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tv   WYFF News 4 11pm  NBC  February 16, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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at a time. wyff news 4's john lyon brings us the story from anderson county. john: the cruz campaign has kicked its effort into overdrive to try and reach every voter it can. >> i was just wondering if i could count on your support saturday. john: volunteers worked the phones, >> god bless the great state of south carolina. john: and senator ted cruz worked the crowd at the anderson civic center. >> you know, i've been told south carolinians like their guns. john: over 1000 people came up to hear the texas republican hit the conservative strong points, and his thoughts on the supreme court vacancy. >> i am the only politician on that stage who spent his entire adult life fighting for the constitution and the bill of rights, and i give you my word, every justice i put on that court who -- will be a principled constitutionalist, who will defend our rights. john: cruz has a lot of ground to make up in south carolina if he wants to catch donald trump. >> if you've lived 50 years of
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written done or said anything to prove you are a conservative, you ain't. john: supporters say, he just needs to keep to the message. >> we're seeing the hope, through ted cruz, of ronald reagan. >> get jobs in here, and make america strong again. he has a good chance. he's got my vote. >> i've seen him in action, and he cares more about the people here in south carolina and across the country than the people in washington dc. john: the race in south carolina has turned into a sprint and ted cruz says he will remain in the state until the results come in on saturday night. john lyon, wyff news 4, anderson. michael: donald trump stopped by our wyff news 4 studios today. he talked about how he will look back on this part of his life as a candidate for president. >> honestly, it's been an amazing period of time. but if i didn't win, and be able to affectuate these
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and lower the taxes for the middle class and middle income people who are getting killed, and also for business, which is leaving the country. we have the highest tax rate in the world, and businesses are, pfizer, big companies are leaving the country. then i would consider it pretty much a waste of time. michael: trump's south carolina headquarters is in downtown greenville, and his team says they will be in south carolina all week, heading into saturday's primary. carol: governor nikki haley may not endorse anyone ahead of saturday's primary. but today, she made it clear who she is not endorsing. haley did not name trump, but did take a veiled swing at him. >> i think it is unfortunate, when a candidate comes in to south carolina and doesn't know south carolina's issues. all of you know exactly how hard we fought against syrian refugees, exactly how hard we fought against guantanamo bay, exactly how we've done it, directly with the president and the administration, and trying to tell them that we don't want these things. carol: haley's comments come after trump said haley is not
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and guantanamo detainees. michael: ohio governor john kasich was in greenville today, promising to rebuild the nation's economy. kasich spoke to a crowd of several hundred people at the boiling springs fire district, off pelham road. he said top priorities as president will be to cut taxes, balance the federal budget. kasich also acknowledged the importance of protecting religious freedom in america. >> now, this is a praying state. they tell me that faith in god is an important part of the foundation of south carolina. frankly, it's an important part of the foundation of america, and it needs to be renewed, without having to apologize that -- for believing that there is a creator who gave us life. michael: kasich touted himself as the only candidate with the experience to get things done in washington. carol: today, we traveled with ben carson on his bus, as he made stops in the upstate. carson visited a business in roebuck, as well as spoke with officers at the cherokee county sheriff's office, and he met with voters at daddy joe's, a restaurant in gaffney.
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will stay in the race, even if he doesn't do well in saturday's primary. >> what determines what happens for me is the support that i have from we the people. we have extremely strong social media support across the country. we have strong fundraising across the country. as long as the people continue to want me to push forward, and continue to support my efforts, there's absolutely no reason for me to drop out. carol: carson told us, as president, he would fix divisiveness in the nation. michael: an upstate 8th grader got a little help on her u.s. history project, from a presidential candidate. ben carson's wife, candy, spoke today to students at riverside middle in pendleton. elaina bell got in touch with all the presidential campaigns as part of her class. at first, carson's campaign mistook bell for a teacher.
