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tv   WYFF News 4 430am  NBC  February 18, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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what are we looking at today. dale? dale: it was beautiful yesterday and it will be funny once again today. it starts out in the 30's, but we reached the mid-50's for the afternoon. the mountains will climb to 50-51 for the afternoon high. high pressure is in control and we have clear nights and pleasant days for the next couple days. we will say more cloud saturday and sunday. the coolest places right now look to be boone and rutherfordton. the afternoon will be temperatures in the 50's all around the region. a little breeze makes it feel cooler. dress accordingly. we have an afternoon high of 55. that is a couple degrees shy of the average for this time of the year, but still in the ballpark. we will talk about the warm
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>> every day is a great day in south carolina. ladies and gentlemen, if we elect marco rubio every day will be a great day in america. allyson: governor nikki haley is throwing her support behind marco rubio for president. the influential endorsement comes just days before the south carolina primary. it was just hours before last night's cnn republican town hall. senator marco rubio, senator ted cruz and doctor ben carson all participated in the cnn town town hall. geoff: the three republican presidential candidates discussed topics on the minds of voters. the town hall was held in the old cigar warehouse in the west end of greenville. national security, foreign policy, and readiness to be commander in chief all became questions for both carson and rubio. >> the key is not so much of the volume with which you speak, but it's the content of what you say. that's what's going to make the
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>> i have been involved in foreign policy and national security. i have proven time and again that i have the judgment and experience to make the right decisions and the right call. geoff: ted cruz was the last to take the stage. he says it is less about trump's personalities than his policies. >> you see a candidate suggesting we should have impeached george w. bush. i think that really draws into question the judgment of that candidate to be commander-in-chief. geoff: we have a townhall in columbia tonight. jeb bush and john kasich will also be there. allyson: the gop candidates will continue to campaign in the state. marco rubio will be in greenville. marco rubio will then go to anderson for a meeting great at the hilton garden inn on
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geoff: ted cruz is also in the upstate today. he'll have a luncheon at noon with the greenville county republican women's club. it will be at the poinsett club on east washington street. cruz will then head to a meet and greet in easley. that will be at mutt's barbeque on powdersville road at 2:15. governor john kasich is also in the upstate today. he'll be in clemson at 2:15 for a town hall at the strom thurmond institute on kappa street. allyson: donald trump has a townhall today in gaffney. that is scheduled to be at 5:30 thth evening. happening tonight, the conservative review will host it's first ever conservative convention. it begins at 7:00 at the bon secours wellness arena. all six of the republican presidential candidates have been invited. the convention has said that ben carson and ted cruz has said they will be there. the convention is open to the public. general admission tickets are $14. the latest now on the numbers from a national poll.
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geoff: that is according to the latest nbc news and wall street journal poll. in this poll, cruz has 28% of voters. trump following with 26%. marco rubio then trails at 17%, john kasich at 11%, ben carson at 10% and jeb bush at 4%. just last month, trump had a 13 point lead over ted cruz. allyson: looking at the democratic side now, a new poll out shows nevada will also be a tough battleground for hillary clinton and bernie sanders. a new cnn and orc poll has democratic caucusgoers split almost evenly between the two presidential candidates. 48% say they support clinton. 47% say they support sanders. the democratic caucus is saturday. geoff: on saturday night, as soon as the primary polls close at 7:00, we'll have full coverage of the election results all the way through news 4 at 11:00. all you need to know about the south carolina gop primary will be right here on wyff 4 and on
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allyson: in pickens county, one person is dead and three others are hurt after a crash near easley. highway patrol says a car and a pickup truck hit head on. it happened yesterday afternoon on latham road. the coroner says the woman in the car, tiffany lovell, died in the crash. the driver and two passengers of the truck, including an eight-year-old boy, were taken to the hospital. geoff: two south carolina ppice officers will not be charged in the deadly shooting of a drug suspect. the two officers from the cayce police department were attempting to arrest the suspect back in november. dash cam video shows the man resisting arrest. he eventually pulls out a handgun and shoots one of the officers. both officers then returned fire, killing the suspect. an internal investigation has cleared both of the officers of any wrongdoing. allyson: following our breaking news from yesterday morning, authorities have released surveillance video from the convenience store where a clerk was shot. this is from inside the 7-eleven on highway 187. deputies say the clerk called 911, saying he had been shot in the chest.
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after the other man took money from the register. if you know anything about this news 4 call crime stoppers at news 4 -- if you know anything about this, call 1-888-crime-sc. allyson: i await -- i am way too chipper. geoff: temperatures today are right around where they should be. dale: we have a lot of sunshine on the way and it is cold this morning. a jacket would be a good idea if you are going to be outdoors. we will be high and dry for the next couple days. it will stay dry through the weekend for the upstate. the mountains could get a scattered shower on sunday afternoon. monday through wednesday will bring rain back to the area. we have low-to-mid 20's in western north carolina. 33 in asheville right now.
