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tv   WYFF News 4 Noon  NBC  February 15, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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it is freezing quickly on surfaces and leading to icy problems, especially on some of the higher elevation roads. we will have allyson powell update you on some of the accidents already occurred. it has become treacherous across parts of north carolina. you see freezing rain and sleet showing up on live super doppler 4 hd. winter weather advisory's continuing the mountains. this will be the story into the afternoon and now evening hours. there is a broader look at this. it is impacting tennessee with a lot of rain. where it is cold enough across the carolinas and northeastern georgia, it is getting icy. we have meteorologist chris justus in. john cessarich will be getting reports throughout the afternoon. let's get an update on the system and what we can expect. chris: we are watching those images very closely. we are trapped in with cold air from spartanburg to greenville to anderson and clemson. that which setting up right here. that is key. the cold breeze locking in the cold air while moisture overrunning that cold air. you can see it stretching all
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we have a kind of moisture having our way. we expected to eventually change to rain for some of us. ellis like a we head into the afternoon hours.for every is north of i-85, cold temperatures will versus. it is getting bad out there. we will see that moisture increase, especially about i-85 north not into henderson county, northern greenville, and spartanburg county. by tonight at midnight, the warmer air, the moisture should overwhelm the cold air. it should change to all rain. there are going to be some pockets here just at the foot of the mountains that may never change. that could lead to significant icing. we will have more on that forecast in a few minutes. geoff: thank you very much. with allyson powell in the traffic center, myra ruiz in northern greenville county, mike mccormick in spartanburg county.
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is live in greenville county in bitter windy conditions. aly: chains on, trucks prepped. >> other than that, just kind of hoping for the best. aly: now, we wait. >> if we need to call in extra people, we'll call in some extra to see what it'll do. aly: when bad weather is predicted, scdot crews pre-treat the roads, stocking up on salt and brine. fire crews make sure they're ready, too. both know there are certain spots to pay more attention to. >> with the air getting underneath and over the top of a bridge, it cools down first and is the first one to freeze. aly: for duncan fire department, a big trouble spot for them, i-85 from mile marker 63 to the 101. that's basically anywhere near the tyger river area.
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always bad for us. we've had a fire apparatus hit there probably four years ago, five years ago. aly: as always, the main tip when dealing with winter weather, if you can stay home, do stay home. >> try to stay off the roads if it gets bad, if possible. stay indoors, but if you have to get out, just be safe with it. geoff: like the captain was saying if you do have to be out, , give yourself a little extra time. let's get you on the roads in spartanburg county. mike mccormick and his photographer driving down interstate 85. mike, how do things look? mike: we were just in spartanburg county. we crossed into north carolina to give you a look at that. that is what you're looking at live at i-26. it looks like rain coming down, but what we are noticing is it is freezing to the windshield. on either side of our windshield, the winter wipers
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sides -- off onto the sides of the windshield. very cold. the roads are wet. they do not seem to be slick at this point. traffic is moving as usual on i-26. another thing that has been an issue throughout northern spartanburg county and into north carolina has been a little bit of fog. it can be a little rough at times. i know if you can see at the right side of your screen, you can see how what it is on the shoulder. the temperatures below freezing at this point. little bit of drizzle coming down. it has been freezing through the windchill -- to the windshield. traffic as usual right now 126. as the rain except. that is the latest here. we will be turning back going into northern spartanburg county interview posted on our social media accounts that way. back to you.
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keep as up-to-date as things possibly continue to change their. the weather has been changing in northern greenville county. how some are preparing for the weather ahead at the koa campgrounds in greenville county. thats where we find wyff news 4 myra ruiz. myra: we are at the travelers rest north greenville koa, which stands for campgrounds of america. you might be thinking he wants to be in the middle of the wilderness when an ice storm is on the way? the owner of your us the people here are probably among the most prepared for this type of weather events. jason is the owner of koa. thank you for being here. prepared than most? they are on their own. they are away from home, traveling on vacation. they are ready to go. myra: because they have the tools necessary in the event of a power outage, right? what are some of those?
