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tv   WYFF News 4 430am  NBC  February 17, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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morning dale, you are the regular on this show. if the weather getting back to normal? dale: it really is. we had a little low come through yesterday that left a wintry mix in the mountains and a little rain in the upstate. some of that is still going on in north carolina while the upstate just has clouds this morning. 41 degrees with gradual clearing today. we did pop up to 60 degrees yesterday. you can still see one or two spots in the north cap on a mountains getting an early flurry, all that is left from the low that blew through overnight. and then, we will have sunshine for the afternoon. temperatures are right now in the 30's and 40's across the area. they will climb into the 50's for the upstate and mid 40's for the mountains.
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hour that makes that feel a little cooler. 55, not far from what we typically expect for the mountains. the mountains will be little cooler today with 44 of the afternoon high. we will talk about the rest of the week and what the weekend looks like in a few minutes. myra: covering commitment 2016 now. the gop presidential candidates hope to use cnn and town halls to lobby for your vote saturday. geoff: one of the two town halls is happening right here in wyff news 4's aly myles joins us live from south main street in downtown greenville with more. aly: right here we are here at the old cigar warehouse. it is quiet now, but at 8:00 tonight this place will be much busier. cnn is hosting back-to-back republican town halls in the state this week. anderson cooper is set to moderate both events. tonight's event in greenville features ben carson, ted cruz, and marco rubio.
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the candidates will have the chance to answer questions from palmetto state voters. again, it starts at 8:00 tonight, right here at the old cigar warehouse in downtown greenville. cnn will also host a town hall tomorrow night in columbia, featuring jeb bush, john kasich, and donald trump. myra: thank you. also happening tonight, the faith and freedom coalition presidential forum happens today in spartanburg at 6:00 p.m.. it's at first baptist north spartanburg. ben carson and ted cruz are expected to take part in that forum. they also have big days on the trail today. before the faith and freedom forum, senator cruz will be in seneca for a meet and greet at the seneca family restaurant at noon. then he'll head to spartanburg for a rally at 4:45 at oakbrook preparatory school. senator ted cruz spoke at the anderson civic senator last night. the presidential hopeful laid
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, including the type of judge he would nominate for the supreme court. >> i am the only person on that stage who has spent his entire adult life fighting to defend the constitution and the bill of rights. i give you my word. every justice i put on the court will be a principled constitutionalist who will defend our rights. myra: ted cruz plans on remaining here through election day. geoff: dr. ben carson will tour greenwood genetics this afternoon. greenwood genetics is a nonprofit that provides care for families impacted by genetic disease and birth defects. the tour is expected to begin at 2:45. we traveled with ben carson on his bus yesterday. he made campaign stops in roebuck, gaffney, and the cherokee county sheriff's office. on his bus, carson told us he will stay in the race even if he doesn't do well in saturday's primary. >> what determines what happens
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have from "we the people." we have extremely strong social media support across the country. we have strong fundraising across the country. as long as the people continue to want me to push forward and continue to support my efforts, there's absolutely no reason for me to drop out. geoff: carson told us as president, he would fix divisiveness in the nation. myra: today donald trump is in the lower part of the state. but yesterday he stopped by the wyff news 4 studios. he talked about how he'll look back on this part of his life as a candidate for president. trump: honestly, it has been an amazing period of time. but if i didn't win and be able to effectuate these changes that are going to make life better for people and lower the taxes for the middle class and middle income people who are getting killed.
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highest tax rate in the world. then i would consider it, pretty much of a waste of time. myra: trump's south carolina headquarters is in downtown greenville and his team says he will be in south carolina all week heading into saturday's primary. for a full list on where the candidates will be today, go to our wyff4 mobile app. governor nikki haley may not endorse anyone ahead of saturday's primary, but she made it clear who she is not endorsing. haley did not name trump, but did take a veiled swipe at him. >> i think it is unfortunate when a candidate comes in to sc and does not know south carolina's issues. all of you know exactly how hard we fought against syrian refugees, exactly how hard we fought against guantanamo bay, exactly how we have done it directly with the president and the administration and try to tell them we don't want these things. myra: hayley's comments come after trump said haley is not
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and guantanamo detainees. geoff: ohio governor john kasich promises to rebuild the nation's economy if he's elected president. kasich spoke to a crowd of several hundred at the boiling springs fire district off pelham road. there he acknowledged the importance of protecting religious freedom in america. now this is a praying state they tell me. faith and god is an important part of the foundation of south carolina. frankly, it's an important part of the foundation of america, and it needs to be renewed without having to apologize for believing there is a creator who gave us life. geoff: k--- kasich touted himself as the only candidate with the experience to get things done in washington. myra: on the democratic side, former president bill clinton toured spartanburg community college. he saw first hand the work students are doing with robotics. he then made his way to greenville, where he talked to a packed room at the west end
