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tv   WYFF News 4 430am  NBC  February 16, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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geoff: thousands without power across the carolinas. nearly 20,000. mcdowell county, buncombe county, 3000 plus in anderson county. allyson: the power is expected to be back on by 5:00 this morning. duke energy is hoping to have i would just -- outages or so by noon. geoff: close to 300 restoration time around 3:00 -- :00 a.m. this money. allyson: in south carolina, duke expecting powerback on for 615 customers in anderson by noon. greenville with 286 outages restoration expected by 8:00 ,. geoff: good to have you with us here on tuesday after a wild monday. allyson: that ice storm making for some dangerous driving conditions. law enforcement responding to hundreds of accidents on the roadways. take a look behind us and you can see traffic moving slowly
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geoff: also many closings and delays this momoing including greenville county schools a 2 hour delay there. once again, this winter storm is impacting us this morning. dale: the higher elevations -- even paris mountain i stepped quickly. by noon time, it was having a problem. the higher elevations of greenville county, the foothills of north carolina started to ice up quickly. everybody got some ice yesterday afternoon. you may still have a coating of ice on your windshield if you left the car out overnight. temperature in greenville, 34, mostly cloudy. a few showers here and there as we look with live super doppler 4 hd. you can see showers or parts of greenville, spartanburg, laurens county. counties and purple, hope, rutherford, cleveland under an ice when he of the ice that is accumulated there. dangerous driving conditions be read also 1140 and mcdowell
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all of this will gradually come to an end of this morning. we will see temperatures climb into the upper 40's and 50's this afternoon. we had a good half to three quarters of an inch of rain overnight and some of that formed as ice. temperatures right now above freezing in most of the reporting stations with the exception of spartanburg and rutherfordton where it is right at freezing. greenville at 34, asheville at 35. a breeze to make it colder. dress warmly and watch out for slippery spots. give yourself extra time to file the car. better weather is coming. geoff: north carolina also felt the affects of the winter storm. roads there were covered in ice and snow. north carolina had a lot of wrecks. many others decided to just pull off the road for safety. allyson: north carolina state highway patrol says more than 300-wrecks happened in the area of raleigh, durham and chapel hill. they say the wrecks started happening just after midnight monday morning. geoff: and this note for people
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there is a phone outage right now in the hankins community. officials ask that you call or text 911 for possible emergencies. allyson: authorities say there are a lot of trees that have fallen throughout the county. and they do not recommend going out on the roads. geoff: south carolina highway patrol is continuing to work numerous incidents on the roads. a live look behind us shows our scdot cameras. last night in particular, there were more than 200 accidents. let's get with aly myles joining us live from travelers rest with a look at the conditions on the road this morning. aly: we are live and travelers rest. doing traveling of our own this morning. from greenville to travelers rest. so far, all we have seen is wet roads. if you look over here, you can see very black roads right now. because it is so dark. we haven't seen any black ice yet, but we are on the verge of
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at eight to be a concern this morning and temperature jobs even a little bit. these roads are absolutely soaked from all of yesterdays rain, ice, and slush. look at this comparison video camera. ask at 40. you see on the left, traffic at a standstill on the interstate. on the right is video from this morning showing the scene cleared and traffic moving smoothly. few people on the road this morning, but if you have to go on those roads, be aware of possible icy conditions. there are nearly 100 closings and delays which you can see at the bottom of your screen as well as on definitely a primary concern is for safe travel. some schools are concerned with glasses on icy roads. that is a why a lot of them have delays or closes this morning. we will continue our drive further up the mountains and see if we can get any icy conditions to show you guys.
