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tv   WYFF News 4 530am  WYFF  February 12, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

5:30 am you can see there is already snow on the ground there. you can continue to moniter winter weather on the wyff 4 mobile app. meanwhile, a huge day for republican politics here in the upstate. geoff: four republican candidates will be in greenville for a faith and family forum. wyff news 4's aly myles joins us live from bob jones university . aly: good morning. happy friday. we are just outside of the founders memorial amphitorium. this is what the four candidates are expected throughout the they are expecting senator ted cruz, dr. carson, jeb bush and marco it is set to be here with the candidate staggered from noon to 5:30. tentative start times are carson at 12:30. bush at 1:15. rubio at 2:20. and cruz at 4:45. the candidates are joining south carolina attorney general alan wilson as well as palmetto family president doctor oran
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wilson is moderating the event. the event is free but tickets can be reserved online. aly myles wyff news 4 live at bob jones university. geoff: thank you, aly. continuing our 2016 coverage, before the forum at bju, former florida governor jeb bush is expected to host a meet and greet today in anderson. this is video of his appearance in florence yesterday. bush's event was scheduled to be a mama penn's. but it's been moved to the anderson civic center. the event still has the same time 11:15 this morning. marco rubio also has an appearance today scheduled outside of the bju forum. the gop debate is saturday, but rubio has scheduled a pre-debate rally at the greenville downtown airport. the doors open at 4:15 this afternoon. the event begins at 5:00 at hangar 5. allyson: the debate geoff just mentioned is saturday night at the peace center in greenville. thousands of people were hoping to get selected for a ticket through the lottery system but
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isn't big enough. the republican national committee has distributed tickets across the state for gop supporters. the greenville county party chairman was given a couple dozen tickets for the party faithfuls. >> if we had not had it at the peace center, we probably would have had more people come but the peace center is the venue that cbs chose. allyson: we've learned some tickets might free up if people cancel but there is no guarantee. turning to last night's debate, the two democratic presidential hopefuls squared off in wisconsin. geoff: bernie sanders and hillary clinton faced off on a wide range of topics including size of government, race relations and even health care. immigration was a hot button topic. >> we have to move toward a path toward citizenship. i agree with president obama who used executive orders to protect families. >> we should be deporting criminals, not hardworking,
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geoff: another issue brought up during the debate, the impact of female voters on election day. >> i'm not asking people to support me because i'm a woman, i'm asking people to support me because i think i'm the most qualified, experienced and ready person to be the president and commander in chief. >> i think a sanders victory would be of some historical accomplishment as well. geoff: nevada voters will decide who their pick is at the states ' caucus on february 20. voters in south carolina will be among the first in the country to vote on the choice of candidates who will run for president. here is a look at a sample ballot for the republican primary. voters can choose to vote in either primary, but cannot vote in both. you must be registered at least 30 days prior to any election in order to vote in that election. allyson: an exclusive event was streamed live last night. wyff 4 played host to a cross section of potential gop voters. ten republicans gathered at wyff
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candidates in the upcoming gop primary in south carolina. the group included supporters for every major candidate. and at least two people who haven't yet decided. national pollster peter hart conducted the focus group. he says south carolina will help set the political tone for other southern states. >> it's been a marvelous week because i've learned so much from furman and the riley institute, but more importantly, i've been to tommy's ham house and the chance to talk to people of involvement and how much people care. you also get a sense of values and the importance of religion in american politics. allyson: if you didn't get a chance to watch the focus group in action, you still can. you'll find it on our mobile app, available for free from
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zoo will introduce the draft new baby. the baby was born at 6:15 in the morning, february two. the contest was held to submit names and zookeepers will choose their favorite. the giraffes name and sex will be posted on the facebook page after the conference. there's zoo has been closed for the past two weeks and will reopen on saturday. geoff: it happened live on their two weeks ago. -- on-air two weeks ago. allyson: we watched it for the first time. geoff: in the newsroom. it was a great morning. everybody was hanging around. everybody was going, look, look. exciting news and we will learn more 1:30 today. what is the latest, dale? dale: snow in the mountains of north carolina, a flurry in the upstate later this morning, and i will show you that with the future plus in a moment.
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cold temperatures but not as cold as yesterday when it was 20 degrees per morning lows. today, upper 20's, low 30's. one or two spots in the mountains of south carolina in northern greenville county. let's show you the latest advisories. this is a winter weather advisory along the tennessee-north carolina border. one inch of new snow and another inch or two coming later tonight as cold air in wind picks up and creates more snow and could make for slippery driving conditions. cold and windy conditions expected on saturday. this is about from 9:30-10:00 through noontime. a few flurries north the bi-85, pickens, greenville, parts of cherokee county and that will come to an end. it continues in the mountains of
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another one inch to two inches. it will calm down by about midnight. temperatures right now range from upper 20's and asheville, 24 in boone, 30 in spartanburg, greenville 33, fountain inn in the low 30 range. caesars head at 33, but daytime highs today will get into the 40's. and will pick up, especially in the mountains later this afternoon and tonight, making it feel colder. our next chance of wintry weather after today is going to be monday. 70% to 80% chance of the snow and wintry mix weather and then changes to rain later in the day. tuesday is a wintry mix early tuesday. it warms up wednesday, thursday next week and feels like spring again. >> good morning and this morning, we are waking up to another rough and tumble day on the campaign trail here in south carolina, where it is shaping up to be a tale of two battles.
