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tv   WYFF News 4 11pm  NBC  February 13, 2016 11:00pm-11:29pm EST

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mr. trump: in iraq. we spent $2 trillion. thousands of lives. we don't even have it. bush: i am sick and tired of him going after my family. my dad is the greatest man alive in my mind. >> we should go to war when it is in our direct interest. michael: much more to come. continuing team coverage of the peace center debate here on wyff news 4 throughout this broadcast . for tonight, there is whether to talk about. bitter cold moving into our area tonight. carol: meteorologist chris justus joins us now. and chris, the cold weather has some snow and ice on the way? chris: the model shows the storm moving into the midwest. it is moving south as we speak. it will be on our doorstep i this time tomorrow night snow across the area. a winter storm watch for all the mountains in the northern part of the upstate. north of i-85 and northeast georgia. here's a look at the latest computer models. we are going to see snow as early as tomorrow evening. it picks up by 4:30 monday morning.
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rest, may be down to cherry dale, right on the border. we will see that for the mountains. a quick half-inch to one inch possible. throughout the day, freezing rain, light freezing rain and drizzle. heavier precipitation begins to move in. we will see have your freezing rain around 2:30. -- heavier freezing rain durant 2:30. it will last until 7:00 p.m. before regular rain moves in and watch is what already fell. i can show you what piles up before the rain moves in. michael: commitment 2016. a week from today brings the south carolina republican primary. carol: at the peace center tonight, a heated debate on a national television in front of a spirited south carolina crowd. nigel robertson joins us from the spin room at the peace center. nigel? nigel: what a night. the sparks were flying in english and spanish on stage. the candidates talking about immigration, national security,.
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-- security, health care. it got heated. the biggest issue was trending on google, the death of justice scalia. the question was, sure the president appoints someone in the last few months of his presidency? >> i think is going to do it whether i'm ok with it or not. it's up to mitch mcconnell and everyone else to stop it. delay, delay, delay. >> i would like the president to just, for once, put the country first. we're going to have an election for president very soon. the people will understand what is at stake in that election. i believe the president should not move forward. we ought let the next president who is going to decide to run the supreme court. >> i looked at some of the remarks people made after finding out justice scalia had died. they were truly nasty remarks.
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position is truly a shame. we should be thinking about how we can create healing. right now we are not going to get healing her with president obama. that is very clear. i fully agree we should not allow a judge to be appointed during his time. >> i do not believe you should appoint someone. it's not unprecedented. it's been over 80 years since a lame-duck president has appointed a supreme court justice. it reminds us of this, how important this election is. someone on the stage will get to choose the balance of the supreme court. it will begin by filling the vacancy there now. we need people on the bench that understand that the constitution is not a living and breathing document, to be interpreted as originally meant.
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>> you were in favor of dropping the threshold. >> no, according to the changes harry reid made, applet judges can be made -- appelate judges can be named, but not supreme court judges. if that were the case, harry reid and barack obama would ram down our throat a liberal justice like the ones barack obama has imposed on us. >> conservatives for a long time have felt that republican president picked justices that do not turn out to be real conservatives. bernie sanders said he would have a litmus test. he would want someone to overturn citizens united. what about you? which you have a litmus test for a nominee? >> model on specific issues. i think the next president -- not on specific i iues. i would nominate people with a proven record in the judiciary. the problem in the past, we've appointed people thinking you can get it through the senate,
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sometimes we are surprised. the simple fact is, the next president needs to appoint someone with a proven conservative record, similar to justice scalia, who is a lover of liberty. who consistently applied that kind of philosophy, who do not try to legislate from the bench. and then fight and fight for that nomination to make sure that passes. nigel: joining me now is the chairman of the south carolina republican party. matt, your thoughts on tonight? matt: i want to put a positive spotlight on greenville. the people have been wonderful. from the mayor to the staff, and volunteers, it's been a wonderful night. nigel: what about the candidates? >> it was a raucous debate. this is football country. are crowd was excited about the candidates.
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that is the storyline, how excited people are. nigel: you have not endorsed a candidate. but the card itself spoke loudly -- the crowd itself spoke loudly too many candidates. what is your response to that? >> this is a grassroots debate. we had hundreds of party activists, regular people from across the state, to cheer on their favorite campaign. nigel: is it still anyone's games? >> we have a number of candidates doing really well. we saw them with detailed plans how we get this country working again. it is wide open. nigel: thank you very much. carol and michael, back to you. coming up, we hear from the democrats. michael: the first-in-the-south primary is less than a week away. very much a gateway vote and it is soon. carol: the gop primary happens on saturday, february 20. followed by the democratic primary a week later on february 27. in georgia both primaries are on
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both primaries are on tuesday, march 15. carol: hundreds of republican supporters gathered outside the peace center throughout the day. michael: many of thehehave strong opinions on issues affecting us. wyff news 4's corey davis has been speaking with voters. right now he's live and local in downtown greenville. corey? corey: tonight we had great in-depth conversations with voters outside the peace center while the debate was going on. as candidates went at it on stage, we talked with mothers, fathers grandparents, kids, and , college students about what's important to them. people here are really passionate about the candidate they support. hey, what is the top of your sombrero say? >> it says "trump, make america great again." there you go sir. can you see it? corey: white you support him/ -- why do you support him?
