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00:06:05 "look it's politics, i understand. and i've only been a >> look, it's politics, i understand. and i've only been a politician since june 16. i'm almost embarrassed to say i'm a politician. i guess that's what i am. patrick: has the transformation taken place? >> it's a big transformation. that's a hard one to get used to. nigel: coming up, our one-on-one interview with gop presidential frontrunner donald trump. carol: a former nfl player returns to his alma mater in the upstate. the special way he honored his high school. nigel: and the daytona 500 is less than a week away. cool come out of the dozens of drivers, could walk away from this race a three time in a row champion? >> you are watching live, local, breaking news. with nigel robertson, gabrielle komorowski,
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meteorologist john cessarich. this is wyff news 4 at 5:00 in high definition. nigel: more commitment 2016 coverage now, and more from that one-on-one with current gop frontrunner donald trump. carol: wyff news 4's patrick hussion spent a lot of time with the real estate mogul this afternoon, and he's here now. patrick? patrick: before leaving today, trump told us to be on the lookout for a new poll. and sure enough, that cnn-orc poll has trump with a 16 point lead over ted cruz. we talked about that and much more today. in his first stop at the popular tommy's ham house, donald trump made a quick stop before heading over here, where we talked about his campaign heading into the south carolina primary on saturday. >> look. it's politics. i understand. and i've only been a politician since june 16. i'm almost embarrassed to say i'm a politician. but i guess that's what i am. patrick: has the transformation taken place? >> it's a big
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patrick: behind him in the south carolina polls is senator ted cruz, and on monday, trump threatened to sue the senator for what he calls "lies." >> cruz will say things like, trump loves obamacare, trump doesn't like the 2nd amendment. trump this or that. you know, i'm pro-life, and he'll say i'm not pro-life. patrick: in last week's debate at the peace center, trump blamed a former president still popular in south carolina, george w. bush, for 9/11. the crowd booed. >> he was the president. he's the one that got us into iraq, so i can't say, you know, i'm thrilled. because what you see now, the migration, the problems, it's all caused by going into iraq. that's what all started it. it was like a chain of events. and it's a shame. i don't know the president. he may be a nice guy, he may not. i'm just saying, it's a tragic mistake. tragic. patrick: in recent weeks, other candidates have targeted trump on his language. now, he says he will no longer use foul language on the campaign trail.
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word. you know, salty. like some of the words i use, i go like this. and then they'll bleep me. they do it on network television. all three of them. they'll bleep me, so they think i used the word. patrick: when it's all said and done, win or lose, i asked trump how he'll look back on this time in his life as a presidential candidate. >> honestly, it's been an amazing period of time. but if i didn't win, and be able to affectuate these changes that are gonna make life better for people, and lower the taxes for the middle class and middle income people who are getting killed, and also for business, which is leaving the country. we have the highest tax rate in the world, and businesses are, pfizer, big companies are leaving the country. then i would consider it pretty much a waste of time. patrick: a waste of time, he says. coming up at 6:00, how does trump respond to, quote, "god and guns," two issues that matter a lot to south carolinians. carol: now, turning to western north carolina, through our
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it's looking a bit cloudy. i see some mist and fog, perhaps, in the distant mountains. nigel: wyff news 4's chief meteorologist, john cessarich, is in our studio right now. and john, today much warmer than yesterday? what is that green behind you? john: rain moving through asheville. we have wet snow developing through the counties as it continues to get colder from the top down. the higher elevations, above 3500 feet, are looking at wet snow. are the most part, temperatures cooling down in the mountains. all rain in the upstate. but no ice across the area. either rain or wet snow in the mountains. 36 in boone, 44 in reining in asheville, 57 in anderson and laurens. the rain mixed with wet snow moves in quickly with the storm system in the upper atmosphere. winter weather advisory from now overnight tonight until six or talk tomorrow morning for these areas, mainly -- the north carolina counties border
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the heaviest snow will be close the tennessee line and on the west facing slopes. a look ahead at the weekend later on. now back to you. nigel: the biggest prize in nascar will be up for grabs coming up in less than a week. carol: more than three dozen drivers will be fighting to be number one, but one has a chance to win a bigger award. wyff news 4's marc dopher has more. marc: more than 3 dodon sprint cup drivers have come to daytona to win the sport's ultimate prize. but only one of those drivers has a chance to go back to back. that's defending daytona 500 champion joey logano. >> it's really neat to walk in, see that trophy, and see your name on it. but that was last year. it is in the past. we have to keep looking forward. you can't live up to what you have done in the past. going out there the other night and having another shot at winning at the end, that is, i remember how to do it. we have to keep the ball rolling.
