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tv   WYFF News 4 5am  NBC  February 15, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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dale: all kinds of advisors and things over the last six hours. we have seen in tennessee and north carolina, snow in spots making for slippery driving. the mountains of north carolina, almost covered up and snow. this area highlighted in pink, yancey, avery, mitchell comic mcdowell county and to the east along the i-40 corridor. that is the winter storm warning area that will get impact of the most with snow. we had a winter storm watch in the foothills of north carolina. seeing snow in swain county and northern swain in macon county. the upstate in pink, that is a freeze warning advisory -- freezing rain advisory. later today into the evening, the potential slippery conditions in the upstate. chris justus in this morning to look at some of the models and show you when we will be impacted by the winter weather. chris: i just got in touch with
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they are tracking a low-pressure system moving just south of our area today. we will see it move right along the cold boundaries from augusta to columbia. at first, we are watching for this moisture back toward birmingham that will moisten of our atmosphere. right now, we are dry. any moisture trying to jerk -- move and is being eviscerated. we are getting humidity levels up. when i left last night, we're at 20%. we are now at 53%. another thing we are watching his temperatures. 20's across much of the area. a cold dome of air stretches back toward north georgia. it will move like this right around that cold air. let me show you the latest computer model. nothing showing up. just like the summertime, drizzle is hard to pick up on the radar. we will see freezing drizzle and hereby midmorning. it won't take much to make the roads#slick due to how cold the roads are. have your freezing rain in greenville and spartanburg later this evening.
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north greenville county through the foothills. rain moves in by this afternoon and evening. as far as who is going to see the worst, a high impact for the foothills, a low impact greenville to anderson to clemson. i will have to watch these areas along i-85 to greenville to spartanburg to gaffney back toward travelers rest. these areas could be in the transition area that holds on to ice a little longer. more on the forecast coming up. allyson: because of the winter weather, dot crews have their eyes on known trouble spots on the roads. geoff: wyff news 4's aly myles joins us live from interstate in spartanburg county with more. aly: we are live here near the 85-i-26 interchange. north of it. it is one of those spots were able be a trouble spot later today. if you look over here you can see right now, nothing on the roads is the good news. like chris and dale were saying, they are worried about that ice
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that seems to be one of the issues on the road. we have video that shows crews working before the last storm. the south carolina department of transportation was at it again this weekend pretreating all roads in greenville, spartanburg and other counites north of i-85. crews will work in 12 hour shifts to monitor conditions. in counties like laurens, anderson and areas south of i-85, crews were working on treating interstates, bridges and known trouble spots. they have been watching those conditions overnight. we will be telling you the latest throughout the day, letting you know when it changes. as of right now, the drive from greenville to spartanburg county is pretty clear. aly myles, live in spartanburg county. geoff: don't forget. when bad weather hits, you can turn to the wyff 4 mobile app you can keep an eye on the weather.,track the storm and get the latest on school closings and alerts. allyson: turning to commitment 2016 now. doctor ben carson will hold an event in the upstate. the gop presidential hopeful is set to be at the spartanburg marriott at 7:00 tonight
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gop presidential candidate donald trump expected to be in the upstate this evening. he will be holding a rally at the t.d. convention center. doors open at 5:00 and the event starts at 7:00. geoff: and senator marco rubio will also be in the palmetto state today. the republican presidential the largest crowd yet to attend a rubio event in south carolina. allyson: more than 2,000 people attended his town hall meeting sunday at easley high school. rubio's staff says there was a spike in interest after saturday night's debate in greenville. he told the audience that he doesn't believe president obama should appoint a new supreme court justice after antonin scalia's recent death. people of all ages came out to hear rubio speak. >> why do you like marco rubio? understandings of the responsibilities as a resident. >> he gets thrown around a lot on the immigration issue but i think he has more of a heart for immigrants but he wants to be able to make it a way for them to come in legally. allyson: rubio will make appearances today in rock hill
