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tv   Today  NBC  February 13, 2016 2:07am-3:00am EST

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okay, first of all, it's big, you know why? >> why? >> because we have ben stiller here. >> that's why i agreed to do it. then i found out -- >> have you seen "zoolander 2"? >> no. but people have seen it. >> he's so funny. people have seen it and they like it. he said the first movie didn't even do well. >> are you serious? >> it's one of those weird ones that becomes like a cult thing. >> it's so funny. yeah, that was good one. do you know that jenna bush's mother -- >> went out with me? >> it was one of her favorite movies. and they asked her to be in "zoolander 2." >> was she in it? >> no, because it was like an orgy thing and she didn't do it. okay, we're going to jump into the hot tub with our favorite
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we're going to talk about a romantic weekend. >> how are you? >> i'm good. >> is everything good? >> oh, everything's peachy. you really have to bring that up? no, i'm fine. everything is really, really okay. >> so like flat line. >> no, everything's good. my husband's birthday is sunday. >> valentine's day? >> he's a valentine baby. >> what do you do for him? >> it's the weirdest thing, because i would love to celebrate, he doesn't like birthdays and he thinks valentine's day is a rip-off. restaurants are so expensive, they jack up the prices of flowers and -- basically nothing. >> that's it? >> this is it. it the cheap wine -- >> you're not drinking because -- >> because i gave it up for lent. and then you asked me on the show. >> i know, of all the things to give up. >> have you ever given up wine for lent?
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you know what's funny, i'm actually not a huge wine drinker. i drink wine on the show. >> you always have the smell of alcohol so what are you drinking? no, seriously. >> i like tequila. you know why? because i like to get there. i don't like to spend time. >> you don't want to be in the right lane of the highway, you want to be in the left. >> drive fast. we've all arrived, that's what i like. >> can i just say something? >> yes. >> i picked up my "wall street journal" today. which i read religiously. >> you do? >> no. can i tell you what is on -- >> page 87. >> hoda. a whole article on hoda "a tv host reflects on finding her own way." i knew you wouldn't bring it up. it's beautiful, it's about how
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>> my mom and dad. look at that. i just like that one shot. don't worry about any of these other ones. >> people who shaped you that made you -- all kidding aside, the great artist. >> let's play a romantic film game. what's your favorite romantic movie? >> oh, boy, oh, yeah. i like "love actually." >> that's mine, too! >> and i love "sweet home alabama." >> i never saw that one. is this great? >> it's reese witherspoon -- it's so adorable. it's one of my favorites. >> do you like "the incredible journey" with the three animals and they get lost and come back -- it's a love story. and the family misses them. it's deep. if you just spend the time. >> pay attention. >> we're going to look at one shot from a romantic film and we're going to see if we can
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here's the first one. oh, "moon struck"! did you just curse? >> no. >> let's keep track much how many times meredith curses. okay, next. >> sleepless in seattle. >> we said that together. >> all right, we knew that one. >> give me a chance. >> oh, "roman holiday." >> i've never seen that. >> we're tied. [ laughter ] >> she got it right. >> don't say it right away. "love actually." >> yes! you just stole "love actually" from me? nobody steals "love actually" from me. what was your favorite part, do you remember? >> i love the scene where she goes out in the hallway? >> yeah, that was cute.
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name, colin firth is driving and he says in english, my favorite part of the day is right here with you, and she says in portuguese, which is your native language. >> it's not my native language. i was born in this country. my grandparents were born there, but it's not my native language. i can't speak -- i can't even pronounce my last name. >> how do you pronounce it? >> i say vieira. what was it? >> my favorite part of the day -- >> is when you drive me home? that's great. i'm getting teary. >> let's talk about love songs. >> my favorite, i guess it's my all time favorite. it's by van morrison. and it's called "someone like you." >> that's in "love actually,"
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oh, "bridget jones," thank you. glad there are people here to help us. someone exactly like you >> and this is when colin and her come together, isn't it? >> no, this is from -- >> oh, it's from "bridget jones." >> the common denominator is colin. >> there's something about him. >> really? >> a lot of women would feel that. why do you -- i didn't pick a troll under a bridge. he's a very sexy man. >> he is sexy. okay, wait, i want to hear it. what's your favorite love song? >> mine is going to seem weird. when richard and i got married, we didn't have a lot of money, so we had a boom box and we made a cassette tape and the pointer
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which is why i love that scene from "love actually." >> so you and richard were dancing to this on your wedding day? >> he wasn't dancing much but i was. >> did you pick it or did he? >> i did. with you we both like pointers sisiers. it was just joyful many. >> do you have a picture of your and meredith's wedding day? >> it's not ready. >> i've only been married for 30 years ago. it's not ready. this is -- >> that's not my wedding picture. that looks like we're close to the grave there. they had hours. i got here at 7:00 a.m. hours they knew this was going to happen. >> you seem like a flower child when you were young. >> i was very much hippie, no >> did you? did you burn it? >> no, no, no, no, no, i just never wore one. >> why? >> because it was that period of >> i had a thing on my head.
