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tv   WYFF News 4 7am Sunday  NBC  February 14, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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geoff: the debate in greenville has come and gone. allyson: but who scored in the republican presidential debate the candidates will tell you coming up. geoff: good morning i'm geoff hart. allyson: and i'm allyson powell thanks for joining us. we will have everything you need to know about last nights debate coming up. geoff: but with the potential of another winter storm brewing lets check in with wyff news 4 metoriglost dale gilbert in the weather center with more. dale: it is struggling to reach the 30's in the upstate. in western north carolina. picking up. reaching the ground. watch. some flurries or two, transylvania county along the border. a winter storm warning for counties east of asheville. write up the spine of the
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it will start tonight and continues to half of tomorrow. it could follow pretty good and some of the mountain roads. we will get sleet for the most part in the upstate. 2-4 inches of rain in the mountains of north carolina could make for tricky driving by monday afternoon. 20 in asheville. when you factor in the breeze, it will feel much colder. it feels like 14 in greenville. it feels more like 8 in hendersonville. we will show you the future plus with the winter storm coming in tonight. geoff: we begin with commitment 2016 coverage now the six remaining republican candidates for president all took the stage in south carolina. allyson: the group squared of at the peace center in downtown greenville. wyff news 4's myra ruiz followed
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myra: some big jabs early on. the remaining six republicans took the stage last night in the cbs news debate in downtown greenville at the peace center. certainly a verbal brawl laced with insults among several candidates. >> i am sick and tired of him going after my family. my dad is the greatest man alive in my mind. and while donald trump was building a reality tv show, my brother was building a security apparatus to keep us safe. and i'm proud of what he did. >> the world excuse me. i lost hundreds of friends. the world trade center came down during the reign of george bush. he kept us safe? >> marco went on univision in spanish and said he would not rescind president obama's illegal executive amnesty on his first day in office. >> well, first of all, i don't know how he knows what i said on univision because he doesn't speak spanish. and second of all, the other point that i would make.
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pattern now, because for a number of weeks now, ted cruz has just been telling lies. he lied about ben carson in iowa. he lies about planned parenthood. he lies about marriage. he's lying about all sorts of things. and now he makes things up. >> so many people have said to me you need to scream and jump up and down like everyone else. is that what you want? i don't think so. >> these attacks, some of them are personal. i think we're fixing to lose the election to hillary clinton if we don't stop this. myra: we will bring you more about this debate upcoming. including they're response to justice antonin scalia. allyson: a celeb more following that debate at the peace center. geoff: we caught up with a few of the many supporters. >> i think we one, at a think we did a good job. i think we won big league. >> i just said lord if you
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all say its impossible you have to open the doors. and if you open the doors i'll walk through them. and if you close the doors ill sit down. so far he's got the door open if he doesn't close them ill keep walking to the white house. >> i've never been more proud of jeb bush than i am right now this is the guy i got behind when i was at 3%. he is clearly under donald trumps skin he is a good decent man he stood up for his family he stood up for women he stood up for the disabled he showed sympthay to the illegal immigrants who are not rapist and drug dealers and he wants to fix illegal immigration. >> when marco is just marco. the world is a better place. and tonight marco was marco and that is why when i talk about being presidential on the stage there was none better than marco rubio tonight. he led the charge from the important issues from foreign policy. encouraging a new generation of voters and taking care of our economy. allyson: and coming up this morning republican presidential candidates donald trump, marco rubio, and john kasich will be
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this morning's meet the press. they'll talk about their performce in last night's debate and their strategy for winning in south carolina. geoff: hundreds of republican supporters gathered outside the peace center during the debate. allyson: many of them have strong opinions on issues affecting us. wyff news four''s corey davis tells us what he learned from voters. corey: we had some really great in depth conversation with voters who were outside the peace center as the debate went on. when candidates were out there going after each other on stage, we spoke with mothers fathers, grandparents, kids and even college students about what's important to them. they are really passionate about the issues that really matter most to them. >> it says make america great again. >> i do support him?
