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tv   WYFF News 4 11pm  NBC  February 14, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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covering the ground in boone right now. in the upstate, we are on the lookout for snow and ice. schools, already canceling classes. we will have more on that in a minute. but first, let's go to chief meteorologist john cessarich. and john, when can we expect the storm to get here? john: probably overnight. as expected this evening, everything was pretty quiet. this arctic air on top of us is extremely dry. load points, which means dry air. -- low dew points, which means dry air. here comes the first round. in tennessee, northwest georgia, the precipitation moves in later tonight, it will be frozen. in the form of snow, sleet, and freezing rain. very light, nothing major. that is why the winter storm watch from the weather service has been downgraded a little bit to a freezing rain advisory overnight tonight or monday. that is along the i-85 corridor
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in the purple area, or actually the gray area, a winter weather advisory because it is rain mixed with sleet and snow to start with. fairly light expected in these areas. the heaviest precipitation will be in the wind -- in the winter storm warning in the northern mountains and foothills of north carolina, 3-6 inches of snow and sleet mixed, and freezing rain before it comes to an end tomorrow night. then, it becomes all rain, heavy at times. 13 in boone, 22 in asheville, upper 20's in greenville, spartanburg, and anderson. cold enough that when the precipitation rise overnight tonight and during the early morning, it will be patchy. but it will still be cold. the precipitation coming in 8:00 a.m., not a lot of precipitation. patches of light sleet or freezing rain in the upstate, 25 degrees. light snow mixed with sleet from time to time, 21 in the mountains. it gets worse through the day.
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detail later on. mike: valentine's day was a good day to stay inside with someone special, after snow and bitter cold gripped much of the country. there were record low temperatures in the northeast, and a snowstorm in the midwest. dan scheneman reports. dan: it was a snowy valentine's day in indiana. the weather was the cause of a pilot that shut down a major stretch of highway near indianapolis. at least 10 people went to the hospital. >> a squall came through. visibility was near zero. it turned ice quickly. we deal with this. in 32 years, this is one of the worst crashes i have ever seen. dan: the coldest valentine's day on record in the northeast. the temperatures caused problems for firefighters in new jersey. >> they lost water in the beginning. the lines froze. that is typical in this kind of weather.
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off tourists. >> we got off the plane yesterday, and we nearly went back into the airport. i have never known cold like that. dan: the temperature kept many at home in philadelphia, but some revelers turned up free chinese new year celebration. >> i am not that cold. i lived in chicago, so this is ok. dan: there is good news. forecasters predict a warm up later in the week. dan scheneman, nbc news. mike: back in the upstate, the department of transportation started working on roads ahead of tomorrow's winter weather. take a look at video of crews working before the last storm. you might remember that. well the crews were back at it , today, pre-treating all roads in greenville, spartanburg, and other counites north of i-85. crews will work in 12-hour shifts to monitor conditions. in counties like laurens, anderson, and areas south of i-85, crews were working on treating interstates, bridges, and known trouble spots. they'll be watching conditions
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we are also starting to hear from school districts about closures because of tomorrow's weather. here is who we have heard from so far in the upstate. all spartanburg county school district, and the cherokee county school district, will be closed tomorrow. in western north carolina, burke, graham, macon, madison, mcdowell, mitchell, and yancey county schools are closed, and so is highlands school. we do have this note. greenville county schools were already set to be closed tomorrow, because of the president's day holiday. remember, you can turn to our website for all the latest weather information. there, you can find live radar, and winter weather closings and delays. just look for the "weather" section on, and the wyff 4 mobile app. in our committment 2016 coverage, we go to pickens county, where republican presidential candidate marco rubio was greeted by his largest south carolina crowd yet. his staff says there was a spike in interest after the big debate last night. wyff news 4's corey davis shows
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senator's stop in easley. >> senator marco rubio. [applause] corey: more than 2,000 people attended marco rubio's town hall meeting at easley high school. >> there is now way i could've ever gotten 2,000 people in an auditorium on a sunday, on valentine's day, anywhere in miami. corey: rubio went straight into the recent passing of supreme court justice antonin scalia. >> now, we commend his soul to god. we pray for his family. and now, we pray for our country, because that vacancy will have to be filled, and it will be filled by the next president, not by this one. [applause] corey: right now, republicans and top democrats are at odds over whether president obama should appoint a new justice before he leaves office. many people of all ages were interested in hearing rubio's message. why do you like marco rubio? >> his passion, and his understanding of the
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corey: the views of the cuban-american senator didn't go without opposition on his immigration plan. >> your sending them out. corey: rubio has been interrupted at several events by people who claim he will deport their relatives. >> he gets thrown around a lot on the immigration issue, but i think he has more of a heart for immigrants. but he wants to be able to make it a way for them to come in legally. corey: right now, rubio is focusing on increasing interest among voters in south carolina, with the primary less than a week away. >> go out and find more people that will join our cause. go out and find more people that will join this campaign, so together, we can turn america around, and leave for our children what they deserve to inherit. corey: corey davis, wyff news 4, in pickens county. mike: south carolina's presidential primaries are coming up. the gop primary happens on saturday, february 20th, followed by the democratic primary a week later, on february 27th. in georgia, both primaries are on tuesday, march 1st. and in north carolina, both
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15th. republican candidates are planning on making stops in the upstate this week. here are some campaign stops we know about for early this week, donald trump will be holding a rally monday, at the td convention center in greenville. doors will open at 5:00 in the afternoon, and the event starts at 7:00 tomorrow night. senator ted cruz will also be in the upstate early this week. he is holding a campaign event at the anderson civic center. the event will last an hour, starting at 7:30 tuesday night. coming up later tonight on "matter of fact," host fernando espuelas explores what happens when the presidential candidates face a more diverse electorate in the new south. and dnc chairwoman debbie wasserman schultz discusses the race between bernie sanders and hillary clinton, that no one saw coming. plus, what beyonce may have in common with donald trump. "matter of fact" is tonight, following wyff news 4 at 11:00. one day after supreme court justice antonin scalia's death, a battle is brewing between the republican-led senate and the white house.