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the former president talked about everything from health care, to immigration to education and gun control. >> this is crazy. the greatest gift south carolina has given to this country was what those christians in that church did in reverend pinckey's church in showing forgiveness to the disturbed young man who killed all those people. [applause] >> it melted the hardest hearts in the legislature and they took the confederate flag away. myra: just a reminder. the democratic primary is saturday, february 27. geoff: the daughter of eric garner is throwing her support for president. she appeared with him yesterday, at the university of south carolina. as you may recall, eric garner allegedly died at the hands of it happened two years ago. protests. his daughter erica explained why she is voting for sanders. >> he stood for the people even
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i also have the honor of introducing this dedicated leader and public servant. please join me and welcome a fearless public servant that is not afraid to stand against the establishment for the people. the next president of the united states, bernie sanders. [applause] geoff: the sanders campaign released an ad featuring erica gartne -- erica garner last week. take a look behind us at the anderson skycam. conditions look better than they did at this time yesterday. dale: i want to tell you a quick story. yesterday when donald trump came for the interview, i didn't realize it. i was in here at 11:30. i grabbed my toothbrush and took a short trip to the boiler room. i went to the boiler room and
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he saw me with something in my hand yesterday. he sizes me up. he realizes i am not a threat. i did not get tackled, but close. geoff: those guys are serious. dale: they were doing their job. it was an interesting day. let's see what is going on weather-wise. it is clear this morning on woodruff road. we will see a few clouds in the upstate. we had a little rain overnight. he mountainsnsn north carolina can still see a few flurries along the tennessee and north carolina border. that will come to an end soon too. we will see temperatures slightly cooler today after that little front came through. over the next couple days, we will experience gradual warming each day. 41 in greenville. we have upper 30's and spartanburg. greenville, 39. spartanburg at 37.
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we will see these temperatures reach into the mid 50's. the mountains will get into the mid 40's today and then, we see improvement tomorrow. we are warming up each day. look at saturday and sunday. 65 for the upstate will days. mountains will be right around 60 degrees. monday will be mild too, but another front comes through and we cooled on tuesday of next week. enjoy a beautiful string of days starting today through sunday. geoff: thank you, dale. a judge rules that apple must help the fbi break into an iphone. how the security feature is slowing the fbi's progress.
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fo geoff: the icy weather was to blame for more than 200 rex across the upstate. -- more than 200 wrecks across the upstate. highway patrol says at least four of them were deadly. one crash happened on verdae boulevard in greenville just
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the coroner says 17-year-old lauryn agnew of easley died after a head-on collision. troopers say agnew's car hit an icy patch crossed the center line and hit a tow truck. agnew was a senior at southside high school. myra: also in greenville, two wrecks killed one person and sent three others to the hospital, including an officer. troopers say 28-year-old clayborn jester was standing at the site of a crash on i-385 when another vehicle hit him, troopers say it forced him over the retaining wall and down an embankment. police say a greenville officer responding to the first crash is one of the people who was injured. geoff: a taylor's woman has died from the injuries she suffered in a crash monday. the coroner identified the victim as 68-year-old dorethea drummond. it happened on state park road around 3:45 monday afternoon. the coroner says drummond's suv hit another suv head on. myra: and in oconee county, woman died after crashing on an icy road yesterday morning in walhalla. this happened just before 6:00 a.m. on highway 11.
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tilson. geoff: severe weather was captured on camera along the coast. dale: we are showing some fog in spartanburg this morning. if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to o e top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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announcer: now, your live super doppler 4hd forecast. dale: as we look out from our spartanburg skycam, this is gibbs fi field -- gibbs field. we had some rain overnight. we will have a little bit of fog this morning and then gradual clearing. there are a couple flurries along the tennessee and north carolina border, but that is about to come to an end as well. that event came through yesterday evening. you probably saw the clouds and experienced a little rain overnight. temperatures this morning are in the mid to upper 30's in the mountains and upper 30's to low 40's across the upstate. this is a pleasant beginning to the day. we have a little breeze out of the north and northwest at 3-9 miles per hour. after this gets out of your this morning, we have sunshine this
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the next several days will be nice and sunny. high pressure will take control. cool temperatures are reaching all the way down into tennessee. 43. as cold as sunday and monday, but we will have cool mice and pleasant days to look forward to all the way through the weekend. forecast. it will beorgeous down at the it will be 66 at myrtle beach on saturday and on sunday, it will be 68 under partly cloudy skies. by the afternoon, we have mid 50's in the upstate today. temperatures will reach into the mid 40's this afternoon in the mountains. we have gradual warming each day as we approach the weekend. tomorrow, we have highs around 56. we are a little above normal friday and then a lot above normal over the weekend.