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we have lost support and confidence from the want to we have now. we need someone to help get our nation great again. >> when ted cruz stepped out and the he was going to run for president, i knew right then and there i needed to back in this man. he is a christian, he is conservative, he has a proven record. >> what are some issues that are important to people your age? >> definitely student loans and student debt. i think that the democrats sort of have the hand up. they're saying that they're going to give away free college and we kind of wand to know what the republicans are going to do to help us out. >> i'm kind of in that period where i'm traveling into adulthood coming out of college. student debt is a big thing, student loans. corey: we also spoke to people about health care and also veterans who were really passionate and wanted to know what candidates would do to help
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and help those veterans who are trying to get care now through the va system. so a lot of passionate, enthusiastic voters outside the peace enter while the debate was going on. corey davis, wyff news four, in greenville. allyson: the gop primary happens on saturday followed by the democratic primary a week later. geoff: in georgia both primaries are set for march 1. allyson: on the democratic said he'll work with an bernie sanders took their messages to nevada. geoff: both candidates held rallies. clinton talked about the economy while sanders made a prediction. >> republicans want us to forget how hard it was. well, i'm not gonna let them forget because it is their bad economic politics under a
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us into the great recession. >> we surprised them in iowa. we surprised them in new hampshire. we're gonna surprise them here in nevada. thank you all. allyson: nevada's democratic caucuses are next saturday. dale: mostly cloudy as the sun comes up this morning. still getting some pretty pictures from our skycam. lousaka but the winter storm
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or, you can try staples tech services next day guarantee. it's fast and done right. i'll do that instead. that's not protocol marsha. in by noon, out by 5 the next day.
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dale: geoff: turning to our continuing coverage of the school consolidation proposal in pickens county. dozens of parents held a protest in liberty square near the court house saturday the school district has approved the proposal to close 3 under enrolled schools ambler, a.r. lewis and holly springs elementary schools the district says it will save the district almost $12 million over 5 years. but some parents don't think it's best for their children. >> we had 3 meetings, each had 200 to 300 people in theheat the individual schools they were trying to close and it was a resounding no. so at some point you got to realize that the school district is actually owned by the people and you need to listen to what
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geoff: the proposal now heads to the full school board. they are scheduled to vote on the 22nd. allyson: you'll see something new on a few dozen rutherford county sheriff's cars a decal that reads in god we trust. sheriff chris francis wanted to use the decals to show patriotism and a local church pitched in to pay for them.
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patrol cars. dale: good morning, happy valentine's day. with mostly cloudy skies as we look out more various skycam's. it will be a chilly valentine's day. we are for another winter event. if already seen some flurries overnight as we take a look at our live super doppler four. most of this in western north carolina but a few spots right now in the mountains of south carolina getting just a flurry. areas in blue, that is a winter storm watch. it means things could get a little slippery. counties from mcdowell and
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towards the virginia border all under a winter storm warning. there is a potential for 2-6 inches in the higher elevations. otherwise it will be basically sleet starting overnight tonight and into tomorrow. here's a quick look at the southeast. from parts of kentucky and tennessee we're seeing some snow already. that cold blast is affecting so much of the country. it will actually be about 5:36:00 first then in the early morning hours tomorrow for upstate. currently, temperatures ranging from 15 in boone to 25. we're looking at abbeville at 27, clendenin in the mid 20's as well. the daytime highs today only climbing about 10 degrees. the mountains will struggle to
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cold air with us with 7-12 mile-per-hour wind. it feels like single digit in hendersonville. it will get colder as the breezes blow. we have wintry precipitation stretching from the great lakes all the way down into kentucky and tennessee. now a few spots in north carolina. let's take the future plus and run it. we will show you when the precipitation starts to arrive. we have a couple of flurries in the mountains already. we start to see some snow in the higher elevations. overnight, it is widespread across the mountains. this is sleet, these areas showing up and pink. then it changes over to rain
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basically, it will be a monday morning event. still some areas of sleet and freezing rain in the higher elevations continuing into tomorrow evening. temperatures today, again, 36-37 may be the best to get up to four greenville and spartanburg. not even getting up to freezing today. then the winter weather overnight into tomorrow, then more rain on tuesday. in the sun is back wednesday. temperatures back to normal by thursday and above normal friday through the weekend. next week and we get a break from the cold. allyson: and remember you can get weather updates even when wyff news is not on the air. turn to wyff 4 moble app for updated forecasts and super doppler radar. our app sends out weather alerts for your area to keep you and your family safe. geoff: covering the nation now a loss on the supreme court. justice antonin scalia, the