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, former florida governor jeb bush will be holding an event in the low country. his campaign rally at the north charleston coliseum starts at six tonight. former president george w. bush is expected make an appearance at the rally to stump for his brother. geoff: the south carolina gop presidential primary is this weekend. allyson: it's on saturday, february 20. the democratic primary comes a week later on february 27. a look behind us at our laurens skycam. dale, what a different story mountains right now. dale: that is right. tatian along the tennessee-north carolina border. we expect action late this morning and into the afternoon. it is 27 degrees and cloudy andd cold all day yesterday. this morning, it is 27. above freezing later today,
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starts falling this afternoon and this evening changes to rain tonight. as we look from our various skycam's, continuing cloudy and cold this morning. the past six hours show some of that precipitation impacting parts of swing county, haywood county, parts of western north carolina getting good downpours of snow. also from boone sought to hickory, snow showing up in the last little bit on live super doppler 4 hd. temperatures across the region are called from boone at 15 to abbeville at 32 to green will -- greenville, spartanburg, anrson in the upper 20's. wear a coat. with that 7-10 mile per hour breeze, it feels like it is in the teens. wind chill coming into play. chris justus joins us. we are looking at wind and when we will be impacted by the winter weather. dale: we are watching back toward the west. chris: the moisture in birmingham will act to moisten up the atmosphere.
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have a cold dome of air position like this across the area because of the northeast wind. it looks like low-pressure systems that later on today form down toward alabama will track up and around that low versus going up through the mountains there. that is going to keep the cold air locked in longer this evening. it looks like there is a delay in the moisture. freezing drizzle will arise this midmorning. have your sis -- precipitation this evening. since this low tracks south, areas and the upstate, the foothills will hold on to that freezing temperature a little bit longer this evening. watching temperatures right now and watching the moisture, it is way to dry to hit the ground. we are starting to bring mountains. anything that falls there will hit the ground but not in the upstate.e. temperatures are another thing here. areas in greenville and
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foothills like a v will hold on to temperatures the longest good freezing drizzle by midmorning with the heaviest stuff arriving this afternoon and evening. it won't take a lot to get anything to stick to the ground due to temperatures on the we will keep you posted. some know it as the first major sales holiday of the year. the best deals of the day straight ahead. geoff: check out these ice chunks floating in lake michigan.
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allyson: 5:11 now anderson , county authorities want to know who started a fire at a car lot and then stole a car. firefighters were called to leroy auto sales on manley drive just before 4:00 yesterday morning. when they got there, part of the office area was on fire. the owner of the lot says a 2005 chevrolet equinox was missing from the property. that car was later found about two blocks away. geoff: spartanburg county deputies say this man akello jeter has confessed to killing a 19-year-old woman who'd been reported missing. the body of autumn hunt was found in a wooded area off sims chapel road. investigators say hunt died from a gunshot wound to the head. jeter is being held at the spartanburg county detention center. a transylvania county man will stand trial on charges he killed the man who was accused of killing his son. charles o'shields is expected to
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and killing toby mathis back in 2011. mathis was accused of killing o'shields son in 2010 after an altercation. the 20-year-old fell from the back of a pickup truck that mathis was driving. allyson: asheville police say they've arrested a man in connection with a woman's death. 29-year-old james norton is charged with murder. police say he killed 62-year-old christina kessinger friday afternoon. norton is being held at the buncombe county detention center. geoff: spartanburg county now. where this woman, kenasha stewart is charged with filing a false police report. deputies say she told them a man with a gun robbed her in the inman area on saturday, broke her driver's side window, and took off. investigators say multiple officers and a k9 team searched for the robber. but detectives say stewart ultimately admitted to making up the story after a fight with the father of her child. allyson: greenville county deputies say they arrested a teenager who vandalized several churches. robert grigsby junior faces