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they have power, propane, water they are self-sufficient. myra: we often hear from people who tell people to prepare and get enough food and be prepared to things on a gas powered camping stove, right? jason: that's right. myra: however things around this area with the last with the event hit? you were without power for a while? jason: two days most people were self-sufficient so they were ready to go. myra: that is the key. thank you so much. the key is making sure things are in place to deal with a power outage. we are going to be going up the road to see what is happening up there. are no if you can tell what is happening, but there is something falling, kind of missedty. live in travelers rest, we go to you, allison. allyson: exactly where you are is where we are thing the worst conditions on the road. this is 85 near happy 129 in spartanburg county. fought in a little bit of mist
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highway 11 severely closed. ice on the road. that-- highway 11 temporarily closed. eyes on the road. four accident so far. ice on the road in greenville and white horse road near highway 124. d.o.t. trading that --trading that within. we have a road closure due to ice. this is what i-40 is looking like right now as you get around newfound road in the asheville area. icy spots in hendersonville as well. several places to watch out for. "liberalism especially in the elevated area and northern greenville county and hendersonville and asheville as well. we will keep an eye on those for you. what amazing we are having officials worried about a potential ice threat there. the break happened around 10:00 a.m. between would drive and melinda's drive.
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water has been turned up in the area. officials are warning you to be careful in the area as well because ice may be on the road where the standing water was. if you are planning on traveling in the air this morning, several things you want to know about the today. we have several canceled life. this one to charlotte, this winter charlotte also. we are also looking at several canceled flights in and out of washington at laguardia. you can see right now, this one into new work, also into washington here. measure to check when airlines today. we will do will keep you updated on your travel plans you. back to you. geoff: in other news at noon, asheville police say they've arrested a man in connection with a woman's death. 29-year-old james norton is charged with first-degree murder and robbery with a dangerous police say he killed 62-year-old christina kessinger friday afternoon. norton is being held at the buncombe county detention
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in spartanburg county, kenasha stewart is charged with filing a false police report. deputies say she told them a man with a gun robbed her in the inman area on saturday, broke her driver's side window, and took off. investigators say multiple officers and a k-9 team searched for the robber, but detectives say stewart ultimately admitted to making up the story after a fight with the father of her child. to commitment 2016 now. the weather could affect presidential candidates on the campaign trail today. we know of three candidates visiting the upstate early this week. donald trump is scheduled to hold a rally later today at the t.d. convention center in greenville. doors open at 5:00. the event starts at 7:00. dr. ben carson is also holding an event in the upstate at the same time. he's set to be at the spartanburg marriott at 7:00 p.m. senator ted cruz is set to hold a campaign event tomorrow at the anderson civic center. that event will last an hour,
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jeb bush has a new tactic for winning over voters, his brother. former president george w. bush is campaigning with his brother in north charleston today. jeb started his campaign trying to distance himself from his family name, but has been embracing them more and more in the past few weeks. his mother, barbara, stumped for him in new hampshire. some harshly personal exchanges over immigration and foreign policy marked the republican debate saturday night. the gop hopefuls also insisted that president barack obama step aside and let his successor nominate the next supreme court justice following the death of antonin scalia. in washington, d.c., following the death of supreme court justice antonin scalia, a major battle brews. scalia's body arrived in virginia today after being discovered at a west texas resort ranch over the weekend. he died of natural causes. an hour after salia's death was confirmed, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell said the vacancy should be filled by the new president, but president obama made it clear he's ready to move.
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fulfill my constitutional responsibilities to nominate a successor in due time. geoff: candidates on the campaign trail are also speaking up. republicans backed senator ted cruz announced he would filibuster the president's decision. right now, the court is split 4-4 and is scheduled to address major issues, including abortion and unions. the democrats running for the white house talked about the loss of scalia. flags flew at half staff outside the supreme court building in honor of justice scalia. senator bernie sanders and hillary clinton said the current president is more than capable of making the selection. senator sanders: apparently, they believe that the constitution does not allow a democratic president to bring forth a nominee to replace justice scalia. i strongly disagree with that .