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died saturday. allyson: he was 79. the death of justice antonin scalia is already setting up a partisan fight on capitol hill. wyff news 4 myra ruiz joins us now to explain. myra: antonin scalia was part of a 5 to 4 conservative majority on the court and republicans are eager to protect that. some are saying a replacement shouldn't be named until after the presidential election. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says the american people should have a voice in the selection of their next supreme court justice. therefore this vacancy should not be filled until we have a new president. mcconnell sets the senate's schedule so his remarks could signal an intent not to confirm anyone nominated by president obama. democrats are pushing back senate minority leader harry reid says filling the vacancy is one of the senate's most essential constitutional responsibilities. and it would be unprecedented for the supreme court to go a
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with the remaining justices generally divided 4 to 4 the next nominee could be crucial to the court's decisions for years to come. now president obama says he plans to nominate a successor for justice scalia in due time. and south carolina senator lindsey graham issued a statement about scalias death which reads in part. i am very grateful for justice scalia's nearly three decades of service on the court. he is one of the most consequential justices in the history of the court and our nation has benefited from his service. there are some cases with the current court was expected to be split 5 to 4 cases dealing with abortion, affirmative action and immigration. those could end up as ties and that would mean the lower court opinion would remain in place. geoff: flags flew at half staff outside of the supreme court building.
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next president should make selection but bernie sanders miller clinton say he is make it bold making the decision. >> they believe the constitution does not allow a democratic president to bring forth a nominee. i strongly disagree with that. >> let me make one point. barack obama is president of the united states until january 20, 2017. geoff: widespread praise for antonin scalia. allyson: turning but last night's debate a group of fast food workers protested. geoff: they gathered outside the mcdonald's on laurens road in greenville county. the group is asking for the minimum wage to be raised to $15 an hour.
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move to downtown greenville and marched during the gop debate at the peace center. >> and me being a family man myself its kinda hard to raise kids on minimum wage when you can barely afford a place to stay or insurance or to keep a car or any kind of other bills that your struggling to keep up as well. allyson: a similar protest happened at the democratic debate earlier this week in milwaukee. geoff: another group of protestors has gathered in falls park and outside the peace center. they were asking the gop presidential candidates to fall for a reduction or elimination of nuclaear weapons world wide. the group called global zero started their protest before last night to debate. geoff: it's time now for your wyff news 4 timeline on this february 14th. on this date in the year 270 origins of the first valentines day were observed. there are several theories about how the holiday developed. allyson: one commonly accepted story is that a priest named
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couples despite orders from the emperor not to do so. valentine was sent to prison where he remained until his death. >> now wyff sports. >> he drives it, and banks it in at the buzzer. >> grasyson allen calls bank. the cavaliers haven't won their since 1995. south carolina vaulted into first place in the past week. now they can really announced the arrival over the blue bloods kentucky. john calipari was not around for the game on saturday. he was ejected three minutes into the contest. when all that settled, michael scarnecchia my 24 points to get them at one point lead.
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that. a career-high 27, kentucky goes on to dominate south carolina. the clemson tigers hosting georgia tech on saturday. in the second half, he knocks down the triple. he finished with 16 points. below is 17, he also reach the 1000 point mark in his clemson career. the tigers get back into the win column. from saturday, on senior day against mercer they went 8574. wofford except a win over sits adele -- citycitadel. nascar sprint unlimited at daytona last night, the race goes into overtime. denny hamlin and joey logano in
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hamlin is in front is the caution flag goes up to he takes the checkered in this race for the third time in the sprint unlimited. congratulations to dorman and eastside both picking up titles. the cavaliers 50 4a state jb (dog) mmmm. we've been together since 2012. i do notice that sometimes i eat better than her. i get my healthy bowl of beneful, and she eats
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that's what she ate last night. cheese stick and a cracker. can you believe what some people put in their bodies? (vo) beneful originals is a healthy blend... ...your dog will love. with whole grains, real beef and accents of vegetables.