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could be a rough commute. aly myles live in tr. allyson: speaking of a rough commute, we are still looking for patches of ice, more than only cedar this is i-85, one mile north of your, and accident blocking the net -- the left lane. the camera is not and in. a couple accidents and found and your i-80 -- i 35 north and south on, accidents there. 385 year harrison ridge road and a new one coming in on west georgia wrote your work shoals road area that one has injuries, as well. for 41 in bryson city remains closed due to icy areas. here is what it looks like in the asheville area on spartanburg street. still spots that are wet, icy spots. be careful as you head out on the road. we will continue to keep you updated on their situation. to wrecks turned deadly. the coroner says he responded to
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it happened just after 7:30 last night. he says while an officer was working the scene. the police cruiser was hit by another car, one person died at the scene. the other person was taken to the hospital with serious injuries the officer was also injured and taken to the hospital. no word on the extent of the injuries. geoff: the other deadly wreck involved a head on collision with a tow-truck. the coroner says a woman was killed in that wreck around 9:30 last night. it happened on verdae boulevard in greenville. the woman died at the hospital. her name has not yet been released. don't forget. when bad weather hits, you can turn to the wyff 4 mobile app you can keep an eye on the weather, track the storm and get the latest on school closings and alerts. allyson: commitment 2016 news now, it's the home stretch for republican candidates battling for votes in south carolina geoff: monday night. donald trump held a rally for over 5,000 supporters at the t.d. convention center. donald trump wouldn't it be nice : if we actually got along with russia and other countries,
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i heard them saying this morning on television, how dare they want to -- donald trump wants to work with russia to get rid of isis area yeah. sort of, right? you know the cost of missiles at a million dollars a pop it would , be nice to work with somebody else, let them drop some of their missiles. geoff: south carolina voters head to the polls on saturday. supporters at monday's rally said trump has their back when it comes to god and guns. other potential voters said he will help the economy and defeat isis. allyson: senator ted cruz will be in columbia at 3:00 this afternoon for a rally with governor rick perry and congressman jeff duncan. that's at the columbia armory on bluff road. they will then head to anderson for another rally at the anderson civic center at 7:30 tonight. on martin luther king junior boulevard. ben carson will also be in the palmetto state today. he'll be in gaffney at noon for a lunch and townhall with the cherokee county gop. that's at daddy joe's barbeque on west floyd baker boulevard. geoff: ben carson's wife candy
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today to discuss voting and citizenship. this is video of her visiting langston charter school back in january. she'll be at riverside middle school at noon today. also happening today. bill clinton will be campaigning for hillary clinton in the upstate. he'll be holding an event at the west end community development center beginning at 1:00 this afternoon. doors open at 12:15 p.m. that's at 404 vardry street in greenville. allyson: 4:38 now, and dale, it didn't warm up as much our -- or as early as we thought. we are still looking at icy spots in the area. dale: i had ice on my windshield. if you left your car out overnight, you may need extra time to saw it out. -- to thaw it out. spartanburg and freezing, 32 degrees, still. temperatures a little warmer in asheville than they are in spartanburg. as we take a look at what has
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soaking rain. you probably heard it. anywhere from a half to three quarters of an inch of rain fell. icy conditions in hope, rutherford, and cleveland county. that is worthy ice storms continue for another hour until 6:00 this morning. temperatures gradually warming will help get rid of those icy problems. travel early on 40 or into the foot hills of north carolina, be very careful. hold off if you can. temperatures today will climb into the upper 40's and upper 50's by the afternoon. you can see the direction of this precipitation. there may be a few flurries in the mountains this afternoon and this evening. tomorrow, the sunshine returns. we have really nice days to look forward to as we head into the weekend. the coldest spot right now seems to be rutherfordton and spartanburg where it is both at 32. 34 in greenville, 36 in anderson. temperatures in the mountains, asheville and hendersonville above the freezing mark your it that is good news. we are seeing 5-10 plus
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clouds this morning will gradually clear. we get up to 55-57 for the upstate high today. western north carolina will go from 30's this morning to upper 40's, 46, 47 for a high. as we look ahead tomorrow, it will be the same temperature wise. more sunshine. starting to warm up friday, getting up to 60 for a high and the upstate, 56 in the mountains. look at saturday and sunday. 60's both days for the mountains and the upstate. a beautiful weekend to look forward to. geoff: a boat but no one behind the wheel. an intense search underway in florida. detail straight ahead.