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down the hill and we don't want to stop that. marc: last season, logano looked like he was steamrolling his way to his first sprint cup championship. then, this dust-up with matt kenseth essentially ended that did. logano says all that's in the past. it's and he is focused on 2016, winning the championship this season. reporting from daytona, marc dopher, wyff news 4. carol: -- allyson: he is a local celebrity.
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carol: south carolina lawmakers are considering bills that could increase the minimum wage. one bill would set the state's minimum wage at $10.10 an hour. right now, south carolina is among 21 states where employers can pay $7.25 an hour, the federal minimum. the other bill would repeal the state's right-to-work status. nigel: a former nfl player who competed in the superbowl was back at his alma mater today. shaun ellis used to play for the new york jets and the new england patriots. he was back at westside high in anderson today, as part of the super bowl 50 celebration. high schools across the country were given a golden football for
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graduated from the school, and was on an active super bowl roster. >> it means a lot, to be able to come back to school, and see all the faces that helped you get to where you are today. nigel: ellis's former principal and coach were there, along with the school's current students, faculty, and staff. the nfl started the super bowl high school honor roll program to acknowledge schools and communities that have directly fluenced super bowl history, and impacted the game for the better. carol: one of the upstate's biggest festivals is returning to downtown greenville this spring. artisphere 2016 is scheduled for may 13 through 15. this year, 135 artists will display and sell their work along main street. they chose this group out of nearly 1100 applicants. the artists represent 48 different states, and one is even coming from portugal to take part. organizers say changes in the city have led to changes in the festival. >> there's a lot of construction
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so we've had challenges with some of our programs, so some things will be moved around. not much, but you will see some new things. we're making announcements weekly about performing artists and other programs. carol: murphy says one new part of the festival she's looking forward to, is a chance for folks to get involved in making a community sculpture. nigel: coming up, in our consumer watch, see how our new relationship with cuba is paying off. carol: what's the one thing you shouldn't believe when you are robbing a home? see what this thief left behind, that got him busted. john: what a difference a day makes. a live shot looking over in hendersonville, and look at that shot. this time yesterday, ice was accumulating and they ended up with 4/10 of an inch of ice in
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change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability. bernie sanders. he was there when dr. king marched on washington. unafraid to challenge the status quo to end racial profiling, take on police misconduct, and take down a system that profits from mass imprisonment. there is no president who will fight harder to end institutional racism.
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opportunity. reform. bernie. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. marco rubio is blasting ted nigel: marco rubio is blasting ted cruz as a candidate who's "lying." he accuses him of having a campaign strategy to not tell the truth. senator rubio continued an attack on senator cruz that began during saturday night's debate, where rubio accused cruz of lying about his immigration
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the florida senator joins donald trump in accusing senator cruz of not being trustworthy. rubio alleged today that the texas senator is "just making things up." >> but here, just here in south carolina this week, he's lied about my record on planned parenthood, he's lied about my position on marriage, he's lied about his own record on immigration. and so i think this is very disturbing, when you have a candidate that now, on a regular basis, just makes things up. and especially in this era, where everything is out there, and everything is seen, and instantly reacted to. you can't get away with that stuff. nigel: at his morning town hall, rubio also accused cruz of being weak on national security, citing cruz's budget votes and statements about edward snowden. carol: now to our consumer watch. flying the friendly skies is now the safest it's been in the past five years. airline accidents dropped significantly last year. only four accidental airline crashes were reported in 2015, with 136 deaths. in 2014, 641 people died in
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officials also say there were 68 total accidents last year, compared to 77 the year before. nigel: don't count the iphone out just yet. in january, sales were just about even with december's sales. in fact, last month was the best january for the iphone since 2008. that's all the way back to the original iphone. january iphone sales have fallen by an average of 11% month-to-month over the past nine years. carol: apple music is quickly gaining on its biggest rival, spotify. apple now has 11 million subscribers. that is more than half of spotify's 20 million subscribers. apple has collected the subscribers in less than a year, while spotify has been in operation since 2011. pandora has also announced its subscriber base shrunk slightly in the last quarter. nigel: the changing relationship between the u.s. and cuba is good for business. starting tuesday, u.s. airlines can apply for more air routes to
