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tv   WYFF News 4 5am  NBC  February 12, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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we could see a couple inches of snow and that could make for slippery driving. watch out in north carolina. these cold blasts will impact us again this weekend. we have 30 cold temperatures saturday and sunday and a chance for wintry mix is on monday. -- a chance for wintry mixes on monday. for the trip to school and work it will be cold this morning. we have 5-10 mile-per-hour winds out of the northeast. it will be very windy in the mountains this afternoon into tonight. highs will be in the mid 40's for the upstate. the mountains will struggle to reach 40-43 this afternoon. geoff: thank you, dale. here is a look at some video of bristol, tennessee from you can see there is already snow on the ground there. you can continue to moniter
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mobile app. dale will have more on the conditions throughout the morning. allyson: it is another busy day for republican candidates on the trail. geoff: that includes a faith and family forum for four candidates in greenville. wyff news 4's aly myles joins us live from bob jones university. aly: if you look behind me, you can see where the candidates will be coming in sporadically throughout the afternoon. they are expecting jeb bush, dr. ben carson, senator ted cruz, and marco rubio for a faith and family forum. it's set to be at founders memorial amphitorium. the candidates are staggered from noon until 5:30. tentative start times are carson at 12:30. bush at 1:15. rubio at 2:20. and cruz at 4:45. the candidates are joining south carolina attorney general alan wilson, as well as palmetto family president doctor oran smith. wilson is moderating the event. the event is free, but tickets
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allyson: thank you, aly. continuing our 2016 coverage now. before the forum at bob jones university, former florida governor jeb bush is expected to host a meet and greet today in anderson. this is video of his appearance in florence yesterday. bush's event was scheduled to be a mama penn's. but it's been moved to the anderson civic center. the event still has the same time, 11:15 this morning. marco rubio also has an appearance today scheduled outside of the bju forum. the gop debate is saturday, but rubio has scheduled a pre-debate rally at the greenville downtown airport. the doors open at 4:15 this afternoon. the event begins at 5:00 at hangar 5. geoff: the debate she just mentioned is saturday night at the peace center in greenville. thousands of people were hoping to get selected for a ticket through the lottery system, but gop leaders say the peace center isn't big enough. the republican national committee has distributed tickets across the state for gop supporters. the greenville county party chairman was given a couple
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faithfuls. >> you'll have a good mix of people who are donors, people who are donors and workers and people who are just workers. geoff: we have learned that some tickets might free up if people cancel, but there is no guarantee. and turning to last night's debate. the two democratic presidential hopefuls squared off in a debate in wisconsin. allyson: the first since bernie sanders defeated hillary clinton, in a landslide in new hampshire. the two faced off on a wide range of topics, including the size of government, race relations, health care, and immigration. bernie sanders: but we are where we are right now. and where we are right now is we have got to stand up to the trump's of the world who are trying to divide us up. >> i'm running for president to knock down all the barriers that are holding americans back, and to rebuild the ladders of opportunity that will give every american a chance to advance, especially those who have been left out and left behind.
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head to head with many heated exchanges throughout the debate. hillary clinton: we heard from senator sanders will stop i do running for the democratic nomination. bernie sanders: madam secretary, that is a low blow. allyson: voters will decide who their next pick is at the next caucus february 20. voters in south carolina will be among the first in the country to vote on the choice of candidates who will run for president. here is a look at a sample ballot for the republican primary. voters can choose to vote in either primary, but cannot vote in both. you must be registered at least 30 days prior to any election in order to vote in that election. geoff: speaking of the wyff 4 app, an exclusive event was streamed live last night. wyff 4 played host to a cross section of potential gop voters. 10 republicans gathered at wyff 4 studios to talk about the candidates in the upcoming gop primary in south carolina.
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for every major candidate. and at least two people who haven't yet decided. national pollster peter hart conducted the focus group. >> south carolina is the iowa of the south. it sets the tone everyone else will follow. it will weed out candidates and help other candidates move ahead. geoff: if you did not get a chance to watch as the focus group in action, you still can. you'll find it on our mobile app available for free from apple and android stores. allyson: happening today, here is some good news for you. the greenville zoo will introduce autumn the giraffe's new baby. geoff: they will hold a news conference at 1:30 to announce its name -- is that 11:30? it is 1:30. it will discuss its name and sex. the baby was born at 6:15 a.m.
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people to submit baby names. zookeepers will choose their favorite submission. the baby giraffe's name and sex will be posted on the zoo's facebook page after the news conference. the zoo has been closed for the past two weeks and will reopen to the public on saturday at 10:00 a.m. allyson: dale joins us again. to us it felt a little warmer this morning. dale: the clouds have kept a little bit of yesterday's heat in. this morning it is in the low 30's and yesterday it was in the low 20's. mountains. 33 degrees in greenville. we will have 5-10 mile-per-hour breezes for a good bit of the morning. let's take a look over the last six hours. you can see some of these flurries across the mountains. some areas might get one inch of snow this morning and there is a
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with cold winds that will be a factor across western north carolina. we have wind chill advisories and winter weather advisory's for the counties along the tennessee and north carolina border from tonight through noon tomorrow. northern greenville county and pickens county could also see a flurry of snow. it will then clear for the upstate. there will be some rain showers in the afternoon in the mountains. we have 20's and 30's across the region with northeast breezes 5-10 miles per hour. dress warmly as you head out to work and school. it is a cold and blustery weekend on the way. the high tomorrow is just 25 and 30 on sunday. that is for western north carolina. the upstate remains in the 30's for highs saturday and sunday.