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election year hasn't happened in decades, and those who want to be the next president are weighing in on whether president obama should even try to nominate scalia's successor. jennifer johnson has our story. jennifer: hours after justice antonin scalia's death, president obama made his intentions clear. >> i plan to fulfill my constitutional responsibility to nominate a successor. jennifer: but senate republicans, including the two gunning for the white house, say any nominee from a lame-duck president will fail. >> the president can nominate anyone he wants, but the senate is not going to act, and that's very clear. jennifer: ted cruz is warning of dire consequences, should mr.obama add another justice to the court. >> we will see abortion on demand throughout this country, partial birth abortion, taxpayer funding, no parental notification. jennifer: justice scalia's conservative views often influenced the balance of the court, in many 5-4 decisions. >> we lost one of the greats. i'd like to have the person tailored to be just like justice scalia.
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republicans need to act responsibly, and vote on a nominee. >> barack obama is president of the united states until january 20th, 2017. that is a fact, my friends, whether the republicans like it or not. >> apparently, they believe that the constitution does not allow a democratic president to bring forth a nominee to replace justice scalia. jennifer: democrats are also concerned the high court could be paralyzed with just 8 members. jennifer johnson, nbc news, washington. mike: still to come tonight, authorities say they know who is responsible for several church vandalism's in the upstate. john: look where they are is coming from. the north pole. this is sliding down the eastern seaboard, with record low
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arctic air seeping into the western carolinas and northeastern georgia. that is responsible for winter
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she spent a lifetime making a difference for people. winning healthcare for 8 million children. benefits for families of reservists and the national guard. standing strong around the world for human rights and women's rights. hillary clinton.
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take on the drug companies to lower the cost of prescription drugs. and give everyone the opportunity to go to college without going into debt. she'll get the job done... for us. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. while some candidates suck up to trump...or run away from him in fear... jeb bush isn't afraid. jeb bush: "that is downright wrong..." he stands up to trump for his liberal democratic positions. calls out trump for insulting women, attacking the disabled... even trashing a decorated war hero. trump: "i like peoplethat weren't captured..." jeb bush: "john mccain is an american hero..." jeb bush. the better man. the real conservative. a commander in chief. right to rise usa
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mike: asheville police say they've arrested a man in connection with a woman's death. 29-year-old james norton is charged with first-degree murder, and robbery with a dangerous weapon. police say he killed 62-year-old christina kessinger friday afternoon. norton is being held at the buncombe county detention center. spartanburg county deputies say a man confessed to killing 19-year-old woman who'd been reported missing. 20-year-old akello jeter is charged with murder. the charge came two days after the body of autumn hunt was found, in a wooded area off sims chapel road. investigators say hunt died from a gunshot wound to the head. jeter is being held at the spartanburg county detention center. also in spartanburg county, this woman, kenasha stewart, is charged with filing a false police report, which is a felony. deputies say she told them a man with a gun robbed her in the inman area on saturday, broke her driver's side window, and took off.
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officers and a k-9 team searched for the robber, but detectives say stewart ultimately admitted to making up the story, after a fight with the father of her child. greenville county deputies say they arrested a teenager who vandalized several churches. robert grigsby, jr. faces multiple charges, including malicious injury to a place of worship. investigators say grigsby damaged several church windows, walls, and vehicles in simpsonville, in december. deputies say the damage appeared to be caused by an air gun. today is valentine's day, and many people celebrated by getting married, or by renewing their vows. congratulations to those people. skylight chapel in taylors is one of the places where they did it. the team there told us, they had multiple ceremonies happen today. you can see the place all decked out for the holiday. weddings are the next step for the many couples who celebrated valentine's day by getting engaged today.