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14-year-old student, and a greater. so the campaign stepped up. >> she was being really nice, because we can't vote now, so she was showing that she doesn't want just votes. she wants to show people she cares. michael: the eighth grader says she's also heard back from the campaigns of marco rubio, bernie sanders, and donald trump, but so far, only carson's wife has been able to pay them a visit. carol: on the democratic side, today, former president bill clinton was in spartanburg county. first, he got a tour of spartanburg community college. he saw firsthand the work students are doing with robotics. then, he made his way to greenville, where he talked to a packed room at the west end community center. the former president talked about everything from health care, to immigration, to education and gun control. >> look. this is crazy. the -- we have to talk. the greatest gift south carolina has given to this country was what those christians in that church did, that reverend pinckney did, in showing forgiveness to that disturbed young man who killed
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and it melted the hardest hearts in the legislature, and they took the confederate flag away. carol: just a reminder, the democratic primary is saturday, february 27th. michael: to columbia now, where bernie sanders received another endorsement. the daughter of eric garner has thrown her support behind him. she appeared with him today at the university of south carolina. you may recall, garner allegedly died at the hands of new york city police. it happened two years ago. the images may be familiar. his death sparked nationwide protests. today, his daughter, erica, explained why she is voting for sanders. >> he stood for the people, even when it wasn't popular. i also have the honor of introducing this dedicated leader and public servant. please join me, and welcome a fearless public servant that is not afraid to stand against the establishment for the people. the next president of the united states, bernie sanders.
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released an ad last week featuring erica garner. carol: justice antonin scalia will be laid to rest this saturday. sources close to the family told cnn, the funeral will be held at the basilica of the national shrine of immaculate conception in washington, d.c. scalia died over the weekend. he was 79. he will lie in repose at the supreme court on friday. today, black drapes were placed on his supreme court chair and bench. michael: tonight, all eyes on president obama, as he decides on a nominee to replace justice scalia. mr. obama says the constitution is clear. the president picks a nominee, and the senate holds a hearing, and votes. >> it's the one court where we would expect elected officials to rise above day-to-day politics, and this will be the opportunity for senators to do their jobs.
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has sparked debate in washington. republican leaders are vowing to block the president's pick. to the weather now. what a difference less than a day can make. from an icy mess last night, to rain and snow in the mountains. and a much warmer day in the upstate. carol: chief meteorologist john cessarich joins us now. john, how does it look right now? john: carolyn by goal, we are talking rain showers. rain showers in the upstate, rain and snow moving through the mountains. no freezing rain. this is not the same type of storm system. winter weather advisory overnight until 6:00 a.m. on wednesday, 1-3 less inches of snow possible in these areas, most of the counties bordering tennessee. already 3-4 inches has fallen in higher elevations of avery county in northern mountains of north carolina. take a look. conceal the showers moving quickly across the areas. a fast-moving system. rain and snow mixed through the mountains of north carolina. that will come to an end later
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when he wake up, except -- expect a few leftover flurries tennessee line. low 32. in the upstate, lots of sunshine, temperature 37. carol: the icy weather was to blame for more than wrecks 200 across the upstate. highway patrol says, at least four of them were deadly. the crash happened on verdae boulevard in greenville just before 8:30 last night. the coroner says 17-year-old lauryn agnew of easley died after a head-on collision. troopers say agnew's car hit an icy patch, cross the center line, and hit a tow truck. agnew was a senior at southside high school. michael: also in greenville, two wrecks killed one person, sending three other people to the hospital, including a police officer. troopers say 28-year-old clayborn jester was standing at the site of a crash on i-385, when another vehicle hit him. troopers say the vehicle forced him over a retaining wall, down an embankment.
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officer responding to the first crash was one of the people injured. carol: this morning, a taylors woman died from the injuries she suffered in a crash yesterday. the coroner identified the victim as 68-year-old dorethea drummond. it happened on state park road, around 3:45 monday afternoon. the coroner says drummond's suv hit another suv head-on. michael: to walhalla now. this morning, a woman died after crashing on an icy road. it happened just before 6:00, on highway 11. the coroner identified the victim as 63-year-old judy tilson. carol: that same system that dumped ice on our area spawned tornadoes in florida. fierce winds tore through the area, ripping trees from their roots, and taking down power lines. it was all caught on surveillance cameras. check out how many limbs are lying on the pavement behind the security gate. the national weather service confirmed today that two ef-1 tornadoes touched down. john: tonight, a different type of system. no freezing rain or ice, just snow and rain in the mountains. the heaviest snow was confined
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inches already fallen.
