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courtesy of rescort-cams. we are dealing with a winter weather system this morning and him we have team coverage in to track the storm as it moves through the area. meteorologist chris justus joins dale gilbert in the weather center this morning. geoff: this is johnson city, tennessee, court is a of rescort-cams. it is a frigid morning. some schools this morning out for president's day, others because of the weather. closings and delays are running at the bottom of your screen. allyson: let's check in with dale and see what the current weather conditions are. dale: we had a cold day yesterday. today is on a chilly side, as well. this is the past six hours. wintry precipitation across north carolina, tennessee, trying to work its way into the upstate. it is quickly evaporating. snow is working its way to the north carolina border from tennessee. as we look at the watches and warnings out for today, we are still under a winter storm warning for the higher
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counties east the national. yancey, mitchell, avery, mcdowell county. fresh snow falling her. we have a winter storm watch for the rest of western north carolina. freezing rain advisories for the upstate of south carolina, the i-85 corridor. when this starts to occur is a? questionmark today. chris: it looks like lunch or after, we are watching the storm back toward tennessee. the greatest moisture up toward tennessee. we are watching his back toward birmingham. it will make a run for north georgia and parts of the upstate. air is so dry that, like you were saying, trying to move in right now, it is getting of this rated by the dry air we have in place. the fact that humidity, 45%, that is the first thing we are tracking. we haveveo get the moisture up before anything hits the ground. temperatures are another thing
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later today, we will see warm air from the south that will erode away at this cold air. here is the you -- is the latest future plus showing snowfall in the mountains. in the afternoon after lunch, we see these think swatches -- pink swatches show appeared freezing rain. ground temperatures are 28. at one take a lot to get it to stick to the ground. heavier freezing rain around 10:00 tonight. this area and here is the concern. the northeastern part of the upstate and the foothills of north carolina, and then rain takes over. here is the area that will be impacted. up toward hickory, the foothills of north carolina, a 10 seven inch to a quarter inch of ice i-85 corridor, up to a 10th of inch of ice is possible to low impact south of i-85. forecast in a few minutes. allyson: because of the winter
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the roads. dell and chris were saying rain and ice which means issues on the road. geoff: we had crews working on the last storm. the south carolina department of transportation was at it again this weekend pretreating all roads in greenville, spartanburg i-85. crews will work in 12 hour shifts to monitor conditions. in counties like laurens, anderson and areas south of i-85, crews were working on treating interstates, bridges and known trouble spots. and have been watching conditions there overnight. allyson: don't forget. when bad weather hits, you can turn to the wyff 4 mobile app you can keep an eye on the weather, track the storm, and get the latest on school closings and alerts. covering our commitment 2016 now. doctor ben carson will hold an event in the upstate. the gop presidential hopeful is set to be at the spartanburg marriott at 7:00 tonight following his visit to lancaster in the afternoon. geoff: gop presidential candidate donald trump expected to be in the upstate this evening.
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the t.d. convention center. doors open at 5:00 in the event starts at 7:00. and senator marco rubio will also be in the palmetto state today. allyson: the republican presidential hopeful started his week with the largest crowd yet to attend a rubio event in south carolina. more than 2,000 people attended his town hall meeting sunday at easley high school. rubio's staff says there was a spike in interest after saturday night's debate in greenville. he told the audience that he doesn't believe president obama should appoint a new supreme court justice after antonin scalia's recent death. people of all ages came out to hear rubio speak. >> why do you like marco rubio? >> his passion and his understandings of the responsibilities as a president. >> he gets thrown around a lot on the immigration issue but i think he has more of a heart for immigrants but he wants to be able to make it a way for them to come in legally. allyson: rubio will make appearances today in rock hill florence and columbia. , geoff: former florida governor
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his campaign rally at the north tonight. former president george w. appearance at the rally to stump for his brother. the south carolina gop presidential primary is this weekend. allyson: it's on saturday, february 20. the democratic primary comes a week later on february 27. a look behind us at our woodruff road skycam. as we continue to keep an eye on the weather. things are somewhat shifted. dale: it looks like it will be later on today before we get precipitation as far as the upstate is concerned. mountains of north carolina getting snow this morning. that will continue as we continue -- this is live super doppler 4 hd, the past six hours to give you an idea, the direction, the precipitation coming from and a lot of what looks like might have been streaming across the upstate has just evaporated with cold, dry air over the morning. freezing rain advisories for all of the areas in pink, areas in