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temperatures, but it will still be mild monday. then, it cools back down on tuesday with another chance of rain. myra: thank you, dale. a reminder for you this morning. there is a boil water advisory in pendleton. bull your water for at least -- boil your water for at least one full minute. surveillance cameras in miramar, florida captured trees and debris flying everywhere in the midst of a possible tornado. fierce winds uprooted palm trees and debris yesterday throughout this neighborhood. check out how many limbs are lying on the pavement behind the security gate. wow, look at that. the winds were so strong that officials are investigating if a tornado touched down in the area. parts of miami-dade also suffered significant damage from the sweeping winds. geoff: more severe weather in north carolina. the national weather service confirmed that a tornado hit carteret county yesterday. the storm caused severe damage to several areas in the county. the national weather service
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was only on the ground for about 30 seconds, but you can see the damage it did in that short amount of time. power lines were ripped apart and a power pole was snapped in half by what was estimated to be winds of about 110 mph. myra: justice antonin scalia will be laid to rest this saturday. sources close to the family told cnn the funeral will be held at the basilica of the national shrine of immaculate conception in washington dc scalia died over the weekend. he was 79. he will lie in repose at the supreme court on friday. yesterday, black drapes were placed on his supreme court chair and bench. geoff: in california, a judge ruled that apple must help the fbi break into the iphone once used by accused san bernardino shooting suspect syed farook. farook and his wife tashfeen malik died in a shootout with police after they reportedly shot and killed fourteen of farook's coworkers in san
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december. since then, investigators have not been able to get past apple's security features and unlock frook -- unlock farook's phone. brad: good morning. the gamecocks are trying to go on the road to missouri and win. the missouri tigers came in having won a game on saturday. the gamecocks are still reeling the blowout loss to kentucky over the weekend. missouri was up by five. rebound here. that made it an eight point missouri lead. the third is up by six. michael carrera from the top. he knocks down the three. missouri is been up by one. the offensive rebound here, and then puts it back. there was 21 points for the night. that gives south carolina a one-point lead.
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ryan rothberg passes along the baseline to phillips for the layup and the foul. missouri knocks off the gamecocks 72-67. the clemson tigers are trying to play their way into the field of 68 with five games remaining in the regular season. the tigers need to win most if not all of them, beginning with boston college tonight. >> there are probably 50 of us that are in a situation where it is how we play the last two to three weeks of the season. i hope our team just executes and plays well. brad: clemson hosts boston college tonight in downtown
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myra: if you often hmm hmm hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm-hmm let us be lovers, we'll marry our fortunes together [ cheering ] i've got some real estate here in my bag counting the cars on the new jersey turnpike they've all come to look for america [ cheers and applause ]
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all come to look for america all come to look for america i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. announcer: now, your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. dale: the temperature just dropped a degree.
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we have fog showing up in spartanburg and some flurries in the mountains of north carolina overnight. early clouds will give way to afternoon sunshine and we will be 55 degrees for the trip home. in the mountains we have had some flurries will be tennessee and north carolina border. it will be partly cloudy for the trip home with afternoon highs in the mid 40's. it is a little cooler today after the system came through overnight. temperatures are going to gradually warm each day as we head through the week into the weekend. myra: we can't get too comfortable, though. i had my skiing incident around february 20 or something. dale: it is a very spring-like weekend. geoff: in this morning's buzz. a new app is being called uber for kids. myra: that app is called "zemcar." parents can set up rides on demand or schedule trips in advance. the drivers, who are usually nanny's, mom's and teachers, undergo background checks and can earn up to $35 an hour. geoff: there's also a video
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look at once the child gets in a vehicle. that would be comforting. zemcar is available for android phones and is gearing up to get into the apple store. what do you think about that? myra: i don't know if my daughter but get into a car. she would have to really know the nanny and teacher. geoff: my son would say, you are kidding, right? the news continues right now. announcer: live, local, breaking news. this is wyff news 4 today in high definition. geoff: breaking overnight, fire crews responded to calls in anderson. there was a fire at sunbelt rentals just after 1:30 this morning. the scene is now clear and the fire is out. there was no one at that building at at the time.
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republicananown hall tonight, giving presidential candidates a chance to answer questions from south carolina voters. a reminder this morning. there is a boil water advisory in pendleton. boil your water for one full minute before using it to drink or cook. we are going to check in with dale now. people are going to love you even more today. dale: we have really nice weather coming in for the weekend. we get a little payback for the cold weather we had sunday and monday with some nice weather to look forward to. we did have a little bit of wintry mix weather overnight in the mountains of north carolina. there are still a few flurries along the tennessee border early. there are just very light flurries along haywood county. as far as the upstate and mountains go, we will see clearing today and temperatures will reach into the 40's and 50's. there goes that left little wave of precipitation this week. it looks like over the neck several days, we have clear
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39 currently in greenville. 37 in spartanburg. caesar's head 35. 40 degrees at fountain inne this morning. yesterday. it will be a little cooler today after that front came in last night. the mountains will reach into the mid 40's for the afternoon. but a gets better. as the week goes on, and we will show you that in our next report. myra: thank you. turning to commitment 2016 news now. happening today, one of cnn's presidential town halls will be happening right here in greenville. geoff: wyff news 4's aly myles joins us live from south main street in downtown greenville with more. good news for you. temperatures are a little bit warmer this morning. aly: they are so much warmer, you would think it is summertime. around 8:00 tonight, three of


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