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have now have gone the wrong way. we have lost confidence from the ones we have there now. we need someone to get our nation, make it great again. >> when ted cruz stepped out at liberty university and proclaimed that he was going to run for president, i knew right then and there i needed to back this man. he is a christian, is conservative, he has a proven record. corey: what are some issues important to people your age? >> definitely student loans and student debt. the democrats have a handle on the republicans on that. they say they are going to give away free college. we want to know what the republicans are going to do to help us out. >> as a student, most of the issues around student debt. i am in that period weren't traveling into adulthood, coming out of college. student loans.
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undecided. they still have a week too go before the gop presidential primary here in south carolina to make a decision. cory davis, wyff news 4 live in greenville. carol: ahead of the state democratic party was in town for the gop debate. michael: patrick hussion also live at the peace center with the action from the other side of the aisle. patrick: i'm here with the south carolina democratic chairman. chairman, thank you for joining us. >> thanks for having me. patrick: this is a different debate than what we have seen in the past, a lot of yelling and shouting. did they do a good job addressing south carolina's needs? >> they did not talk about south carolina's needs. they talk about cursing, underwear, and mooning. this was a debate for the most powerful position in the world. but yet, we do not talk about any of the issues that are
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we didn't talk that 250,000 people in the state don't have health care, when they could. we do not talk about rural hospitals letter closing because of that. issue after issue. there is such a stark contrast from the debate earlier this week with the democrats between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. it was a debate of substance. you had grown ups. this was giving me flashbacks to middle school. patrick: did you get a sense there was not as much targeting on hillary clinton and bernie sanders? >> they did not talk about hillary clinton or bernie sanders at all. they talked about politicizing the supreme court election. they talked about -- they wanted to adhere to the constitution, but not on this particular situation. they can't have it both ways. either you believe in the constitution and its words, or you don't. patrick: think you chairman very much. the democratic primary in south carolina the 27th.
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now, the gop contenders face off
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more tonight, stasocial media played a big part in tonight's debate. michael: live continuing coverage. social media played a big part in tonight's debate. carol: in fact, it wasn't just the moderators asking questions. wyff news 4's gabrielle komorowski joins us live. involved. -- gabby, voters were asked to
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gabrielle: you may have seen this big sign right outside of the peace center in downtown greenville. it says hashtag #gop debate. people were asked to use that hashtag on twitter to submit questions for the candidates. earlier this evening i spoke with a member of the twitter team about how social media and twitter have broken down the barrier between candidates and voters. voters were able to submit questions to the candidates using the hasghtag #gopdebate. how significant is that? >> very significant. in granting twitter into the debate and the election cycle is something so unique to twitter. we have an opportunity to take advantage of the live moments in the conversation. gabrielle: doesn't allow the candidates to know what -- does
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what voters are actually concerned about? >> absolutely. you can follow the election on twitter, you can use the #gopdebate to see the live conversation. you can have the back and forth. you are able to follow the candidates you are interested in. you connect with other people that you might share or oppose views with. gabrielle: looking ahead to next saturday, we have our gop primary in south carolina. people, after the vote, you are asking them to use a certain hashtag. >> yes, it is like the sticker after you vote. we want people to use the hashtag #ivoted. gabrielle: our world is changing, isn't it? >> 140 characters at a time. [laughter] cap real: thanks.
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breaks it down and takes the #from location to location. encouraging people to use that hashtag during the debate. we want to encourage you to follow our livewire. it is a feat of tweets about the debate. -- a feed of tweets about the debate. you can find it on and our mobile app.
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on the death of supreme michael: supreme court justice antonin scalia has died. the 79-year-old justice apparently died of natural causes while visiting a luxury resort in west texas. when the news broke the flag , outside the supreme court was lowered to half staff in honor of justice scalia. carol: he was appointed by president ronald reagan in 1986 and has been the senior member of the court for several years. he has also been one of the most conservative justices in recent years. chris: taking a live look over denton greenville over the peace center.
