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tv   WYFF News 4 530am  NBC  February 18, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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wish i could say spring is here, but not quite yet. this weekend on saturday and sunday, looking good at the beach with 66 to 68. we will talk more about what this weekend will be like in the upstate in a few minutes. >> every day is a great day in south carolina. ladies and gentlemen if we elect , marco rubio, every day will be a great day in america. allyson: governor nikki haley throwing her support behind marco rubio for president. the influential endorsement comes just days before the south carolina primary, and it was just hours before last night's cnn republican town hall. geoff: senator marco rubio, ted cruz and dr. ben carson -- been -- dr. ben carson altered place in the cnn town hall.
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old cigar warehouse in the west national security and foreign policy, and readiness to be commander-in-chief. >> ya know, i can guarantee you that i've had more 2:00 a.m. all the rest of them put together, have had to make life and death decisions. >> over the last five years that i've been involved in foreign policy and national security, i have proven time and again that the experience to make the right decisions and the right call. allyson: senator ted cruz was the last to take the stage. political battle with donald trump, but he said it's less about trump's personality than his policies. >> to see on a republican presidential stage a candidate suggesting we should have impeached george w. bush, i think that really draws into question that person's judgment to be commander-in-chief. allyson: trump will be among the republican candidates who take their turn thursday night in columbia, along with jeb bush and john kasich. the gop candidates will continue to campaign throughout the
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holding a rally at swamp rabbit crossfit a :00 this morning. geoff: ted cruz also in the upstate with a luncheon at noon with the greenville county republican women's club. that's at the poinsett club on east washington street at noon. cruz will then head to a meet and greet in easley. he will be at mutt's barbeque at powdersville road at 2:15. john kasich will be in clemson at 2:15 today. that's for a town hall at the strom thurmond institute. that's on kappa street in clemson. allyson: and donald trump has a town hall today at the broad river electric cooperative in gaffney. that's scheduled to be 5:30 this evening. happening tonight, the conservative review will host its first ever conservative convention. it begins at 7:00 at the bon secours wellness arena. all six of the republican presidential candidates have been invited. the convention has said that ben carson, ted cruz and marco rubio confirmed they will attend.
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$14. geoff: let's take a look at the latest poll numbers. in a national poll, donald trump has fallen behind ted cruz. allyson: that's according to the latest nbc news-wall street journal poll. cruz with 28% of voters. trump is behind with 26%. they're followed by marco rubio at 17%, john kasich at 11%, ben carson at 10% and jeb bush at 4%. just last month, trump held a 13-point lead over cruz 33% to 20%. and looking at the democratic side, a new poll out shows nevada will also be a tough battleground for hillary clinton and bernie sanders. a new cnn and orc poll has democratic caucusgoers split almost evenly between the two presidential candidates. 48% say they support clinton. 47% sanders. the democratic caucus is saturday.
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soon as the primary polls close at 7:00, we will have full coverage of the election results all the way through news 4 at 11:00. all you need to know about the south carolina gop primary will be right here on wyff 4 and on our mobile app. allyson: also in pickens county, a crash claimed the life of one person and left three others injured. the south carolina highway patrol says a car and a pickup truck hit head on. it happened yesterday afternoon on latham road just east of easley. tiffany lavelle died in the crash. the driver and two passengers of the truck, including an eight-year-old boy, are at the hospital. geoff: two south carolina police officers will notbe charged in the deadly shooting of a drug suspect. the two officers from the cayce police department were attempting to arrest the suspect back in november. dash cam video shows the man resisting arrest. he eventually pulls out a handgun and shoots one of the officers. both officers then returned fire, killing the suspect. an internal investigation has cleared both of the officers of any wrongdoing. allyson: to anderson county, the hunt is on for two men. deputies say they shot a
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robbery. take a look at this surveillance video from the 7-eleven on highway 187. deputies say the clerk called 911, saying he had been shot in the chest. they tell us the man in the black jacket shot the clerk after the other man took money from the register. this happened yesterday morning. if you know anything about this, call crime stoppers at 1-888-crime-sc. geoff: we have a stretch where he will be rain free. dale: rain free all the way through sunday for the upstate. late sunday around 4:00 on make it a shower, but enjoyed the dry spell. great news for everyone trying to get out to vote saturday or do anything of the next couple of days. 32 degrees and laurens with the northeast breeze at five. chilly temperatures across the upstate and mountains early, but clear conditions and no fog like yesterday. a quick look at the southeast,
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warns thing -- and warms things up. the wind will shift a little and temperatures will get to the 60's and upper 50's expected tomorrow. call early. a jacket or sweater needed for the morning. by the afternoon, a beautiful sunny day today. we look at 55, 56 for the upstate in the mountains and reaching 50 to 51. good weather to look forward to. saturday and sunday,: the 40's early part mid 60's most days in the mountains will hit 60 saturday. sunday late afternoon, a chance of showers. showers more likely by monday. >> good morning and this morning, a shakeup in the republican race. our new nbc news, wall street journal poll shows there'a new national frontrunner. not donald trump, but for the first time in months, ted cruz is now edging him out 28 to 26. this could potentially be a
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simply a snapshot of where things stand just a couple of days before the all-important south carolina primary. donald trump still leads in this state by the way. we have a look at all of this coming up in just a little bit on the "today" show. allyson: a look outside and our hilton-greenville skycam. everything good on the
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brad: the clemson men are still very much in control of their own destiny as far as the ncaa tournament is concerned, but most of the games from here on out are must-win games, including the game against boston college. a team winless in acc play coming in. a back and forth first half, but jaron blossomgame with a couple highlight reel dunks. clemson trailed 34 to 31 at the break. dante grantham pulls up on the break and drills the three. grantham finished with 10. avry holmes hit some big shots down the stretch. holmes with 17 on the night to go with five assists, and then one more look at the three-pointer. a big shot. blossomgame with the daggar. blossomgame, 23 points, 8 rebounds. clemson wins its ninth acc game of the season. they beat boston college 65-54.