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for the mountains of north carolina will be a mix of slow, sleet, and freezing rain. higher elevations of north carolina shaded in think. he's that asheville and the i-40 corridor could get the brunt of this one, snow and ice buildup before it is said and done. expanding the view, a lot of the snow has been tracking to the north into virginia, more so than in the carolinas and northern georgia so far from this event. we will continue to keep an eye on this. let's go to meteorologist chris justus and he will show you what is on the screen now. chris: watching this area of moisture back toward arming him. the key is to moisten up the atmosphere. it is so dry and so cold right now that we have to get the relative humidity of before anything will fall to the ground. it is getting of this rated by the dry air near gainesville, franklin county. here's the timeframe for today good light sleet and freezing rain between 7:00 and 10:00. then the impact goes higher
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that is when chance of precipitation go up. we expect a change to rainfall by 5:00. the key is that that warmer air does move in. if it does not move in, we have more eyes to deal with. it is still too cold. as far as the model show, upwards of 2/10 of an inch of ice on the models. a possibility that gsp airport. same story for the asheville-hendersonville area. this is an ice event versus snow and sleet. the highest impact area to the foothills of north carolina. low impact south of i-85 from oconee county to anderson to greenwood with moderate impacts along the i 85 corridor. it won't take much to get slick spots out there with road temperatures around 28 degrees. we will keep you posted. geoff: a man's truck breaks down and he survives for a week. what he used to get him through the long days. allyson: plus snow causes massive trouble on the road way. low visibility and icy
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crash. allyson: 4:41 anderson county
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then stole a car. firefighters were called to leroy auto sales on manley drive just before 4:00 yesterday morning. when they got there, part of the office area was on fire. the owner of the lot says a 2005 chevrolet equinox was missing from the property. that car was later found about two blocks away. geoff: spartanburg county deputies say this man akello jeter has confessed to killing a 19-year-old woman who'd been reported missing. the body of autumn hunt was found in a wooded area off sims chapel road. investigators say hunt died from a gunshot wound to the head. jeter is being held at the spartanburg county detention center. stand trial on charges he killed the man who was accused of killing his son. charles o'shields is expected to begin trial tomorrow. o'shields is accused of shooting and killing toby mathis back in 2011. mathis was accused of killing o'shields son in 2010 after an altercation. the 20-year-old fell from the back of a pickup truck that mathis was driving. allyson: asheville police say
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connection with a woman's death. 29-year-old james norton is charged with murder. police say he killed 62-year-old christina kessinger friday afternoon. norton is being held at the buncombe county detention center. geoff: spartanburg county now. where this woman, kenasha stewart is charged with filing a false police report. deputies say she told them a man with a gun robbed her in the inman area on saturday, broke her driver's side window, and took off. investigators say multiple officers and a canine team searched for the robber. but detectives say stewart ultimately admitted to making up the story after a fight with the father of her child. allyson: greenville county deputies say they arrested a teenager who vandalized several churches. robert grigsby junior faces multiple charges including malicious injury to a place of worship investigators say grigsby damaged several church windows, walls and vehicles in simpsonville in december. deputies say the damage appeared to be caused by an air gun. just days after rough seas
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this luxury liner is setting out again. how it was cleared for coasting. dale: snow in the mountains of north carolina this morning. (coughing) coughing disrupts everyone's life. that's why there's delsym. delsym's advanced time release formula helps silence coughs for a full 12 hours. all night...
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gilliard: you know, there's an old saying about south carolina, we're always first in the things that are last and last in the things that are first. this economy is rigged. we can do better. and that's where bernie comes in. bernie is not in the pocket of wall street. we don't have to depend on the so-called wall street giants. everybody knows the problem. bernie wants to do something about it. he gets it. i mean, he really gets it.
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dale: good morning, coming up on 4:47 as we watch the past six hours area as we look to live super doppler four hd, you can see a new batch of wintry precipitation hitting the mountains of north carolina. it will produce snow across western north carolina, swain, northern jackson right now coming good in yancey, mitchell, avery, the area under winter storm warning expecting the most snow. anywhere from 2-5 plus inches of snow. freezing rain also a possibility. in the foothills of north carolina, the areas of blue, some potential of snow, sleet, freezing rain. i 85 corridor back into georgia, the areas in pink under a freezing rain advisory.