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waynesville. brevard, 31 degrees. greenville is 35 degrees. caesar's head, 30 degrees. we have chilly temperatures early, but by the afternoon the sun will warm us up quickly and we will get into mid-50's for the upstate and low 50's for the mountains. tomorrow we get up to 54-57. on saturday and sunday, we will reach 60 in the mountains and 64-66 in the upstate. monday through wednesday next week brings a chance of rain and cooler temperatures. geoff: thank you, dale. apple is refusing to help the federal government hack into a
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allyson: another price hike for hmm hmm hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm-hmm let us be lovers, we'll marry our fortunes together [ cheering ] i've got some real estate here in my bag counting the cars on the new jersey turnpike
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[ cheers and applause ] all come to look for america all come to look for america all come to look for america
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happening this morning... you can get a free heart health allyson: happening this morning, you can get a free heart health screening in greenville.
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from the bon secours wellness arena. aly: the doctors here will be conducting free heart screenings. they want to major nobody eats orderings anything after midnight. there is no appointment necessary. this has taken a lot of groups to put on. it is all part of the statewide screening day. they are offering free heart health evaluations and risk assessments to anyone 18 and older. one of the techinicians for st francis suffered a heart attack years ago when he didn't have any chest or arm pain. he told us about how these pre-screenings can save your live. >> these early detection screenings are what we do at the wellness center. i can really open your eyes. on a regular basis, people say, i had no idea my cholesterol was through the roof or, i had no idea my blood pressure was this
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aly: if you are wondering what they will be testing for, it is things like blood glucose, blood pressure, and bmi. it will also do risk assessments. geoff: thank you, aly. more water trouble in flint, michigan. steps the city is taking.
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announcece now, your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. dale: good morning. i hope your day is off to a good start. it is 32 degrees in spartanburg. this is gibbs field at wofford. it was very foggy yesterday at this time, that it is clear now. temperatures will reach into the mid-50's for the afternoon. currently, it is 35 in greenville. it is in the low 20's in franklin and mid 20's in andrews.
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jackets will be a good idea today. temperatures by the afternoon, again around this time of the year the average is 57. we are looking at 56 degrees today. look at the record, 78. that was in 2011. they got very warm in the upstate. the mountains can get warm this time of the year too. today, 52 will be the high. asheville. the jet stream can usher in cold air, or when it retreats, allow for warm air. that cold air is retreating back to the north. temperatures then, will be in the mid-60's come saturday and sunday. if you are going to the beach or staying here in the upstate, temperatures will be the same. on saturday it will be 66 at
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on monday, we've a good chance of rain. it is 54 this afternoon. asheville will see temperatures climb into the 50's. tomorrow will be a couple degrees warmer than today. saturday and sunday will brings temperatures in the 60's. after 4:00 on sunday, western north carorona will start to get a few more showers. allyson: thank you, dale. haywood county's school board has voted to close an elementary school weeks after officials cited falling enrollment and funding cuts as a factor in the decision. the school district is trying to make up an expected $2.4 million budget deficit. the north carolina department of public instruction must now sign off on that decision. geoff: tourism has grown into a $19 billion industry in south carolina.
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conference in charleston. a new marketing campaign called satisfy your thirst, is expected to draw visitors to businesses that make everything from beer to teaeand from milk to moonshine. allyson: apple ceo tim cook challenges a judge's order that the company assist the fbi with unlocking an iphone used by accused terrorist syed farook. the federal government says it needs to have access to any records in farook's phone in order to track leads to isis. apple says the order could endanger phone privacy for hundreds of millions of law-abiding citizens around the world. cook published an open letter, pledging to fight the ruling that it should give fbi investigators access to data on the device. geoff: a florida couple comes to claim thier share of last month's record setting powerball jackpot that topped $1 billion. david and maureen kaltschmidt hit it big. some close family members didn't
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until just last week. they chose to take the lump sum option and collected nearly 328 million dollars after taxes. allyson: happening today, health and human services secretary sylvia burwell will visit flint, michigan to get a firsthand look at the federal response to the city's water crisis. secretary burwell will talk with community members about the next steps to address the city's health challenges. she'll also visit a flint health center that is providing lead testing and health care services to families and children who have been affected by lead-contaminated water. flint's mayor has recently called for quick action in flint to remove and replace old pipes in the city. geoff: after a weather delay, demolition wororon the boone bridge in chesterfield, missouri is scheduled for this morning. demolition is scheduled for 10:00 a.m. on the oldest span of the bridge. both directions of boone's crossing will remain closed for about an hour. the bridge became obsolete last june when a new eastbound bridge opened. this will be the first of two blasts to demolish the old bridge. a second explosion will take