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but they said flowers would die. >> you seem hippie. >> yeah, bell bottoms all the time. >> did you smoke? >> cigarettes. >> i can picture you -- >> that's actually not what you meant. i know fully that's not what you meant. >> let's go to our top song from spotify. these are the current ones. this is "photograph." >> i love that. >> if you're bored, go google this -- music video. it's ed sheeran through the years, when he's a baby. and we just have this part -- you can keep me inside the pocket of your ripped jeans >> ha! she knows every word.
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legend. all of me loves all of you loves your curves and all your edges all your perfect imperfections >> everybody used for their wedding. it got a little played out. >> you think? >> now i love it again. >> so the number one song on spotify, love song of all time but of the current songs is this one by justin bieber, "love yourself." >> good for him. oh baby, you should go and love yourself >> i don't think that's the -- that's a love song. >> what do you think that is? >> if you like the way you look so much, why don't you go love yourself? >> he didn't say it in that way. >> he said if you like the way
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yourself. like i'm not gonna stand here -- >> oh, i thought it meant something entirely different. no, hoda. you set up these scenarios and then you play like the sweet little girl from your native land of egypt or whatever and i take the fall. it's not going to happen again. it's happened too many times. >> all right, the number one song -- >> can i just say something? now you make me look bad. oh, good for justin. you're the one who likes it people just saying the meaning. i'm not saying he's not a good singer. whatever. here's the number one song. it stumped us -- because you never even heard of -- >> it's number one? >> number one of all -- not of all -- what is it? >> getting busy. >> oh, what happened to the number one song no one ever heard of.
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>> this is the number one song when people get busy. you know what we mean. it's called don't. >> it's when they love themselves. >> by bryson diller. [ laughter ] >> i'm so confused by this. one song leads to another. i don't understand. what is this song? is this a game? >> that song has explicit lyrics, so we can't play much- >> why did we do it? >> we don't know. have you ever seen owners look like their dog? >> yes. every dog we've ever had looks like richard. seriously. no, i mean that in a loving way. >> did you pick it because -- >> no, it just turned out. but i'd love to know what dog do you think you look like? i'm scared. there's an app that looks at your face and tells you whatever
2:19 am
i'm worried, i think mine probably looks like a pug or bulldog. >> oh, you're so regal. what is that? >> an afghan hound. >> that's so beautiful. that is so unattractive. and the roots need to be done. >> oh, you get the cute one! oh, i wanted a cocker spaniel. >> every day you want a cocker spaniel. every single day i want cocker spaniel. i don't have a cocker spaniel. >> we did kathie lee, too. >> she's cute too. >> she is a west highland white terrier. >> i think they're kind of spot on. didn't you feel that? >> no, no! >> but you carry yourself regally. >> no. >> oh, my god. >> all right, he put men's shion on the map as most
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>> we catch up with ben n iller
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it has been 15 years since we last laid eyes on the greatest super model the world has ever seen. >> now eric zoolander is back in "zoolander 2." is there earlier this week kathy answered had -- and i had a chance to chat with ben to figure out if he still had what it takes. hey, flash me that beautiful look. give me that incredible magnum. >> think fast, magnum. magnum now. >> oh, come on! you got this, but you got to focus. >> oh! >> come on! >> hansell, stop!