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malicious injury to a place of worship investigators say grigsby damaged several church windows, walls and vehicles in simpsonville in december. deputies say the damage appeared to be caused by an air gun. a new smartphone app hopes to use sensors to map earthquakes occuring around you. how the so-called seismic
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dale: snow in the dale: good morning, just getting up? at 5:17, it is called still. 27 degrees in greenville, mostly cloudy skies. no precipitation yet, but it is coming. precipitation in the foothills of north carolina along the tennessee-north carolina border coming down good in parts of
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also eased of asheville, mcdowell, yancey, mitchell, avery, all under a winter storm warning. that is the area that will be impacted the most. new advisories out for greenville and spartanburg. those are aviation advisories. we are expecting freezing rain later this afternoon and this evening. check with your r rline if you have travel plans today. here you can see these areas of gray and white showing up on the screen. graham county, swain, new snow flurries, northern madison county. 2-5 plus inches of snow possible in the counties highlighted in pink. winter weather advisory's out for the counties and blue including northern oconee, pickens, greenville county. could be some precipitation developing this evening that could be because of slippery driving conditions. the i-85 corridor under a freezing rain advisory as we watch moisture at come in our direction. temperatures this morning in the
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yesterday was cold all day. as precipitation falls later today, we have the potential of ice development. we will give you more the morning. this morning with those 5-10 plus mile-per-hour winds, it feels like it is in the teens from asheville to spartanburg dress warmly for today. today, temperatures just getting afternoon. it will finally get above freezing later on tonight. what precipitation falls will change over to rain overnight into half of tomorrow. asheville will see a wintry mix of weather, low 30's at 5:00. also, we get above freezing later on tonight. it will be rain overnight tuesday -- overnight monday into half of tuesday. things clear up by tuesday afternoon. look at the sunny symbols, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, and sunday to her temperatures back to normal by thursday and above normal for friday through the weekend.
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the winter weather did along the tennessee-kentucky border. snow started falling around 2:00 yesterday afternoon along i-75. it stranded some drivers and forced others to take early exits. the state did use plows to help make the roads passable. geoff: 48 people were rescued from two stranded tram cars in new hampshire. officials say the cars became stranded on n e cannon mountain aerial tramway some 40 feet off the ground. 41 people were on board the lower car and 7 people were in the top car. all of the of the people safely rappelled down from the tram. allyson: a 60-car crash on indiana's interstate-65 injured at least a dozen people. according to local police icy conditions and low visibility may have caused the pile-up with drivers moving too quickly and llowing other vehicles too closely. 12 people were taken to local hospitals with minor injuries. one person who suffered a broken leg had to be cut out of a car. geoff: snowfall dusted the roadways in waterloo, iowa yesterday
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conditions for drivers forecasters say temperatures hovered around 19-degrees and winds reached up to 10 miles-per-hour. they expect the winter weather to continue through today. an oregon man says he survived on snow while he was stranded for a week in the desert. 69-year-old philip besanson is now recovering at a hospital in california. police say besanson was driving his pick-up truck earlier this month from arizona to oregon. his truck broke down just north of reno, nevada. besanson stayed in his truck, drinking melted snow and rationing what little food he had. it's a very remote e ea, but a highway patrol trooper stumbled across besanson, while checking road conditions. allyson: just days after rough seas maybe anthem of the seas cruise ship returned to work the , luxury liner is setting out again. the ship did receive some cosmetic damage during last week's high seas trip. still it was cleared by its operators, royal caribbean and the united states coast guard to sail again. the ship left the port in new
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the body of supreme court justice antonin scalia has arrived back home in virginia. justice antonin scalia's body arrived at dulles airport late last night and was loaded onto a hearse. earlier yesterday. a procession of about 20 police officers brought the body to an el paso funeral home from the west texas ranch where scalia was found dead on saturday. an autopsy was deemed unnecessary. it is believed the 79-year-old scalia died of natural causes. scalia was appointed by president ronald reagan in 19-86 and has been the senior member of the court for several years. allyson: los angeles is preparing for the 58th annual grant -- grammy awards. they will be held at the staples center. crews were out working to put together the final touches before the celebrities hit the red carpet for tonight's snow. rapper l.l. cool-j will host the awards for the fifth year. it will feature performances from several stars including adele, taylor swift, and justin bieber. geoff: with this being presidents' day, some of you