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dale: good morning, mostlyy cloudy valentines morning. 26 degrees, on top of that and 11 mile-per-hour wind. it will stay cold all day. geoff: thank you. allyson: our news continues right now. the debate about the update may be over. geoff: they're taking the gloves off here in the south. allyson: thanks for joining us
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geoff: we will of everything you need to know about last night's debate. allyson: let's check in with dale gilbert. dale: we look at our various skycam seeing some pretty pictures. cloudy skies is basically the story across the area. some of us perhaps not reaching the ground yet. it will start to pile up in the mountains of north carolina. that is why winter storm warning is at for counties as you can see. all of the counties highlighted in blue under a winter storm watch. we're watching for some slippery conditions. dale: it is going to start overnight into early monday
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afternoon which it will change later to rain. we will get the winter weather this evening in the mountains. it 26 in anderson. anderson, pickens -- pickens at 24. williamson at 26. the end of the day, we will reach 36 in the upstate. we will take our computer model, and run that for you for the next report to show you when the snow starts falling in the mountains. it geoff: we begin with commitment 2016 coverage, the candidates debating last night in greenville. allyson: they took time to express their condolences for supreme court justice antonin scalia. it dale: myra in the studio with more.
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silence for antonin scalia, but the silence was soon replaced with name-calling, figure 19, and a war of words. >> he supports federal taxpayer funding for planned parenthood. >> you are the biggest liar. you are probably worsen jeb bush. you are the single, biggest liar. this guy like about ben carson when he took votes away from ben carson in iowa. he just continues. the weakest person on this stage by far on illegal immigration is jeb bush. >> you want to talk about weakness? it is weak to disparage women and hispanics. >> there were some moments where they want screaming. the candidate talked about the
7:32 am
he died in his sleep and the longest-serving justice. he was 79 years old. the candidates agreed that president barack obama should not pick the next supreme court justice. they say the next one should be picked by the next president. mr. trump: i think it is up to mitch mcconnell to stop it. >> i believe the president should not go forward. i believe we should let the next president assad. >> who on this stage has the background, principal, character, judgment, and strength on. >> we should not allow a judge to be appointed during his time. >> the next president needs to appoint someone with a proven conservative record similar to justice scalia.
7:33 am
later on. geoff: the republican candidate still have a lot more to say following last night'. allyson: we caught up with a few supporters. >> i think we won and did it good job. >> i said, lord, if you will need to do this, you have to open the door, and if you open the door, i will walk through it. >> i have never been more proud of jeb bush than i am right now. this is the guy i got behind when he was at 3%. he is a good, decent demand. he stood up for his family, women, the disabled, showed sympathy to illegal immigrants who are not already this and
7:34 am
>> marco rubio was marco rubio. there was none better than marco rubio tonight. he led the charge about the important issues we face today. dale: geoff: presidential candidates donald trump, john kasich, and marco rubio will be on "meet the press." allyson: hundreds of supporters gathered outside of the peace center. geoff: many of them was shot opinions affecting us. >> we had some really great conversations with voters who were outside the peace center at the debate went on an candidates were out there going after each other on stage. we spoke with mothers, fathers, grandparents and even college students. they are really passionate about
7:35 am
>> student loans and student debts. the democrats have a hand on the republicans on that and they are seeing the are giving away free college. we want to know what the republicans are going to did help us out. >> i am traveling into adulthood coming out of college. student debt and loans are a deal. >> we talked to veterans who were passionate, wanting to know what candidates we do to help people leave the military and help those veterans trying to get kids to the system. a lot of passion, enthusiastic voters outside the peace center while the debate was going on. corey davis, wyff news 4 in greenville. geoff: up next, the gop primary less than a week away scheduled for next saturday, followed by
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allyson: in north carolina, both primaries are on tuesday, march 15. geoff: hillary clinton and bernie sanders took their message to nevada. allyson: they lost the get out the vote to get undecided voters to the poll. i could talk about the economy. >> republicans want us to forget how hard it was. i will not let them to forget. it was there bad policies under a republican president that sentence into the great recession. >> we surprised them in iowa. we surprised them in new hampshire. we are going to surprise them here in nevada. thank you all! geoff: nevada -- tim accredit caucuses are scheduled for next saturday. coming up on "matter of fact" they will talk about what they
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allyson: what beyonce we have in common with donald trump. dale: good morning. here is our henderson skycam
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if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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allyson: the campaign trail continues to heat up. patrick hussion and nigel garson are wrapping up the week that was. >> what a night this debate night was. it was exciting to watch. ted cruz won iowa. donald trump won new hampshire. it it is anyone's game in south carolina. >> what did the week look like before we got to the debate?
