. we have work to do, and we now know a lot more than we ever did before. sally: sanders touted his domestic agenda. >> health care is a right for all people, and i will fight for that. >> the numbers don't add up, and many people will be worse off than they are now. sally: with contests in south carolina and nevada looming, the fight is on for the minority vote. >> we are si and tired of seeing videos on television of the unarmed people of it, -- unarmed people, african-americans, being shot by police officers.
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jobs, education, housing, and other ways of helping communities. sally: the candidates fielding questions on police brutality, improving race relations, and tackling poverty. >> we're gonna enforce the law, we're going to change policing practices we're going to change , incarceration practices. >> when you give low-income kids, african american, white, latino kids the opportunities to get their lives together, they are not going to end up in jail. sally: clinton and sanders clashed on immigration and foreign policy. the exchanges were pointed, but respectful. washington, sally kidd, wyff news 4. michael: thank you, sally. another busy day on the campaign trail for republicans. senator marco rubio spoke at southside christian school today. he says he is confident about his chances here in south carolina, coming up on the 20th. rubio today challenged senator ted cruz, who has gone on record with saying he will out-do rubio when it comes to the military. >> if we want peace, we want peace. we are a people that love peace. you want peace? then ensure america is the strongest country
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the world is a better place when america is the strongest military in the world. michael: senator rubio will hold another rally in greenville tomorrow night. it'll happen at the greenville downtown airport. mayor knox white will take the stage to introduce the senator. carol: earlier this evening, ben carson was at a forum in rock hill. but this afternoon, he was in the upstate, talking about national security. carson faced voters at the gaffney visitor's center. during a q & a, he was asked about nation security. he told the crowd that his opponents often criticize him for being too nice, but he says though he is nice, it doesn't mean he doesn't want to protect the american people. >> during the debates, they never ask me anything of substance, and they never ask me anything about foreign policy. and i'm, like, chomping at the bit. let me talk about this. but a forum like this, obviously, is wonderful. carol: carson told us that his team will have more people on the ground in south carolina than it did in new hampshire, because the primary here is so important. he will be in greenville
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dr. carson's wife, candy, campaigned for her husband in greenville. she attended the urban league mardi gras gala at the hyatt regency downtown. michael: former florida governor jeb bush made a campaign stop in florence. he hosted a meet and greet there. he's been traveling the state with senator lindsey graham. today, jeb took aim at the republican front runner. >> you know, when donald trump has offended people, each time it has happened, it has kind of angered me, because we are in a time of deep disaffection. people are really angry, and they're scared, more importantly scared than angered. michael: the former governor will host a meet-and-greet tomorrow in anderson, and we have a location update for you on that tonight. it's no longer happening at mama penn's. the bush event moves to the anderson civic center. same time, though, 11:15 in the morning. and jeb bush is expected to have a visitor on the campaign trail, his brother, former president george w bush, seen here in some file video. you signed a moment ago.
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the former president's first appearance will happen monday, in north charleston. the two are expected to focus on national security issues there. carol: meanwhile, senator ted cruz was in rock hill today for a presidential forum. it took place at winthrop university. the reconciled chuhuh movement held the carolina values summit. it was a town hall-style event. dr.ben carson also spoke. michael: and tomorrow at bob jones university, marco rubio, dr. ben carson, jeb bush, and senator ted cruz will appear for a presidential forum. it goes from noon to 5:30 tomorrow afternoon. carol: to pawley's island in the low country. john kasich held a town hall meeting at applewood house of pancakes. he told the standing-room-only crowd, he's a scrappy guy. >> are we starting? that's ok. i won't be a pincushion. i don't take crap from anybody. carol: k kich is still pledging to run a positive campaign. he also held another town hall meeting in myrtle beach. michael: the republican party will reward hard workers with a ticket to the debate in greenville saturday night. thousands of people were hoping to get selected for a ticket through the lottery system, but gop leaders say the peace
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the republican national committee has distributed tickets across the state for gop supporters. the greenville county party chairman was given a couple dozen tickets for the party faithfuls. >> if we had not had it at the peace center, we probably would have had more people come. but the peace center is the venue that cbs chose. michael: right now, we've learned some tickets might free up if people cancel, but there is no guarantee. in more commitment 2016 news, all eyes are on south carolina as it prepares to host the first-in-the-south primaries later this month. the democrats vote their choice on the 27th, but the gop is up first, with its primary on the 20th. carol: with that in mind, tonight, wyff 4 played host to a cross-section of potential gop voters. we wanted to hear what they were thinking, ten days out from voting. so we put them in a focus group with nationally-known political pollster and analyst, peter hart. men and women, ten in all, some fairly certain about who they'll support as a presidential candidate. >> and i just think he's an