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day. that's a big jump from the current 10 to 15 daily charter flights from the u.s. the obama administration is also allowing a u.s. company to build a factory in cuba. it will be the american factory first to be built and operated in cuba in more than 50 years. carol: a new app is being called "uber for kids." that app is called "zemcar." the owner wants parents to know the service is convenient and safe. parents can set up rides on demand, or schedule trips in advance. the drivers, who are usually nannies, moms, and teachers, undergo background checks, and can earn up to $35 an hour. there's also a video monitoring system for parents to look at once the child gets in a vehicle. zemcar is available for android phones, and is gearing up to get into the apple store. michael: coming up all-new wet 6:00 an upstate 8th grader, gets , a call from an unknown number, and on the other end was a presidential campaign manager. >> once you've figured out what was going on, what did you do? >> i was, like, running down the hallways. i was like, i have to
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he doesn't hang up or anything. michael: how that call turned into a visit from ben carson's wife, and the message candy carson had for students today. that's next at 6:00, right here on wyff news 4. >> now, your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. john: fast-moving storm system coming in, a pretty strong system. it is very compact and it is flying in quickly from the west-northwest. no ice expected across the area, thank goodness. this will be rain outside the mountains in the upstate and rain and wet snow in the mountains. on the back edge, this pocket of snow is moving through kentucky, headed towards lexington. the system will race across the area this evening. look at the rain spreading across north of i-85 in the upstate into northeastern georgia. the rain mixed with snow,
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mountains, especially in the higher elevations. at least there's no ice or freezing rain. it is a different system then yesterday. you could see 1-3 inches of wet snow possible in these areas, where the winter it that -- the winter weather advisory continues until 6:00 a.m. tomorrow, 1-3 inches of snow about three 500 eight. re-four inches of snow possible in the high elevations along the tennessee line. -- 3-4 inches of snow possible in the high elevations along the tennessee line. this is 7:00 this evening. this model is a litite late, we are getting rain in the northern upstate rate now. the rain is racing across the area. this is midnight. it is flying by. the rain and snow mix in the mountains, and it becomes more confined, which means snow showers and flurries along the north carolina-tennessee line
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plenty of sunshine, and we warm up a little bit. seasonably cool across the area, little coldedein the mountains. champion hills club in hendersonville, all these trees were iced up big time. for 10 seven inch of ice. that is a nice storm. -- an ice storm. it melted quickly, and everything is getting quiet, alththgh we will see rain in hendersonville mixed with wet snow. you may get a dusting at the most. 42 with rain and asheville, 41 the cool temperatures through the western north carolina mountains, with a bit of evaporational cooling going on as the rain moves in and changes over to wet snow from the higher elevations. valleys. 36 in waynesville, 37 and marshall, 38 in boone and spruce pine, 41 in franklin, 46 in
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in the foothills, you have the bulk of this ice storm yesterday. marion, rutherfordton, forest city, a quarter of an inch to one half inch of ice. the most accumumution was in flat rock, a half inch of ice. the system is moving in quickly from the west-northwest. it will be gone by tomorrow morning. it will be in the atlantic this time tomorrow. 31 in minneapolis, 71 in dallas. a touch of spring. that moves east. it will arrive here just in time for the upcoming weekend. patchy rain likely this evening, overnight low 37. cloudy with rain and wet snow in the mountains, overnight low around freezing. tomorrow, bright sunshine in the upstate, cool. high 56. partly sunny, breezy and chilly in the mountains, high 44. we may squeeze out a couple snow
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we go through the end of this week. looking good, then a nice warm-up in time for the weekend. we get unsettled as we go into early next week. right now, it looks like it will now back to you. nigel: a thief in california left behind a surprising clue, his cell phone. when the victim got home from work, he came face-to-face with the barrel of the suspect's gun. the victim says he then ran into his bedroom, locked the door, and called 911. when it was safe to come out, he went to the kitchen, and was shocked by what he saw. the thief's phone charging on the counter. officers say the phone was full of selfies and should help them track down the thief. carol: a cat in norway is making a name for himself for an unusual talent. nigel: really? carol: take a look. this is jesper, the skiing cat. i think he is actually polling. in addition to skiing, he also loves hiking, and tagging along with his owner on all her adventures. he even has his own blog, and
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followers on facebook. nigel: a local mma fighter just won the matchup of his career, but you can still finding him
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kids her something is just fundamentally broken when african americans are more likely to be arrested by police, and sentenced to longer prison terms, for doing the same thing that whites do. ...when too many encounters with law enforcement end tragically. we need investments in education, health care and jobs, to counter generations of neglect. we have to face up to the hard truth of injustice and systemic racism. i'm hillary clinton, and i approve this message. while some candidates suck up to trump...or run away from him in fear... jeb bush isn't afraid. jeb bush: "that is downright wrong..." he stands up to trump for his liberal democratic positions.