7:40 am
south carolina. missing 24 hours from winning the cancer, trump have the south carolina numbers on his mind. >> the original poll numbers went through the roof. we are high! [applause] largest rally we saw all week. marco rubio was in spartanburg. non-supporters of rubio showed up dressed as robots referring back to what they felt were programmed answers. >> when donald trump has offended people, each time, it has angered me because we are in angry. >> jeb bush made a stop in florence. he has been traveling with lindsey graham. in a q&a, ben carson says he's he does not want to protect the american people.
7:41 am
it took place at winters university and helped by the reconcile church movement. thursday, senator rubio traveled from hilton head to myrtle beach and back to the upstate. governor kasich hit the midlands on friday. he says his campaign has had to scramble to find bigger venues. jeb bush moved on to anderson for a meet and great. >> this is a state that believes in a strong national defense and they wanted commander and chief. >> bush, rubio, dr. carson and ted cruz took a part of the fake and family -- sprint and family rally. >> south carolina is growing. michelin, bmw, all these
7:42 am
>> what a big week it was. we are just getting started because this weekend was just a debate. next weekend, it is the reason these candidates are canvassing the state of south carolina. they need votes for the primary. >> we are going to be covering it all. if you want to see what the ballot looks like, we got you covered. just headed to our app so you can take a look at how the
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my computer's dying again. you'll need to email us so we can issue you a ticket. but you're right here. it's protocol. or, you can try staples tech services next day guarantee. it's fast and done right. i'll do that instead. that's not protocol marsha. in by noon, out by 5 the next day.
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>> that your weather forecast. dale: happy valentine's day. it is 7:45 on the saturday morning. it is 25 degrees and mostly cloudy. cloud cover building across the upstate added the mountains as we get ready for another winter event. over the past six hours, a few flurries of snow across north carolina. it is not the main event.
7:45 am
we are seeing a fluke -- a few flurries. the areas in pink -- under a winter storm warning. they will get to to six inches of rain. areas in blue will see some snow. may see some flurries. it will be -- sleet will be the primary thing that will make driving slippery. as we expand our view, you can see this blast of cold air already creating snow through the ohio valley area. arts of kentucky and tennessee getting some early flurries. temperatures will be held back. 24 in greenville will only get up to a high of 36 to 37. we are seen 24 from
7:46 am
low 20's in tigerville. the mountains make it up to 30, but that will be about the best we see. those six to 10 mile per hour winds will feel like single digits. dress warmly on a cold sunday. tonight, the precipitation will turn over to snow in the mountains and will continue late morning tomorrow before he changes over to rain. here is our future plus forecast showing cloudy skies. class will continue to build today. about 5:30, we will see more flurries in the mountains of north carolina. overnight, it starts as sleet. snow in west carolina. through the morning tomorrow, by tomorrow afternoon it will turn over to rain. we will see sleet through
7:47 am
it is basically going to be early morning through late morning for most of the area. heavier rain coming in tomorrow night into early tuesday. today, 36 to 37 will be the best greenville can hope for. the mountains may reach 30's. may not even get to the freezing mark today. still a few flurries tuesday morning in the mountains. a high of 46 then. upstate will get up to 51. then it is sunny weather from wednesday through the weekend and warming up nicely by the end of the week. geoff: a battle is brewing over the future of the supreme court from the white house to capitol hill to the campaign trail. allyson: the death of justice antonin scalia is setting off debate on who should nominate his replacement.