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secretary clinton: so let me just make one point. barack obama is president of the united states until january 20, 2017. geoff: scalia was known for his conservative viewpoint and strict adherence to the written constitution. looking at to the primaries, the gop primary happens this saturday, february 20 followed , by the democratic primary a week later on february 27. in georgia, both primaries are on tuesday, march 1. in north carolina, both primaries are on tuesday, march 15. taking a look outside from our woodruff road skycam, you can see we have foggy conditions and a little bit of rain coming down. was the latest on the conditions right now? dale: overcast come upon gilliard: you know, there's an old saying about south carolina, we're always first in the things that are last and last in the things that are first. this economy is rigged. we can do better. and that's where bernie comes in.
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we don't have to depend on the so-called wall street giants. everybody knows the problem. bernie wants to do something about it. he gets it. i mean, he really gets it.
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geoff: a massive fire in brooklyn had more than 140 firefighters working deep into the night to put out the flames coming from a multi-story home. the building was totally engulfed in flames. take a look. the blaze started around 11:00 last night. fire trucks were lined up down the street into this morning. firefighters say they had the fire under control around 1:30 this morning.
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the caususof the fire is still under investigation. a rental car facility was evacuated and shut down near the albuquerque international sunport sunday after an a car. police say the car was returned overnight. when a mechanic put it on the lift as part of reinspection protocol, he saw the device. police say the explosive was deemed safe, and the rental car facility was reopened. the atf and fbi will continue to investigate the object and track down who put it there. injury and a broken leg, but considering how close he came to being ground to death in a wood-chipper saturday, he's no doubt glad those are his only injuries. rescue workers say by the time the chipper's blades stopped, they were mere inches from the man's head. they say that man is an arborist and that somehow his safety harness got tangled in branches being fed into that chipper. somehow, they say his leg tripped a safety bar that shut
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time. new numbers show last year was one of the safest to fly. according to the international air transport association, there were only four deadly crashes last year. that's down from 12 the year before. the association excluded two deadly plane crashes, one by a suicidal pilot, the other a possible terror attack, because they were deliberate acts. turning out to the winter weather here causing some problems in the northeast. 48 people had to be rescued in new hampshire sunday after two ski resort tram cars got stuck 40 feet above ground. rescue crews had to repel down to the ground taking the passengers to safety one by one. one woman said it was harrowing to be lowered from the tram car on a cable, but all passengers stayed calm throughout the ordeal. that could not have been fun. authorities say there was a service brake issue, and they do not believe the subzero temperatures are a factor. winter weather is affecting other parts of the country.