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in paris tonight...a tribute concert in memory of those killed in last year's te carol: in paris tonight, a tribute concert in memory of those killed in last year's terrorist attack. the american rock band eagles of death metal were on stage when terrorists attacked the bataclan
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over 100 people inside the hall were shot to death. the bataclan remains closed. tonight, they played at another venue across town. the lead singer of the eagles of death metal, jesse hughes, is from greenville. some of the survivors showed up at tonight's tribute. michael: major developments tonight in america's new diplomatic relationship with cuba. today, the u.s. and cuba signed an agreement to resume commercial air traffic. that opens the door for u.s. airlines to start bidding on flight routes. the news came right on the heels of approval for the first u.s. factory in cuba in more than 50 years. the federal government has given the green light to an alabama company that builds tractors. five days from now, the biggest prize in nascar will be up for grabs. more than three dozen drivers will fight to clinch the number one spot. carol: but one has the chance to win an even bigger award. wyff news 4's marc dopher has more from media day in daytona beach, florida. marc: dale earnhardt junior has to be the odds-on favorite to
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after the daytona 500. in the last five restrictor plate races, he has won three of them and finished second and third in the others. >> i will go in there with confidence of the car can do what i wanted to do and my team is on pit road, waiting for me to do it and waiting for me to take it the front and make it happen. i have this obligation, motivation from the team and the fans to get the lead. as soon as possible. give them something to get excited about. they paid all that money to be there, they want to see you up front. making some cool passes and so forth. there is a lot going on. it motivates and drives you in these races. marc: dale junior said if he does not finish in the top five, he will be really disappointed. the driver of the 88, gunning for his third daytona 500 championship. in daytona, marc dopher, wyff news 4. >> now, your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. john: yesterday cost storm
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system moving through tonight. plus, a different animal. yesterday, we have the wedge in place, the arctic air. we have freezing rain, sleet and snow in the mountains. tonight, no freezing rain, just rain or snow. snow only for the mountains. the live super doppler showing a few patches of snow continuing, then we have rain in east tennessee. just showers spreading across the upstate right now. a fast-moving system. in the upstate, showers around pickens moving to easley, eventually going into greenville. a heavier shower in union county moving through union, and things are starting to get quiet through northeastern georgia. showers and clemson and northwestern anderson county. snow around black mountain and mount mitchell come up to burnsville. a burst of heavy snow here. this will probably turn into rain as it gets into the foothills of morganton and marian. i will talk more about that in the second. the snow showers continuing along the tennessee line, which is where the best chance for the snow is.
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towards the tennessee line of the next few hours. an additional inch or two as possible. asheville may see a dusting with the system, because it is moving so quickly. that is a snow event. yesterday was the ice event. if you can call it that. top honors goes to flat rock in henderson county, one half inch of ice on trees and power lines, for chance of an edge in morganton and marian, a quarter of an inch in hendersonville and hickory. all of this was in the foothills of north carolina, as expected. a 10th of an inch of ice at the gsp international airport. just slick roads across the area. heavy rain moved in, iced up the trees and we warmed up nicely. we melted of reading away. 60 at the greenville airport. 57 the average high. three degrees above average, felt nice. 33 below the asheville airport, warming up quickly to 50, close to where it should be. a live shot from wofford college in spartanburg, looking pretty
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if you showers around the area, 40 three degrees. 46 in greenville and anderson and laurens, 50 in abbeville, 51 in elberton. cold air to north carolina, and even there, not extremely cold. 32 in boone, they have had a couple inches of snow this evening. they could see more snow, he do in spruce pine. -- 32 in spruce pine. 35 in burnsville and marshall, mid 30's in waynesville, 37 and bryson city, 38 in asheville. four-day for it in toccoa. -- 44 in toccoa. humidity remains high with the system moving through. it is a fast mover. once it is gone, that will be at. you can see the warm temperatures. 70's in texas today. it will start move east -- moving eastbound towards us. -12 in international falls, minnesota. that is the actual temperature. the storm system is a fast mover.