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yet to be determined. allyson: if you have been using your favorite, go to credit card for years and years, you may be missing out on rewards and big sign-up bonuses. a new study released by credit finds 25 million credit card holders haven't changed their go-to credit card in at least 10 years. another 20 million have never changed it. as card issuers continue to compete for new customers, staying loyal to your favorite card could have you missing out on possible rewards, as well as sign-up bonuses. geoff: comcast has offered an apology and a credit to customers impacted by monday's service outage. the channels were an accessible for about 90 minutes for customers across the country. a spokeswoman told cnn that customers will receive a credit for a day's worth of video service. the credits will bury, depending
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passport services at all of its 4500 locations. they would allow customers to schedule appointments for passport photos. ubs reported an 8% increase in sales last month over january of 2015. allyson: for the second time in weeks, major airlines hike airfares. jetblue raise prices by six dollars per round-trip last week. delta and united and american airlines followed suit. last year, u.s. airlines raise prices twice for a total increase of $14. brad: the clemson men are still very much in control of their own destiny. most of the games here on out our must wins, including the game against boston college. they need to win three of the
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a couple of highlight reels there. clemson was down 34-31 at the break. dante grant them -- dante grantham. on the break and drills the three. holmes with 17 on the night to go with five assists. blossomgame with the dagger. 23 points and eight rebounds. clemson wins it's nice acc game of the season and they beat boston college 64-54. duke and north carolina are in chapel hill. the tar heels led most of the night. north carolina was up by one in the final seconds. allen hit both free throws and duke was up by one. the final possession for the tar heels. partially blocked! they did not call a timeout. he wanted his guys to go. duke comes down with the ball
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heels, 74-73. allyson: monopoly without money? gilliard: you know, there's an old saying about south carolina, we're always first in the things that are last and last in the things that are first. this economy is rigged. we can do better. and that's where bernie comes in. bernie is not in the pocket of wall street. we don't have to depend on the so-called wall street giants. everybody knows the problem. bernie wants to do something about it. he gets it. i mean, he really gets it.
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doppler 4 hd weather forecast. dale: good morning as we look out from our various skycams. this morning. we have 20's in the mountains and low 30's across the upstate and piedmont. laurens is 32 degrees this morning. high pressure has settled in. we are wonderful weather to look forward to in the next couple days. temperatures will reach anywhere from 50-51 in the mountains. 50-56 degrees is expected in the upstate. piedmont will get into the upper 50's today. no problems for folks going to work or school. make sure you have a jacket for this morning. in the afternoon, it will be pleasant, much like it was yesterday. we will have winds from 3-6 miles per hour today. geoff: we will take it, though. in this morning's buzz. a change to the traditional monopoly game.
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you can say good-bye to the banker. hasbro is showing off a new version of monopoly called monopoly ultimate banking game. geoff: did it eliminates both the game's signature paper money, as well as the banker position. instead, players scan special bank cards on a handheld banking unit. allyson: so, it's like credit card monopoly. geoff: how many of us have cash? do you carry a lot of cash? more often than not, you are using your card. dale: yeah, for big purchases. allyson: yes, that is the new world monopoly for you. your news continues. news. this is wyff news 4 today in high definition. geoff: breaking overnight, four people are facing murder charges after a deadly shooting at a bowling alley.
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killed around 9:00 last night. it happened in the parking lot. he was shot in the chest. authorities found the suspect at a store on highway 183. allyson: also in this morning's headlines, the presidential candidates fight for votes ahead of the primary saturday. we of key topics from the cnn town hall. we are checking in with dale. we were actually at the park yesterday and it was beautiful. dale: just great weather. kids were out playing in the yards and the grandparents came over. we have more weather like this and even gets warmer saturday and sunday. on live super doppler 4 hd, we can take a break for a few days. we don't expect precipitation until sunday afternoon, around 4:00 in the mountains of north carolina.
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mountains to the coast, for the next couple of days, just enjoy. we can see upper 20's in boone, franklin, and andrews is in the low to mid 20's. piedmont is 32 degrees. 32 in greenwood. laurens wilsey afternoon temperatures rebound -- will see afternoon temperatures rebound into the mid-50's. winds are later today than they were yesterday. today, we will see 6-10 mile-per-hour winds in the mountains. greenville and spartanburg will climb into the low-to-mid 50's today. the mountains of north carolina start out chilly, but then reached the upper 40's to low 50's by later this afternoon. check out this four day plus forecast. on saturday we have mid 60's in
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>> every day is a great day in south carolina. [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, if we elect marco rubio, every day will be a great day in america. geoff: governor nikki haley is throwing her support behind marco rubio for president. the influential endorsement comes just days before the south carolina primary and it was just hours before last night's cnn republican town hall. senator marco rubio, senator ted cruz, and dr. ben carson all participated in the cnn town town hall. allyson: the three republican presidential candidates discussed topics on the minds of voters. the town hall was held in the old cigar warehouse in the west end of greenville. national security, foreign policy, and readiness to be commander in chief all became questions for both carson and rubio. >> i can guarantee you that i have had more to :00 a.m. phone


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