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the shot doesn't fall but allen , hit both free throws to put duke up by one. final possession and opportunity for the tar heels. berry's shot is partailly blocked, and duke stuns north carolina. the blue devils stun the tar heels 74 to 73, the final score. geoff: thank you. what a game. major milestone for boeing. dale: change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability.
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he was there when dr. king marched on washington. unafraid to challenge the status quo to end racial profiling, take on police misconduct, and take down a system that profits from mass imprisonment. there is no president who will fight harder to end institutional racism. education. opportunity. reform. bernie.
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>> now, your live super doppler 4 hd forecast. dale: 5:45 the time as a look at from our peace center skycam in greenville. 35 degrees unclear. yesterday, they were areas of dense fog, but we are not dealing with that so far. temperatures with 30 early and expected to reach to the
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quite as breezy as yesterday. mountains. 26 in waynesville, marshall at 27, rivard at 31 come :00 mountain of 39. the mountains will push 50 to 51 for high and low to mid 30's in the upstate will climb to the mid-50's for the afternoon. these are typical temperatures for this time of the year. the average on the 18th of february is 57, but 56 today. record is 78 said a few years ago in 2000 11. we had a nice warm-up in late february or middle february. today it's more like it should be. asheville regional airport average 52 and 51 is what we forecast. record of 72 was set back in 1897, so we have had former and colder days in the past across the region. the big dip in the jet stream has been ushering cold temperatures down south.
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we will start to see temperatures slowly climb over the next couple of days. friday, a couple degrees better and better on saturday and sunday with daytime highs expected to climb to the 60's. not only for the upstate but if you are headed to myrtle beach, 66 on saturday, 68 on sunday. for the upstate after 2:00, it should climb into that mid 50 range today. asheville was the upper 40's to low 50's for mountain highs. tomorrow, a couple degrees better. saturday and sunday, 64 to 66. perfect weather for the events this weekend. by sunday afternoon after 4:00, the mountains will see a 30% chance of showers and ratcheting up to 50% chance on monday. allyson: breaking traffic news. an accident on highway 81 new
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it happened at four: 30 this morning. it is in the powdersville area and we will bring you information. geoff: happening this morning, you can get a free heart health screening in greenville. wyff news 4's aly myles joins us live from bon secours wellness arena to explain what you need to do. aly: good morning. we are live at the bon secours wellness arena, talking about free heart screenings today. the woman who can tell you more is pat. thank you for joining us. aly: of course. setting up. our health screening. we do this event once a year, so we can screen people that they have not then screened for heart disease before. we note that about 80% of heart disease can be prevented or managed to early detection.