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it heads to the outer banks, that goes out to sea during the day tomorrow. more sunshine in the afternoon. here's the forecast for tonight. patchy rain likely, that variable cloudiness later on, clearing late. low 37. cloudy with rain and wet snow in the mounds, overnight low 32. 40 marlin the upstate, plenty of sunshine. seasonably cool, north-northwest wind at five-10 miles per hour. starting off at 42 and 9:00 a.m., warming into the low 50's by lunchtime. the asheville area tomorrow, partly sunny slight chance of a flurry in the morning, a chilly breeze in the afternoon. high 44. we start up at 35 at 9:00 a.m., warming up to 42 at lunchtime. the four-day plus, viewable weather for the remainder of the week.
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a nice warm-up >> now, wyff news 4 sports. brad: a little hockey in the low country, the swamp rabbits and stingrays, greenville scores three times to beat south carolina fight -- 3-2.
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clubs after the game. you should check it out. it is funny. the same two teams play twice this weekend in greenville. a little fuel on the fire. the great american race is just 5 days away. dale earnhardt, jr. is the favorite to win the race, considering the year he had last year at the restrictor plate tracks. but all eyes early in the week are on rookie and pole sitter chase elliott. marc dopher has that story from the track. marc: for the second consecutive year, the 24 will lead them to the line in the daytona 500. but this time, it is not jeff gordon, it is chase elliott. >> it is a great day on sunday. ever since then, we know it is about the team, and the car they brought. it is about those guys and what they brought to the table. for us, we recognize that was also one lap versus 500 miles on sunday. there's a lot of racing between him been -- between now and then.
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winner at daytona, chase elliott just 20 years old. in daytona, marc dopher, wyff news 4. brad: the gamecocks on the road, trying to do something that program has never done win at , mizzou. the gamecocks, reeling a bit after the blowout loss to kentucky over the weekend. 2nd half, missouri up 8. duane notice gets the pass along the sideline, and he knocks down the 3. 52-47 missouri. tigers up by off the miss, five. missouri's terrence phillips gets the rebound, lays it in and draws the foul. that made it an 8 point missouri lead. missouri up 6. herrera knocks down the three to draw the gamecocks within three. misery up by one. optimists, notice gets the offensive rebound and put it back. he had 21. south carolina with the lead, 65-64. but misery down the stretch, -- missouri knocks off south carolina.
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georgia hosting florida, this came to the final seconds. florida up like four. gains inside, 30 seconds to play. he knocks down the three to draw georgia within one. but smith knocks down free throws at the end to put it away. florida beats georgia, 57-53. the tigers are trying to play their way into the field of 68. 5 games remaining in the regular season, the tigers need to win most, if not all of them, beginning with boston college wednesday night. brad brownell says his guys know exactly what's at stake these last couple weeks. >> there are a handful of teams that know they are in. and there are probably 50 of us. that it -- we are in a situation where it is how we play the last couple weeks of the season. i would hope our team executes and plays well. brad: clemson hosts boston college tomorrow night at 7:00 at the well. after being pushed back, the
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in the upstate. her strength playoff game between wickmayer and christchurch in greenville. burnside knocks down the three to give -- but it did not take long for christchurch to crank up the tebow. thompson with the steel and the score. click -- banks comes with the give and go. christchurch advances, 76-33. st. joe's hosting dixie. rexx there is the three-pointer -- berries the three powell -- the trhree-pointer. check our app for the rest of the scores from around. carol: another look at the weather after the break. michael: first, here's seth meyers. >> michael and carol, and greenville, anthony anderson is
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michael: remember this time last night? carol: sure do. michael: we tried to forget. john: this system moving through tonight is a different animal. no ice. rain in the upstate, rain or snow in the mountains. most of the precipitation is a must over with. it is moving quickly east. tomorrow, seasonably cool, high 56 in the upstate. 44 and partly sunny in the mountains. but look at the weekend. saturday and sunday. a touch of spring in the air. how is that? michael: bring it on. carol: we won't know how to act. thanks for watching. the news continues tomorrow morning. michael: always grateful for the company, and we are always on
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>> steve: from stage one at universal studios hollywood, in los angeles, california, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- zach galifianakis, ronda rousey, musical guest, pitbull, featuring robin thicke, joe perry, travis barker and the legendary roots crew. >> questlove: 418! woo! >> steve: and now, here he is, jimmy fallon! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: oh, hey, everybody. welcome, welcome, welcome,


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