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monday morning might be a little exciting across the area. some of that could linger into early tuesday morning too. it will then change over to rain and then warm up. on wednesday, we have normal temperatures and a little bit above normal temperatures on thursday. >> we want them to go as far as they probably can. geoff: this week's apple awar (ugh.) does your carpet ever feel rough and dirty?
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allyson: 26 years. that's how long this week's golden apple award winner has been working with children. geoff: because of what she does, it has meant a special relationship with parents through the years. >> she treats of these kids like they are her own. geoff: jennifer's motto is never do for a child what they can do for themselves. >> a lot of times parents are -- once they get an initial diagnosis of what is wrong, they see that as the end and we see that as the beginning. geoff: crystal and her husband bill left of their daughter georgia at flat rock elementary in anderson county when she was just three years old. the planet first was to leave
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>> we were very wary. geoff: it did not take her long to learn their trust, and georgia's. >> if there is a new skill set georgia learned, she will send us a quick note. geoff: like when she first began nonverbally communicating what she wanted on an ipad by touching a card. >> where is it? good job! >> i have to come one day early to pick her up and she is mad at me for coming to get her. geoff: this is all part of her spirit to be mobile, along with her classmates. >> we want them to be able to communicate their needs and their wants, and their choices. geoff: their latest technology has made that possible for many special needs children.
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overhead projector. she would not be where she is now because that is how she communicates. it is just a blessing to see them grow and know we had a part in it. geoff: jennifer at her staff at flat rock elementary working alongside parents in anderson district 3 to make what seemed impossible possible. she is a terrific lady. what a wonderful job they do. you can him in a a great teacher you know for a golden apple. allyson: pick up a nomination form at any ingels. figure rolling out -- they are rolling out a new feature. how it works. dale: dunkin' donuts' unbelievable selection of breakfast sandwiches freshly made all day --
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egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches for $4. that's breakfast whenevs. bamberg: i was one of the leaders in the house to take charge and say the flag has to come down now. bernie aligns more with what i'm passionate about -- addressing issues with civil rights, criminal justice reform, income disparities. change needs to happen and it needs to happen now. we need a leader like bernie who is not afraid to go against the status quo. for years he stood up against wrong, even when it wasn't popular.
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the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today. america runs on dunkin'. announcer: now, your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. dale: good morning, 5:17 is the time. spartanburg is 32 degrees right now. there is a light breeze out of the northeast at eight miles per hour. as we expand our view, we can show you we have had some flurries of snow across the mountains of north carolina.
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to one inch of snow. there is a potential of another couple inches later on tonight as another cold blast hits the mountains of north carolina. even the mountains in south carolina have seen a couple flurries early. we will show you the future plus forecast in a moment. we may get another little wave of wintry mix weather that could impact the upstate. here is a look at the counties under winter weather advisory's. basically the same counties we mention each time. it is just the higher areas of north carolina that will be impacted by 1-3 inches of snow and a strong winds tomorrow. that will make it very cold and blustery. let's take the future plus and put it into motion. from 9:00 through noon there could be a few flurries of snow. the mountains will see some
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the tennessee border this afternoon and tonight. temperature-wise, it will only get into the low 40's today. we did reach 50 yesterday. 29 in asheville and 33 in greenville. few degrees before sunrise. winds will pick up this afternoon, but even a light breeze makes it feel colder. it feels like it is in the 20's areawide. we are seeing some early flurries in parts of tennessee. we will watch out for that, but we are not expecting any problems. even though it will climb into the 40's today, it will get back to the upper 50's by the middle of next week. we have a very cold weekend ahead. temperatures in the mountains will hit low 40's and tomorrow, the best we will reach is 38.