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holiday of the year. if you didn't get in on the deals over the weekend, you still have a chance. many retailers are having storewide sales to clclr out merchandise left over from the holidays. president's day is traditionally also one of the biggest car buying holidays of the year with dealers offering additional incentives and savings. says president's day sales also offer one of the best times of the year to take advantage of deep discounting on home upgrades. allyson: if you think your broken smartphone is worthless, think again. the apple-focused tech blog reports apple will soon pay for broken i-phones. it's an upgrade to apple's current i-phone trade-in program, which already gives customers who trade their old model phone credit toward the purchase of a new model. says apple hopes the program will encourage people to upgrade their phones instead of just paying to replace a broken screen. geoff: at&t plans to start testing 5-g wireless technology this year. 5-g offers speeds of 10 to 100 times the fastest of today's networks.
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power smartphones until the end of the decade. verizon says it will also test 5-g. allyson: turning to our r ff 4 timeline, today is february 15. on this date in 2006, the student manager of a high school basketball team was allowed to play in the waning minutes of their last home game of the season. what jason mcelwain did next was truly astounding. geoff: one of the great moments in sports is -- history. the senior, who has autism, went on a scoring streak, pumping in 20 points in four minutes. you see the reaction. the home crowd rushed the floor and carried him off on their shoulders. allyson: a look outside at our woodruff road skycam. no ice or precipitation yet. we will be back with weathth and a check of the roads in just a minute. jeff: good morning, i'm jeff rossen. coming up this morning on today, our special series step in or step off. ethical dilemma here, you're in a grocery store, you're at the checkout line and you see this out of the corner of your eye, a
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announcer: now, your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. dale: good morning. we look at woodruff road skycam. we have cloudy skies. precipitation across the area the day goes on. most of what has been falling has been along the tennessee-north carolina border.
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in swing county and -- swain county and graham county. the area highlighted in pink is covered in snow right now because of the potential of two to five plus inches of snow. winter storm watch for the foothills of north carolina. the mountains of south carolina, a freezing rain advisory. it is expected later today and this afternoon. meteorologist chris justus will bring you up-to-date on what the models are showing in just a few minutes. it is cold. teens and 20's across the region. daytime highs will struggle to get up to 32 in the upstate. the mountains later on will get above freezing. everything will change to rain later tonight. we will get nice development until that. geoff: that is this morning's biggest concern. in this morning's u local rewind, we are showing you what
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allyson: this is greer city park. geoff: this is in all some grow, that -- balsam grove, north carolina. they had their tongues out enjoying catching some of the snow. allyson: the bridge near lake robinson in greer. geoff: more than we expected there. this is mickey the cat. raising money for the charity pennies for preemies. my wife and i along with my youngest, who is seven, took the polar plunge in lake hartwell on saturday. it was a great time. yesterday morning would have been a lot tougher. we did have the sun on saturday morning. my seven-year-old getting in there.
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geoff: grace wins it all together. this is the charity -- grace puts it all together. this is the charity she started. my wife walked on water. dale: that is good. allyson: you just won some points there. geoff: i would news continues now. announcer: you're watching live, local, breaking news with geoff hart, allyson powell, and weather with meteorologist dale gilbert. this is wyff news 4 today in high definition. geoff: 5:30 on this president's day morning. we continue to track the winter storm as it heads our way. many of you will see snow, sleet, or freezing rain today. as we take a look from blowing rock, north carolina, courtesy of i do know about the conditions here. dale: you have to be a brave


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