2:23 am
washcloth. >> hansell, no! no! it's not working! >> and that's the dramatic part. you should see the comedy. >> it's an intellectual film. a lot of questions for society -- that was darn good acting there. >> what was he really throwing at you? >> he was throwing objects. we shot the film in italy and our wonderful prop man made these soft -- but they weren't that soft. i think the definition of soft in -- >> a mistranslation. >> yeah. >> but it didn't leave marks for anything. so it's all for art. >> it's all for the sake of the movie. >> did you ever think it would be such a cult-type movie, that people would be dying for the second one to come out? >> no. honestly, when the first one came out, nobody went to see it. >> you never know with these things. >> then years started to go by and i just started to feel people would mention blue steel
2:24 am
movie and it didn't seem to go away, which never happens. usually when a movie doesn't come out, you go, okay, maybe it will be a cult hit. any movie that doesn't work. >> please, god, anything at all you can throw my way. >> but this one, it actually happened. >> was it not my son who broke the news? >> i think it might have been. >> i don't know if you remember this but we're going to walk down memory lane a little bit with you. back at the nantucket film festival. >> do you want to announce it? >> i can confirm we're writing "zoolander 2." we've actually tried over the years to put it together and finally we found an idea that we're excited about. hopefully we'll be shooting it soon, but we'll be writing it this summer. >> i was living on the street. had a bad drug problem. [ laughter ] >> cody was so excited.
2:25 am
>> no, '10. i feel like that's 2005. >> remember the hair? >> we wrote a script in 2005 we didn't do but then we wrote another one in 2010 that we did do. >> i think he made a book of world records, you break a record with this, with how many cameos. i love to count. >> matt lauer. justin bieber. >> natalie morales. >> some of the ones you don't expect were the most fun for me. matt's a great actor. he could leave here and become an actor. >> for sure. >> but when you see the members of the iconic industry showing >> yeah. that was a big thing for us. because the first time around, nobody really knew in the fashion world what we were doing. the fact that we got david bowie. who fss was in the first one. i credit that because he was always thinking ahead. >> he was a visionary. >> yeah, he had no reason to be in the movie, but he did it.
2:26 am
like my mom loves that movie! isn't that weird? >> it is weird. >> what happened? >> i met her at a football game a few years ago and she mentioned that she was a fan of the movie, so i reached out to her, to be in the second one. >> to laura bush? >> yes. >> to have a cameo? >> yes. >> and she politely declined. >> why? >> because she's smart. [ laughter ] >> then we went for julian assange but he couldn't get free. >> "zoolander 2" is in theaters starting today. >> and since valentine's day is this weekekd, we have the wines you might want to celebrate with. >> plus we have a valentine's video for you. we
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valentine's day is going to be steamy. need some help choosing wine? we'll have options for your cozy evening. >> 30 seconds to sexy. we're go to show you some fun and flirty outfits for your valentine's day. hello! we'll have you out the door in no time. hello! >> and we have the perfect valentine's movie after this. >> yes. yes. i don't use super poligrip for hold, because my dentures fit well. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. even well fitting dentures let in food particles. just a few dabs of super poligrip free is clinically proven to seal out more food particles so you're more comfortable and confident while you eat. so it's not about keeping my dentures in,
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2:33 am
experts, "wine for women" food and wine magazine. >> i just want to point one thing out. one of us is afraid. it's not ray, it's not leslie. please get a close-up of meredith. somebody, please. i'm begging you. i cannot help i'm endowed. >> kids, we are in the hot tub. is there a special wine? >> there is. you guys can't have any. >> she can't. >> can't. >> i want you to get your angel out of the way. get your devil on. this is the devil's collection and it's from chile, it's light and fruity and it's under a screw cap so when you get in a hot tub -- >> really? that's good. that's fantastic.
2:34 am
that we brought, infinite monkey sea room, strange name, white wine in a can. >> in a can? >> it's become incredibly popular. whole foods is selling it like crazy. it's kooky, but it's fun. >> and no glass. >> no glass around the hot tub, really recyclable. it's very lightly fizzy, chill it down. it's sort of ideal for sitting in a hot, steamy hot tub. >> i like that! >> perfect! >> hello! >> we need more wine. >> where's the clicker? hold on. let's pretend like we're watching a cozy movie. is this the notebook? >> it is. it's "the notebook." >> i love this wine. this is the -- oh, popcorn? >> oh, popcorn goes great. oh, the popcorn's down below.