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bamberg: i was one of the leaders in the house to take charge and say the flag has to come down now. bernie aligns more with what i'm passionate about -- addressing issues with civil rights, criminal justice reform, income disparities. change needs to happen and it needs to happen now. we need a leader like bernie who is not afraid to go against the status quo. for years he stood up against wrong, even when it wasn't popular.
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asheville police.... say they've arrested a man in connection with a woman's death. 29-year-old.... james norton.. geoff: 29-year-old james norton is charged with first-degree mortar. police say he fatally stabbed christina kissinger with a screwdriver friday afternoon. he is being held at the buncombe county detention center. allyson: in spartanburg county. a teenager died from injuries in a wreck over the weekend. highway patrol says a 16-year-old. driving a motorbike. hit a pickup truck on saturday. they say it happened at the
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and ruby street. troopers say the driver died yesterday morning. the driver of the pickup truck was not injured. highway patrol is still investigating the crash. geoff: also in spartanburg county. a woman has been charged with hit and run, after police say she hit a man on a moped and fled the scene. kelsey bailey is charged with hit&run causing injury. police say they got a tip about bailey being the possible suspect. officers say bailey admitted to the hit and run. in columbia, a 24-year-old woman was arrested after being found gun. has been charged. they say she threatened to hurt students at the school. threats against the students were reported to the school's resource officer. robinson was confronted by that officer in the school's parking lot. deputies say they found a gun in the front passenger seat of the car. robinson faces multiple charges including unlawful possession of a weapon. allyson: do you have a fear of
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may be good news for you. what you need to know before
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dale: icy spots in the area, dale: good morning. coming up on 4:48 as we look at the area temperatures. the good news is they are above freezing for many places. greenville at 34. light rain is falling. whatever ice was there yesterday starting to melt a little. watch out for slippery steps, ice on your windshield if you left the car out overnight. give yourself extra time. depending on where you are traveling, you may run into icy roads. ice storms continue for pope, rutherford, cleveland. best advice is hold off a little bit. ice storm warnings continue through 6:00. as temperatures improve, we will get a break in a. we had a good bit of rain overnight. again, informed as ice on some of those -- it formed as cold mountain ice on some of those mountains. the rain is working its way up the coast.
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we will see a wraparound effect in the upstate and mountains later on this afternoon and this evening. tomorrow, sunshine will be the story. we have beautiful, sunny days ahead for the rest of the week. to not only thought out but warm up above normal. right now, the coldest temperatures seem to be in that same area we were talking about with the ice storms. rutherfordton at 32, 36 in laurens, greenville above freezing at 34. same for hendersonville and asheville. we are not seeing a problem other than those areas right in the foothills of north carolina that still remain icy this morning. it feels likikit is in the 20's in spartanburg in laurens. hendersonville feel slightly colder with the breeze blowing. we will see afternoon temperatures reach 57 today. 56 is the average. right about where it should be. the record is 80 setback in 1911. that is unusual weather. the outlook for the mountains, normally we see 51 at this time.
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we will see that weather get out of here and we will get a break from the rain, or's invitation ice over the next several days and have -- precipitatioio ice over the next several days and have a nice weekend. top 57 by 1:00 this afternoon. asheville will see temperatures go from 30's early to mid to upper 40's for the afternoon. as we look ahead, temperatures are right where they should be on thursday. friday, a little above normal. saturday, more still with mid 60's in the upstate, saturday and sunday, low 60's in the mountains. a wonderful weekend to look forward to. allyson: the carolinas and georgia were not the only states to be impacted by the storm. it has already been wreaking havoc in virginia. this was how it looked in blacksburg yesterday. plow trucks were out in full force with a significant coating of snow on the roads. the remaining concern there too the threat of freezing rain. geoff: in pennsylvania.