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showing rain and moisture coming in quickly to northwestern georgia and east tennessee.
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>> now, your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. john: we have all this moisture
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mainly through north carolina. they had flurries and light snow as far east of the mountains and north carolina as winston-salem and greensboro. most of it evaporated. they ended up with 2-4 inches of snow around boone in the higher elevations. it didn't melt or evaporate. this is the storm system in texas. it has a ways to go. look at the moisture breaking up to tennessee, mississippi, alabama. it is where the ways of rain will move across, and the arctic heart -- high in new england wedges across our area. very dense, dry air. evaporational cooling, when the moisture gets here it will evaporate well before, and then the moisture will hit the ground. as the process happens, it cools temperatures down. below freezing. look at the rain, changing over
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mountains to change it over to frozen precipitation. a little bit of sleet mixed in south of knoxville, and a couple patches of light snow back in through northwestern georgia. a couple flurries and snow showers along the north carolina-tennessee line, but that's about it. now, we wait for the precipitation to come in. south of i-85, you will probably see, greenwood, laurens, you will see rain mixed with sleet and freezing rain at times. but it will be light and patchy. now, instead of a winter storm watch, we heavy freezing rain advisory along i-85 back into north georgia in the paint area. in the gray area is a winter weather advisory, which means freezing rain mixed with sleet and snow especially early with the storm system. same story in the mountains and the southern foothills of north carolina. except for the northern mountains of north carolina and northern foothills, that is
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expect three-six inches of snow and sleet along with freezing rain. here is your impact meter. 7:00-10:00 tomorrow morning, patches of light sleet, maybe freezing drizzle or light freezing rain, then as we go through most of the day tomorrow, patches of light, freezing rain. right around the 32 degree mark. even a trace of freezing rain, could cause very slippery conditions on the roads. the heaviest precipitation, thank goodness this comes as we get into tomorrow night with the front itself. by that time, we should be above freezing and we should see rain, maybe a couple claps of thunder in the southern upstate. some of the rain could be heavy at times tomorrow night. it will wash away the frozen precipitation. low impact from clemson and anderson through northeastern georgia. the wedge could stay longer, so we could be wedged in with cold air and we may have to take the high and move it all the way down, all the way into greenville, spartanburg, and cherokee county.
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it looks like a moderate risk right now of pretty good impact as far as freezing rain and sleet mixed in from time to time. we will watch that closely and e. we will warm up during the day from southwest-northeast across the area as the high starts to we can. towns -- town square in laurens, 32 degrees there. 32 in abbeville. here is the arctic high. seven degrees in boston, they were nine degrees below zero this morning in boston. coldest temperature it has been since 1957. there windchill was re-six degrees below zero. this air is what is reaching across our area. the storm system comes in from the west end here is the northeasterly wind, which picks up speed during the day tomorrow. patches of freezing rain. here is a heavy rain. hopefully, we will warm up before that gets here. by tuesday morning, we are all clear. overnight tonight, patches of
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sleet and flurries, 25 degrees. 21 in the mountains. light snow mixed with sleet from time to time. tomorrow, patches of light sleet, freezing rain, mixing with and gradually changing over to all rain late in the day. high 34, 35 in the mountains, snow, sleet, freezing rain afternoon. once we get by tomorrow warm up. heavy rain moves through. the storm system leaves us on tuesday in the upstate, than a nice warming trend. how nice does that look? 60's, mike. now back to you. mike: they are talking about 60's this coming friday, but last friday, we got this. our u-local reporters pulled out their cameras we got the surprise snowfall. this is video taken shortly after the snow started, but it didn't take long for the ground to turn white. take a look at greer city park, where it looks a lot more than just some flurries or a dusting of snow. remember, if you capture pictures or video of breaking news or weather, upload them to
11:23 pm, and you may see them used here on-air, or on our website. >> now, wyff news 4 sports. >> history says we haven't done well playing in knoxville, but our team has done a great job at being a top team in the conference. and we are going to go in pretty confident that if we play our style of play, that will give us the edge in getting a win. ricardo: the second-ranked gamecock women travel to knoxville to take on the lady vols tomorrow night. sc has won just one time in knoxville. more hoops in just a moment. the great american race runs next sunday. on this valentine's day, we find out who will start out in front at the 58th running of the daytona 500. and a 20-year-old getting all the love on this day. chase elliott, in the 24 this season. jeff gordon, moving to the broadcast booth. and gordon looking on as his successor put the 24 in the pole position for next sunday's race.