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shape. it is very cold all across the area. 28 degrees with east-northeast win at five miles per hour. live super doppler for hd is dry. it is so dry at the surface that the atmosphere will have to moist and before we get any precipitation. 20 degrees in asheville. a report from mount mitchell -- zero with a wind chill of negative 25. that is how cold the areas. 28 in spartanburg. 31 in laurens. into the overnight hours, bone chilling cold. 19 the low in asheville. 20 in greenville. 26 in anderson. tomorrow we will see some sunshine, then clouds begin to increase. snow moves into the mountains late in the day. a high of 18 in boone. 23 the high in asheville. only 36 in downtown greenville.
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it will be a low impact event along i-85 southbound. i still think it's going to be a major event for areas north of i-85. you could have a moderate impact with roadways being slick, especially the first part of monday. rain begins to move in late in the day. high impacts for the north carolina mountains, where heavier snowfall will accumulate. then ice on top of that. here is the latest computer models, by tomorrow evening, a few snow flurries and showers moving. by monday morning, around 4:30, snow moving into the northern part of the upstate and all of western north carolina. the snowfall continues for a little bit. then we started to see freezing rain and drizzle takeover. slightly warmer air begins to move in. a trained with the models we are watching is that it is slightly drier during this time. if that occurs, we won't see as much of an ice buildup. we will see if that trend continues in tomorrow. freethinkers of continuing through lunch into the
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2:30, till some freezing rain. but it is light. rainfall moves in by the late evening around 7:00. this would wash away everything. if it arrives on time, and if the temperatures do warm. if they don't, this could change from a light event to a major event. we have to watch that trend closely. good news is we clear everything back out by tuesday when the sun starts to shine. the time from again -- snow and sleet between 4:00 and 7:00 a.m. rainfall begins to move in and the late afternoon hours into the evening. as far as impacts here, related glaze of ice possible in the southern part of the upstate. it is the slick spots we are concerned about in the north. we will see higher snow and ice totals there. a very tough forecast to unravel ere as this winter storm takes shape. it is model run by model run. we will have to watch this
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chief meteorologist john cessarich will join me tomorrow. we will piece this together for you. the good news is that we warm to 50 like tuesday. 60's by this time next week. michael: it is a nowcast, not really a forecast. chris: exactly. we have to watch those transcendent temperatures. michael: speaking of cold, how would you like to jump into a carpal? -- jump into lake hartwell? and that is what many people did for the charity "pennies for preemies." carol: the charity was started by t.l. hanna student grace cromer who is a triplet, and along with her two brothers, was born at just 27 weeks. they are now healthy teenagers, and grace's charity is helping support families with preemies and special needs. >> now wyff news 4 sports. >> drives it. no whistle. he banks it in at the buzzer!
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63-62 win over 7th ranked vigrinia. the cavaliers winless at cameron indoor since 1995. south carolina sits at the top of the sec entering saturday, and can announce their arrival by knocking off one of the blue bloods in college basketball in kentucky. john calipari wouldn't be around for the game, however he was ejected less than 3 minutes into the contest. coach cal also thrown out of the game in a loss back in 2014. when that was all up game in a , loss back in 2014. michael carrera hits the 3, a team high 25. gamecocks up 1. but all kentucky, and tyler ulis after that. career high 27 for ulis. kentucky goes on to dominate south carolina 89-62. the clemson tigers hosting georgia tech at the well this afternoon. second half, tigers with a one point lead. jordan roper in rhythm knocks down the 3. clemson goes up 46-42. roper finishing with 15 points. jaron blossomgame leads the way with 17 and reaches 1,000 points in his clemson career. tigers get back in the win column with a 66-52 win. on the scoreboard, for men and
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-- furman and wofford pick up victories. so does usc upstate. nascar sprint limited. it goes into overtime. new rules for the overtime session this year. denny hamlin and joey logano battling a front rack. caution coming out. so he takes the checkers in this race for the first time. the daytona qualifying takes place tomorrow afternoon. michael: lots of whether preparations tomorrow? chris: tomorrow we are going to be bone chilling cold. highs only in the 30's. snow showers moving late in the day overnight. and wintry mix early on monday. it looks lights, but we will still see impacts north of i-85. rainfall moves in monday evening. we washable -- we wash it all away when we were up to 50. carol: our gop commitment 2016 coverage continues in the
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michael: we are always on and is a mobile app. good night everybody. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy.
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have you guys been watching the primaries? >> yes. hillary got her but kicked in new hampshire. >> we're all still voting for her, right? >> yes. >> absolutely. >> sure. >> cool, cool, cool, me too. except i think i'm voting for bernie. >> me too. >> you are? >> so am i.


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