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stand behind and say, i'm proud that he's our president. carol: talking positives and negatives, >> i think he would be very divisive in a general election. i think he would have a very difficult time getting moderate voters on board. carol: all sitting around a table in a studio here at wyff 4. a focus group, steered by nationally known political analyst and pollster peter hart, and sponsored by furman university and its riley institute. >> south carolina is the iowa of the south. it sets the tone everyone else will follow. it will weed out candidates, and help other candidates move ahead. carol: in this focus group, a range of ages, and at least one supporter for each of the leading candidates. and at least two people who just can't decide yet. >> i still need to do some research, which i highly recommend everyone to do. >> it was great to hear from other people in the community, and the different viewpoints they had. and actually, i do think it really helped me narow down the
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caroro did it help you change your mind in any way? >> not really, but it sure did help me flesh out why i believe what i believe. carol: and who are you going to vote for? >> john kasich. carol: in the end, everyone in the focus group thought donald trump would win the south carolina primary, even though just three are voting for him. >> but when it comes to the general election, hillary clinton is the one person who unites everybody behind donald trump. carol: and it was the one thing everyone in this focus group agreed on. if you didn't get a chance to watch our focus group stream live earlier this evening, you can still see it. just check out our mobile app, free to download from apple and android stores, or michael: to mauldin now. police say a 4th teen has been arrested in a deadly armed robbery that happened outside a bojangles restaurant. a 16-year-old girl stands accused of murder. police say the girl had an active role in planning the attempted armed robbery in january. 19-year-old savon allen was shot dead. officers have already charged trevonte watts, william newton, and a 15-year-old girl, with
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investigators say it was all drug-related. carol: a judge has again delayed the federal trial against dylann roof. roof stands accused of gunning down 9 people at the emanuel ame church in charleston in june. his attorneys want to know if the government will seek the death penalty. the justice department will make the decision in march or april. roof's attorney says his client is willing to plead guilty if the death penalty is off the table. michael: the greenville humane society says a dog is recovering after being shot in the leg. a warning, this is not an easy sight to see. "annie" was brought in by anderson county animal control last month. officials say she suffered a gunshot wound to the front leg. that is how she was found. she had a surgery and a pin was replaced -- placed in their to repair her shattered elbow. officials say she's recovering at the greenville humane society. they say she'll soon go home to be fostered by one of their vets. carol: a possible change in plans to dump coal ash in the upstate, but one community is fighting to
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john: a few snow showers developing in kentucky and tennessee. the main batch of snow is off to the northwest, moving quickly in our direction.
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the possibility of coal ash michael: the possibility of coal ash coming to liberty has lit a fire under people there. they are mobilizing a fight on many fronts, carol: tonight, 150 people camee to a town hall meeting, and wyff news 4's john lyon talked to a couple close to the center of the controversy. >> coming over the bridge, you can see the clearing. john: kim and robert lewis stand on the back deck of their dream home, overlooking a small pond and beautiful sunsets. >> it's just a nice, peaceful neighborhood, a good family community. john: turns out, now they are less than a half a mile from a land that might become a coal ash landfill. >> i'm just worried about our pond, our animals, our kids, our grandkids to come. i'm just worried about the future of what's going to happen. >> i'm really getting tired of liberty being looked at as the armpit of pickens county. john: over 150 people came to a town hall meeting to discuss
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to dump it, mrr. >> this company is trying to use a lined level 2 landfill to get around the rules in order to put in coal ash. john: people here signed petitions and gathered information, learned of legislation passed just today supporting them, and heard about a lawsuit already in the works. >> i'm going to file counterclaims, counterclaims based on fraud, misrepresentation, and unfair trade practices. john: folks here in liberty say it's not just their problem. it should be a county-wide, and even statewide concern. >> and the concentration of these metals, we might have a flint, michigan, in 25 years from now if we don't stop it. >> it's got a little o ring. john: and that's what's motivating lewis, longtime -- a longtime pickens county resident, and others, to join the fight. >> we'll do everything we can to make it go away. john: because for the lewises,
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backyard. john lyon, wyff news 4, liberty. michael: ok, bear with us. there was a major announcement about a discovery in our universe today, but it's pretty complicated to explain. carol: but it's so exciting. we will try to explain. discovered gravitational waves in space. simply put, it's the first direct evidence of ripples in the fabric of space and time, that albert einstein predicted a century ago. it also means that space makes noises. and they've heard the noise, a billion years after it happened. a team of scientists say they discovered two black holes crashed together in the far reaches of space. scientists say they used a multi-billion dollar instrument to hear it happen. michael: it actually sounded like middle c. today's announcement proved that einstein's theory is correct. carol: scientists say that until today, we've only been able to see the universe, not hear it moving.