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nervous about something like this and they will say, a big scary needle, heart involved but it is not that invasive. >> it is not. the worst we do is to procure finger to get a blood sample for cholesterol. aly: i was talking with someone with bon secours and they said they suffered a heart attack is ago and they didn't suffer pain. how important is a heart screening? >> it is very important for everyone to be screened because heart disease will be present before you have symptoms. if you get your screenings done regularly, you will know what your numbers are before you wind up with a heart attack. aly: thank you so much for joining us. this is from 7:00 to 9:00 and they will start lining up around 6:00 a.m., so if you want an early start to the day, yet here as early as possible. you can, and the asp a do not eat or drink anything after
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or toast. come here and you can see that snack table and they will be sure to feed you. aly myles wyff news 4 live at the bon secours wellness arena. geoff: thank you. turning to our headlines, a company will decide today whether to grant permission to accompany to move forward with construction of a landfill in liberty. more than 150 people met with lawmakers to hear about the project earlier this month. some say they are concerned about the proposal because the landfill would dump coal ash near their town. at least 4,000 people in pickens county have signed a petition opposing the landfill. allyson: haywood county's school board tuesday night voted to close central elementary school. it's in waynesville. officials cited falling enrollment and funding cuts as a factor in the decision. the school district is trying to make up an expected $2.4 million budget deficit. the n.c. department of public instruction must now sign off on the decision. geoff: tourism is now a $19 billion industry in south carolina. officials say the numbers
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tourism in 2014. figures lag about a year behind the calendar year. a new marketing campaign called "satisfy your thirst" is expected to draw visitors to businesses that make everything from beer to tea and from milk to moonshine. allyson: volunteer registration and ticket sales are now open for the 2016 bmw charity pro-am. the tournament will be held in the upstate on may 19 through the 22. more than 1,000 volunteers are needed for the event. each volunteer will earn $20 per day for their chosen tournament charity. last year, the tournament donated more than $750,000 to charities. geoff: boeing has delivered the 100th airplane assembled at its dreamliner plant in north charleston. the company announced the 787-8 was delivered to american airlines tuesday. the plane was finished late last year and had been undergoing system checks and engine runs since. the first dreamliner manufactured in south carolina rolled off the assembly line at
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plant almost four years ago. allyson: general motors is recalling about 200,000 saab and saturn cars in the u.s. and canada. it's part of a broader recall of about 5.4 million vehicles announced last month by u.s. safety regulators. takata air bag inflators can explode with too much force in a crash and spew metal shrapnel into drivers and passengers. worldwide, about 50 million takata inflators are under recall affecting more than a , dozen car and truck makers. geoff: comcast has offered an apology along with a credit to customers impacted by monday's service outage. the issues began around 10:00 a.m. on monday. on demand video, as well as broadcast, local and cable tv channels that were inaccessible for about 90 minutes for customers across the country. a spokeswoman told cnn that customers will receive a credit for a day's worth of video service. the spokeswoman added credits will vary depending on how
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allyson: toyota is recalling nearly 3 million suvs worldwide for possible state of problems. a flock could cause your seatbelts to fail. the affected vehicles are the toyota rav-4, toyota rav-4 ev and toyota dealers will picks the problem at no cost to the consumer. geoff: ups is planning to expand passport services at all of its 4500 locations across the country. they announced last year, that they would allow customers to schedule appointments for passport photos. ups reported an 8% increase in passport service sales last month over january of 2015. allyson: if you are a dog owner, check this out. a dog trainer in australia has a unique approach helping others connect with their pets. that is next.
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>> now, your live super doppler 4 hd forecast. dale: good morning. looking out from our woodruff road skycam, topic starting to pick up inbound and outbound on 385. it doesn't look like we have the fog we had yesterday. temperatures in the low 30's, clear, cool and the high of 56, so a jacket good for the morning . by the afternoon, pleasant in the mountains with an afternoon high reaching 51. get a better tomorrow. a few degrees warmer than today a better saturday and sunday as we hit 60 in the mountains and mid-sixties in the upstate. a nice stretch of days ahead. geoff: sounds good. thank you. how would you teach dog owners to connect with that's?
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champion is using surfing. take a look, the man has been hitting the weights with his for rescue dogs for about a decade. he travels australia using this unique method to teach owners and encourage them to take more disciplined approaches with their pets. he said people will sometimes give their pets away because the become too much of a hassle. >> just like raising the child, when they are out here, they are not allowed to move. he is looking for birds. he is allowed to the curious but not move. when we are surfing, they are allowed to look around but not do it they want to do. allyson: he says free time is important and he does take the time to play with the dogs on the beach. geoff: he is the surfing dog whisperer. [laughter] dale: pretty impressive. allyson: that is. geoff: bottom line, he spends a lot of time with the dogs. allyson: and they obey. geoff: when you don't, they don't obey. allyson: kind of like children.
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geoff: good point. allyson: let's take a look at the morning headlines. breaking news, anderson county coroner is headed to a deadly wreck on highway 81 the highway 153. it happened about 4:30 this morning. we will bring you more details as they come: there and on her mobile app. geoff: new this morning, easley police say 4 people have been arrested after a deadly shooting . the police chief says jamari fair, dennis gibb, albert taylor and the 15-year-old were arrested. allyson: tiffany lavelle died at the scene. geoff: anderson deputies want to
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it is after a convenience store clerk was shot during the robbery early yesterday morning. if you know anything call crime , stoppers at 1-888-crime-sc. allyson: we want to take a look at weather. here is a live look from our peace center skycam. a pretty string of days. dale: we are. fog is not a problem. 32 degrees currently in spartanburg from gives field and wofford -- gibbs field it wofford. clear and chilly conditions. high pressure keeping us try for next several days. all the way through sunday for the upstate. i sunday afternoon by 4:00, a few scattered showers in the mountains. on monday, happy umbrella ready. looks like we will have rain. the temperatures that are chilly now will climb quickly into the low to mid 50's for the afternoon. we will talk about the weekend
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geoff: thank you. the commitment 2016, the gop race heating up with the south carolina primary two days away. allyson: a new poll has a shakeup in the race. nikole killion joins us live with more. nikole: good morning. today, the candidates are going to square off in another town hall after two competing ones were held last night. the townhome -- a townhall with donald trump on msnbc and ted cruz, arco a ben carson on cnn. the new wall street journal poll shows donald trump slipping behind ted cruz. >> this led a really impressed the balance of the most frivolous and ridiculous letters i have ever seen. >> i don't know that we will


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