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the snow. a steady stream of snow blanketed philadelphia's streets and left roadways slushy. allyson: in washington, a president's day storm coated the white house with snow yesterday. a winter storm warning is in effect for the nation's capitol until this morning. geoff: a snow plow was involved in a wreck this in louisville. the accident happened when there was about a half an inch of snow on the ground. road crews have been busy plowing away the snowfall that dropped. allyson: an interesting winter weather combination there in louisville. foggy conditions were reported along the ohio river yesterday motorists were told to be extra careful. geoff: the planned parenthood office in colorado springs, colorado which was the scene of a mass shooting and police stand off is back open. some repairs are still being made as bullet holes can still be seen on the building. all services are still being offered, which did bring out some protesters. planned parenthood organizers said that immediately after the shooting they vowed to open the offices again as soon as possible.
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place. allyson: an intense search for a missing boater is ununrway in florida. the coast guard says a friend reported 38-year-old lloyd chamberlain missing sunday night. officials pinged his cell phone and found it on his boat in brevard county but he wasn't aboard. now rough seas are hindering the search. the coast guard plans to bring in a plane and larger boat. investigators on atvs are also searching the beach. the brevard county sheriff's office and florida fish and wildlife are assisting in the search. >> the high school best of all playoffs in the upstate were pushed back a day because of the weather monday night. many of those games will be made up later tonight. the south carolina women played monday night on the road with an opportunity to lock up a share of the fcc season title. staley with a technical foul and the -- in the third quarter.
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wilson again working download. she had a big game accounting for half of south carolina's offense. later in the game tied at 35, third, tiffany mitchell, running the break, gives a tough layup. wilson sulks away in the fourth quarter. wilson with a game-high 25 points. usc wins 62-56, to clinch at least a chare of the sec regular season title. geoff: also, the south carolina men look to put the blowout loss to kentucky behind them. they played 7:00 tonight and missouri. >> we have rebounded from poor games fairly well. does that mean that will continue? i guess we won't find out as far as the scoreboard goes. as far as the guys in the locker room, the leadership of our team, that remain strong. geoff: some ncaa tournament projections have the gamecocks at a 6 or 7 seed. allyson: it's called the polar vortex challenge.
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can check our website. and delays. our woodruff road skycam, when road this point. chilly temperatures but above freezing in greenville right now. 34 with rain by the right home this afternoon, mostly sunny and 57. greenville county is on a two hour delay. with showers and fog. home this afternoon. lot of the ice. if you left your car out overnight, good chance you have an iced up windshield. watch out for the steps that can hold onto that ice even though the roads may just be wet. some of those areas that are covered a little bit will hang on to ice a little longer. geoff: we originally thought temperatures would bump up what they are chilly here this morning. dale: it's of a long time. we have cleveland and north -- cleveland and in the photos of north carolina with icy conditions through 6:00.
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geoff: people are looking forward to temperatures coming up this weekend. in this morning's buzz, the polar vortex challenge. allyson: between 2:00 and 4:00, patrons could take that challenge to get a free meal. geoff: with a winter weather advisory in effect and temperatures at the time of the challenge not even in the teens the outdoor tables were mostly full. the restaurant has been holding a polar vortex challenge for the last 3 years. allyson: they are donating all the money they would have made to the local rescue mission. great cause but i could hardly digest my food when it is that cold. geoff: i would love taking a challenge. allyson: i know you are. you are in the water this weekend. it wouldn't be fun. you wouldn't know it you are eating. geoff: you find a way to make it
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dale: could i have more cold soup, please? >> live, local, breaking news. this is wyff news 4 today in high definition. geoff: happening today, several presidential candidates in south carolina battling it out for votes. who will be in the upstate straight ahead. allyson: in this morning's headlines. icy roadways make for dangerous conditions on the roadways. a look at our woodruff road skycam. school closings and your winter weather coverage. geoff: thousands of power outages this morning. mcdowell county almost 26,000 according to duke energy. buncombe county down to 557 outages. henderson county has more than 1300. anderson county, little more than 600. greenville with 282 outages. you can see outages and restoration times for both carolinas on our wyff 4 app.


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