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most of the energy from this system is tracking to the north of us this morning affecting parts of tennessee. look at virginia getting widespread snow. we will get this moisture into the upstate, late morning into the afternoon. we will show you the future plus forecast year coming up next. we are starting to see snow on the tennessee-north carolina border. we put the future plus into motion. that will continue in spots through the morning. these areas of pink, sleet and freezing rain possibilities for parts of the upstate. 2:00 this afternoon starting to see a little action in oconee and pickens county. the coming more widespread into drivetime this evening. it will change to rain later tonight. between 5:00 and 10:00, we have the potential of freezing rain for those temperatures above the look at the heavy rain coming in overnight tonight through early tomorrow morning. by late morning tomorrow into
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there might be a few bits of energy alumni tennessee-north carolina border. it looks like sunshine is coming in. we have beautiful weather for wednesday through the weekend to look forward to. cold temperatures all around the region from 15 in boone to 27 in greenville. factor in a 10 plus mile-per-hour breeze out of the northeast and five two 10 in the just normally, it will be cold. this evening, as far as the upstate is concerned, you have to watch for the possibility of sleet and freezing rain. the big high in extreme northeastern canada pushing all the way down south into atlanta. the good news is after cold air today, better weather coming in the next couple of days. struggling to get into the low 30's for the upstate today, low 30's in the mountains.
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change to rain overnight or tomorrow, high temperatures from 48 to 55, just above freezing in the mountains. low 40's in the mountains reaching mid 50's. look at the sunshine. wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, even sunday looking good in the four-day plus forecast with milder weather this coming weekend. geoff: 4:49 this monday morning. here's a look at what the winter weather did along the tennessee-kentucky border. snow started falling around 2:00 yesterday afternoon along i-75. it stranded some drivers and forced others to take early exits. the state did use plows to help make the roads passable. allyson: 48 people were rescued from two stranded tram cars in new hampshire. officials say the cars became stranded on the cannon mountain aerial tramway some 40 feet off the ground. people were on board the lower 41 car and 7 people were in the top car. all of the of the people safely rappelled down from the tram. geoff: a 60-car crash on indiana's interstate-65 injured at least a dozen people.
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conditions and low visibility may have caused the pile-up with drivers moving too quickly and following other vehicles too 12-people were taken to local hospitals with minor injuries. one person who suffered a broken leg had to be cut out of a car. allyson: snowfall dusted the yesterday this caused slick driving conditions for drivers forecasters say temperatures hovered around 19 degrees and miles-per-hour. they expect the winter weather to continue through today. an oregon man says he survived on snow while he was stranded period for a week in the desert. 69-year-old philip besanson is now recovering at a hospital in california. police say besanson was driving his pick-up truck earlier this month from arizona to oregon. his truck broke down just north of reno, nevada. besanson stayed in his truck, drinking melted snow and rationing what little food he had. it's a very remote area, but a highway patrol trooper stumbled
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road conditions. geoff: days after rough seas, the anthem of the seas cruise the luxury liner is setting out the ship did receive some cosmetic damage during last week's high seas trip. still it was cleared by its operators, royal caribbean and the united states coast guard to sail again. the ship left the port in new jersey at 3:00 in the afternoon on allyson: the body of supreme saturday. court justice antonin scalia has arrived back home in virginia. justice antonin scalia's body arrived at dulles airport late last night and was loaded onto a hearse. earlier yesterday a procession , of about 20 police officers brought the body to an el paso funeral home from the west texas ranch where scalia was found dead on saturday. an autopsy was deemed unnecessary. it is believed the 79-year-old scalia died of natural causes. scalia was appointed by president ronald reagan in 19-86 and has been the senior member of the court for several years. geoff: authorities shut down a rental car facility near the albuquerque international sunport after an explosive
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police say the car was returned overnight and when a mechanic put it on the lift as part of protocol, he saw the device. the building was evacuated immediately. police say the item was determined to be an explosive but was deemed safe, and the rental car facility was reopened. they say the atf and fbi will continue to investigate the object and track down who put it there. allyson: president barack obama will meet with several leaders from southeast asian nations today. president obama will meet with leaders from the association of southeast asian nations in california. other participants include secretary of state john kerry and secretary of commerce penny pritzker. the group will cover several issues including security, trade, and climate change. geoff: los angeles is preparing for the 58th annual grammy awards. they will be held at the staples center tonight. crews were out working to put together the final touches before the celebrities hit the red carpet for tonight's snow. rapper l.l. cool-j will host the awards for the fifth year. it will feature performances
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adele, taylor swift, and justin bieber. just six days away, they 58 running of the daytona 500. we know who was starting out front with jeff gordon retired and in the broad -- broadcast booth looking on his successor. he is the youngest to do it. also turned the fastest lap in the second. moving over to hardwood, constant hosting boston college after getting back over the weekend. the tigers took down georgia tech and improved to eight and five in the acc. clemson is projected to be out of the ncaa tournament but could have a shot if they pick up victories as the tigers begin a stretch of games among the bottom four in the acc. south carolina would try to rebound tuesday night at missouri after getting blown out on saturday.