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4 hd weather forecast. john: that is so cool. for us, which is not cool, a few snow showers out here to the northwest. we talked about this earlier. a piece of energy in the upper atmosphere, not very strong, racing in our direction. we''ll hit the mountains and north georgia and western north carolina with snow showers into late tonight, most likely tomorrow morning. all the energy will quickly shift to the coast. there it is, moving in our direction quickly. a few renegade snow showers ahead of it through parts of kentucky. it is snowing in st. louis. very light snow. we started off cold at 20 degrees this morning at the greenville airport. nine degrees from the record of 11 degrees set in 1899. it will hang around for another year. 50 to high this afternoon. we rebounded with the sunshine. six degrees below average.
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breeze, it felt colder. far from the record low of seven set in 1955. we had 39, but with light wind and sunshine, it felt mild. we have been dealing with dangerous wind chills lately. below the average of 50 in the mountains. a live shot from laurens, clear skies, temperatures cooling down. 31 in laurens, 31 in greenwood, 2727n asheville, 24 in franklin, 20 in boone, upper 30's and northeastern georgia. in the upstate, seasonably cold. 32 in union, 31 in greenwood and laurens, 37 in greenville. 33 in pickens, the warm spot is 42 in walhalla. cold, but here is the key. little wind, so we don't have to deal with wind chills. humidity not very high especially in the central upstate, 48% in greenville.
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pretty cold along the grand strand, 37 in myrtle beach, 29 in wilmington. temperatures range from light snow in st. louis, 28 degrees, it to 18 in cincinnati, to 58 in miami. that is cold for miami. 52 in orlando. here comes the piece of energy. it will move in quickly, then ship out to sea tomorrow night. that sets the stage for the arctic air sitting up. canada. here is a little piece of it, four degrees in international falls, minnesota. this will slide across our area this weekend. that sets the stage for a potential winter storm next week. here is the tiny storm come -- coming in. this is tomorrow morning. snow showers in the mountains, sleet and north georgia mixed with snow. if we see a flurry in the upstate, it will not last. the storm will intensify and maybe a little wet snow close to
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light winds in the upstate, overnight low 29, 23 in the mountains. partly to mostly cloudy, maybe a flurry late in the day. tomorrow, a few flurries, a slight chance in the upstate. a few ice pellets possible, better known as sleet. partly sunny in the afternoon. snow showers and rain showers in the afternoon in the mountains, high 39 degrees. about the same high we have this afternoon. going into the weekend, this doesn't include the wind. the wind will give us dangerous wind chills, especially in the mountains. 19 degree sunday morning. the arctic air will set there. it is cold but dense. as the storm system comes in, looking at the latest models, looks like it will start off as light snow monday morning, going into the upstate to freezing rain, sleet, and eventually to all rain monday night into tuesday morning. even if we do see the frozen
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we will warm up >> now, wyff news 4 sports. marc: the national football league releases the list of invitees for the nfl combine. a record number of clemson tigers heading to indianapolis later this month. 8 tigers will work out for nfl scouts. 7 of those are players from the tigers defense. buzz around all these guys, but it's riverside's kevin dodd making the biggest move up draft
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i've seen some mock drafts that have dodd as a late first round pick. some rank him as high as 70. -- 17th. clemson could have as many as 4 players taken in the first round of the draft. mackensie alexander, jayron kearse, shaq lawson could also hear their names called on day one of the draft. dorman's charone peake is the tigers' only offensive player invited to the combine. south carolina has four players heading to indianapolis. jerrell adams is generating a lot of buzz among nfl scouts, usc's mister everything, pharoh cooper, is projected as a mid-round draft pick, but he could up his stock with a great workout at the combine. georgia has 8 players heading to the combine, headlined by leonard floyd. he's projected as a late first round pick. a few experts comparing him to boss bailey, another former georgia linebacker. it will be interesting to see what happens to running back keith marshall. in between injuries, he showed flashes of brilliance in athens. you wonder if teams will be scared off by his medical history. the south carolina football hall of fame announced their newest inductees this morning. a pair of former clemson all