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low 20's and 30's saturday and sunday. we have a wintry mix on monday. after that, temperatures improve to 50 degrees on tuesday. we push near 60 degrees by thursday of next week. they little wintry weather monday. then, it will feel more like spring next week. geoff: hopefully, we will see spring soon. people in liberty are fighting to keep a proposed coal ash landfill from coming to their town. more than 150 came out to civic auditorium to hear about the project. >> i'm getting tired of liberty being looked at as the armpit of pickens county. >> we will do everything we can to make it go away. geoff: pickens county and it's residents have taken the fight to the courts and the state legislature. they're also signing petitions
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allyson: in mauldin, police say a fourth teenager has been arrested in a deadly armed robbery outside a bojangles. a 16-year-old girl stands accused of murder. police say the girl had an active role in planning the attempted armed robbery in january. 19-year-old savon allen was shot dead. officers have already charged trevonte watts, william newton, and a 15-year-old girl with murder. investigators say it was drug-related. a judge has again delayed the federal trial against dylann roof. roof stands accused of gunning down nine people at the emanuel ame church in charleston in june. his attorneys want to know if the government will seek the death penalty. the justice department will make the decision in march or april. roof's attorney says his client is willing to plead guilty if the death penalty is off the table. geoff: a special groundbreaking on a memorial for the spartanburg county sheriff's office. allyson: the area in front of the sheriff's office on howard street in spartanburg will be turned into a memorial in honor of law enforcement from all of spartanburg county. sheriff chuck wright says this memorial is a way to pay respect to officers giving their all to serve their community. the memorial was paid for through donations from the
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the memorial will open to the public with an unveiling ceremony scheduled for mid-may. geoff: bosch rexroth will expanding its facility in southern greenville county. the company is spending $5 million to expand its facility over the next few years. the fountain inn facility manufactures hydraulic pumps and motors. the company says the expansion won't include any new jobs. allyson: at 5:22, it is time now for your wyff news 4 timeline on this february 12. on this date in 1809, abraham lincoln was born in a log cabin on a farm in what is now larue county, kentucky. his family moved to indiana and then to illinois. geoff: he gained what education he could along the way. he had several jobs. he became a lawyer and eventually, the 16th president of the united states. allyson: a look outside at our
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announcer: now, your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. dale: 5:26 is the time and over the last six hours we have seen some flurries in the mountains. we will see more action before this comes to an end in the late afternoon. the upstate could get a flurry in the late morning. we have seen in little action in northern greenville county and pickens county. we have winter weather advisory's out for the areas that could get some fresh snow. cold and windy conditions are coming. the windchill factors will be in play tomorrow. it will be cloudy in the morning. 30 degrees will climb to 43 degrees or better. the asheville-hendersonville area will do the same thing. we have an afternoon high of 41 with some rain.
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class. they dressed up as cowboys and cowgrils. they also played cowboy games and eight cowboy grub like hot dogs and baked beans. hampton park christian school. allyson: who doesn't like cowboy day? geoff: perfect. in this morning's buzz. by homeowners wanted to pay father. allyson: he chose to do that in a very creative white. -- in a creative way. he used photographs big enough to cover an entire house. geoff: gary swinney grew up in the house with his father mike. mike bought the house back in 1945 for just a little more than $5,000. allyson: and if you know manhattan beach, that is pretty
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geoff: what is that now, half $1 million? california in general is expensive. allyson: oh yeah, exactly. $5,000 for a house in california -- yeah, unheard-of. geoff: in his tribute. allyson: our news continues right now. announcer: [captioning made possible by wyff-tv] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] geoff: happening today, a forum bringing presidential candidates to university. when you can hear from each candidate and how to reserve tickets. allyson: also, a possible change in plans to depth: -- -- to dump cold bash. geoff: we are waiting on an exciting announcement.
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n's newborn baby. we have school delays. madison county, mitchell county and yancey county schools all on a two-hour delay this morning. we are talking about snow. dale: yesterday, it was 20 degrees. in some places, it dropped to the teens. this morning, 33 degrees. this is our greenville skycam. a breeze makes it feel colder, so far downtown airport getting a breeze. five to 10 plus out of the northeast with stronger wind out of the north over the weekend. flurries of snow developing across north carolina. more snow expected this evening. even in northern greenville county, mountains of north
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we have wind chill advisories and winter weather advisories for counties right along the tennessee-north carolina border because of the potential of slippery driving conditions with fresh snow in spots and very starting today and continuing through tomorrow. strong wind will be blowing. let's take our future plus forecast showing some of those snow flurries this morning. about late morning, nine: 30, 10:00, 11:00, potential of flurries of snow in south carolina and then it calms down tomorrow. another event sunday night and into monday will bring us another chance for snow. temperatures in the upper 20's from asheville, franklin, andrews. low 30's in the upstate. any breeze will make that feel cooler, so warm jacket is a good idea. we will talk more about what the rest of the weekend and first of next week may bring gus in a few minutes. allyson: thank you. here is a look at video of
5:30 am you can see there is already snow on the ground there. you can continue to moniter winter weather on the wyff 4 mobile app. meanwhile, a huge day for republican politics here in the upstate. geoff: four republican candidates will be in greenville for a faith and family forum. wyff news 4's aly myles joins us live from bob jones university . aly: good morning. happy friday. we are just outside of the founders memorial amphitorium. this is what the four candidates are expected throughout the they are expecting senator ted cruz, dr. carson, jeb bush and marco it is set to be here with the candidate staggered from noon to 5:30. tentative start times are carson at 12:30. bush at 1:15. rubio at 2:20. and cruz at 4:45. the candidates are joining south carolina attorney general alan wilson as well as palmetto family president doctor oran


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