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in the second round, 45.845 seconds. elliott becomes the youngest driver to be the daytona 500 pole sitter. matt kenseth will start in the front row with elliott, as kenseth turns a lap of 45.910 seconds. but elliott, taking his first sprint cup pole of his young career. >> i certainly want to make the most of this one. this is very, very special. a cool way to start our 2016 season, with hms and the 24 car. just honored and blessed to be with this group of guys. it is a special group. alan and this entire team did such a great job on this car this offseason. we sure would like to have it to race on sunday. it's awfully fast. hopefully, we can get through those duels, and be smart. ricardo: clemson landed a verbal commitment for i i class of 2016 today. amari rodgers, a receiver from knoxville, announced his commitment to the tigers on periscope. rodgers, considered a four-star prospect by recruiting services. moving over to the hardwood, the tigers got back in the win column saturday,
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improve to 8 and 5 in the acc. clemson right now projected to be out of the ncaa tournament, and with the tigers beginning a stretch of five of their next six games against the bottom four in the league, they need to pick up victories to have a shot at getting into the dance. >> it's a big-time win. we lost the last two. we obviously need a win moving forward. it does a lot for our confidence. we needed a big win today, and lucky to get it done. >> just happy to win a game with our defense. yououot to win a lot of different ways to be a good team, and today was, defensively, a victory for our defense. ricardo: clemson returns to action wednesday, hosting boston college. a tough day for south carolina saturday, as the gamecocks were overmatched by 22nd-ranked kentucky. the wildcats knocking usc out of first place in the s.e.c. following an 89-62 victory, the worst home loss for the gamecocks since 2012, when uk won at colonial life arena by 34 points. >> kentucky has been the
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so long, and came in here and proved a point, and put a couple of black eyes on us. i told the guys, same way we felt good on wednesday night, we still had to come in here and prepare the last couple of days. when you get knocked on the head and get a blaceye, you don't run and hide, or buy big sunglasses. you kind of walk around, and continue to be proud of who you are. ricardo: south carolina will try to rebound tuesday night at missouri. both wofford and furman remain near the top of the south conference standings. the paladins scored a 85-74 victory over mercer on senior day at timmons arena. senior stephen croone dropping 31 in the win. furman ups its win streak to 3, as it improves to 11 and 4 in the socon. meanwhile, wofford moves its win streak to 4 games, and sits just a half game back of furman, at 10 and 4 in the socon, following a 99-89 win over the citadel. easley native spencer collins,
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over the bulldogs. the terriers, back on the court monday night at unc greensboro. 9th ranked north carolina and pitt today, at the dean dome. roy williams, back on the bench after having that bout of vergtigo that caused him to leave the second half against boston college on tuesday. carolina with a 17 point lead. justin jackson pushes it to 19. 14 and six for jackson. later, marcus paige gets it in to brice johnson, who turns and hits a jumper. game-high 19 for johnson. tar heels win, 85-64. next up for unc, rival duke. to the association. all-star weekend in toronto wrapping up with the all-star game tonight, and the last time kobe bryant will play in an all star contest. the future hall of famer, 18 apperances in the game, 4 mvp awards in this game, the last coming in 2011. first quarter, east up 4. bryant hits the friendly role to finish with 10 points. the west wins 193-173, the highest scoring game in nba history. russell westbrook, named mvp for
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final round of the at&t pebble beach pro am, phil mickelson making a charge on the 8th, the short birdie putt to move to 16-under and the lead. augusta native vaughn taylor, also climbing up the leaderboard. here on the 14th, drops in the birdie to go to 15-under 65 today, to move to 17-under and the lead. taylor with a one-stroke lead over mickelson. lefty has the five footer to send it into a playoff ended live out. taylor captures his third pga tour victory, and a great story, his first win on to work in 11 years.
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mike: john: dry right now, but the that will become sleet and snow and freezing rain as we go overnight.
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doesn't take much as f today on "matter of fact." >> today on "matter of fact." the front runners face a new test -- can old strategies work in america's new south? then, dnc chair debbie wasserman schultz reacts to the race between democrats that no one
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>> our candidates are going to continue to run their own races. >> plus, with the stroke of a pen, she became a dreamer. now presidential candidates seek her endorsement. fernando: i'm fernando espuelas. welcome to "matter of fact." donald trump had a huge victory in new hampshire. and now he's moving south, to a road perhaps that leads to the nomination. will the other candidates be able to compete with him in south carolina and beyond? with me today are two journalists who are following the candidates' every move. priscilla alverez is with "the atlantic," looking for differences between candidates on the issues. shane goldmacher is with "politico" and just spent 21 days on the gop campaign trail. shane, priscilla, welcome to the program. priscilla: thank you for having us. shane: thank you. fernando: shane, you've been


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