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class. jeff davis and michael dean perry, joined by easley's stanley morgan, and longtime college coach dal shealy. they'll be enshrined during a ceremony on april 21st. clemson quarteback deshaun watson will be honored that same night, as the south carolina college football player of the year. busy night on the hardwood, and we start with a top 25 tilt in columbia, second-ranked south carolina women hosting 16th ranked florida. gamecocks, trying to rebound from monday's loss to number 1 ranked uconn. second half we go. tiffany mitchell hits the three from the corner. mitchell leads the way with 22 points. we had for the fourth quarter. usc works it inside. alaina coates banks it in. south carolina is up double digits. a little later, they go back to coates in point-blank range again. she chips in 14 points. south carolina wins, 86 to 71. gamecocks remain perfect in conference play. on the men's side, busy night in the socon. the citadel playing at furman. this was a realatively tight game late into first half.
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to close out the opening frame. tr's andrew brown hits back to back threes. furman closes out the first half on an 11-0 run. they take a 16 point lead to the break. second half, more of the same. matt rafferty hits from downtown, to put the paladins up 19. rafferty scores a game-high 21 points. furman all over the citadel, 95-75. mercer playing at wofford, terriers continue their sharpshooting. first half, easley's spencer collins dials it up from long distance. wofford quickly builds a 6 point lead. collins with 13 points for the terriers. he always plays well. nice night for justin gordon. the senior forward scores a career high 25 points as the terriers quickly build a double digit lead. just before the half, ryan sawvell finds the ball in his hands with the clock winding down. he does the only thing he can, which is a lot and drill a wofford shoots over 70% in the three.
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down mercer a few more scores to , 79-70. pass along, presbyterian versus charleston southern, buccaneers build a 17 point first-half lead and cruised to victory. florida gulf coast takes care of usc upstate. eagles with a seven-point win. coming up saturday for clemson in south carolina men's basketball, the tigers host georgia tech, the gamecocks host kentucky. usc takes of her soul possession of first place in the sec with a window -- with a win over the wildcats. carol: another look at the weather after the break. >> susan sarandon is here tonight.
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she spent a lifetime making a difference for people. winning healthcare for 8 million children. benefits for families of reservists and the national guard. standing strong around the world for human rights and women's rights. hillary clinton. she'll raise the minimum wage. take on the drug companies to lower the cost of prescription drugs. and give everyone the opportunity to go to college without going into debt. she'll get the job done... for us. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. michael: we get a warm up, then
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john: potential winner storm. our little early friends the groundhogs, they were wrong. north carolina, georgia, pennsylvania, they all said spring was right around the country -- right around the coroner. -- right around the corner. 26 the high tomorrow, a slight chance of maybe a couple flurries in the upstate. maybe some light sleet, but it won't last long. it will melt. snow and rain showers tomorrow in the mountains. this is a fast-moving system. no watching's, warnings, or advisories. arctic air sets the stage for the system to come in out of the southwest. it looks more like snow quickly going over to sleet on monday. freezing rain and eventually all rain even in the mountains. some of the rain could be heavy.
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carol: thanks for
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>> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- kristen wiig bob odenkirk, musical guest, elle king, and featuring the legendary roots crew. >> questlove: 416 t.o. >> steve: and now, here he is, jimmy fallon! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: oh, hey, guys, welcome. welcome, welcome, welcome, what a great new york crowd. welcome to "the tonight show." i'm your host jimmy fallon.


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