7:48 am
nominate justice scalia's successor, but getting that person confirmed will likely be an uphill battle. scalia was one of five conservatives and the gop would like to replace them with another conservative. mitch mcconnell says the next president should be they want to nominate sculley's are. democrats say president obama ana shih-tzu though their constitutional responsibilities. the democrats say the time to act as now. scalia was the longest-serving justice. nikki haley has ordered flags to be flown at half staff. geoff: the democrats running from the white house talking about the loss of justice scalia . flag flew at half staff outside the supreme court building. allyson: bush republican say the next president should choose the next justice, but senator bernie
7:49 am
the current president is more than capable of making the selection. mr. sanders: apparently, they believe that the constitution does not allow a democratic president to bring forth a nominee. i strongly disagree with that. >> let me make one point. barack obama is president of the united states until january 20th, 2017. geoff: there is widespread praise. antonio him -- justice scalia was known for his conservative issues. allyson: the rates of violent crime has declined since 2012 and 2013. there were 679 assaults on law enforcement.
7:50 am
there were 293 murders in 2013. geoff: the man -- a man has confessed to the death of a 19-year-old. the 20-year-old was charged with murder after he provided details that he would have only have known. charges were filed after the body of autumn hunt was found off of chapel road. police said autumn died from a gunshot wound. allyson: a teenager is accused of analyzing several upstate churches. deputies arrested robert grigsby who faces multiple charges. investigators say he damaged several church windows, walls, and windows. deputies say the damage seems to be caused by an air gun. geoff: police are looking for
7:51 am
he is accused of grabbing an officer's arm and dragging him several feet. if you can help officers find hamm, you are asked to call crime stoppers. allyson: the battle against the zika virus -- world health officials say a possible vaccine is at least 18 months away from trials. the world health organization says 15 companies are working on the search for a vaccine. two are showing promise, one developed in the u.s.. the other in india. the organization believes the link between the mosquito borne virus ansdd a virus in for children is more probable. several cases have been reported in the u.s., at least one case confirmed in georgia and one suspected case in south carolina. state officials say north carolina could have problems controlling the zika virus as it
7:52 am
the chief epidemiologist says north carolina doesn't have the money to fight the spread of mosquitoes. funding for programs to regulate pass have been reduced or limited altogether. geoff: don't worry when it comes to valentine's day if you have not made plans yet. where you live could work for you. according to one survey, one of the nation's top 25 romantic cities is just a short drive away. allyson: has named greenville as one of its top cities. joining greenville is greensboro, north carolina and --
7:54 am
7:55 am
outside allyson: sparks flew about immigration and for policy in yesterday's republican debate in south carolina. geoff: it highlighted that blood between donald trump and his rivals. >> after the debate, we spoke to both party chairs. here is what they have to say. >> the crowd was decided --
7:56 am
south carolina is a number of candidates doing really well. he saw them tonight with detailed plans about how to keep this country working again. >> he did not talk about any of the issues that are important to the people of south carolina. he did not talk about the role hospitals that are closing. >> of course, left might postulate was one week before south carolina's republican primaries. things expect it to heat up. if you want to see more on the debate, you will find that on the wyff app. geoff: dale, take this up with the weather. dale: the winter storm will begin in the mountains. there could be enough sleet
7:57 am
the mountains could see two plus inches of freezing rain. that will be tomorrow late morning into the afternoon. it will finally turn over into rain. we will be right here to bring you updates on the weather. this evening, we will give you all the latest information. geoff: i guess if there is good news, there will be less people on the road for presidents' day. dale: middle to the end of next week will be wonderful. mid 60's next saturday and sunday. geoff: what a difference a we can make. allyson: thanks for joining us. it will be back with you
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some traffic to talk abou good morning.
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>> for almost 30 years, justice antonin nino scalia was a larger than life president on the bench. >> the conservative supreme court justice dead at the age of 79. his passing setting up a political fight over which president will nominate his replacement. >> i plan to fulfill my constitutional responsibilities to nominate a successor in due time. >> republicans pushing back, arguing it is a job for the next president. the issue front and center on the debate stage. >> it is called delay, delay, delay. >> i do not believe the president should appoint someone. >> will this fight paralyze washington even further? what about the key cases in front of the supreme court right now? we're live with it all. dangerous and deadly. another day to stay inside. bone chilling temperatures affecting up to 90 million people, the coldest negative 34 in western new york. the weather now responsible for several deaths after a major


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