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by 22nd ranked kentucky. the wildcats not them out of first place in the fcc with an 89-52 victory. the worst loss for the gamecocks since 2012 in kentucky when a colonial life arena by 34 points. allyson: something is just fundamentally broken when african americans are more likely to be arrested by police, and sentenced to longer prison terms, for doing the same thing that whites do. ...when too many encounters with law enforcement end tragically. we need investments in education, health care and jobs, to counter generations of neglect. we have to face up to the hard truth of injustice and systemic racism. i'm hillary clinton,
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dale: good morning, 4:57. over the past six hours, bends of snow in the mountains of north carolina and tennessee. areas of blue and white coming down the heaviest area some of that is working its way into swain, parts of haywood county. a little bit of freezing rain nearly tennessee border. the upstate and has been so dry we are not seeing any precipitation yet. we are not expecting anything into later this afternoon and this evening when we could experience freezing rain or eyes development because of the cold temperatures hanging with us all day. here we are seeing fresh know in the mountains of north carolina. it could make for slippery driving. winter storm, watch out for the foothills in the higher elevations of north carolina. the boone area, east of asheville on dry winter storm warning.
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much of the area right now. abbeville just above a, 33. greenville at 27, asheville and hendersonville in the mid 20's. factor in the breeze blowing 7-10 and it feels like teams. everybody needs to dress warmly. after we get past this will winter event, it changes to rain overnight. rain tomorrow for the first half of the day. sunnier weather is back. we don't have to worry about icy weather because it looks like the rest of the week, wednesday through the weekend looking good with temperatures in the upstate above freezing. the mountains will still have cold mornings. more -- warmer than normal days friday, saturday, and sunday. geoff: that sounds good considering what we had. we want joyless temperatures. in this morning's buzz, newborns decked out for valentine's day. geoff: check out these new babies. allyson: they were tucked in envelopes. just for them, volunteers from the american heart association
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the program is called little hats, big hearts. it raises awareness for heart disease, in addition to celebrating valentine's day. geoff: i love the expressions. allyson: what is cuter than a baby tucked in an envelope? that is a normal. and a good cause, to boot. news four continues right now. >> live, local, breaking news. this is wyff news 4 today in high definition. geoff: happening now on this monday morning we're tracking , the winter storm as it heads toward our area. many of you will see snow, sleet, or freezing rain today. this is boone, north carolina, courtesy of rescort-cams. allyson: a look behind us at our anderson skycam. not all about snow on the ground. as we continue to deal with winter weather we want to remind you that school closings and delays are running in the ticker at the bottom of your screen. dale joins us again what kind of
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dale: all kinds of advisors and things over the last six hours. we have seen in tennessee and north carolina, snow in spots making for slippery driving. the mountains of north carolina, almost covered up and snow. this area highlighted in pink, yancey, avery, mitchell comic mcdowell county and to the east along the i-40 corridor. that is the winter storm warning area that will get impact of the most with snow. we had a winter storm watch in the foothills of north carolina. seeing snow in swain county and northern swain in macon county. the upstate in pink, that is a freeze warning advisory -- freezing rain advisory. later today into the evening, the potential slippery conditions in the upstate. chris justus in this morning to look at some of the models and show you when we will be impacted by the winter weather. chris: i just got in touch with


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