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drivers slip sliding along the interstate at the tennessee-kentucky border. there were near whiteout conditions, and drivers were forced to take early exits. on the right side, snow led to very slick conditions in eastern iowa. winds hit up to 10 miles per hour, making it very hard for drivers to see what was ahead of them. in our area. dangerous conditions out there right now. dale: there have been several accidents reported already in northern greenville county, highway 11. morning. take a look at our anderson skycam. it is coming up pretty good right now. rain is easily freezing to cold tree limbs with a temperature of 28. raises out of the south and southeast in the mountains and northeast in the upstate. you can see it starting to form on some of the trees. watch out for roads across the
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already cold services will continue to accumulate. yesterday, it only got up to 31 at gsp. the mountains got up to 23. everything was chilled overnight. now this precipitation we are seeing freezing rain across the area, causing icy conditions and it will continue into the early evening. the areas in pink under raise a winter freeze watch. eventually, it will warm up. between now and then, we have ice that will continue to build out and we have to be very careful. temperatures range from 27 in greenville to 27 and 28 in hendersonville and asheville. already above freezing in abbeville, so that is good news. upstate, it is cold. looks like it will stay that way for a while. it feels colder with these 10-15
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it will chill down and make it feel like 17. dress warmly if you have to get out. best advice would be to stay off the icy roads today. let's check in with chris again to get the latest on what the models are showing. chris: i think it is important to note that even though the rosemary look ok, they will get worse and worse as the evening goes on. we can verify that with our skycam network. with this freezing rain and freezing drizzle, a live it does not show up on the radar just because it is so fine. the radar does not return it back, so we can see what is going on through our skycam network. 27 degrees. light drizzle in freezing rain there. andersonvillehendersonville one of the worst areas with heavy freezing rain. moderate freezing rain right now with 28 degrees. spartanburg with freezing fog, freezing drizzle, freezing mist at 28 degrees.a few snowflakes mixed in there as well
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you are about to warm above freezing, and he will stay there for the rest of the storm. 29 degrees in anderson. lost in with that wedge. it is right in here and it will stay like that. you can see the heavy freezing rain showing up in some locations year. the storm tracks all the way back to mississippi. a tornado watch down to the jackson area with an active tornado warning. three of them down there. all this moisture heading our way. it is all about temperature. we are tracking this heavier batch. until this line back to atlanta, that is going to be moving our way in four hours and eight minutes. that has it at about 4:30 p.m. or 5:00 p.m. the warmer air will work on the head of that line. we will watch to see those days cold enough for it to be ice as we head to the afternoon hours.
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think going on right now across the greenville and spartanburg area. as far as will get the worst of it, low impact in the southern part of the upstate. moderate impact along i-85. up to the mountains and foothills, a quarter of an inch day. very high impact their. -- there. guessing the rest of the storm play out to the evening hours. dale: take a look now at our future was forecast. as we put it into motion, we see precipitation. it picks up here. still going on at 7:00 tonight. and then it changes over to rain later this evening. right now, the model still showing some freezing rain into the foothills and wasn't part of greenville and spartanburg county. even as late as 10:00. by midnight, the rain comes in. heavy rain expected across the area tonight into tomorrow. the good news is it will not be cold enough something is just fundamentally broken when african americans are more
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and sentenced to longer prison terms, for doing the same thing that whites do. ...when too many encounters with law enforcement end tragically. we need investments in education, health care and jobs, to counter generations of neglect. we have to face up to the hard truth of injustice and systemic racism. i'm hillary clinton,
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geoff: a look from our hilton
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if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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geoff: more on the weather now with our team of meteorologist. dale: winter weather is causing problems in the upstate. looks like it will continue. chris: our next report is in
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we will do it all the way every half hour until 5:00. dale: be careful with the winter weather continuing across the carolinas. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. >> lights, camera, access. i feel like me and taylor might still have sex i made that bitch famous >> oh, you heard right. kanye is stirring up trouble with swift yet again. i'm billy bush. did he have her blessing with those lyrics or not? that is where this really gets interesting. >> that was something that wasn't known at that time. he kind of shrugged everything off. >> he examined o.j. after the murders and then took the stand. but now with the benefit of hindsight, dhuizenga breaks news that could have a major impact on the trial. >> it could have been part of the reason why he -- >> watch your step. watch your step. 20 years of amazing grammy moments to share.
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>> i'm at a loss for words. >> lights, camera, access. here he goes again. kanye cannot leave taylor alone. welcome to "access hollywood," from new york. kanye west and taylor swift's worlds first collided when he jumped on stage to steal the spotlight seven years ago. i know you remember that. but since then, they've made some peace. but, scott, he just can't help himself, can he? >> he can't. he just can't. i was in madison square garden for kanye's yeezy 3 fashion shshcase and listening party for his new album, "the life of pablo" featuring the song "famous" that is quickly become infamous. i feel like me and taylor might still have sex why i made that bitch famous >> that is the kanye lyric in question.


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