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cruz going at it, including with a new ad and a series of new ads from ted cruz today hitting trump. you've also got those establishment candidates, marco rubio, jeb bush, john kasich, fighting to gain some traction. we've got a look at all of it coming up on the "today" show in just a little bit. allyson: a look outside at that woodruff road skycam.
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spartanburg on i-26 at looking to rebound from its loss to top ranked u- geoff: looking to rebound from second ranked south carolina women's basketball did just that last night. in a top 25 matchup in columbia, the gamecocks built a double-digit lead and never looked back against number 16 florida. winning 86 to 71 and remaining perfect in conference play. the good bounce back for the gamecocks last night. the south carolina football hall of fame have their four newest inductees. that includes a pair of former clemson all american's, jeff davis, and michael dean perry, joined by easley's stanley morgan, and longtime college coach dal shealy are the four inductees. they'll be enshrined during a ceremony on april 21. clemson quarteback deshawn watson will be honored that same night as the south carolina college football player of the year. and the national football league has released its list of
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a record eight clemson tigers are heading to indianapolis later this month. georgia also has eight players going to the combine. and four gamecocks will make the trip. we have a list of the 20 area players invited this year on our wyff 4 mobile app under the sports section. allyson: the young ironman. how this brave boy saved the city of sydney, australia, next.
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4 hd forecast. dale: 5:46. we look up from spartanburg, this is wofford looking back to the city skyline where it is clear, 30 degrees. yesterday, we were seeing 20's. overnight, flurries of snow in the mountains of north carolina. some areas may have gotten one
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i future close forecast shows another flurry or two could come in the morning. these are the counties that are under windchill advisories and winter weather advisory's, stretching from graham county and up the spine of the appalachian mountain range. madison, you can see in mitchell schools on a two-hour delay because of slippery spots on roads. let's take the future plus and run it. about 10:1030, flurries of snow over parts of the upstate and foothills. it continues right along the north carolina and tennessee border this afternoon and tonight before it tapers off about mid back. that will be what is going on today, tonight and another wintry mix of whether will come in on monday. temperatures, the coldest in boone at 24, asheville at 29, franklin at 27. in bryson city, 28, franklin, 27.
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morning, just not quite as cold as yesterday. the northeast breeze at five to 10 for the upstate today. windy conditions expected over the weekend, cold and blustery on saturday with temperatures really chilling down with the next blast of canadian air that is hitting the great lakes and coming all the way down into the deep south. today we reach into the 40's. this afternoon and tomorrow, stays in the 30's. whatever precipitation is still coming after lunchtime will probably just be rain. tomorrow, saturday, sunday, dry, cold and windy. on monday, a 70 to 80% chance of wintry weather once again. allyson: thank you. covering the nation now, the last four occupiers of a national wildlife refuge in oregon have surrendered. the holdouts were the last of a group that seized the malheur national refuge on january second. fbi agents say david fry was the last protester to surrender.
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government turn over the land to locals and to release two ranchers imprisoned for arson. the group had been surrounded by armored vehicles on wednesday and escorted by fbi agents off the property. geoff: a new york city police officer could face up to 15 years in prison. 28-year-old officer peter liang was found guilty of manslaughter and official misconduct yesterday. liang was convicted in the shooting death of akai gurley, who was unarmed in the dark stairwell of a public housing project in 2014. liang had testified that he didn't know anyone was in the pitch-black stairway, when he unintentionally fired his drawn weapon after being startled by a noise. allyson: one person is dead and several are injured after a stabbing attack in a restaurant in central ohio. police say the unnamed suspect walked into the columbus restaurant and attacked several people. four people were taken to the hospital with injuries, including one who was in life-threatening condition. that person is now in stable
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officials say the suspect was armed with a machete before being shot and killed by police at a nearby location. the motive for the attack is unknown at this time. geoff: new helmet cam footage shows california fire fighters rescuing a dog from a home engulfed in flames. fire fighters searched the sacramento home for victims. what they found was a scared dog hiding. there is a look at the dog there. the dog was pulled from its hiding spot in a back bedroom and carried to safety. the occupants of the home all got out safely, and the dog was reunited with her owner on the sidewalk outside. that had to have been a moment. allyson: yes. happening today, the consumer report card on air travel is released. the department of transportation releases its latest monthly report on air travel this morning. it will contain data for the month of december, featuring flight delays tarmac times -- flight delays, tarmac times, the saddlebag information and , -- mishandled baggage information and consumer
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the agency will also be releasing full year data for 2015. geoff: twitter is changing timelines to show tweets out of order in hopes of making life easier for its users. here's how it will work, tweets that twitter thinks people most want to see will appear at the top of the timeline, beginning with the most recent, first. twitter says the change will offer a better experience for users who risk missing the best tweets when they're away from the service. the new timeline will be turned on by default in the coming weeks but users can turn it off. allyson: i think you confused me. youtube plans to take on streaming services like netflix and hulu by releasing three made launching a new tv series. the original content is part of service. do away with the ads. geoff: bruce springsteen is releasing an autobiography. he discreetly began working on
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titled "born to run," and tell stories of his childhood and drive to becoming a musician. it should hit the shelves september 27. it is going to cost a little extra to visit universal studios in florida. the one day ticket to one of universal orlando theme parks now costs $105, up three dollars from last year. the cost of the parking ticket goes up to hundred $55 from 147 dollars and ages three to nine are now $100. a family of four wishing to visit the parks should expect to pay at least $610. ahh! that does not include food and souvenirs. allyson: well. well, got them city has batman, but sydney, australia has iron boy.