2:35 am
>> is it really called that? >> it is. it's delicious. it's a terrific bottle of red wine. >> do you pair it with anything? >> popcorn. it would be really good with beef jerky or something. >> that's my second choice. >> i brought a little port. so in case you want some -- >> no, you're my little tart, darling. >> i love port. >> i'll take the bottle, don't worry. >> this is the reserve. it's under $20 for this. so it's a fantastically affordable valentine's gift. so you can sit on the couch -- isn't is that delicious? >> that's nice! >> it's delicious. >> it's sweet, the port. >> superb. >> great, great. now we're going to give you a
2:36 am
from spain. >> if you are going to pop the question -- >> yes, kiss of wine. this is antonio. you can see antonio. he's got some little things hanging down there. the final thing, if you're going to pop the question, champagne. >> whoa! >> all right, cheers, everybody. >> cheers! cheers. >> don't be late for your hot date. how to get out of door in 30 secocos on valentine's day. >> and some music, we hope you're in the mood for a little romance after this. >> yes, you are. one day a rider made a decision. the decision to ride on and save money. he decided to save money by switching his motorcycle insurance to geico. there's no shame in saving money.
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who has the whole night to spend the time gettiti ready? >> jene luciani. >> some looks in 30 seconds or less. >> hey, girl! >> great to see you guys. >> this segment is fun. >> so it's 30 seconds and they're down to their skivvies? >> absolutely. right now, everybody is starting in a base of shape wear, like we usually do. >> 30 seconds on the clock. no pressure. >> a lot of women love to throw on a cute blouse and jeans for a casual date. i fount this blouse from jcpenney, super romantic looking. she's going to slip on a pair of slim jeans. she designed them herself, really cool concept and you can
2:41 am
9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1! [ buzzer ] >> we want to show her face too. >> can i just say that is so cute. can we just say how adorable, you little hot mama. >> so what look is nia looking for? >> well, a lot of curvy -- >> well, let's set the clock. a lot of curvy women want to accentuate the waist and she's vertically challenged but she has great legs and a great bust line. >> you're not going to do it! >> don't worry. >> i want to restart the clock. stop the clock, please. >> we did practice this, i swear.
2:42 am
them -- okay, wait. >> 30 on the clock. >> hold on, hold on, hold on. this is very important. don't rush. >> no, we got it. wait a minute. okay. >> here we go. >> over your head. >> over the head, girl. and go! >> you got it now. >> it's still not happening. i don't know what happened with this. i swear, she put it on so quickly at my house. >> there we go. >> you got it, honey. >> we're going to help her. this is a nice trumpet skirt. >> it doesn't matter, here. >> forget it, forget it. >> we're going to let you do your thing. >> we'll come back to you. >> no, put this on. >> and a lot of women like to spritz on their favorite perfume. this is from scent bird, can you
2:43 am
go! >> slip on -- we found this for under $50, fishnet stockings and lace detail booties. >> she's done this before. done this before. >> cute. >> the shoes are adorable. very cute. >> all right! we don't want to miss our time. >> you got it, girl, with time to spare. >> lexi is starting now the prim and proper classic trench coat, a dress for under $100. she's are cold. underneath, a nighty for $25 from jcpenney. you can get affordable lingerie. >> look at her. >> you can feel sexy and dress up for your men. >> and something for the guys, too. valentine's day boxers. wait, wait, we got to show nia! she looks hot, right?
2:44 am
thank you. >> we showed what you you're going to wear. here's when you're going to watch if you're staying in. "diogo morgado."
2:45 am
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"diogo morgado," you probably know him best from miss his -- his powerful performance in "jesus" and in "son of god." fans went so wild over diogo, they dububd him hot jesus all over the internet and since then he's been catch being bad guys on "csi cyber." >> and now he's in a movie called "love finds you." he's a ranch foreman, who tries to keep the ranch's beautiful owner from selling. take a look. >> are you lost? >> what? >> main road's back that way. >> oh, no, i was just admiring the house.