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attacking the disabled... even trashing a decorated war hero. trump: "i like peoplethat weren't captured..." jeb bush: "john mccain is an american hero..." jeb bush. the better man. the real conservative. a commander in chief. right to rise usa
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nigel: simpsononlle native stephen thompson teaches karate to elementary school kids at his family's school in simpsonville, but in his spare time, he fights in front of thousands on the ufc stage. wyff news 4's allyson powell caught up with him today to ask him. allyson: every kick, punch, and spin that stephen thompson ever learned, happened here in the heart of simpsonville, with the instruction of his father. >> growing up in a family of martial arts kids, we all started at the age of three and had no say so with a family owning a martial arts school. allyson: his dad, a fighter himself, believed martial arts taught thompson important lessons growing up. >> martial arts showed me respect, modesty, courtesy, integrity, self-control, perseverance. allyson: something thompson would need to build his career, after it was almost ruined by a knee injury.
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left leg about 8 years ago. mcl, lcl, they took 40% of my meniscus out. i was out for 3 years. allyson: the injuries in his knee were enough to force thompson from kickboxing to mixed martial arts, a move he doesn't regret. in the ufc world, he's known as the wonder boy. thompson recently wont the biggest fight of his career, and he set it up with a move like this. that fight ended with a knockout in the first round. in front of thousands at mgm in las vegas against the number 2 welterweight in the world, johny hendricks. >> he's never been knocked out before, and being the number-two ranked guy in world and former welterweight champion, hopefully i get a title shot next. allyson: a tipping point in his career, thompson hopes he can only build on this. >> i love my town. i love my town. they're supportive. going from traveling the world, asia, south korea, philippines, no place like home. allyson: all while not forgetting where he's from.
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simpsonville. nigel: thanks for joining us for the news at 5:00. news 4 at 6:00 starts now. >> live, local, breaking news. this is wyff news 4 at 6:00 in high definition. >> i have as big a heart as anyone. i don't want them coming into this country because we don't who they are. we don't know anything about them. michael: donald trump sits down for a wyff news 4 one-on-one exclusive. carol: president clinton in greenville, rallying support behind his wife, hillary . michael: a new poll shows donald trump with a commanding lead lead heading into saturday's primary. carol: he was in town today. wyff news 4's patrick hussion sat down with the real estate mogul today, for an exclusive one-on-one. patrick? patrick: you mentioned the poll.
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lead over ted cruz in south carolina. he has held a lead like that since october. at yesterday's rally, i spoke to a few supporters about what matters most to them, and it boiled down to god and guns. today, trump was confident in -- that he has deliver that message. >> i'm a christian, and i did well with the evangelicals in iowa. really well. nationwide, i'm leading. i'm leading here. i won with the evangelicals in new hampshire. i won the race, but i also won with the evangelicals by a big big margin. i'm very strong of the second amendment and guns. i mean, there's nobody stronger than me. patrick: do you own a gun? >> i do. and i have a permit. i have a concealed permit in new york. which is almost impossible to get. i'm a member of the nra. my son's a member of the nra. patrick:'s headquarters is on main street in downtown greenville.
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town on saturday, primary night, but they are deciding on a venue they can hold the crowd. if you would like to hear the entire interview, go to and you can find it there. carol: more than 1,000 people packed the west end community center in downtown greenville to hear former president bill clinton speak. he was in town to support his wife. michael: wyff news 4's nigel robertson was there. he joins us now with more. nigel: former president clinton was here just a few days ago, and got such a great response from the upstate that he asked to come back today. it was a packed house, and people only found out about it yesterday evening. he, of course, is here campaigning for his wife, hillary. the energy in the crowd was thick. voters of all ages, of all races, here to hear a former president, and rally the base to vote for hillary clinton. >> well, i'm calling all of my friends to come out. i am, because i think it's well worth it.


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