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superhero, so the make-a-wish foundation and police put together a plan to make that happen. they put dominic in an ironman costume in santa monica sent him on a mission to rescue a kidnapped tv reporter. dominic's villain was played out by actors and many celebrities send tweets to support them, including robert downey junior, who plays ironman in the movie. that is great. well it's time to hang ten in , california. the big-wave surf contest, now called the titans of mavericks, takes place today near half moon bay. but it can be seen from that -- but it cannot t be seen from land. it happens a half-mile offshore. the massive waves can reach up to 60-feet high. the first competition here was held in 1999. it has since become popular with professional surfers. geoff: thank you, dude. no you are not seeing things. an olympic size ski ramp in the middle of fenway park. out in center field there's a ski ramp three times higher than the green monster. it's all for the big air at that is something right there. fenway event where olympic
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out and do amazing acrobatic jumps. i think this is the one with the tumble. doesn't always go well. the main event began yesterday and continues today. i imagine the folks in boston are enjoying that. well, regulators have insisted driverless cars still need a driver and someone can take control by driving the steering wheel and slamming the brakes. they are building the car with out any of that, no steering wheel, no accelerator, no breaks. it can still pass laws that requires vehicles to have those things, but federal regulators have opened the way of truly driverless cars. the technology is -- allyson: i will let you try that first.
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if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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>> now, your live super doppler 4 hd forecast. dale: good morning. 5:58. we look back to the city of greenville where it is 33 degrees. the breeze out of the northeast at 10 makes it feel colder but better than yesterday when it was in the low 20's. flurries of snow overnight and we will see a few more great morning before noon across parts of the upstate. winter weather advisory's are out for the mountains of north carolina, and also slippery spots on the few roads. madison, emc, and mitchell operating on a two hour delay because of road conditions -- yancy and mitchell operating on a two-hour delay because of road conditions. we might see a flurry of snow
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mountains of north carolina will see snow early and rain this afternoon with temperatures in the low ward is. -- temperatures in the low 40's. that is a quick look this morning. geoff: this morning in our bus come at president appears on "ellen" later today and gets a surprise from the first lady. allyson: a message just in time for valentine's day. take a look. >> hygienist wanted to wish you happy valentine's day. -- i just wanted to wish you happy valentine's day, the last one in the white house and i poem i wanted to share. roses are red you are the president and i am your boo. i wrote that while i was doing 100 push-ups this morning. allyson: to help the president out,: sit out the theme for him
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show. here his response at 4:00 today on wyff news 4. geoff: i liked her message. allyson: simple and easy. geoff: let's get to this morning's headlines. >> we should level with the american people on what we can do. >> every proposal i have introduced has been [indiscernible] geoff: democratic candidates duke it out in milwaukee, while republican candidates flood south carolina with visits, commitment 2016 coverage, straight ahead. allyson: plus, a coal ash landfill dispute continues as people living in the area tell lawmakers this is a state-wide issue. geoff: turning to the weather, a live look from our laurens skycam and not as cold as yesterday, but arctic air moves in this weekend. three counties are on delays, addison, -- madison, mitchell and yancy.
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dale: here is a little history. we have seen flurries across the mountains of north carolina making it slippery near the tennessee border. that is why the two-hour delay. flurries in parts of the upstate and the late morning, too. wind chill advisories are out and it will get windy to the next couple of days, but tonight or tomorrow, cold and blustery weather. watch our computer model. right now, this is about 9:30 to 10:30 across the upstate south carolina, northern greenville, cherokee, york county and even pickens county may see a flurry or two of snow. it will come to an end late morning, early afternoon, but daytime highs will just reached low 40's for the upstate and mountains. we will talk about colder weather this weekend in a few minutes. geoff: all right, we begin with commitment 2016. most candidates are focusing on


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