2:49 am
private property and invite yourself up on the porch and have a good look through the window. >> no, that is not -- >> i don't get to the city much. is this how it's done these days? >> well, i don't come out to the country much, but i heard you people were supposed to be friendly. >> oh, you want friendly? try knocking on the door and introducing yourself. >> you are something. >> not nice. >> first of all, there's a little portuguese love -- >> wait, wait. say it again. >> it's not vieira. it's meredith vieda. >> vieda versus morgado. >> i love it that you're in this lovie-dovey movie. what was it that made you decide to go here? you'd done some serious movies. >> i think that was it.
2:50 am
years. i think i was looking for something about more simple and like more family-oriented. >> something sweet? >> something sweet. what i love about this movie is it's eye -- a love story, but it's not just about romantic love. it's self-love, it's about family love. all aspects of love are actually portrayed in this movie. that's one of the things that really draws me in. >> you played a ranch foreman and you were afraid of horses. >> i was so scared -- when i was 12, i got on a horse and i hurt myself and i bleed. all my class was mocking me. so from that moment on, i love horses from afar. >> so what did you do? it up. >> how about the accent? did you have to work on it?
2:51 am
know. >> we love your accent. can we play game with you? >> let's do it. >> you're going to say something to us and it's going to be in your and meredith's native language, portuguese. it's called in love or insult. we're supposed to guess which one it is. meredith kind of has an edge on me. >> i don't. i can't pronounce my name. >> this is valentine's day, right? i'm going to try to trick you guys. ready? both? don't cheat. >> i'm not cheating. you know me so well. in portuguese, okay? [ speaking portuguese ] >> insult. >> that was an insult. >> what did you say? >> i said i love you guys. >> one more. >> one more. >> all right. [ speaking portuguese ] >> don't take my wallet? >> that's love.
2:52 am
>> i just said you have morning breath. [ laughter ] [ all speak at once ] >> go see "if love finds you," it's out on valentine's day. >> and we're back with hoda's music video, but first, this is "today" on nbc. >> you're adorable. i think we should've taken a left at the river. tarzan know where tarzan go! tarzan does not know where tarzan go. hey, excuse me, do you know where the waterfall is? waterfall? no, me tarzan, king of jungle. why don't you want to just ask somebody? if you're a couple, you fight over directions. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. oh ohhhhh it's what you do.
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doesn't everyone love meredith? i love meredith. >> all kidding aside, i love
2:56 am
>> and we always have a ball. thank you so much. and i'm so excited about this thing that we're about to play for you right now. it's a valentine's day video. yesterday we introduced you to great couples who had been together 50 years. we created this music video. happy valentine's day. enjoy. >> happy valentine's day. you're in the mood for love you're in the mood to dance you're in the mood for a little romance you're in the mood for love i see you pressed those, i see you styled that hair there doesn't seem to be much
2:57 am
you're in the mood to dance tonight i have the chance to be your little romance tonight i have the chance, i'm in the mood for love i'm all dressed up tonight, i've waited all night long when will they finally play our song i'm in the mood to dance >> i promise to love, honor and cherish you. >> the joy of my life. to have and to hold. >> i do. i love you. >> i love just having him home. you know, everything worked out. 61 years.
2:58 am
has me laughing. get if it's the only chance i get ready to throw your shoes away for i will sweep sweep sweep you off your feet sweep sweep sweep you off your feet to be your little romance tonight i have the chance to be your little romance tonight i have the chance, i'm in the mood for you
2:59 am
we're in the mood for love steve: i'm here to help.
3:00 am
[applause] steve: all right, folks, hey, look. let's get to it. i got an old buddy of mine here, i can't wait to watch up with him today. he's got a new film hitting theaters today that's similar to another movie i know most of the ladies saw. check it out. >> christian, we have to talk. >> you mean like like it? >> what's wrong with that? >> i like it the black way where we curse each other out, make fights and get cool again. we talk about somebody behind somebody's back z. you're not going to. >> you're not about to block me. hell no. that's communication. steve: my buddy, marlon wayans' lastest project spoofs the "50 shades of grey". it's called "50 shades of black." he's not just chatting about his


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